Storm drain

It’s too bad I’m not just a little bit further in my clip watching – being able to discuss the emeralds storyline/first kiss, after they showed the clip this week, would be great synchronicity. But Stockholm has so many wonderful moments, so let’s savor one of them.

The phrase “storm drain” doesn’t sound very romantic, does it? But to a Steve and Kayla fan, it’s magical:

Storm drain

This is the probably the first time we see Steve be this sweet and solicitous, and certainly the first time we see him act that way toward Kayla. I love how Kayla is looking at him wonderingly through all of this, even as she is responding to him. There’s a note of “Who are you and what have you done with Steve?”

I love the scene with the blanket. Steve’s “I can only see half of you,” as he gestures to his one eye, is very funny. And perhaps it’s telling that he can joke about his eye with Kayla now.

I love the moment when he is rubbing her shoulders, and he leans close and almost kisses her ear. Then, when she turns around, a real almost-kiss. I love the silence in this scene, how they are staring at each other, and moving closer and closer, for what feels like an eternity.

It killed me at the time when Helga interrupted them, but I’m glad this wasn’t their first kiss – mostly because of Steve’s orange vest. I can’t imagine that being his outfit for such an important moment!

Afterward, it’s so wonderful for Kayla to get Helga’s perspective on Steve, after everyone and his brother has warned her away from Steve these last few months. Helga’s line, “When he is your friend, he will do anything for you,” is especially good. It hints at the love-without-limits aspect of his personality, that we’ve seen glimpses ofย  — like his rescue of Bo from the forklift — but we’ll see more and more of as time goes on.

And then the final exchange of looks at Steve pauses by the door. I swear they do this every time one of them leaves a room during this time period, and I never get tired of it. Steve looks like he has to wrench himself away, that gaze is pulling him in so strongly.


27 thoughts on “Storm drain

  1. Sigh. Love this! The Stockholm storyline is one of my favorites. It’s funny how Steve says he’s cold blooded like a snake one minute and the next he is sharing a smoking hot stare with kayla after the “almost kiss.” I think the stare is hotter than the kiss would have been! Lol! Now I agree that I’m glad this wasn’t their first kiss, but I remember watching this in college in the eighties and getting frustrated with all the almost kisses. DOOL was so good at building a story in those days. The first kiss is well worth the wait though!
    Are these DVD’s still available somewhere and if so can you direct me to a source? Thanks again for another insightful blast from the past!

    • I would like info on the DVDs also since all of the good YouTube playlists are disappearing. I was heartbroken today to discover that bcf’s Youtube playlists are being targeted and deleted now. The channel that had the 2007 stuff I was watching is now gone too. It’s sad.

      • I knew about BCF, but not the 2007 one. It IS sad. I was in the middle of the last playlist for S and K, but now it is gone- not sure I wanted to finish anyway since it was JenCon. BCF did such an amazing job with the playlists.

      • I’ll send you both an email about DVDs. Yes, it’s very sad that all the YT channels are disappearing. Bradyclanfan put so much work into her playlists. It’s a real shame.

    • I just found out a lot of Bradyclanfan vids are gone! Mary’s commentary on the clips and that list are why I’m watching the show now. I wouldn’t have cared about Steve and Kayla if I’d just started watching them now without their backstory! What is Sony or whoever thinking? Plus, fans put a lot of time and effort into putting them online. It’s sad! I guess I should feel lucky I was able to see most of S&Ks first run. I didn’t have the heart to watch the months preceding Steves death and I was still needing to see Cruise of Deception.

      I hope they don’t take your vids down too Mary. Y’all’s discussion got me looking for their first real kiss and I can’t find it on her channel. Wasn’t it at the end of the Stockholm story?

      • The first kiss is still there for now. The Lady and the Tramp playlist appears to still be mostly there but it probably won’t be for long.

      • Oh my Gawd! I hadn’t seen that in a while. I love “if u like her and she likes u” and the look on his face. Yes sometimes it’s as simple as that. That was a great scene, kiss and all. โค๏ธ

        Thank you Shea. I used the title u gave to find it on my YT. This one said ‘private’ which seems like on ominous sign.

      • The “private” is just for the first clip on the playlist which has been deleted but if you click on the little symbol in the left corner it expands the playlist.

  2. Every time I watch this clip, I have an unanswered question: “What were going to tell her when you thought you were going to die?!?!?!?” LOL. Like so many others, Stockholm is one of my favorites as well. The almost kiss gave me “tummy butterflies” (silly phrase, I know). Just watching them come together oh-so-slowly and then Helga walking in and interrupting them. In today’s world (on just about any show, not just DOOL) the blanket would have been dropped and they would be all over each other. I miss the slowness and the longing (even though it drove me crazy at the time).

