Women behaving stupidly

Hope and Abby.

This is me shaking my head sorrowfully at you, and telling you how very, very disappointed I am.


The National Bank of Hope: bad credit OK!

Hope gave Aiden $100,000 after hearing his sob story about getting in debt. Then she told him they would “skip the details,” so he didn’t even have to come up with a good lie.

Meanwhile, Abby assured Ben she was ready to leave town with him, and then when he said they could stay, thanked him. Are they going for battered woman syndrome here?

This is a pretty great look, though, after Ben has said he would do “anything” for her:


Jennifer and JJ were enjoyable today. I’ve actually gotten pretty attached to JJ, which I didn’t realize until he walked in today and I was so glad to see him! I even found Roman fairly tolerable in those scenes.

But here’s a question:  if you find a bug, is it a good idea to continue talking about it, and the person you think planted it, while holding it in your hand?

Can’t wait to see what’s in the pills Steve found! And I really can’t take much more of Bo being tortured. Hurry, Steve, hurry!

ETA: I’m out of the loop for a day, and look what I miss! EJ and Sami were on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. This is a fantastic story. If somehow you missed it like I did, head over to my brother blogger mykleraus’s site to watch the clip and read all about it!


We’re on premium cable, EJ! Isn’t it wonderful?



20 thoughts on “Women behaving stupidly

  1. I love the title of your post! Though DUH! would have done just as nicely. The dumbing down of Hope is really the worst. They are writing her really out of character in my opinion, and making her unlikeable. I find myself rooting for Aiden instead of her! At least his character is a bit interesting. Here’s hoping Bo brings Hope’s brain back with him when he returns. Hurry Steve! Do you think Aiden will cash Hope’s check anyway? Duh.

    I did enjoy the Ben flashback scenes to the murders. I have a feeling that Ben is going to be better at being evil than being the “nice guy.” I hope the actor lives up to the material.

    This almost felt like a “filler” episode, with Steve walking around the monastery and all the other “non-action’ action being played out. Chad talking to himself, etc.

    JJ and Jen were the best part of the episode, I agree. I like JJ more and more as well. I hope they can transition him into a more adult storyline after this is over.

    Today was the first day in a bit I have to admit to ffwding a little. I think I’m impatient for Bo and Steve to finally meet up – perhaps at the end of this week? Fingers crossed!

    I also think it’s time for another murder!

    • Unfortunately I don’t really think this is out of character for Hope. Hope has a history of being manipulated and seduced by men…Larry Welch and Patrick Lockhart. It usually happens when she is out to prove that she is over Bo, right? Hope is a better, stronger person when she is with Bo. She is not that great without him.

      I agree, JJ and Jen were very good today. I think JJ was holding his finger over the mic holes on the bug so it’s all good..lol…and besides Eve has too much other stuff going on right now to be listening in.

      I have been trying to stay spoiler free but I ventured over to DR mainly to see what was being said about the YouTube crackdown but I did look at some of yesterdays daily thread. It looks like several people are upset that the show has gotten so dark. The flashbacks to the murders were jarring but they should be…they were brutal attacks. It certainly seems like they are setting up a split personality or some kind of disassociative disorder for Ben. I’m not sure how Miami will play into any of this but I do find it odd that Clyde called Ben “Ollie” when he first got to town, Paige and Eve knew his as “Kevin Reynolds” from Miami so just who is this guy?

      • Shea, I agree with you about Hope. Still, I can’t believe she just gave Aiden $100,000 no questions asked! I have been married for 28 years and I promise you if my husband got in a fix like this I would want to know EVERY detail! There would be no instant forgiveness either- groveling would be involved as well as psychological help. Stupid, stupid.
        I have a dumb question- What is DR? I have seen it referenced a couple of times, but don’t know what it means. Was anything being said about the You Tube crack down? I am so disappointed about that situation!

      • I must be a bloodthirsty person because I LOVE the darkness LOL. I thought the flashbacks to the murders were chilling, but totally appropriate. If you are going to do a serial killer story it can’t be all sunshine and puppies :).

        I thought about maybe Ben having a split personality, or an evil twin (or triplet) too. There is definitely something funky going on.

      • Cathie…DR is Daytime Royalty. There is a link on the top right of this blog under discussion boards. It’s not a blog like this one, it is just a message board where people post their comments about the show but if you planning to stay spoiler free then you have to be careful.

        There is a thread over there on classic Days and some of the YouTube people like BradyClanFan are on there discussing the crackdown. It just looks like Sony has hired a company to enforce it’s copyright against piracy and they are currently going after people posting Days of Lives on YouTube. It seems like someone would have some common sense about it and anything that is more than say 5 years old should just be left alone. They are just hurting and pissing off some good, loyal fans and the way I see it Days needs all the fans they can get right now. I know it is frustrating for those people who have worked so hard to find, edit and upload so much of this content and I really hurt for them. I am heartbroken for me that it is disappearing but I am devastated for those people who have worked so hard on putting these playlists together.

      • Doesn’t Sony have anything else to worry about? I hate that the folks that have worked so hard to preserve this classic footage for fans are being punished. How else can new viewers relive this terrific stuff? That stinks. I get going after folks that are uploading new episodes, but stuff from the 80’s? I don’t think it can even be made available to rent or buy, can it? Did they save old episodes from back then? Or are they lost?

