There was some plot movement today — most notably, Marlena being strangled. They hit a little hammer of suspicion for us when they cut from the strangling, to Abby back at her apartment saying Ben’s name to an empty room, and then to Chad on the elevator (not strangling!).  Another development was Chad remembering being with someone the night Serena was killed — a homeless man that he fought with, who could possibly give him an alibi. (Or who is in on the plot against him?) Ben also said he was “done” with Abby — we’ll see how long that lasts.

But my favorite parts of the episode were the moments that gave our actors a chance to react, to just listen:


Adrienne is listening to Justin’s excitement about doing something that has “nothing to do with his last name” — and thinking he’s never sounded more like Victor.


Poor Chad’s lip is never going to heal, but he is so beautiful here listening to Abby tell him she knows he could never kill anyone.


Look at the mixture of happiness and pain on Rafe’s face, as Eve talks about how wonderful Paige was. This is the sister he will never know.


Kate, showing Nicole hit a nerve with her catalog of her misdeeds — but also that she’s not giving up, thank you very much.

And we saw our pier again! A very small, claustrophobic pier, but a pier:


I love the camera angle here. Eve looks so trapped and so very, very alone.

This shot is from the music montage, which I loved because it was so perfectly old school. Little short shots of all of our characters — thinking, reacting to the events of the episode. When Adrienne picked up the picture of Justin and looked at it, I may have squealed. It was so classic.

12 thoughts on “Listening

  1. MP you are so good at naming what is happening in a show. I actually enjoyed the whole show today with no SK in sight and it’s because they showed the characters listening. I was interested in the other characters and that didn’t even happen with their second run. This is old school Days where I can enjoy other storylines. I’m really interested in who the killer is. I have my thoughts but excited to see how it plays out. We know it’s definitely not Chad. Body shape did seem like Ben though. I loved the old school montage with a song playing to see characters reflecting. Andrienne’s hesitation with Justin was spot on I thought when he was talking about “nailing” a Dimere. I didn’t like KDP as Eve at all or that they had her gung-ho about revenge towards Jennifer or she slept with JJ, but man I’m loving her now. She is rocking this story line. She is spot on in her grief, trying to connect with Rafe because he’s her brother and needing some kind of connection to Paige even if they didn’t know each other. It was a great show today. Still can’t believe I enjoyed it and SK wasn’t even on. Now I know why SN and MBE has been excited about the writing. It has improved 100%.

    • OK, so we know definitely now that it wasn’t Chad. The writers seem to be pointing everything toward Ben, and, looking back (I rewatched the other two murder eps) he doesn’t have an alibi really. Too obvious though? It’s definitely a puzzle. I could see Ben doing the killings out of rage, and Clyde working behind him to cover up the mess (he’s the smart one).

      Nice EP today. I too enjoyed it thoroughly, even without a hint of SK in sight! What I really like is the focus on relationships and conversations, as MP put so beautifully, the “listening.” All the actors seem to be working at the top of their game right now. I even thought Ben was better today, and I actually couldn’t blame him for being pissed at Abby. That relationship (Babby) is just toxic.

      I really liked the Rafe/Eve scenes. GG played it just right. Not over the top emotional, but stunned and sad. KDP is just blowing me away with her performances.

      And the little scene with Gabi and Eduardo was very touching. That little moment of him hanging back and taking a photo of them, then being pulled into the scene. There’s something else going on with him. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have another ISA agent on our hands.

      I thought the Nicole/Kate scenes would be just snark, but they turned it into something else. Nice job.

      I fear poor Chad is going to rescue Marlena just in time, and get himself in deeper trouble. You know the killer is going to take off and leave Chad holding the bag! I did like how they choreographed and shot the attack. Couldn’t really spot the often too obvious stunt double. Seeing the man in black slink into Marlena’s office was super-creepy.

    • The show is just so well put together right now. It does feel very old school.

      I was really impressed with Galen Gering. I have found him in the past to be a touch wooden, but he’s really doing a good job with this meatier material.

      I liked the Eddy/Gabi scene too. It was played just right by A, the emotion was there but not so obvious that Gabi would think something was off. Rafe said something about how Gabi wasn’t angry like the rest of the family, just sad she didn’t know her father. I think that signals that she is the one who is going to try to develop a relationship with him — and give him a reason to stay in Salem.

      Denise, you are totally right that Chad is probably going to come back to Marlena’s office, scare the killer away, and leave it looking like he was the one. Poor Chad! Maybe this will finally lead to his arrest, which I think is bound to happen at some point. Rafe won’t like it, but he’ll have to arrest him, and then continue to investigate on his own I bet.

      Oh, and an update from my mom, who some of you may recall doesn’t like the “new” Chad. She told me that she’s warming up to him “a little.” LOL!

  2. I’m so heartbroken over that pier set. 😦 (I am hoping this isn’t a sign that although Days is going to give me what I want- I should just prepare myself for a cheap, watered down version instead of the real thing.) Where are the stairs? There is no where to hide out to spy on Victor while he conducts nefarious business meetings and there is no room for Steve to stroll and play his harmonica while day dreaming about Kayla.