    Helga was a great character because she was able to tell Kayla the kind of guy Steve was back in the day – and Kayla was able to see that guy was still there hiding underneath “tough guy Patch.”

  3. There’s SO much to love about these scenes. (Aside from what Steve almost said but didn’t, though I always wish he had every time I watch this scene lol)…

    I love how tender,softhearted,protective and sweet Steve becomes when they are walking to Helga’s.

    I love Helga. Always wished we had seen her at the wedding or at some other point in their story.

    I love the line “I can only see half of you!” LOL LOL…aw Steve.

    I love the almost kiss by the fire and the way Kayla is looking at Steve. And the way he’s looking at her…

    Which leads me to the most important/standout part of these scenes-eye snogging, eye sex, yearning/angstiness whatever you want to call it: Steve and Kayla did it best and this episode/clip is the perfect example of that. Goodness you could feel the chemistry from across the room, without a word said.
    *fans self*.

    • one thing a friend pointed out that I had never noticed lol: Kayla had to immediately strip down in the living room with Steve holding the blanket, but Steve was allowed to go change in another room LOL. Aw convenient lol. hee hee. not complaining tho ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Ha ha, I always wondered why Steve didn’t just leave the room for Kayla to change. But like you, not complaining. ๐Ÿ™‚

        This scene is (arguably) the purest example of SN and MBE acting with just their eyes. Watching this time around I was struck by the complete silence that stretched on for so long. I’d be surprised if any director would do that now.

  4. Dang it MP! I am supposed to be working, not sitting here re-watching the lady and the tramp playlist on YouTube! Every time that you post one of these classics I wind up right back on YouTube watching S&K clips.

    The way that Steve and Kayla looked at each other was everything back then. I have said it before but they looked at each other and at times touched each other with a familiarity of lovers even before their first kiss. We can tell that by this point they are in love but neither of them is ready to admit that. Now a days they would have already had a few rolls in the hay before they are close to being this connected to each other. I have said it before and I will say it again, these looks are a big part of what was missing from the first part of their second run. Even when Steve didn’t remember Kayla he should have still been drawn to her and we should have seen some of that by having him look at her with some longing even if he didn’t know why he was doing it. Instead we got him looking at Kayla with pity and looking at Billie with longing. Thankfully it seems like the writers are on the right track this time.

    In retrospect the first kiss was planned probably timed perfectly. Although I hated the wait and I was yelling at the TV daily, I think it was handled correctly. But there is no way I would have made it that long without those little fantasies these two would have. Between the almost kisses and the fantasies they gave us just enough to keep us on the edge of our seats. (I still think they made us wait a little too long for their first love scene but that is for a different discussion.)

    One other note about this clip…Helga is so cute. The actress (Patricia Huston) playing Helga had played Addie Horton about 20 years earlier. That was before my time so she will always be Helga to me but I think it’s neat that she had a history with the show.

    • Shea, you are so right about the second run missing the longing looks! I found it very confusing because there was one scene where Steve is talking to Bo at the pub and he says he doesn’t remember Kayla, but that he is drawn to her, but you never really SEE that like you do in the first run. Then they go to Cincinnati and Kayla leaves Steve there. The next scene is Steve coming to the pub late at night saying she got to him and while he still doesn’t remember her he is drawn to her and wants her- they share a kiss and then right after that Steve starts taking up with Billie and looking at Kayla with pity. It was all very weird. I will say when he finally remembers her it is a very powerful scene thanks to SN and MBE. I am SO glad they are getting the third time right so far although as I have said before Steve needs to find Bo quickly and get back to Salem to his woman! I did enjoy their phone conversation on Friday though! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Shea, ha ha! Always happy to contribute to someone procrastinating at work – especially if it involves watching S&K!

      I agree with you about the love scene – at least, I think some of the interruptions when they were on the run are reeeeally stretching it. I’ve heard there was talk of actually delaying the love scene longer — to after Kayla marries Jack! Making their first time the time in the cabin after he tells her Jack is Billy.

      Maybe there was a fear that if they were sleeping together for months, they would be too “solid” a couple, and they couldn’t do the Jack breakup. It’s pretty hard to take as it is, in terms of believability. I really notice on rewatch how they are kind of careful to keep them apart, in that long trip that Steve takes. It just works to keep things a tiny bit unsettled.

  5. They were so good at the “slow” small movements that really sticks out. Such a simple 2 second gesture by Steve of leaning in and what looks like almost kissing her ear is so tender and shows so much. That is what is really missing in the stories I see now.

    That slow (yes tortuously slow!!!!) build up where you kept waiting, waiting for it and boy was the payoff worth it.

    I always wonder how much was written that way and how much SN and MBE brought on their own. They were definitely the best couple at the long meaningful stares. But 25-30 years later we are still talking about it? They sure got it right.

