Hurray! We got to see Eric today!

I wasn’t crazy about his sweater, but at this point he could have been wearing a muumuu and I would still be happy to see him.


Eric and Marlena were both pretty low-key about the fact that she was attacked and almost killed. All in a day’s work for Dr. Evans, apparently.

There was some good dialogue showing us where Eric is, emotionally, right now. I liked his tone of rueful lightness as he summarized his loss of the priesthood and his two failed relationships. I liked how he said both that Nicole betrayed him, and that she turned her life around. It was quick but it covered the basics. πŸ™‚ I liked how he talked about feeling a little beat up, a little lost, and how Marlena encouraged him to take on new challenges. Like a new job!

The whole episode was nice and light, after yesterday’s doomfest. They went for some cheap laughs with the three town bitches trying to cooperate to run to a company, but Ari, Lauren, Jen Lilley, and Eric Martsolf were obviously having fun with it. I liked Brady’s moment of self-congratulation at what a good dad he was going to be, after he scolded Kate and Nicole and told them to play nicely in the sandbox. And then Kate and Nicole abruptly (maybe a little too abruptly, but why quibble?) dropped their animosity and ganged up against Theresa, which was unexpected and very funny. I’m glad Theresa is going to have to work for her chance.

And then, and then — Eric and Nicole were in a scene together! For about five seconds! But still! A scene!


I’m intrigued by this turnaround regarding the job offer. Instead of Nicole persuading him to take it, it looks like Eric will have to go after it and prove he’s better than the “master” Kate has lined up. This is a great twist. Eric’s character has sometimes been written as a little too passive, so if he gets a fire lit under him to prove he’s a better photographer than Mr. Giovanni Whatever, I’m all for it.

Now, let’s just hope Eric and Nicole will continue the conversation tomorrow! Or is that too much to hope for?

What did you all think about that Thrady kiss? I know some people would say it’s too soon, and I agree, but I actually kind of liked it. I thought Brady’s gushing about what a success she’s going to be was a little much, but I liked the kiss itself. I even felt a little zing of chemistry. I wanted a slightly longer beat after the kiss — a moment when they just stare at each other, before he walked off. But I liked that a kiss — ironically — ruined the moment they were having.

Justin and Eve! I can’t decide if I’m shipping Eveddy or Jeve – I’ll take either! I liked how she went in to the police station as an avenging angel (or “got a little gangster,” in her words, hee!) and Justin understood where she was coming from and was able to talk her down and offer some comfort. Justin does like to come to the aid of distressed ladies. I remember how sweet he was to Adrienne when they first met, when she was reeling from killing her father after being raped by him.

It looks like Justin and Adrienne are each going to distrust each other, even as they innocently (so far) turn to others. I like that because the distrust makes sense, after their mutual betrayals earlier this year. Adrienne was upset when she saw Justin with Eve — but then said she was sure he was just comforting her for the loss of her daughter. Then, Adrienne confided in Lucas (but not Justin) about her cancer gene test. Back with Justin, she clearly conveyed she is hiding something.

Speaking of the cancer gene test:


Look at these two! I like how this story is starting out, with her worrying about the test and knowing that it doesn’t help to worry. It’s very realistic. It’s better than how illness stories usually start:Β  mysterious fainting spells, that of course our character doesn’t tell anyone about, until she/he collapses in a dramatic fashion.

The anvils are falling fast and furious that Lani is Abe’s daughter, aren’t they? Watch they’ll surprise us and she won’t be. “Long lost daughter? No! I just thought he had a nice face.”


9 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. Just a quick comment before off to work! I really enjoyed the Basic Black stuff today. I’m warming to the idea of Brady/Theresa. The kiss was too soon, but I understood it from Theresa’s point of view. She’s not used to hearing such praise from anyone, let alone Brady. I think I might have kissed him too if he said something so nice to me. My hope is that she apologizes to him. I don’t think she needs another lecture. It would also show some character growth.

    I’m sure I’ll have more later!

    • I think an apology from her would be perfect. Like you say, it would show some growth. I am keeping an open mind about Thrady. I want to like them because I like Brady and I am warming to Theresa.

