History lesson

It’s hard for me to type this, because I am currently a puddle of goo on the floor.


Steve says Kayla was all sweetness and light. Aw.

Steve played the harp!

Steve’s explanation to Joey of his childhood was excellent. He was obviously trying to draw a parallel between Jo giving him up, which he resented, and whatever made him leave Kayla and Joey in Africa. I get the feeling more and more that it was a “Sophie’s choice” kind of situation, one where there was no good option. Joey wasn’t particularly mollified by it, but I loved hearing that Steve has new insight on Jo’s actions. I noticed he didn’t tell Joey that he had tried to set his father on fire first.

But he did mention that he was hired to scare Kayla out of Cleveland! I was surprised they went there. I also was surprised, pleasantly so, by the flashback they chose. It’s a lesser seen clip (I thought they’d go for the patch removal). It shows Steve in pain, but covering it up with wisecracks (“I’m only on life number eight, baby”), and Kayla being caring, but bossy – I love the way she says “That’s tough!” How I love them both!

Then it was sweet the way they showed Kayla remember Steve too, after seeing their wedding picture. And it was true to history that she went right for the steamy flashback. That was always what marked Kayla’s fantasy sequences back in the day, in contrast to Steve’s, which were much more romantic.


Kayla slipping back into her “old habit” of lusting after Steve.

In other news, Basic Black is back. Back in Black! I liked the meeting, Brady and Nicole discussing business knowledgeably, and Theresa looking like an idiot when she obviously didn’t understand. But when she talked about design, she was confident and made sense. I’m really loving this combination. And of course I loved Nicole being smart, eavesdropping on Theresa and peeking at her phone to find out who the silent partner is, then running over to confront Kate. Can’t wait to see all three women working together, along with Eric of course. 🙂

Loved the plot movement in the Eddy/Eve/Rafe story. Eve and Kate were really amazing, comparing bad histories. Only on a soap, I swear: Your child is dead? I thought my kids were dead for twenty years. You were a prostitute? Me too! But Kassie was excellent, and I enjoyed Lauren Koslow too, who I usually don’t care for.

I am getting interested in Rafe for probably the first time. I’ve never disliked him, he was just one of those characters I could take or leave. But I’m excited to see his reaction to finding out Paige is his sister. And more of that wonderful sizzle between Eddy and Eve when she found out Rafe was his son. Yum! But a big NO to Eddy getting involved with Kate. Does every man who comes to town have to get involved with her? (She’s already slept with his son!) How about he hangs out with Kayla instead?

Fantastic episode today, half of which was pre-empted for me because of NBC coverage of the Pope’s visit. Thank goodness for PopTV!


25 thoughts on “History lesson

  1. Yes to everything you said! I love that the S&k flashback clips were not the same ones they have shown a million times! And I immediately thought about Steve’s memory being a sweet one while Kayla’s was steamy….just like old times.

    Let me just come right out and say it….I hate Kate! The old hag has slept with every man in town and I just can’t stand her. Please Eduardo, just say NO! KDP was back to that heavy southern drawl today and that annoys the crap out of me….probably because I am southern and I know Eve is not.

    Can’t wait for Wednesday’s show.

    • I have never warmed up to Kate, though I am resigned to her being on the show forever. She can be decent in scenes related to business, or the ones with KDP yesterday. But when I was watching in 2006-09, she was always meddling in her children’s love lives in really stupid ways, and she slept with EJ, Daniel, Rafe, and probably a few others I’ve forgotten about. I was worried they were going to have her hook up with Justin a few months ago, but thankfully they avoided that. But I think it’s probably a sure thing that she and Eddy will sleep together. Groan.

  2. “Only on a soap, I swear: Your child is dead? I thought my kids were dead for twenty years. You were a prostitute? Me too!”

    I LOL’d. But this is also some of the tamer crap these people have to talk about!

    Today’s episode felt incredibly strong for a Tuesday episode where not a ton of plot movement happened. No murders, no affairs — aside from the Eduardo revelation, it was mostly just people hashing out resentments and traumas and whatnot. Really interesting. I was riveted the whole hour. I thought they did a great job with the Steve/Joey stuff, and incorporating the flashbacks, without it feeling like a clip show (the way a bunch of the Stefano/Marlena and Marlena/Kristen stuff did a few months ago). James Lastovic stepped it up as Joey, too. Very, very good stuff. There’s a smartness to the scripts that had been missing.

    • I was riveted too. I liked that the flashbacks were well chosen but there were only a few. I was surprised they didn’t show Joey’s birth rather than Stephanie’s, since Joey was who Steve was talking to. But most of all I liked how the show was using the past in the present, instead of just showing a bunch of flashbacks that seem to say, “Remember how good the show used to be?”

      James Lastovic was great! I loved how he didn’t play the whole thing at a high pitch, he had a few moments of yelling, but he wasn’t afraid to tone it down and still play the emotion. I think that shows a lot of maturity.

