Golden boy

I love when I still enjoy the show, even when my favorites aren’t on.  Though I guess Eve and Chad are my favorites now — and Andre too! Andre and Chad were fantastic today. I can tell I am really going to enjoy Thaao with Billy Flynn. So many great little barbs, like when Chad sarcastically put up air quotes when he said “our” father.  And then when Andre called Chad “hopelessly stupid” for giving money to the homeless guy. Hee!

I also loved the spike of jealousy from Andre, when he said Chad was the golden boy 2.0 – like EJ was – the favored one, while Andre does all the dirty work and gets taken for granted.


I’m glad that Chad didn’t give the homeless guy the money, because I agree with Andre — it would be a perfect way to destroy his credibility as a witness. Of course, he’s not much of a witness anyway. I felt for Chad when the guy started ranting and raving and didn’t recognize him anymore. And now Justin knows where Chad is hiding out! They are doing a good job keeping the tension going here.

I thought the scene with Theresa and Anne was surprisingly affecting. It’s true, when you try to change bad habits, sometimes that means leaving friends behind. I think I was particularly happy with it because it was so unexpected — their friendship was not something I expected to be on the new writers’ radar at all. It was a breakup scene!


Calling the Kiriakis mansion the house of judgment and slut shaming was priceless. And I’m curious to see if any of Anne’s prophecies will prove true — that Theresa will slip up, and no one will be there to pick her up. Theresa saying she’s doing this because she’s hoping Brady will fall in love with her again — well, let’s just say that’s a bad sign.

And finally, I was also pleasantly surprised by Jennifer/Eve scene. When Eve started out by being so hostile, I was almost ready to fast-forward — I got so sick of Eve’s over the top hostility to Jennifer over the summer. But it broke my heart when she asked Jennifer to tell her that actually she did step into Eve’s place with Paige, because she wanted Paige to have had someone before she died. And then, when she asked her to lie to her and say that Paige would have forgiven her someday. That was really well written, really well done. I didn’t see the end of the scene because of the news report — was Jen talking about Jack when she said she had lost something too?


11 thoughts on “Golden boy

  1. I loved Jen Lilly’s scenes today. Both with Anne and with Abby and Jen. It’s nice for us to see that she IS trying to grow up and pull herself together. One unfortunate lesson she may learn from this is that you have to do these things for YOURSELF, not for someone else. I have a feeling there may be another fall coming with she and Brady. After all, you can’t make someone fall in love with you…that’s okay though. If they take the slow path with this, the audience will either fall in love with the pairing, or they will realize it doesn’t work and move on to other pairings for them. I’m still not sure. Willing to go with it, as I like both Theresa and Brady. I love Anne. She’s so inappropriate!

    Chad and Andre are going to be fun fun fun. Thaao is just awesome all around. He’s always fun. Pitting him against Chad can only be good for us.

    I was surprised by the Jen/Eve scene as well. Good job taking it there ,and not to another fight between those two. I actually loved that Jen reached out a hand to her, even after everything that Eve has done. Eve’s rejection of that hand was very in character for her right now, but I’m still glad the writer’s did it. Another example of a scene that wasn’t totally necessary, but added to the overall story nonetheless.

    And yes, Jen spoke about losing Jack, telling Eve that Jack died saving Abby, and that was something that Abby has to live with every day, and also that she understands that nothing could be the same as losing a child. Once again Eve pointed out that Jen was not alone, she had her family and her kids to support her, and Eve basically has no one.

    I assume the funeral for Paige will start today, so that should bring some good drama.

    How creepy was it when Eve showed up at the bar and came face to face with BEN! I love that we know!

    • I forgot to mention the Ben/Eve and Ben/Will scenes. Run away, Will! Both were great. I’m glad they are showing Ben kind of haunted by the murders. His line the other day about Chad, that he “made” Ben do this, was a great layer. I can see his obsession with Chad growing. I notice he hasn’t been flashing back to Marlena, so we’ll see if that was really him!

      I think there will be another fall for Theresa with Brady, one that makes her give up on him. Then we can see them maybe drawn to each other where she’s not so eager for his approval.

  2. I love how Thaao has slipped back onto the show so seamlessly. I’m ready for someone to take over for Stefano. As much as I love Joe Mascolo, the man is 86. More than once, I’ve felt like he is shooting scenes in a different location from his scene partners. I can only assume that’s due to travel or health limitations. Andre should take the torch.

    I was sad when Eve said that she had no one. During the character’s first run, one of the main points of contention between Kim and Shane was that Shane was devoted to his daughter even though she made major mistakes. Even Kim loved and accepted her because she was Shane’s daughter and because of their shared past as prostitutes. I find it hard to believe that Paige’s grandparents would not return for the funeral and to support Eve. I know that the show can’t bring everyone back, but the writers should have considered the actors’ availability when they decided to kill Paige.

    One of the things I appreciate about the new producers and writers is that they see what a great actor Billy Flynn is and have kept him front and center. I think Jen Lilley has similar potential and I’m glad they are letting her show another side to Theresa’s personality. I felt myself identifying more with Anne and Theresa’s breakup as friends than most of the romantic breakups we see on the show. I’ll be sad if this is the end of Anne and Theresa’s hilarious friendship, but glad that it showed some growth in Theresa’s character.

