Stockholm bound

Since we just saw Steve and John working together on Friday, getting ready to look for Bo, I thought it was quite appropriate that this is where I am in my Steve and Kayla rewatch:

On the plane to Stockholm

After a sweet fantasy sequence for Kayla — re-imagining this conversation — we start out on the plane to Stockholm. Steve is starting to thaw a little bit toward Roman. He sounds like he wants to comfort him about Marlena, though he doesn’t quite.

Then Steve sees Kayla on the plane. Surprise! He’s so incensed, and we get another one of those arguments about it being too dangerous for Kayla to be there. These are great (if repetitive) because it’s a way for them to be in conflict, but also for us to see the undercurrents. Kayla is there because she cares about Steve, but Steve doesn’t want her there because he cares about her. Steve is so grabby in this clip! Modern day Steve seems to have mellowed in that regard.

I love his sarcasm when he hears Hope is there too.”Is she flying the plane?” Hee.

At the hotel, Roman goes to old town Stockholm and Hope sneaks off to see Bo, leaving Steve and Kayla to continue their argument, ending with Steve dragging her off to show her Stockholm to prove that it isn’t hard for him to be here. This is what I love about early Steve and Kayla. Kayla challenges him about his feelings, any feelings, not just for her. And Steve latches onto any excuse to keep Kayla near him.

In the final scene of this clip, Kayla is upset and Steve is quizzing her about why. When she finally says that she’s worried, but for everyone but him, he says “I thought you were the one who never hid her feelings.” I love the role reversal there. And it ends with him saying he’s going to protect her and “stick real close.” Love it.

These scenes are all mostly moving the plot along. But they are an example of the show skillfully weaving together the plot elements with emotional elements. That’s one of the most encouraging signs since the new team has started, that they seem to be able to do this too. Steve wants to look for Bo, but it’s really about him proving himself to Kayla. Kayla doesn’t want him to look for Bo, but it’s because she’s afraid it will raise false hopes — and also that he won’t come back again. Chad being a suspect in these killings touches on his own fear of becoming his father, and Abby’s continued love for and belief in him. And I suspect that this Basic Black story will bring up emotional elements for Theresa and Nicole in having something to prove to the good people of Salem, and Eric finding a new purpose and new beginning.



19 thoughts on “Stockholm bound

  1. Oh how I love the Stockholm storylines!

    I do understand undoing John as Roman because I do think the initial undoing storyline was done very well done and they used it to really flesh out the direction for the Sami character to become an angry, manipulative schemer. But when I watch scenes like these I just REALLY miss Drake as Roman. And it’s it so odd that he could remember hiding the bonds that he never hid in the first place? 😉

    This trip to Stockholm is of course when Steve and Kayla really hit their stride with the banter and it really amps up the will they/won’t they for that first kiss. I mean this was really the part where I started screaming “kiss her” at the TV every day. The added touch of the woman following Steve which lead into the next storyline is genius even if it doesn’t truly fit that his dirt poor sister would be chasing him to Europe but I can over look that little detail.

    • I haven’t watched the undoing of John as Roman, but I think I’ll get a fair amount of the beginning of it on my DVDs. Like I said awhile back I am seeing them laying the groundwork for making him Forrest Alamain. They just introduced the fact that Lawrence had a brother that he accidentally killed. Anyway, if we had been able to keep Wayne as Roman, or if we had pretty much anyone other than JT. the whole story might feel more worth it.

      I totally agree about the “kiss her!” thing. They had so many close calls in Stockholm!

      And yeah, they obviously hadn’t fully worked out the details of Adrienne. She would never dress like this lady either — at least not until she became a Kiriakis.

      • When Wayne left they should have either written Roman out or killed him off…..unless they did a whole Scooby-Doo thing and had Wayne rip off a mask and reveal that he was really Andre….and John was Roman after all.

  2. This was Days at it’s best. The writing and acting coming together perfectly, like a well choreographed dance. I love how they were setting up the next storyline even as the current one was coming to a head. Great forethought and skill from the writers.

    I miss handsy Steve! I’d love to see Steve and Kayla have a passionate argument, which is probably coming. Steve’s current reserve fits his character where he is now, of course, but I can’t believe he’s going to be able to hold back forever. It doesn’t seem in his nature NOT to reach out for Kayla. He was doing it all the time, even when he was denying having feelings for her. I’d even take a kiss/slap LOL.