  3. Tuesday’s episode was fantastic. The harp – I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I heard it again. I also liked the fact that Kayla’s remembrance scene wasn’t their first time, it was also one of the lesser seen scenes. James Lastovic is doing a great job. I am glad that Steve called Kayla to let her know about Joey and even happier when he told her no more missions and when he comes home, it will be for good.

    AM and KdP are knocking it out of the park. mykleraus, I also LOL’d at the discussion between Eve and Kate. Right now Rafe is a character I don’t know well enough to like or to hate, but I am interested in finding out what he’s going to do now that he knows Paige was his sister.

    The Brady/Theresa scenes are giving me hope. I love Jenn Lilly and I want Theresa to grow up. I have hope that maybe it’s finally happening. I don’t want her getting into business with Kate to hurt her too much.

    • I’m loving the overall theme of second chances and redemption that they are working throughout all of the storylines. It’s a very hopeful and positive message.

      Steve and Joey today were so good. JL is really showing me something. When he teared up today, I thought “there’s Steve’s son!” LOL. How exciting for that young man to be working with SN and MBE. Another young man with beautiful blue eyes! Maybe you have to put that down on your resume before they test you :).

      The flashbacks were just enough, and I agree that I was happy they weren’t the ones they have always used. Just little moments that the long-time fans might remember. I think I may be in love with Josh Griffith. I may actually propose.

      KD and AM continue to shine. They make everyone around them better. That was the best Kate scene I’ve watched forever (not a fan either). I’m willing to give her a chance with Eduardo if that’s where they are going – I just think A elevates anyone he works with (see Rafe today). I loved that Eve went right to Rafe after finding out that he is Eduardo’s son. That lends another strong layer to Rafe’s determination to make sure the “right man” is caught. I wonder if it pushes him further toward Chad, or away (if his Dad wants Chad arrested).

      Loved the Basic Black scenes. Return of sneaky smart Nicole! The three woman working together with poor Brady (and maybe Eric too) in the middle is going to be fun fun fun.

      • LOL, Denise! I think I want to propose to Josh Griffith too. This is almost ALL him, as far as I’m concerned. This is nothing what Dena’s last run was like. Though I should credit the rest of the team too, the breakdown and script writers, the producers and directors. Soaps are assuredly a collaborative effort!

        Good point how Eddy’s presence, not just the revelation that Paige is his sister, might change the dynamic for Rafe.

        I could see Chad being arrested and charged based on pressure from Justin and other higher-ups, while Rafe continues to pursue more evidence on his own. Maybe even with help from Eddy! We don’t know anything about him, what his job is, why he left two families. I look forward to finding out.

  4. Today was, IMO, the best episode since the new writers started. I loved the Eve/Kate scenes because they made two women who haven’t been easy to root for feel relatable and sympathetic. Kate’s words were so kind and warm – I loved when she told Eve she wasn’t alone because she was surrounded by people who’d loved and admired Paige. That was a lovely insight into the capacity of people to forgive and feel compassion for people who haven’t always earned it.

    The Steve/Joey scenes were terrific. It’s hard to hold one’s own in a scene with Stephen Nichols, who is a larger-than-life sort of actor. But JLa did a great job. I’m really loving him as a character in his own right. I didn’t like Stephanie nearly as much at the beginning, so that’s a good sign.

    As MP mentioned, the choice of flashbacks was really interesting. Steve remembered a moment when he screwed up, but Kayla came through for him anyway, even though she was angry at him. Not surprising that that’s the way he likes to remember her, given their current situation. And Kayla’s flashback was also really interesting to me. It was from the night where she and Steve made love for the first time since the rape. Just before that scene, she’d thought he’d died in a plane crash, only for Steve to pop up unexpectedly because at the last minute he’d decided not to make the flight. She’d almost lost him, and it made everything else they’d been going through seem secondary to the fact that she loved this man and trusted him not only with her life but with her body. That Kayla is thinking about that moment now tells us she’s not nearly as done with Steve as she’d like to believe.

    I’m enjoying Rafe more than I ever have, and I’m looking forward to his reaction to learning Paige was his sister. I’m also looking forward to the Kate/Nicole showdown. (They ARE going to continue that scene today, aren’t they?) And I’m hoping for a surprise Eric appearance today, partly because I miss him and partly because I want Nicole to use her clash with Kate to try to convince him she’s going to need someone in her corner at Basic Black.

    • Paula, I love your points about the two main flashbacks they showed. I was almost sure that that love scene was the first time after the rape, but not 100%. And you’re right, it was after Kayla thought he was dead and that pushed her into taking that next step, after they hadn’t slept together for a long time. I do think it’s significant that they chose that particular scene. And same for that stabbing scene, how Steve had screwed up, Kayla was mad but still helped him, and that led to their first kiss. Really well done!

