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Yesterday’s episode was odd.

No offense to True O’Brien, but I don’t think Paige was really worthy of such a grand send-off. The fantasy sequences were all right, when Eve was imagining Paige’s graduation and such, but there were too many of them. And the “ghost Paige” scenes at the graveyard? Sorry, but … no.

There were some good moments, of course. I loved seeing Eve with Justin while Eddy looked on broodingly. A Martinez did a great jealous look when he came into the funeral and saw them together.

Eddy was the best part of the episode. I liked the closing scene, Eddy offering a reward for finding Chad without consulting anyone. It’s a great way to raise the stakes for Chad  – and for Rafe. The tension between Rafe and Eddy about Gabi was well done, Rafe saying he won’t tell her about Eddy and Eddy saying it’s not his decision to make. I think Eddy will tell her himself, and Gabi will be the reason he decides to stay in town.

This was a great opening scene, Rafe withholding the truth from Gabi about Paige:


It’s a great way to show Eddy is right — Rafe shouldn’t make the decision for her. But we understand why he’s doing it.


I loved Chad bickering with Andre. They sound like brothers already! The best moment was when Chad said Clyde was the only person he knew who hated him AND “had the brains” to set him up. Ha! Great indirect slam at Ben.

Honestly, I don’t think the Brady/Theresa scenes worked well at all. His scolding her while she was crying about Paige felt off, tonally, and then his turnaround when he gave her his approval was abrupt and weird. I hate the way Brady comes off with her sometimes, like a disapproving uncle. She gives him this wounded-calf look, too, when he’s scolding her, that keeps me from seeing them as equals.


But I did really enjoy her scenes with Eve. On to next week!


12 thoughts on “Turn the Page

  1. I think what this funeral episode proves is that Paige works better as a concept than as a character. Eve’s grief is powerful and raw, JJ’s pain is effective, but I don’t need to SEE Paige moving and talking to get that. I actually did appreciate that they went to the trouble of having True O’Brien shoot some new stuff, since it was all about Eve’s psyche, and I’m completely spellbound by KdP-as-Eve these days. I will say that I also appreciated the touch of showing Daphne and giving her a moment, even if it was just in passing and I hated the character. They’ve been surprisingly thorough about all this. I’m just hoping it springboards us into something new.

    Brady is coming off so whiplash-y with Theresa. He was pissed about the kiss, but then he quickly offered to go to the funeral with her, and then he scolded her for… crying at her niece’s funeral (!!!). Just all over the place, and I don’t get what they’re going for here. And because of Theresa’s history, it’s hard for me not to see her as being manipulative when she’s distraught over Paige and immediately is like, “Brady, will you come to the funeral with me???” There was one great moment in the background where she went to lean her head on his shoulder and he kind of stopped her.

    • I absolutely love KDP, and Paige’s death has been awesome for her. I love the Eve/Eddy relationship so far, and Eve’s fantasy sequences gave some insight into how she feels about him.

      Whiplash is a good word for how Brady treated Theresa. I couldn’t believe he was scolding her for crying! The moment at the end, which should have been nice for them, was totally undercut by his earlier pissiness.

  2. I kinda of like the dream sequence because it really showed Eve’s deepest yearning is, to have the family she she always wanted, but feels she never had. It’s consistent with CR’s Eve from the eighties. That Eve schemed to break up Kim and Shane in order to have her “true” parents together, but what she didn’t realized was that Kim was more of a mother to her than Gabrielle was. Eve is the one who gets in the way of herself, but she can’t see that and blames everyone around her, Kim back in the day and now Jennifer is her target. And the venom that she has for JJ and Jennifer is really how she she feels about herself. I also noticed that every time she mentions how alone she is, people don’t correct her, but just says how well liked and loved Paige was and for her to draw from that, because the truth is Eve truly doesn’t have anyone. How can anyone like you when you don’t even like yourself. I still can’t believe that her scheme to show Paige that her boyfriend was no good was for her to go to bed with him, then has the nerve to blame Jennifer for her daughter hating her. This is what I took from the last two episodes. I’m Loving A as always and I so want Days to figure out a way to incorporate him into S&K’s story. I would love for him and Kayla to go on a date and jealous Steve sitting nearby watching with his heart on his sleeve. Oh well, a girl can dream.