    • I agree Thaao has been brought back to be the new Stefano. I’m sure that’s why they made Andre Stefano’s son (though that doesn’t excuse the slapdash way they did it). I’m all for that.

      It is disappointing that Shane and Kim aren’t there. It’s always tough how offscreen characters can’t make it back, and in this case it rings false that they would let Eve struggle through this alone.

      I love Billy Flynn too, and I am growing to like Jen Lilley (but not Thrady). I’m glad the show sees their potential. I think Anne is sticking around so we’ll see if she reconciles herself to the new Theresa, or if she becomes a bad influence!

  3. Where are Steve and Kayla together scenes. They are on so little I’m not sure they really came back. How long are we supposed to wait. They have talked about them being back so much, but ……..

  4. Ah, Barb, I think Steve and Kayla are being treated really well (did you see how it went with Jack’s last return?—sorry, I’ll put away the angry hag now). I got caught up, and I really am enjoying the show. Mostly Chad. But I like Theresa. I’ve always liked Brady, but I’ve never been very interested in any of his stories—indifferent to the possible pairing with Theresa at this point. I like Eric. I’ve always liked Nicole (I think we’ll move to Eric and Nicole when the current stories lull). I’m liking Rafe a lot! It’s so weird. I did always like Galen Gering as Luis the few times I turned to Passions for entertainment. I think putting him as the boring option against EJ was just not the right way to play him. He is a stand up guy. A good cop type. But that doesn’t mean he’s got to be a boring sap to Sami; they so had zero spark. And I’m surprised at how much I missed Andre/Tony (they just aren’t two people to me). I am loving watching him, Chad, and Stefano. I am interested in Victor and Caroline. (I do wish they’d stuck with some realism and tackled Alzheimer’s, but they need an insta-cure, I guess, and they can’t have that with Alzheimer’s.) Oh, and I am really liking A Martinez. I’d like a romance story for him with notEve (I like her, but she sure ain’t Eve). I am still generally bored when Aiden’s on or when Hope’s on (separately or apart), but Bo’s on his way. I don’t care about John looking for his past again. I do always like to see Marlena being Marlena interacting with whomever. And, of course, Kayla and Steve! I am happy with how that’s going. We’re even getting flashbacks for them! I’m not jealous. I’m not jealous. I’m not jealous. Am I silly for being annoyed that Abby didn’t have Jack and Jennifer in her locket? I mean, nothing against having a picture of your brother, but with the locket setting like that, Jack would seem more appropriate. Nitpicking. Oh, and while I’m nitpicking, I know my Jack stuff pretty well I think (though less so the second run), and I don’t remember him living/hiding out in the fishing cabin. I hope that wasn’t a reference to fauxJack.

    I’m having trouble buying Ben as the killer, but I bet the actor’s loving getting to play something more heavy than the dull guy with whom the girl’s not supposed to be. With this development, it’s strange to me that we get so many happy sex scenes with Abby and Ben. Well, maybe we’re to understand that’s really all they’ve got. Also, I hope Abby chooses Chad before Ben’s secret is revealed, because I just can’t get down with her going for the guy who isn’t a serial killer, you know? I guess she’s already going for Chad in reality, while lying to herself, as she keeps lying to help Chad.

    • Angie, I think you and I might be DOOL soul mates. Jack and Jennifer are still my absolute favorite soap opera couple. When Abby first opened that locket, I assumed it was J and J. Sad when it was revealed as JJ. And it has probably been since first run Jack and Jennifer that I’ve been as invested in a couple as I am in Chad and Abby, but like you, I really need Abby to choose Chad before the reveal.

  5. After watching the Teresa/Anne breakup I felt bad for both of them. Teresa should have been breaking things off because she needs to be a better person for her and her child….not for Brady. And poor Anne is losing her only friend. (I know you have to be a friend to make a friend and she isn’t exactly a friendly sort but I felt sorry for her. I mean who knew that the woman had emotions? But there she was crying over Teresa.) I enjoyed those scenes immensely but when I think about how many scenes they have left out this past month it just seems unnecessary but I guess it’s too early to tell since it could be setting up something down the road.

    Obviously we each want our individual favorites to be on every day and if I had my way S&K would be on every day but they really just need to work on balancing the stories better. It’s like they are giving us stories in clusters. I don’t necessary want to see 4-5 days in a row of the same story then it be totally dropped for the next week. Just find a way to edit things together a little better and keep each storyline moving. It really doesn’t seem like too much to ask. Is this the breakdown writer’s fault?

  6. That’s my one big complaint right now, the way the shows are edited together. I don’t like to have things dropped for 4 or 5 days. I’m actually pretty much enjoying ALL the stories (who would have thought) but I’d like to see things spread out more evenly. I’d like to see more of a two days on, one day off, kind of thing, with all the stories rotating through. Just more balanced all around. I’d take S&K every day though 🙂

    • ETA: though, I wonder with the Steve stuff, if it has more to do with only having Peter for a short period of time, and trying to spread out his appearances. I can’t take much more of only seeing him struggling with his captors. I’d like to see him have some actual dialogue. Speed it up! But again, may be due to scheduling.

      I really wish we knew how long Peter was going to be around. To bring him back, only to have him go off again seems a bit senseless (though of course he should be there for the 50th anniversary, having meant so much to the show). I hope they don’t decide to kill off Bo! I could see them doing it. Bo gets killed saving Hope. Yikes!

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