Man in black

So how do we feel about today’s revelations?


Here’s the real twist: Days revealed the killer on a THURSDAY!

I am satisfied with Ben as the killer. I think there is more to the story, which I’ll talk about below. But even if this is the biggest twist in the storyline, I am still satisfied. I’m sure there are people ranting and raving around the boards about the lack of surprise. But I’ve said here several times that there is no way the show would truly surprise us, at least not those of us in the online Days community. Every member of the cast, except maybe Caroline, has been chewed over as a potential suspect. Also, I am partial to human, understandable motivations for murder — rather than sick, twisted, serial killer type motives. And Ben has a motive — Chad.

In each case, the woman was attacked after interacting with Chad. Serena slapped him, Paige was a witness against him, and Marlena was helping him. It shows, though — pardon the pun — a definite problem with overkill. From Ben’s point of view, isn’t it better to have one murder and work hard to make sure Chad goes down for it? Surely it is muddying the waters to have more murders, more deaths.

And, I would argue that Ben’s real purpose was not just to frame Chad but to destroy Abby’s faith and love for him. In that, he has failed miserably. I think we can trace his growing frustration over the last weeks to exactly this. The worse it looks for Chad, the more Abby tries to help him. She keeps saying she loves Ben, but that is clearly not enough for Ben. He wants her to hate Chad, too. He’s like the dog in this old New Yorker cartoon:


All that being said, I predict that there is still more to this story, and more twists and turns along the way. The first question is Clyde’s involvement. I think we can safely assume he is involved, but in what way? He was conspicuously out of breath when he ran into Jennifer in the park today. He told her, talking about the wedding planning, “Things have a way of unraveling, and I seem to be the only one who can put things right.” To me that implies that he might be cleaning up after his son, the sloppy murderer. Or, it could mean he is driving the whole thing, and Ben is just his stooge. When Ben said he and Abby were leaving, Clyde was very threatening and authoritarian, and essentially taunted him for not being man enough to stand up to Chad. So he might be manipulating his son — who is very biddable, let’s not forget Clyde was the reason he proposed in the first place! — into committing murder, or helping cover them up.

Clyde, then, might have a different motive for wanting these people dead, and the framing of Chad is just a side motive to appease his son.

And as long as we’re at it, Ben and Clyde could be involved only in the framing of Chad, and the real murderer is someone else entirely. We’ve got this interesting little moment from today’s episode:


Daniel was dressed all in black today. When he came into Marlena’s room for the first time, he touched her neck, and then was interrupted by John. And this last look, after Marlena “saw” him as the murderer, is … ambiguous, to say the least.

A red herring, maybe. I go back and forth as to whether I would want Daniel to be the murderer. I have a hard time seeing what the motive would be. He has motive to kill Serena (sortof — more than Chad, anyway), but Paige and Marlena? I guess I could see killing Marlena to prevent her from helping Chad recover his memories of that night, so Chad could still be the fall guy. But Paige … well, maybe Paige found out something unsavory about Dr. Dan. She did say she had something “important” to tell JJ. Maybe it had to do with Daniel, not Clyde.

Part of me doesn’t want Daniel to be the murderer, because I want Nicole to choose Eric for his own sake, not because Daniel turns out to be a bad guy. But another part of me … wants Daniel to go down in flames. Hated by everyone in town. Yup, that might be okay.

On another note, I have to give a little shout-out to the classic supercouple moments we got for Chad and Abby today:


The whole situation of the unjust accusation, Chad hiding out in the little shack, while Abby works to clear his name, is just like Steve and Kayla after Britta’s murder. I loved the when she said “I’m calling the shots.” (Kayla also threatened to turn Steve in.)

But, I still have to quibble. Abby was all over the place today, emotionally. She talks like she’s going to help Chad prove his innocence, then turns around and tells him she’s leaving tomorrow. You can’t do both! Her caving to Ben’s emotional manipulation is great for the tension of the story, but bad for the character of Abby. She’s hysterical at the thought of Ben leaving, but then calm and strong with Chad. It’s jarring.