    • Nice insights, Kathy! I agree with you that CR’s Eve also had that longing for a family. And great, great point that when people say she’s not alone they go on to talk about Paige, not her.

      I too have the fantasy that Kayla and Eddy will have a date and Steve will have to look on. But, almost 100% sure that won’t happen. Sigh.

  3. It is hard to get down with a romance when the guy seems like a disapproving uncle sometimes. But, then, I do love Emma. But let’s get real, Mr. Knightley is a bit creepy.

    Dan escorting Jennifer and JJ to the funeral: lame.

    • Oh, now I will defend Mr. Knightley to my last breath! 🙂

      What makes that relationship work is the fact that Emma isn’t afraid of him. He might act like a disapproving uncle sometimes, but she doesn’t act like a babyish niece.

      Dan and Jen were really lame. Their scenes were strange, like the two characters were talking past each other. Lots of weird pauses. I blame the ugly beard.

      • Dan escorting Jen to the funeral would have been much more fun if Daniel was the killer LOL. It was weird that she needed an escort to a funeral when she had JJ. And where was Nicole?

        Friday’s show was an odd one. I give them props for what they tried to do, but for me it didn’t really work that well. I’m with MP on the fantasy sequences – too many. I get what they were trying to do, but I felt it was a bit of overkill. Could I forgive myself if I slept with my daughter’s boyfriend and she died thinking so poorly of me? Uh, no. KDP is killing it, but that last fantasy sequence with Paige took me out of the moment. I generally don’t like that stuff anyway, so maybe it’s just me.

        Love Eduardo basically putting a bounty on Chad’s head. Rafe is going to be pissed. We found out a little more about him too – he does “security.” Wonder if he’ll end up on the Salem PD! Awkward!

        I love everything about Chad and Andre though. They are terrific together. So glad Thaao is back! He’s coming across as the sensible one LOL!

        Oh if we could have Eduardo take Kayla on a date it would be a soapy fantasy come true! I long for jealous Steve! And I want to see A and Stephen in some scenes together please. 80’s crush dream come true!

        As for Theresa and Brady. I just don’t know. Jen Lilly is so lovely, and I think they would look great together as a couple, but I’m not really feeling it. I’d like to see Theresa stand up to him. When he was lecturing her for her behavioral at the funeral, I wanted her to tell him to stick it you know where. If we saw some gumption from Theresa (who usually has it in spades) around Brady maybe I could buy it more. His constant lecturing (even if she does deserve it) is getting tiresome. I need to see some kind of spark. Maybe they needed to make a bigger moment of that spontaneous kiss.

        I hope next week has a Steve infusion! He needs to get back to Salem stat.

      • As usual, all good points, MP. (And, don’t worry, I love Knightley too, despite his way-too-old-for-Emma-grooming-her-since-she-was-a-child creepishness.)

      • Mr. Knightly is lovely! but Mr. Darcy….sigh. I’d love to see them do a Darcy/Elizabeth type romance on a soap. Saturnine man. Girl has no idea he’s in love with her. Has there been one?

  4. Ok…I finally watched the show and can comment. First of all, I think they cut something out and Brady was not chastising Teresa for crying. There was a comment about how she treated Jen and JJ but they didn’t show her interact with them at all. I didn’t mind the fantasies that much but couldn’t they have spread those out over the last couple of weeks?

    • Didn’t she make a comment about how dare JJ and Jen show their faces here or something? And when Brady scolded her she said she was defending her sister. Something like that. But yeah, she wasn’t making a scene with them or anything, and Eve wasn’t upset about Theresa, so the whole thing came off as weird.

      • I just think it was disjointed like a scene was missing.

        I think Dan was there as a support to JJ more than an escort for Jen. Maybe they wanted JJ to think he was there for Jen but I think it was all about JJ.

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