What day is it?

Yesterday’s episode did not feel like a Friday. I wondered if I had a Chad-style blackout and it was Monday already. Lots of setups and introductions.

But, I enjoyed it for all that. I am so in love with Eve and Eddy, it’s not even funny. When they started arguing about the funeral arrangements, and she treated his choir suggestion with such withering sarcasm, I thought it was very realistic — funny and painful at the same time. And I loved her insight that all of this tender solicitude was him putting on a performance for his other family. Methinks Eve hath got his number.


For months, the boards have been going nuts trying to figure out why Thaao, who we knew was playing Andre, kept calling Stefano “daddy” and Chad “brother.” Well, here’s one of the first lines Andre said to Stefano today: “When we found out I was your biological son … ” So, that takes care of that. Next!


I kind of wish Andre had gotten a more dramatic introduction. The man was dead! He was shot, fell off a roof, and then pulled the plug on his own life support. I know that to a Dimera, all this is no worse than cutting yourself shaving, but shouldn’t they try to offer some explanation?


The other introduction was Lani Price, a new police officer with the Salem PD. I see that I was right that the show is going to connect her to Abe, most likely as his long-lost daughter with Tamara Price, played by Marilyn McCoo back in 1986. I laughed out loud when Rafe asked what brought her to Salem from sunny Florida, and she said, “I have a hidden agenda.” Don’t they all?

Also, Florida? Maybe she knows Ben!

We also got the start of a new storyline with Adrienne. She talked to her mom (Jo!) at the beginning of the episode, then went to see Kayla about getting tested for a gene that predisposes you for cancer. I tend not to like illness stories, but this is true to history, because Jo had a cancer story back in the late 80’s, so kudos for that. Kayla was so wonderful and reassuring with Adrienne, and I really enjoyed the scene. That said, during most of it I was filled with a sense of crushing disappointment that we aren’t going to see Steve and Adrienne’s reunion scene. But at least the show remembered they are related.

Speaking of history, I have to give the show credit on the Britta reference from the other day — I underestimated you, Higriff! I still say there was something off about the dialogue for Steve and Victor that day, but yesterday we found out this Claudia was hired to pretend to be Britta’s daughter, which makes sense. And Steve got another lead.


Why was the scene taking place on Victor’s plane? Is Steve living there now?

While Steve was rebuffing Claudia’s advances (at least we know there is no twist coming that she is really his daughter with Britta!), Kayla was hanging out with a surprisingly bitchy Hope. Sure, she asked her to be her matron of honor, but then she scoffed at the idea of this being Steve’s “last mission,” and the idea of Bo being in trouble. I think Kristian could have played Hope’s lines as the desperation of denial, because I think that’s more what was intended. It’s hard to watch her certainty about Bo’s abandonment when we are watching him suffer in captivity. I don’t know if the purpose of this story is to make Hope look bad, but that’s what happened. I’m so ready for Steve to bring Bo home and get this story moving along.

The best part of the episode was the short phone call between Steve and Kayla at the end. Definitely a softening there.


Kayla reacts to Steve’s line: “I just told him all the reasons I have for loving you.”

Sorry this post is so all over the place — there was a lot going on!



15 thoughts on “What day is it?

  1. I loved the way SN had Steve say that line. There was no hidden agenda behind it because he didn’t bring it up to impress her. To Steve, loving Kayla is as natural as breathing for him, just a fact of his life. I too loved the Kayla and Andrienne scene. Remember Kayla was, I believe , Andrienne’s first true friend, definitely in Salem, but I also think because of her childhood with Duke, she didn’t have any true friends growing up. It was nice to see that play out here. My show got prempted because of the Speaker of the House Resigning. Did they reveal that Britta is alive? I don’t want her to be alive. It’s bad enough that they are bringing back Ava. I don’t want more of Steve’s women showing up.

    I’m loving Eddie and Eve too. She definitely has his number. I have always loved A Martinez and he always delivers. I just don’t like the chin hair. Maybe if it was shorter and he had a mustache too. But I’ll enjoy him just the same.

    Good call on Lani being Tamara Price’s daughter. I was racking my brain trying to figure out who’s daughter she could be with Abe and I had forgotten about her. I don’t know why since she’s the one singing when SK had their first, very awkward, dance at Blondie’s.

    I can’t believe I’m actually excited to see what Aiden is going to say to Hope. I started watching during all their hotel sex and trying to make us buy them as a couple. Haven’t really been invested in them together, but he’s getting more interesting by himself. He’s scenes with Stephano and Andre were good. By the way is Tony dead? I can’t keep track of all who die and come back to life on this show. LOL

    • Good point that Kayla was probably Adrienne’s first real friend. I loved how Kayla was so sensible and reassuring. She’s such a great doctor.

