Omelet and fries

I was watching this clip, getting ready to do a post on the dinner when Steve makes the omelet for Kayla, and I was struck by how good the first two scenes are here, between Steve/Hope and Bo/Kayla/Roman.

Since Hope has been on my last nerve lately, this is a good reminder of how much I can like her. Her eyebrows are in overdrive in this scene! This is right after Steve has figured out she’s pregnant:

Steve and Hope

I love when she tells Steve “you aren’t pregnant,” and then he says, “But you are.” Hee! Such great interplay.

And then he’s so sweet offering to be there for her in raising her baby (Shawn Douglas, who we’ll be seeing again soon!) Saying his babysitting rates are competitive, and offering to put together the baby’s train sets — the mention of trains is great foreshadowing of Steve’s toy train, which will be featured in the upcoming Adrienne story. His own past is obviously on his mind here, when he says it’s hard to grow up without a father (and a mother, too, in Steve’s case).

Then, finally, we have our Steve and Kayla scene — the first half of the omelet dinner.

Omelet dinner

When he first arrives at Helga’s and sees that Kayla is upset, I love how Steve is trying to be comforting while still keeping some defenses up. There’s a definite contrast to how he was with Hope, where he was much more relaxed and natural. Not that his lines aren’t funny here, like when he says “nothing worse than a finicky woman.” I also love Kayla’s “Don’t be so egotistical, it’s not about you,” when he first sees her tears.

When they sit down to eat, he can’t resist wooing her a little when he takes the lid off of her plate with a flourish, and pours her wine. And he also can’t help responding to her toast, “to us,” before he visibly shakes off the moment. Kayla is obviously reading a lot into this, and Steve sees that and is responding to it and trying to ward her off at the same time. It’s a fine line he’s walking, and Stephen plays it perfectly.

This is also the introduction of one of my favorite little character details — that Steve can cook, that he is more of gourmand than Kayla.

Next time: the awesome hash-it-out scene that follows. 🙂



5 thoughts on “Omelet and fries

  1. How can anyone watch these scenes and not be completely in love in Steve by the end?

    I agree about Hope. This is a good reminder that she can be likable. I always liked her in cop/spy mode working with Roman during the Stockholm storylines. The Steve and Hope relationship was fascinating to me too. Even after he had kidnapped and tortured her she allowed herself to see the real Steve and they developed a wonderful friendship. I miss this Hope…before she became so bitter and judgmental.

    I don’t want to harp on how much I miss Drake as Roman but it is hard to let go of those feelings when you watch these old clips.. I can’t believe Josh Taylor has been playing Roman for almost 20 years and it still feels weird to me. I just wish they would bring Wayne back. Let Josh go back to playing Chris Kositchek for all I care….we are going to need another attorney when Aiden’s gone anyway. And I would love it if he re-opened Shenanigans!

    I love Steve trying to cheer Kayla up. His line about getting “out of these dry clothes and into a wet blanket” is awesome. It’s an example of a shift in Steve’s banter. It’s less sleazy and more fun and flirtatious. And I get chills watching the toast at the end. Kayla takes a deep breath before getting her confidence up to say “to us” then we see Steve almost physically recoiling, Kayla flinching and then Steve relaxing to give in to the idea. He lets his guard down and touches her cheek but then she pushes it a step further with kissing his hand and he withdraws again. I just love how Kayla is openly claiming this relationship even as Steve is still trying to deny it and push her away. She’s walking a fine line too.

    • I love the dance they do in the dinner scene, advance, retreat, advance, retreat. It’s so incredible. The “to us” is a really brave moment for Kayla. I love the way they both play it.

      I know, I can’t help feeling the same way about Drake as Roman. JT had some great dialogue in today’s episode, and I loved the scenes for Mary Beth, but he didn’t add anything to them.

  2. Wonderful scenes. I have always loved the friendship between Hope and Steve. Steve was really sleazy to her in the early days, but when Hope decided to be his friend, it stuck. It least until this 2015 appearance. The fact that Steve offers to be there for Hope and the baby shows how important she has become to him. Also, it shows another glimpse into his past, that we are just beginning to learn about.

    Then the scenes between Kayla, Bo and Roman (I miss Drake as Roman so much, Josh Taylor is NOT Roman). Kayla didn’t want to hurt Bo even though Roman was using her to get to Bo. I’m hoping when Bo comes back, he and Kayla can have that great sibling relationship.

    Now to the Steve and Kayla scene. Steve thinks that Kayla has come to grill Helga about his past, but when he realizes how upset she is about what happened between Bo and Roman, he kicks into nice guy mode. Helga mentioned during the first meeting with Kayla that Steve cooks and now Steve is getting to show that to her. Seeing how Steve gently touches Kayla’s face and then she kisses his hand…. SN and MBE were able to do so much without words. Steve and Kayla’s bodies were beginning to know and understand each other – even without having kissed.

    • I can’t wait for Kayla/Bo scenes this fall. Kayla needs a sibling on canvas besides JT’s Roman. I really enjoyed PR and MBE in the 2006 run.

      I’ve only watch a little bit of early Steve, but wasn’t Hope how they first started showing layers for Steve? I watched those scenes where he suspended “acid” over her and even in the scenes themselves they were undercutting the horror of what he was doing — showing how he hated himself for it, and then the “acid” turns out to be water. I also saw the scenes in the first Stockholm trip when Steve and Hope were drinking together. That was awesome.

      I love how we can see Steve and Kayla are so in tune with each other physically. Really lays the groundwork for the first kiss, when it FINALLY happens.

  3. I just watched this scene again. It struck me how Hope had so much faith in Bo back then and Steve isn’t so sure. It’s the complete opposite of what has been going on the last month or so.

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