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I watched Santa Barbara one summer and developed a crush on a certain hunk named Cruz Castillo. Cruz and Eden! So it gave me a few shivers to see A Martinez today. He and Kassie were so fantastic! I really sensed that these two had a history. I loved the way the scene was staged, Theresa going on about the boxes for the donation, while the air fairly crackled as Eve and Eddy stared at each other. I think I’m ready to ship them after one day. Eveddy?


It’s turning into a theme, all these men coming back and their women (and children) blaming them for running off. I really am curious how they are going to work out the fact that Eddy is Paige’s father, and Rafe and Gabi’s too. A double life? That would explain Eve having the last name “Larson,” which I am also waiting to hear explained.

And now Rafe will suddenly be investigating the murder of his unknown half-sister. Wow.

Speaking of deadbeat dads, Steve didn’t exactly cover himself with glory with the way he ducked out of town today, not saying goodbye to either Joey or Kayla. Shame on you, Steve! But it looks like he’ll have his hands full with Joey stowing away on the plane.


So … help me out here. Steve and Victor’s conversation covered a lot of ground. Steve is theorizing that the ISA thinks Bo has “turned,” meaning went to work against the United States. That’s why they are burying all the information about his work with them. He also said someone “lured” Bo to Cancun by setting up a meeting with someone pretending to be Britta — who was, after all, a Russian spy (snort)? Someone who didn’t know that Bo would know she was dead (for 29 years!)? And Bo was playing along, pretending to be willing to talk?

Ooookay. Points for trying to work in some history, I guess? I thought it was really strange that there was no reference for the audience as to who Britta was. I know it’s hard to believe, but not everyone obsessively watches S&K clips. Who else would remember a supporting player from thirty years ago?

And this picture is beyond strange:


Britta would be in her 50’s now, if she was still alive. This woman is much younger than that. And her tattoo is on her arm? So is this on purpose, meant to show how idiotic (or misinformed) the person was who hired this Britta impersonator? But that can’t be, because both Victor and Steve appeared to “recognize” her, and their only shock was that she is supposed to be dead. (Which, this being Salem, should merely elicit a shrug.) This feels like something the show does when a character is returning, but I don’t think Britta is coming back. (Is she??)

My head hurts.

But I loved seeing Bo pretending to be near death, even as he does pushups in his cell and tries to break the chains holding him. I love that he’s not just a victim here. I love seeing Steve jetting off to his rescue, and Joey tagging along. A private jet is a step up from those plane scenes we watched this weekend (gotta love those direct Salem-to-Stockholm flights!) And since we’ve been seeing Bo’s tattoo, and now Britta’s (misplaced) tattoo, does this mean the three knives will factor into the plot once again? ::rubs hands together with glee::

Edited to add this little fangirl moment:


This is a perfect example of why the writing is so much better for Steve and Kayla this time. I really feel that I am watching the characters I know. I didn’t talk about Kayla’s scenes today, but she was perfect in her scenes with Joey and Caroline, too.


23 thoughts on “A is for …

  1. First A. Martinez. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am he has joined the cast. I fell in love with Santa Barbara for it’s fairly short run (one of my first cancellation disappointments), and of course Cruz and Eden’s love story, though I was more a Mason and Julia girl. The one thing about A is that he ALWAYS delivers. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen him give a bad performance. He and Cassie stepped right into it today and made me believe their relationship. I wonder if he is another “agent” of some sort. His “I never wanted a family” line was rather pointed. Perhaps he had to leave his first family, and didn’t want to be entangled again?

    The Steve/Victor stuff was strange, but fun too. I love the nods to history, though of course the old fans know this couldn’t be Britta (unless they resurrect her – hopefully with a better actress) – the tattoo is in the wrong place, which I’m sure the writers realize. It may have been their way of explaining the “the ISA thinks he’s turned” story, while also giving a nod to the past. My other thought was (don’t shoot me) that this was Britta’s daughter. It would explain how young she is, and why the tattoo is in the wrong place. Britta could have been forced into KGB work because they had her child. The daughter could have gotten the tattoo to honor her Mom? It might also explain why Bo would meet with her…

    Oh Joey on the plane! I love it. Not as good as Kayla tagging along, but that would probably have been too much too soon. Perhaps she will have to fly out and get him!

    The show today made me feel sorry for the following people: Eve, Eduardo, Caroline, Kayla, Rafe (yes, Rafe), Aiden (I felt for him, I can’t help it – even though he’s a snake), Joey and even Victor. I’m sympathizing with everyone, even the characters that are a bit “shady,” or the ones I don’t even like that much. That has to be good writing.