      I don’t think Britta is alive. The woman was hired to pretend to be Britta’s daughter and lure Bo somewhere by saying that’s where Britta was hiding out.

      I think A needs to keep the chin hair for his character on Longmire. I don’t care for it either, but like you I’ll enjoy him just the same!

      Yes, Tony is dead (for now). 🙂

      • Thanks for the update. Glad they’re not bringing Britta back. I didn’t know he was on Longmire. I think it’s in its last season so maybe he then can get rid of it.

  2. The time is off…Kayla is still wearing the same dress as the previous day she was on yet Marlena was being strangled at night and Abby told Chad she left Ben in the middle of the night to meet him on the pier the day before? I wish they fix this but I think I can learn to live with it if the storylines and the dialogue continue to be there.

    So Adrienne and Kayla meet and discuss Jo having breast cancer without mentioning that this is her second time? I think it would underscore the fear Adrienne has about whether or not she has the gene if they had at least mentioned the history. Obviously I am upset that Adrienne and Steve didn’t get a reunion or that Adrienne and Kayla didn’t even mention that Steve only recently returned to Kayla’s life and has already left town again but I guess I can over look that given the nature of their meeting.

    Eve and Eddie are good and I am dying to find out about Eddy’s history.

    I guess Steve was meeting with Claudia on the plane so that they didn’t have to build another set? If I was sitting on that private jet and this guy offered me $1000 for info I think I would have held out for more..LOL.
    Britta is not alive and she was just paid to pose as Britta’s daughter and lure Bo to a meeting.

    I have always loved Bo and I love Bo with or without Hope. I can’t say the same for Hope and if I understand things correctly and KA is not happy with the way they have treated Aiden/Haiden maybe that is why she comes off so bitchy? I’m ready for Bo to come back to town just so she has to change her tune because i am tired of the broken record.

    And of course Steve telling Kayla “I just told him all the reasons I have for loving you.”… I was left in a puddle.

    • The timing is screwy for sure. I don’t even try most of the time to make sense of it. Ever since Kayla said Steve has been back for two weeks at the same time Hope and Rafe said it’s been four days since the first murder.

      I’m with you, I like Bo more than Hope. Too many trips down the road of FancyJudgmentalFace and they are kind of doing that now. They could have played this as Steve’s theories getting Hope worried about Bo and beating herself up (while still saying she loves Aiden) and Kayla seeing that and feeling Steve might be putting Hope through this for nothing.

    • I’m not really surprised that they didn’t bother with a Steve and Adrienne reunion scene. Back when he came back from being DEAD for 15 years Adrienne did not come to see him until 6 months in to the story.

  3. Yes! I noticed Kayla’s dress and got super-confused. I was impressed with the way they played the Claudia/Britta thing, though. It winds up being nothing more than a moment of intrigue and a fun nod to history, which I much prefer to the overworked retconning of old stories and characters just to distract us from crappy plotting.

    I hadn’t made the Tamara Price connection, but I bet you’re right. If it gives Abe something to do, fine, but I’m so tired of these random magical children — especially when it’s just like, “Hi, I’m here. Let’s get along!”

    • Remember Lexie’s long lost brother (the one who dated Abby, and who’s name i’m too lazy google)? One day Celeste was, like, this is my son I never mentioned! The next he’s taking care of Theo unsupervised. And then Lexie died. Such a weird story.

    • I so agree on the random magical children. I hope they do more with it than other stories like this. Some backstory about Tamara that gives Lani some angst and James Reynolds something more interesting than “welcome to the family!”

      • I’m curious to know what the intent behind introducing her is. At least they must have a story in mind, if they’re bringing her in to tie her to Abe, rather than deciding they like a character and then retconning him/her into a family (a la Paul).

      • I don’t always mind when unknown children show up on soaps. Of course I can’t think of a great example of it working well on Days at the moment (but there have been several on GH that I have enjoyed.) It all depends on how they write it. We know you can’t have the identity reveal one day and the next be one big happy family but too many times they spend so much time on energy on the story leading up to the secret reveal and not much time and energy on what happens next. It’s just lazy writing. So Paul was revealed to be John’s son how long ago and Paul hasn’t bothered getting to know his father enough to know that there is a mystery about his past? Hopefully they treat the Lani/Abe relationship a lot better.

      • That is often true, I agree, that a lot of time is spent on the buildup, the tease. Then, when the truth comes out, its either happy family time or its something like Eve’s intro back in the 80’s. She was unrealistically obsessed with breaking up Shane and Kim. That’s better than the insta-family option but it’s a cliche too.

        The John/Paul thing is annoying because it’s so unnecessary. Paul and John could be friends and bond over baseball without making him his son, which added nothing to the story.

        But maybe they can do something with it now. Paul can understand the desire to know who your parents are, maybe, and be there for John in this quest of his. And surely it has implications for him also – this is his family too.

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