Another great moment: Jennifer encouraging Abby to leave with Ben, because she thinks it will keep her safe from Clyde. The irony! And a nice mention of Jack, and how going off on a “desert island” can be nice for a young couple. Jen certainly knows all about that. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Man in black

  1. I’ll be satisfied as well, if it’s Ben. I wondered if Days was going to “let us in” on the secret (I like that kind of murder story). But, having said that, I also wonder if Ben is simply involved in framing Chad and not the murders. I thought the episode was rather skillfully done today. I really wasn’t sure who they were pointing toward for most of the episode. Good job days. I can see Ben committing the murders and Clyde doing the clean-up (he is by his admission the ONLY one who can make things “right’) but I could also see this as a big red herring. I wonder if Paige remembered something about the night of Serena’s murder. Could she have seen Daniel in the park and thought nothing of it? I believe the police only asked her specifically about Chad, correct? Maybe the important thing that Paige had to tell JJ had nothing to do with Clyde or Ben.

    I need help with something else. When Jen and Clyde were talking (how funny was it that he said he was out “power walking”), I think he said he had a lot to make up to with his kidS, plural. Does he have any other kids? Oh gosh is there an evil twin?

    I also have to agree about Abby and her motivations. She is all over the place. I guess we can chalk some of that up to pregnancy hormones, but to agree to leave town with Ben tomorrow? Don’t these people have to give a 2 week notice at their jobs?

    The scenes with Chad and Abby were very sweet though, and a good contrast to her almost manic desperation to keep Ben happy.

    I still love James Read. He’s so creepy good! I’m starting to get a bad feeling that he may end up a victim (if he’s not the “real” murderer). That “on top of the world” feeling Marlena warned him about…

    • ETA: it will be interesting to see who the next victim is, and why. Days still hasn’t shown us the face of the killer actively involved in strangling the victim, which is one of the reasons why I’m suspicious that is ISN’T really Ben. If they had shown him pulling off a black mask, etc., maybe, but they didn’t.

      • Sorry! One more thing. Do we know who Dr. Dan’s father is? Could it be Clyde? I keep hearing him referred to as the “egg baby” – do we know where the sperm came from? LOL.

      • Forgot to answer your question about Daniel’s father. I think it’s Mr. Jonas. Mrs. Jonas was the one who needed an egg donation. She raised him but we never hear about either one of them, lol.

      • Clyde’s other child is Jordan, who was on the show for awhile. It was revealed that Clyde raped her as a teen – which ended up being a dropped plot point when Jordan left the show. (Another reason Days shouldn’t do rape stories anymore.) Ben never found out, and I think the show wants us to forget it too. But, yes, you could say Clyde has a lot to make up to her!

        I prefer your evil twin idea. 😉

        Paige could have seen someone else that night, you’re right, after she saw Chad. That’s a good thought.

        If it is Ben, I could totally see Clyde getting killed by him. Ben’s “I’ll kill him,” about Chad, shows someone who now sees murder as a solution. And Clyde is his accomplice and has a tendency to get bossy.

        I agree, James Read is soooo awesome! 🙂

  2. I don’t even know what to think about the serial killer “reveal” yesterday. I tend to think what we saw was Ben is setting Chad up and not that Ben is the killer but who knows. I would like to be able to give a character analysis and explain that Ben is a sociopath with a volatile temper and anger management issues which doesn’t really fit with him being the killer and setting Chad up. That would require psychopathic behavior to be so cold, calculated and pre-meditating and I am not sure Ben has the ability to detach from his emotions in that manner. Of course we know soap characters are not always written in a consistent manner and this show had a major writing change so I can’t exactly argue that it is out of character. We know Ben is not a good guy and we also know that he was abused by Clyde growing up AND this is a soap opera so anything is possible.

    Clyde, on the other hand, is a psychopath so his being the murdered or even somehow manipulating Ben into murdering these people is completely plausible and believable.

    Aiden is another real possibility and the murders seemed to start right around the time we saw him start to spiral due to lack of control in the situations with dealings with Stefano and his dealings with who ever he owes that money to….which I assume is going to be Clyde.

    Dr Dan was certainly creepy yesterday and he was dressed in black. The body type and the way the attacker looked running away and running over Chad didn’t seem to fit Dan or Aiden but they probably used a stunt double and not the actual killer so I guess you can’t go by that either.