    • Oh! And is it wrong that I got all girly and excited when Steve whipped out that switch blade LOL? Though I liked the old-style one better.

      • Oh, I did too! I think I might have to update the post with a picture of it!

        Regarding whether that could be Britta’s daughter — as long as Britta stays dead, it’s not a terrible idea. A fully grown woman, working for the KGB, who comes to Salem not knowing if Bo or Steve is her father.

        What I’m stuck on is that Victor and Steve both seemed to recognize the person in the picture as Britta. I’m not sure where they are going with this, but they might have been better off making the picture more blurry, or not showing it to us at all. The whole thing felt clunky.

  2. I was definitely surprised to hear the name Britta England! Denise’s explanation is intriguing. It will be interesting to see where this goes.
    As far as Steve leaving town without a good bye, I wonder if we are supposed to assume he did that off camera? Otherwise how did Joey know where to find him? Even if Joey knew Steve was leaving to find Bo how did he know Steve was taking the Kiriakis jet? Did I miss something? I was hoping Kayla and Steve would go together as I love their adventures, but Denise is right- it may be too soon. In that case, I hope Steve finds Bo quickly and they get their butts back to Salem!

    • I hope he did say goodbye off camera, but after they had Kayla say to Joey to be prepared for Steve not to call him, I think it was an oversight not to show it. But you’re right, how would Joey know how to find him if Steve didn’t let him know he was going? I hope we’ll hear a little bit more about that today. I don’t mind making leaps, but in this case, because of the issue of Steve having left his family, I don’t think it should be skipped over. Looking forward to Steve/Joey today!

    • I’m pretty sure Joey at one point said to Kayla, “I’m going to try and catch Dad before he leaves.” I took that to mean that Steve had already told them he was leaving? I hope they get their butts back fast too, or Kayla has to go out there and get her son.

      It would be kind of funny if she had to show up to rescue someone from a gunshot wound again (not Joey though!).

  3. First of all, I was not surprised to hear Britta’s name but that picture just made me roll my eyes a bit. Like I stated last night, why move the tattoo? They could have had a woman in a skirt and the tattoo showing on the thigh…and unless it was the same actress then the pic should have been blurry.

    Steve used to carry a butterfly knife, I think I remember Bo carrying a switch blade but either way it was a nice glimpse of old Steve pulling out his knife.

    A Martinez certainly hit the ground running yesterday! I watched Santa Barbara for probably it’s first 5-6 years that it was on. I thought it was cool to be able to watch a show from it’s beginning and they had some very good years there. I always loved A Martinez as Cruz (even though I was never a Marcy Walker fan.) Mason and Julia were definitely my favorites! I think Eduardo is going to be a very intriguing character and I can’t wait to see more!

    I’ll chalk Steve not telling Kayla and Joey bye up to another missed beat but at least we saw Teresa and Eve dealing with Paige’s death yesterday….but it was a bit jarring to me to see them packing up her things and getting rid of them before the poor girl is even buried!

    And I got the sense that they got something out of sequence with Maggie talking to Victor about Caroline not being able to stay alone when Stefano already indicated she is staying with Victor?

    So just for fun I looked up Amy Stock who played Britta and she is 56. In looking at her IMDB page it said “Met her {now ex-}husband, Robert Poynton, while filming Days of Our Lives (1965) in 1986. As Bobby puts it, “I killed her on the show and married her in real life”. When I clicked on his page it says he played “the pawn” in an uncredited role in 1985-1986 so he was the man behind the bandages…I found that pretty amusing.

    • I liked Theresa and Eve yesterday. I’m glad we got to see Theresa be there for Eve.

      I didn’t know that about Amy Stock, that she met her husband on the set. Funny that he says he killed her on the show. Maybe he played the offscreen person who she was talking to when she was shot? Because I always thought it was supposed to be Orpheus who had killed her. Love that he was “the pawn” before Drake Hogestyn. LOL.

  4. I don’t think the woman is supposed to be Britta. Both Steve and Victor were really clear on that point (after giving the obligatory OMG!). And I think the tattoo being on the arm was supposed to clue us in to that as well. I get that the show can miss/change things, but that’s pretty iconic (the Three Knives) and I just don’t think they’d deliberately change it and think nobody would notice.

    I really have no idea how this is all going to come together, but they are definitely keeping me intrigued. It’s kind of weird to actually have no idea where this is going. And kind of fun. I’m not even spoiler free and I’m totally in the dark. 🙂

    There was a lot of exposition yesterday, but the show handled it pretty well. Using new/different character interactions for that really kind of helps, I think. Not sure what to think of Caroline’s revised diagnosis (and Kayla keeping that from her mother) but it sets up new story so that’s okay I guess.

