Family time

Who else was crying buckets at the Kayla/Caroline scenes today?


When Caroline didn’t recognize Kayla, the expression on Kayla’s face killed me. The dialogue in the scene was great, with Caroline knowing some things and not others, and winding up with her insistence that she can’t go to the “other side,” because her family needs her. And Victor was so sweet to Caroline, and talked to her so reassuringly when Kayla was too upset — and that makes sense too. And I teared up even more when Victor said “I’m Victor,” and Caroline said, “Of course you are.” I love their relationship.

Caroline’s deterioration has happened fast. But that’s the benefit of changing Caroline’s illness from Alzheimer’s to something unnamed – you can do whatever you want!

My other favorite scenes today, surprisingly, were Aiden’s scenes with Chase and Ciara.


I loved the monopoly game and how Ciara gave money to Chase when he was losing – just like Hope did with Aiden. I liked how Aiden sat down to play with them, only to get cleaned out — again, just like real life. But he didn’t get mad or frustrated, and was very sweet comforting the two children about the serial killer on the loose. (Lauren Boles was fantastic. I am going to miss her so much.) I liked how they didn’t play this as Aiden being inadequate, or duplicitous. He might be a compulsive gambler and a liar, but he still has his moments.

Which brings me to another good thing about this episode: so many people were talking about the serial killer! Because you would, if two women were murdered in your small city. In general, I felt that the people I was seeing lived in the same town, and existed in the same space-time continuum. And let’s just say that’s a welcome change.

10 thoughts on “Family time

  1. Mary Beth and Peggy killed me yesterday. They were both so damn good. Just the idea of that kind of dementia is heartbreaking. Everyone in those scenes was excellent. Loved how everyone gathered together at the hospital. Victor’s insistence on trying the new drug, with only Julie piping up to agree. I think most people were surprised at Kayla’s vehement “not on my mother” to Victor, but it’s totally in character for her as a doctor. Her warring feelings as doctor and daughter will be great material for MBE, I’m sure. I wish they had brought Patsy back for a bit for this story. I know Roman will weigh in, but Josh doesn’t impress me. I wish MBE had someone more worthy to play off of.

    I also loved the scenes with Aiden and the kids. Of course the kids are talking about the SK. Kids always know everything that’s going on, especially the things that the adults don’t want them to know. The two young actors were both terrific (I’m going to miss young Ciara too – though I understand why they are aging the characters). The monopoly game was a great metaphor – nice job writers.

    They’ve actually got me feeling for Aiden. He’s like a trapped animal. He’s still a snake, but a more sympathetic snake. He IS good with the kids and wants to protect them, I think. How he truly feels about Hope is less clear. I wish they’d show more of his true feelings for her. Is anything he feels for her true, or is he just using her? It would make the story more poignant if I were more sure of HIS feelings.

    About Chad’s scenes: 1) not a good move to try and haul the shady homeless guy to the police station, and 2) don’t give him money, it looks like you are bribing him for an alibi!!! Loved Chad’s “disguise” though. It’s fun to see him all scruffed up and dirty.

    • Don’t forget we have Bo!! It will be fun to see him with Kayla in this story. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I agree about Aiden, I wish they would show what his feelings really are for Hope. I think with the abrupt change in direction Daniel Cosgrove hasn’t really known how to play it. But I’m glad they at least gave Aiden this moment with the kids.

      Chad was adorable. Someone posted on Twitter a similar “on the run” disguise that Steve had. So cute.

  2. That was an amazing scene with Kayla and Caroline but it also makes me wish they had just left the Alzheimer’s story in place. It could have been done well and it could have been a story a lot of us can relate to. I guess there is nothing we can do about it now but Days has a lot of older characters on the canvas and this could have been a good story about how the family and the long time friends deal with slowly losing a loved one to Alzheimer’s. I guess I will wait to see how this current story plays out to truly judge it but so far I think they messed up changing it.

  3. I cried. Those scenes were so powerful. Peggy McCay looked so confused, and you could see her searching for “What the hell am I supposed to say to this woman who says she’s my daughter?” The “Nice to meet you” was such a real, weird, awkward touch. Such good stuff. And I bet she winds up with another Emmy nom for this.

    The Monopoly stuff was ALMOST too on-the-nose, but then it wasn’t. Those scenes were basically unnecessary, storywise, but they’re exactly the kind of beats that have felt skipped lately. We needed to see Aiden with the kids, and see the kids reacting to the murders, just to have everything feel well-rounded. It does seem that they’ve backed off Aiden being THE EVILEST now, and he’s more of a guy in a shitty situation, which I like.

    • I loved the “nice to meet you” line. Peggy McCay really played the element of “I’m going to sound as normal as possible” that I think is so much a part of dementia.

      Having the kids talk about the murders was a perfect, amazing touch. It made it all feel so real. And it’s not often Days gets child actors that can pull off material like that, so it was nice they are taking advantage of Ciara (and Chase, he’s pretty good too) while they have them.

      I kind of really want to see Ciara interact with Joey before she is SORASed, and then after. Like he babysits for her and then they are peers. I think that would be really funny. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’ll feel better about Carolyn’s ‘not dementia/ALZ story if they make it go on for more than just a couple weeks. They did a great job yesterday, Peggy McKay and Kayla showing what it’s like. My mom gets the same look on her face with me sometimes when she doesn’t know who I am…like I’m a nice lady she’s enjoying talking too. It’s very painful to experience (and from the comments, it sounds like some of you all know what I mean).

    • My grandmother had vascular related dementia which just means it was caused by loss of blood flow related to a series of strokes. The confusion and agitation was the same as a person with alzheimers. I was fortunate that there were only a couple of times she didn’t recognize me in the 7-8 years she was affected. Oddly the one person she always recognized was my Dad…and he was her son-in-law not her own child. I guess my personal experience is why I would have preferred the original storyline and not some make believe condition with a miracle cure. And with so many older cast members I think they could have done it well. Peggy McCay is 87, Bill Hayes is 90, John Aniston and Joe Moscolo are both in their 80s as well. I think a real storyline about real issues related to aging could have been great and I am just disappointed they changed it.

  5. Good points Shea…Days has many older cast members who would do a great job with a dementia and/or age related story and I think a lot of the audience would relate to it.. It would hurt to see Caroline go through it but it seems they could have weaved it into the story and not had a miracle cure. I guess it’s too real and there’s not even a hope of a happily ever after so they couldn’t go there…just me theorizing that.

  6. I kind of agree, Shea. I’m afraid that they’ll do some kind of abrupt decline (they are already sort of doing that) followed by an insta-cure with Dr. Salinas and his miracle drug. What they really can show with this story is the pain of the slow decline. Maybe, like Amy says, they think that’s too depressing.

    One benefit of playing it like this, we get to play out the beats of the risks/benefits of experimental treatments, with people lining up on different sides. I think that will be good drama.

  7. That scene between Caroline and Kayla, brief as it was, is exactly what I love about soaps…the emotional, family connections and relationships that span such a great length of time that they just *feel* real. Mary Beth and Peggy had me tearing up.

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