      I miss Eric too. It’s been over a week since we’ve seen him. If not today, we are sure to see him sometime this week (right???). I think you are right that this latest revelation will give Nicole a reason to ask him again to work with her at Basic Black. My first thought is that it would have more to do with Theresa, since she’s his cousin and he seems to be able to communicate with her more than most. That might also play in, but I like the idea that with Kate and Theresa as semi-partners — Theresa owes Kate, since she is bankrolling her — Nicole might be the odd one out. There’s Brady, of course, but I don’t think he’s going to be taking an active role in actually running the company, since he still works at Titan. So she’ll need, as you say, someone halfway sane who is in her corner. 🙂

    • Paula, your insights on the flashbacks are great! Exactly what I was thinking- I recognized Kayla’s flashback immediately as it is one of my favorite S and K moments, but love what you said about it. MP, you are right that it is true to history re: Kayla going for the steamy flashback. I would guess Kayla has been celibate since Steve left so seeing him again probably got her revved up especially when she saw their wedding pic and remembered their hot honeymoon! I would definately feel that way! Lol!
      This was my favorite episode by far since the new writing started. I have never been a fan of Eve since she came back to Salem, but KDP’s scenes after Paige’s death have been gut wrenching. Every time I see her I tear up- her grief is palpable. Kate was wonderful in their scene together though I am not a fan of her either typically. The scenes with Steve and Joey were awesome- I am also impressed with this young actor. I hope Steve rescues Bo quickly- Kayla needs her man! I love, love, love this blog and all of your wonderful insights and comments. No one in my family cares about Days so this is a great outlet!

    • I noticed right away that Kayla was remembering the first time after the rape. I had JUST watched that episode a few days before the flashback. My heart skipped a beat. WOW that’s an impressive choice.

  5. Ok…I have seen today’s episode and I have a question for everyone…was that supposed to be the pier? Chad and Eve both had scenes on what I assumed was supposed to be the pier. I’ve been waiting and waiting and that is the pier set?

    • Well it was A pier….it wasn’t The pier from the 80s. I barely noticed it was a pier since they came through a doorway to get there. I guess it will take some getting used to. Steve’s new eyepatch had to grow on me a bit too.

    • I do think f/ Stephen and Mary Beth’s yahoo instagram takeover that S&K might be getting a house…didn’t look like a loft or apartment.

  6. What I loved about Steve telling their history was he didn’t gloss over how angry, and bad he was when they first met. And that he even told he was hired to scare her out of Cleveland. I was shocked they went there. And he played the harmonica. Kayla loved his harmonica playing. Seeing Kayla thinking about too was a nice touc. Like MP said soapy longing at its best. Now I’m ready to see his tattoo and not in a flashback.

  7. OMG I am so in love with this episode I want to marry it!!

    Kayla didn’t just have any sexy flashback either. She flashed back to probably my favorite S&K love scene, which was the first time after the rape. It was awkward at first, and then so loving and well..hot! *fanning self*

    I don’t think they have ever had a flashback to that scene on the show. I was SERIOUSLY impressed that they didn’t even use their old standby flashback (first time on the roof)! It’s like there’s an S&K fan back there in that editing/choosing/vault room of clip goodness. *sigh*

    Just wish some of the flashbacks (like the love scene and pier scene) were a little longer because we haven’t seen those in so long.

    I was very very very vaklempt.

    I loved that Steve didn’t sugar coat his past and admitted all of it to Joe, and made no excuses…

    And when Steve recounted that he’d scare Kayla, coming up behind her and yelling “Boo!”!! AHHH!!!! Goodness.

    And when Steve cried.

    And played the harmonica.

    Yep I was a goner. TOTAL goner. I love this episode and you are all invited to our wedding.

    • Liz, I will happily come to the wedding! 🙂

      I wish the flashbacks were maybe a little bit longer, but mostly I wish they weren’t so blurred out and overexposed. The flashback to Stephanie’s birth was so blurred at the bottom that the baby’s face was totally obscured.

      I totally remember Steve coming up behind Kayla several times and saying “Boo”! Ha! I thought they might show a flashback to a moment like that after he said it. So interesting that he went from that to being reminded he was hired to scare her. Interesting transition, but I liked it.

      • I totally expected a flashback at some point when he told that story of scaring Kayla/saying “boo”. But I loved seeing that little mischievous twinkle in Steve’s eye as he told the story too…You could almost just picture the scene(s) just by the way he told it 🙂

      • One of my very favorite things was when Steve would sneak up behind Kayla. For some reason, the way she always said “don’t DO that!” would crack me up. The flashbacks were oddly blurred. I guess it was supposed to make us think “misty memories” LOL. Or maybe they didn’t want to pay baby Stephanie :).

        I hope we don’t have to wait until next week for more Steve. I want both he and Bo back STAT.

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