    The show is really starting to fire on most cylinders, I think. There are still some issues in timing and missing beats here and there, but it feels like it’s getting better as time goes on. I’m hoping that once the writers are truly on their material, even those issues will be mostly resolved.

    • I am probably thinking way too hard about that picture and the mention of Britta in general. They probably thought it would be a cute way to introduce the idea of Bo appearing to have switched sides, by meeting with a spy from another country. That was really the focus of Steve and Victor’s conversation — the idea that the ISA thought he had turned.

      I enjoy each episode so much that I almost feel churlish when I criticize the show. 🙂 There are things I don’t like, but they are more complaints about favorites disappearing (Ericole) or pacing (I would rather see everyone 2-3 days a week rather than the same people for five days, then a different set for five days). The show as a whole feels like it is in good, competent hands. And that’s amazing.

      Nice to hear that even you spoilery types are in the dark about where things are going! 🙂

      • I love that I can’t guess! I wonder if all of this stuff is working its way toward an entangled umbrella story? Bo’s disappearance, the Dimeras, the land in Ireland, Chad being framed for the murders, Caroline’s mysterious illness, the serial killer, etc., with everything coming to a head at the bicentennial. Certainly there are a few overlapping elements (Aiden being involved with Stefano, Bo letting everyone believe he was going undercover to investigate the Dimera’s, the mysterious doctor in South America). Can’t wait to see where all this is headed. Even if it is two separate stories, it’s more excitement than Salem has seen in a while!

        I had to laugh the other day, when I visited one of the boards, and some poor young fan was innocently asking why Steve wore an eyepatch, and a rage ensued where people were arguing about him getting a glass eye, or why he couldn’t, or why Steve should NEVER get another surgery, on and on! I’m glad to come here and get some sane opinions and actual discourse about the show! You guys rule.

  5. Denise, I agree! I have the best commenters on the internet. 🙂

    Message boards are funny. There are times when I love them. DR is great most of the time. But I think I enjoy message boards more when the show isn’t good. Then I can enjoy the snark and try to join in. The board can be more fun than the show.

    But I’m enjoying my break from message boards right now, because the show is good, overall, and sometimes it’s nice just to enjoy it. Message boards do tend to be critical and negative. But it was really fanbase wars that I decided I needed a break from. There’s a bit of a Chabby/Ericole war going on in certain quarters, and I like both couples and want to enjoy them without feeling like I have to pick one.

    • Yeah, I don’t get fanbase wars. I’ve never had the feeling that because I love couple X, I hate couple Y LOL. I’m more character-based on what I like, if that makes sense. I try to enjoy the show as a whole, and right now I am. Even the characters I have been tepid about I’m enjoying more, like Rafe or Aiden. I think the writers are really headed in the right direction. I’ll try DR next time I want to pop in – though it’s hard to escape spoilers, but so far so good. One thing I have enjoyed is all the speculation on who the SK is. Some of the more outlandish theories are really fun. I like hearing other people’s reasoning on who it could be, and why.

      • Actually, you’re right about spoilers at DR too. It’s hard to stay spoiler free there, even if you stay out of the spoiler threads. But if you stick with the daily episode discussion threads that’s pretty safe.

        If it’s not a triangle, fanbase wars usually start over airtime. My intro to this was when a bunch of J&M fans just turned on S&K back in 2007. S&K were getting tons of airtime (in a pretty bad story — Steve in the insane asylum, if you saw that) and J&M were nowhere. I was shocked at how ugly it got, so fast. And then there was Sheetgate, lol.

        Some J&M fans sent in some bedding as a cute (weird) way to ask for a love scene for their couple. Imagine their outrage when it was used for Steve and Kayla instead! I think that’s what happened. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. I was following that one from a safe distance. 🙂

  6. The show is improving so much that I have moments where I feel guilty about some of my critical comments…then I realize they still haven’t proven to me that Adrienne knows her brother came back to Salem and I don’t feel so bad.

    • Arianna worked at the Brady Pub and I think they made her Rafe’s sister after she had already been on the show for a while. She was involved with Brady, and was killed by a hit and run driver. Dario was only on the show briefly, he was involved with Melanie and worked at Titan. He took a job in Argentina and left the show. I never saw him but I do remember Arianna.

  7. I am so behind. Haven’t watched yet this week, but I’m looking forward to A. I did love Cruz and Eden. I cried when she died (though I don’t think she stayed dead, did she?) I think because of A Martinez, when I first saw that Britta picture (weird!), I thought it was Eden.

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