      It also shows growth, in a way, that she obviously kissed him on impulse, rather than it being a premeditated scheme.

  2. OMG! Just to see Eric again made my heart skip a beat, and then to see Eric AND Nicole in a scene together…**sighs**. I do think something will fall through and they can’t get Giovanni blah blah to do the job, and Eric will step in and do a fantastic job. After all, I don’t think they would keep bringing it up if he wasn’t going to get the photographer job….BTW….he is the ONLY photographer in Salem. (I think the odds are in his favor)

    I laughed when Teresa kissed Brady! She is a hot mess, and he just can’t stay! LOL I’m not giving up on them, but I think an apology would go a long way with Brady and many fans that are upset with her. Besides, I think a Thrady/Broe triangle could be REALLY fun!

    Eve/Justin/Adrienne could’ve been a really great triangle…throw in Eddie…and WOW!! But, KDP is no longer there, so I find it hard to cheer for anything with any of them.

    Yesterday was great because we got to see a different set of characters than we have seen lately, and the mood was lighter. I watched a 1 minute Paige death scene from Monday, and that was enough for me to see to know I was going to skip the show. So, I did. Frankly, I watch soaps for the love stories and an escape from the already dark world we sometimes live in. I needed a show like today.

  3. Compared to what has been happening lately yesterday’s show felt like fluff and filler. The Marlena and Eric scene was nice since we so rarely see those family moments. Abe’s tone with Marlena was a bit rough considering she had just been released from the hospital but it’s probably merited given where Marlena’s thoughts are about Chad being her attacker. I wish Adrienne had just leaned on Kayla and not Lucas but that is just me wanting to see them interact a bit more. The Basic Black scenes actually just annoyed me. I can not stand Kate. I think the character is just used up. I doubt that there is anything she could do that would surprise me or even interest me. I am not a Nicole fan and Teresa just came off as whiny with those two. I did kind of like the kiss at the end but it could have played better with either a moment of eye contact before he told her that wasn’t the reaction he expected or if he had just not said that line at all and just paused then got up and walked away so that she is left questioning what he thought about it. As it was played it worked but I think they could have gotten a little more from it with some silence.

    It’s funny I had a thought about Lani and Abe too. What if she isn’t his daughter? What if she seduces him and causes some scandal for the new mayor? Or what if they have a one night stand and she becomes a stalker…that kind of darkness could fit in with a lot of what is going on…lol. I think she will be a daughter but I was just trying to find some action for Abe. Hey….now that I think about it Abe could be the one thing Kate could do that might surprise me. πŸ˜‰

    • I agree it felt fluffy after Monday. Not filler, though, the plots definitely moved forward.

      I had the same thought about Abe, that his talk with Marlena was pretty harsh. It raises the stakes for Marlena and I like that, but I think it was too much. Threatening to charge a victim as being an accessory!

      Kate and Abe – eek! But yes, it would be nice for Abe to get some action. I was glad to see Abe interacting with different people and having some good scenes.

      • Don’t get me wrong…I am not exactly advocating Kate and Abe but I don’t want to waste A Martinez on her either. Maybe she could become a lesbian and get involved with Anne Milbauer? A bad girl/bad girl pairing? LOL

  4. I loved the light tone too. It was needed after Monday’s show.

    It was soooo good to see Eric. He will definitely be working at BB, the only question is how it will happen. I hope he and Giovanni both go for it and Eric blows him away!

    Like idea of Thrady/Broe! Is Chloe coming back to stay?

  5. Mary Pickford..Thank you for your Blog…I really enjoy your perspective on Days..and others’ responses.. I especially enjoy the comments about Dear Eric Brady..I loved his scenes with Marlena..He just plain KNOWS WOMEN !! An innate sensitive skill he must have acquired from Greg Vaughan..🌞 tested over many years with hundreds of adoring fans!!!🌹

    • Thank you, Donna. πŸ™‚
      I loved his scenes with Marlena too. Really nice balance between talking about what was going on with her and what was going on with him. I like it when they do that.

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