    Nice to know that your mom is warming up to the new Chad. I never saw the old Chad so I have nothing to compare him to but I like Chad a lot more now that this serial killer storyline is going. I just can’t get into Chabby…I hope Kate Mansi can up her game and win me over because right now I think my dislike is for her and not just the character of Abby. And shouldn’t Abby have a noticeable baby bump by now or is this pregnancy on Salem time too?

    I am not a fan of KDP but she has been much easier to watch since Paige died. But when she gets angry and starts talking with a southern drawl, I am reminded why I don’t like her. A Martinez is just incredible but the thought of having to watch him and Kate pawing at each other is already turning me off.

    I have always been indifferent to Rafe. I know he has his haters out there….almost as many as Dr Dan….but I wasn’t watching when he was really in a featured role. I saw a few episodes when he was with Sami, a few episodes when he was with Kate and a few episodes when he was with Jordan-right when Kate brought Clyde to town. So I went to to who’s who in Salem to read a little more history about Rafe. I know not to trust everything written in their character summaries because I have read info I knew was incorrect but I found some of Rafe’s history to be hilarious. I had no idea Stefano sent one of his goons to try to cut off Rafe’s penis! (Did Stefano need a new one like with John’s kidney and Benji’s liver?) I am speechless.

    I love Adrienne but I am not loving Justin right now and all this talk about the Dimera-Kiriakis feud is strange. Is there really even a feud? I mean Stefano has always been after the Bradys but as far as I knew Victor and Stefano were able to co-exist with very little tension between the two over the years. Adrienne is right, he did sound just like Victor. I find it interesting how they have sort of legitimized Victor over the years. It’s almost like people forget that he is really a mob boss.

    The music montage was a nice touch. Overall I am very, very pleased with the direction the show is moving and I really enjoy watching it.

    • It is a very small pier! I was prepared for something less than the 80s version because it was in use in 2006, and IIRC there were no stairs then either.

      The loft is another one. People told me that Belle and Phillip were living at the loft in 2006, that it was the same set. I couldn’t recognize it as the loft I knew, and there was definitely no sliding door. But, I think there was a rooftop. I remember Belle being up there having fantasies about Shawn.

      I think Stefano and Victor have been rivals and at odds but I don’t think there was anything you could call a feud. But this is a case where I’m willing to go with it.

      My mom told me about Rafe’s penis nearly getting cut off. Lol. Personally I can do without plot points like that.

    • I wonder why they can’t build a closer replica of the pier from the old days. Does anyone know if they moved to a different studio and when? It makes me wonder what size it is square foot-wise now compared to what it used to be. Otherwise I can’t imagine why they couldn’t add 15-20 feet and more height. Is space such a premium? I guess so..otherwise I just can’t understand..

      I also wish I was more into Kate Mansi’s Abby. She just doesn’t look at him and make me believe she loves him. He on the other hand does…it wouldn’t kill me if they tried him out with other women. He’s got that certain It factor and with the right actress, they could be the next Steve and Kayla. Still, Im going with them on the ride and today was a Wow! day. I can’t wait to read what u have to say about it Mary. It wasn’t even a Friday episode!

      • This is my first time commenting here. I love reading everyone’s takes on Days, and I finally just had to speak up because I couldn’t agree with you more about Abby!! When I hear people gushing about Chabby on other message boards, I wish I could understand what they were seeing and buy into that relationship, but I can’t–and Abby is the weak link. The thing about Steve and Kayla was that their characters were so well defined by the writers, and so well embodied by SN and MBE, that you could understand how they were drawn together so strongly. If you asked me to describe them both–their personalities, their strengths and weaknesses, their driving forces, what pulled them together like magnets–I could do it. With Chad and Abby I’m gettin’ nothing–nothing to make me understand why they’re drawn together.

        Plus, I see none of the chemistry other fans see. And like I said, the problem for me is Abby. Chad’s got that “It,” I feel like I know him and what’s driving him; he’s complex, from his hatred of his family name, to his willingness to use it to get info about drugs from Kayla, to his refusal to do wrong by Abby about the land, to his fear that he might really be a bad guy inside. I like this character!! But with Abby, all I see is weeping and inconsistency and big brown eyes filled with tears, but I have nothing to grab on to about her personality to understand her better. I think they were trying to inject her with some spunky quality today by having her order Chad to leave the (disappointingly second-rate!) pier and go to the secret hideaway shack, but I didn’t buy it. I don’t know, I too would love to see Chad with someone who’s a better match for him in strength of personality, someone with more spunk and stability.

      • Hi Susanna, welcome!

        I am definitely more of a Chad fan than an Abby fan, too. But part of what I love about him is his love for Abby, so I kind of want him to get what he wants. 🙂

        I was warming up to Abby when she first started having her scenes with Kayla this summer, and after. The last few weeks have been a little more difficult. I’ve seen the new writers take Theresa in hand and start defining her character, and they are also taking Nicole and Kate back to their feistier roots. But they haven’t done that with Abby — yet. I hope that once the baby is born and this triangle is over, maybe they give her character more definition.

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