  2. You know it’s bad when you find yourself identifying with a serial killer. Abigail lied to him yet again and everything that Ben says rings true. She is in love with Chad. Ben and Abby won’t be happy together in Salem. He can’t trust her. For me, it lessens the rooting value of Chad and Abby. I really need to see her having more doubts about Ben.

    For me, the flashbacks of the murders were too much. I would rather see flashbacks that show us what Paige really knew or the moment that Ben decided to kill Serena. Maybe those are coming, but it felt gratuitous.

    I’m finding Jennifer tolerable for the first time in years. Maybe it’s that they finally separated her from Daniel, but I believe this side of her wanting to protect her kids. And Casey Moss is a great actor. I’d love to see him jumping in to help his sister and Chad.

    Re. Hope, I completely agree with Denise. This is not the smart, tough Hope Williams Brady that I know. It’s like she’s being suckered by Larry Welch all over again.

    • The flashbacks put to rest the theory that someone else committed the murders and he was just framing Chad. So they served that plot purpose, at least. They were very disturbing, though.

      But, we didn’t see him remember attacking Marlena, so maybe that was Clyde. Or Daniel!

      LOL at identifying with the serial killer. We really need to hear what Abby is thinking. It’s a major hole.

  3. Count me among those who thought Hope writing Aiden a check and then not even wanting an explanation was the height of WTF-ery. This is the same woman who had her guard up about ever little thing regarding Aiden’s “beach house” and his wife’s death. Shouldn’t the fact that he’s in massive debt be making her question some of what he told her about Meredith? Shouldn’t she be worried that, if Chase is being threatened by thugs, marrying Aiden will subject Ciara to the same thing? This felt so plot point-y.

    • Totally agree that she needed to wonder more about what else he might not be telling her! Or wonder how his violent lenders might put other people in danger too.

      I wonder if it would have played better if she had given him the money saying it was for Chase, but broke off their engagement or at least put it on hold.

  4. I’m a fan of dark and gritty (if you’ve ever read my books, you know that) but I can kind of sympathize a little with people saying the darkness is a little too unrelenting. I think we need more lighter scenes to balance it out a bit. More, say, Basic Black scenes. Or Eric/Nicole banter. Just offering a friendly suggestion 🙂

    • So true Paula. I love the darkness, but the pacing is a problem. It almost seems like we are getting “dark” days and “light” days. I think they need to mix it up a little better. The editing together of episodes lately has been a little curious at best. Everyone is confused about what day it is supposed to be, etc. Not sure if that is due to a lot of reshooting/rewriting of storylines, etc., but shouldn’t this all be the new writing team by now? Hopefully this will even out once the 50th storyline(s) comes to a head.

    • Paula, excellent suggestion. 🙂 And I agree that you need to happy moments to balance out the darkness.

      Denise, I’m starting to think this is just the style of the new writers. It’s not a horrible fault, given all that they are doing so well, but it is annoying!

      • I’ll take that small complaint since everything else has been so shiny! It also may be a problem of shooting so far in advance. Things may get a little jumbled around time-wise. I think I may just need to see a more integrated pacing, that is, not dropping things for an entire week, then picking back up. A front burner story should be on at least once a week.

        Eric’s sweater was truly horrible today! All I could think was he raided Mr. Rogers’ closet! I think they purposely try and play down Greg Vaughn’s sex appeal sometimes, since the character is so modest. We never get to see him ripping his shirt off, do we? 🙂 At least I haven’t yet, more’s the pity 😦

  5. I also couldn’t believe Hope gave Aiden that enormous amount and said she’ll want the details later. Seriously?! Haha! And then when Aiden didn’t tell her about his debt being paid and not giving her the money back, that was his last chance and he blew it. That really disappointed me. I believe in 2nd chances and think she could have helped him unravel the problems he’s in. Now he’s in deeper.

    Andrea… I laughed at your comment about identifying with a serial killer!

    Ben is more interesting now that he’s gone wacko. The darkness of the show doesn’t bother me so much. I actually FF throug Steves walking around and a lot of Bo doing the same old thing. I haven’t seen today’s epi today, crazy day here, so I’ll be catching up tomorrow.

    Mary, I love your EJ/Sami caption (premium cable!) lol. It made my day for Days. And wow, EJ looks mighty handsome. I’d love to see him somewhere on TV. And, I’m hoping the young lady from Syria gets to talk to the actors at some point.

    • EJ really looked good in that clip! It made me remember why I liked him so much at one point. I just had EJami fatigue by the time I quit watching the show last time around.

      I FFed the Bo torture scenes. Not because they are boring but because it is too painful to watch. Hope there is some story movement there soon.

    • I meant to comment on EJ/Sami earlier too. What a nice thing for all of them to do! It was great to see them together again, and the dialogue about coming back from the dead was a hoot. I believe James Scott has a new TV series coming at some point (prime time) in the new year.

  6. I am so behind! Today my husband came home and just had to show me John Oliver on the refugee issue. He was all excited for me to watch it, and I gotta say, I was super thrilled when I found out why. I wanted to check in and make sure y’all caught it, and it seems you did. I love John Oliver. Great world commentary with humor, and with freakin’ Sami and EJ! He might help fill the hole John Stewart left in my heart. 🙂

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