    Of course it is possible whoever attacked Marlena wasn’t the person who killed the others. And it is always possible that Andre is the real killer and the one who is setting up Chad.

    Just for fun, maybe it is Jack…back from the dead and giving in to his inner Harper. He is setting up Chad because he doesn’t want Abby with a Dimera. 😉

    • Jack! LOL. That would be a monkey’s paw.

      It’s hard to break it down psychologically, isn’t it? Because we know that they can pretty much do whatever they want. I just want something that makes sense, most of all, and so far Ben has a decent-enough motive for attacking three people, killing two. I’m not sure if I believe that he would continue to kill people just to frame Chad. Maybe to protect himself, if people are finding him out.

      I think that Ben being the hotheaded one and Clyde the one cleaning up his mess, the coldblooded one, is a good theory that fits psychologically for now. Of course this could be just what the show wants us to think …

      (I’m hoping for a second killer — someone who borrows the MO of the necktie killer in order to kill someone and hope it’s attributed to the serial killer. I think that would be a decent twist along the way.)

      I did some checking around on the boards today to read theories and see if there were clues I was missing, and one tidbit did come up. Months back, when Eve and Paige first saw Ben, they recognized him from when they lived in Florida. So Paige could potentially have known something shady about Ben from back then.

  3. I keep going back and forth – between “it is too soon to reveal the killer” to well wouldn’t it be great if Ben was the killer and the whole love triangle with Chad having to save Abby from Ben would be a nice touch (and very 80’s throwback.) Chad to me is a mix of Jack and Steve’s old stories. Jack in that he doubts himself and doesn’t want to be like is father and Abby is the Jen that believes in him. Steve in that everyone see’s him as bad. Chad is in trouble running from the law and Abby is the Kayla that see’s the good in him and doesn’t doubt him but helps him. Abby is also taking charge and is the stronger one in their relationship now (as Kayla was in the beginning of Steve and her relationship).. So where is her strength with Ben?

    One of the things that is bothering me is I can’t see why Abby is wholeheartedly insisting she is in love with Ben, is devastated at the thought of him breaking up with her and goes along with his decision to move in 1 day. I find that annoying – while clearly showing how much she loves Chad, she doesn’t seem to show any hint that she doesn’t want Ben. Arghh where is the doubt? – at this point the show should acknowledge her motives for wanting to be with Ben. Especially now when she is so steadfastly defending and helping Chad. To say she is with Ben because he is the “safe” one doesn’t make sense. She doesn’t seem to care about the danger that Chad is in. Could be because she thinks the baby is his and feels she has not choice, but again the show doesn’t show us her feelings. At least have her have a conversation with Will who seems to understand that she loves Chad – if she confided in someone her doubts, Will would be the perfect sounding board, because he seems to get that these 2 love each other and Abby really wanted the baby to be Chads. AND it would give us an insight into her true feelings for Ben.

    I am not so sure that Ben is the killer, I thought maybe it is Clyde and Clyde is using Ben to cover things up for him. Clyde does seem very good at manipulating Ben into doing what he wants, and Ben just goes along with a “you are right” and changes his mind to whatever Clyde just suggested.

    Also they have made a reference twice to how “happy” and “optimistic” Clyde has been. Once when he spoke with Marlena and once when Ben thanked Marlena for turning his attitude around. Plus Marlena’s foreshadowing of a crash if you feel too happy. A manic state? Maybe but seem too convenient.

    I like the one theory that maybe Clyde and Ben have nothing to do with the murders other then trying to frame Chad and the “real” killer still hasn’t been revealed.

    But hey the show is keeping us guessing and intrigued and that is a GOOD thing.

    • I agree that Chad’s story is a mix of Jack and Steve and I really love it for those elements. Billy Flynn is incredible and he really makes me root for him even though Chad is not acting very smart right now. Abby is more difficult. Like you say, Ben no longer feels safe or easy so that aspect is gone, so we’re back to Abby just thinking he’s the father of her baby. I’m not crazy about that reason, but even to hear her say that would help! She needs to talk to Will or Kayla and let us hear her thoughts.

      I agree, I think there are more twists coming! There has to be if the story goes on all fall. But even if it is just Clyde and Ben it will be interesting to see their relationship fall apart, which it surely will. I can definitely see Ben killing Clyde.

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