  6. Amy and group, seriously the ONLY reason I am watching Days again after 20 long years is because I stumbled upon the Bradyclan playlists on Youtube one night and well I was hooked and watched them all and then went to J&J playlists. It reminded me of how Good Days was and how I loved it. Yes feeling nostalgic and then when I saw all the chatter about 50th anniversary and returning fan fav’s I tuned in in August.

    But I would NEVER have started to watching if it wasn’t the old playlists. Seems like a big missed marketing opportunity on the part of Sony to not realize the inherent fan base and need there is for classic days.

    And yes Shea – damn you MaryP I am watching random Lady and The Tramp scenes while I still can.

    • Yep. i thought I knew the J&J story…that’s when I started Days but I realized when I started watching their clips I had missed a lot of the beginning and really forgot a lot of what I had seen. It’s helpful to have these videos out there and they should be directing people towards them, not taking them down! Apparently whoever is doing their 50th couple clips isn’t thrilling people either. All Days had to do was look on YT and pay someone for one already put out there.

    • I could have written your exact post!! MANY of us have come back to watch Days only because our interest was sparked by the clips on YouTube. I can’t believe what a boneheaded move it was, on whoever’s part, to get those clips pulled down.

    • They should think of those old clips as advertising, because it’s exactly what it is. People get into the old stories, the old characters, and they want to see what they are up to these days.

      So shortsighted and stupid. I understand going after the people who post the current episodes. But clips from 30 years ago?

      And yes, I’m worried my channel might be next. I think from now on I’ll post them “unlisted” and link to them from here. That might help me fly under the radar a little longer.

  7. All, I sent a quick email to bradyclanfan just to say how much I loved and appreciated the clips and I am sorry to see them go – this was her response:

    Hey guys,

    (I wrote this the other night)

    I’m starting to wind down for the night so I may have to compose a better message tomorrow. My account’s in trouble. I received two copyright strikes this week. If you aren’t familiar with the “strike system”, when you get THREE, you are out. YouTube deletes your channel and all of your videos.

    After the first copyright strike, I freaked out. I had never received one before! It was from a full episode from November 1987. I assumed that the strike had something to do with the music that was in there. So I scrambled and deleted ALL of my videos with music from outside sources (Like “Lady In Red” and “The Woman In Me”).

    I was hoping that would take care of the problem, but then I got ANOTHER strike a few days later—for a full episode video from January 1988. Since there was no music in it, it’s clear that this claim is coming from another source. (The name of the corporation that is claiming the content is Entura International, by the way.

    So then I deleted ALL of my DOOL full episodes. Also deleted any tags or titles that say DOOL or Days of Our Lives. I deleted any episodes that I could find that have opening or closing credits in them (I have no clue whether or not that matters).

    Anyway, it’s pretty clear to me that I’m being zeroed in on, so in a last-ditch effort I set all of my videos to private. As I understand it though, they can still give me a strike on a private video.

    Needless to say, I may wake up one morning soon to discover that my account is gone. Nada. Rien. No More. And that includes all of the videos that I’ve spent years posting.

    I have opened a new channel—-it’s called “nafnalcydarb”. You may catch me doing a few things over there. If my Bradyclanfan goes dark, check out Nafnalcydarb—Hopefully I’ll be there. Don’t get too excited though. I’m not sure, but I may lose that one too if I lose my Bradyclanfan one? I have no clue what will happen with that new channel. But I may try to upload a few things on it and test the waters. Maybe be more careful about what I post or put in the title?

    I know you guys are all anxious to see all of your favorites reposted and back up. Please understand that trying to repost all of this stuff will be a long and arduous process. I also feel a little paranoid right now with all these copyright violations!

    Thank you guys soooo much for watching and caring! I hope that we can live in a world one day where we can watch all of these classic soaps with a greater sense of security, and definitely without the fear of being punished. Well….I hope for that and for world peace, of course!

    And with all of that being said, THANK GOD FOR THE SPIES NETWORK!

    Much love!

    • Thanks for posting, Dawn. It was obviously a labor of love for her, and to have it be snatched away by the very show that she was paying tribute too – or their corporate partner, anyway. Talk about a slap in the face.

  8. I feel the same – especially since I am not the only one who has rediscovered Days based on the old Days You Tube clips. Don’t they realize this is free advertising for the show? It really is a good marketing vehicle for the show and NOT a problem or hurtful. Oh people loved it and want to watch it? Well let’s stop them from enjoying old shows. From a pure business standpoint if there is a need and clearly a market for people who wish to enjoy the old shows, them have Sony or whoever control the product and post themselves.

    Seems silly to remove especially 25 year old shows where they make no money or advertising fees, but oh well that is big business.

    Plus poor BradyClanFan, she really did do an amazing job and I can’t imagine losing all that after so many years.

    Now I have to watch today’s show on DVR so back to 2015!


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