    The first undoing of John (as Roman) was very skillfully done, I agree, and the shockwaves it sent throughout the entire Brady clan resonate a bit even to this day. I think Drake was a truly wonderful Roman though. I haven’t seen much interaction with him and his former family lately. Do they still interact as if he was their brother/son, etc?

    I love Kayla in these scenes (though her outfit is truly horrendous!). I love that she finally admits that she IS a little scared for herself, and her bravado when she tells Steve she’s not worried for him because everyone knows he can take care of himself. Their sparring was always so fun. I think MBE’s performances have been so right on since Steve has returned. The focus has really been on Kayla and how she feels, since Steve has put it right out there that he is back for her. Wonderful!

      • Just blame it on autocorrect. 🙂

        I don’t feel like they do interact as if he is their honorary son/brother. I think they did at first, and John naming his son “Brady” had to do with honoring the family that had welcomed him in. But I don’t feel like John acts with Bo and Kayla like DH did when he was Roman, or the show treats those relationships as being particularly special. I think it’s too bad.

        Although Mary Beth did post a photo of herself with Martha Madison on Instagram and call her her “niece,” so there’s that. 🙂

        Anyway, I love Steve and Kayla’s sparring too, and it’s funny how they kind of go back and forth between arguing and bantering, like sometimes it is serious with more anger behind it, and sometimes it slides into flirtatiousness, often within the same scene. It’s really fun to watch.

  3. I’ll take a heated argument soon, please! Maybe we’ll get a good one before Steve heads out to Cancun.

    What a shame that they don’t play out the John/Bradys relationship more. I haven’t seen any of the Bradys interact with John since I’ve been back watching, so I wasn’t sure. Maybe that’s something the new writers can fix. It IS John, not Roman, who is going after Bo now, full-force. I loved Drake’s (as Roman) relationship with both Kayla and Bo so much. Seems like he is back to playing “big brother” at least to Bo!

    If only there wasn’t that pesky incest problem, we could make Josh Taylor the serial killer, and install Drake as Roman again!

    • “If only there wasn’t that pesky incest problem, we could make Josh Taylor the serial killer, and install Drake as Roman”

      LOL!that pesky incest! I so wish he could be Roman again.

      • Days had gone to a weird place with the incest thing before. Apparently Victor had a romance with Isabella when she was a teen and he was twice her age only to later discover he was her father. When they wrote the storyline making John a Brady and Dimera apparently they didn’t think about the fact that he had already had a relationship with Kristen years ago and it takes the Shawn and Belle thing to a weird level although technically Bo is Victor’s son and not a Brady so even though Shawn has the Brady name is not a Brady by blood. And of course they let Max date his nieces (by adoption) Chelsea and Stephanie which is just weird to me.

      • Yes, Days has done some really squicky things along the way. But, Isabella and Victor didn’t actually have a relationship. It was teased and suggested that they had a history, but never outright stated. When the truth came out about him being her father, it was all explained away that he felt a special bond with her as a teen because she was Loretta’s daughter.

        The Kristen/John thing is gross, but just like with Max and his nieces, it is somehow “okay” because she was adopted.

        Of course this is not a new thing for Days. There’s Addie/Doug/Julie, of course. Marie fell in love with her own brother, Tommy, when he had amnesia and plastic surgery. Tony and Renee fell in love and then found out they were brother and sister. Then that was undone (Daphne said she had an affair so Tony wasn’t Stefano’s son). Then Renee and Tony slept together, but then she was murdered (I think the same night!). They made Tony Stefano’s son again later, I think, but then undid it again. Ha!

  4. I just love the beginning of this clip. It makes me laugh how Steve, then Roman discover Kayla and Hope are on the plane. Steve: “Hi!?!?!”, then Roman’s sarcastic “aw, great!”. Whoever wrote this particular scene, it’s really funny. It doesn’t bother me that Steve is a little rough with Kayla bc it’s TV. In real life, i don’t think so! He was pretty much like that with a lot of the characters on the show. With Britta, then of course Jack always for a while there. I remember seeing him with Alice in a couple of scenes and worrying if he was going to rough her up a little. Can u imagine? 😃

    • Ha ha! Nice to know even Steve had his limits back then.

      Roman did it too, he was grabby with people back then. That’s part of why it’s fun for me to watch SN and DH in scenes together and watch them takes turns grabbing each other.

  5. The commotion they cause on that plane is hilarious! I can’t believe a few of the other passengers wouldn’t have been ringing for the flight attendant. Those empty seats on the airplane are such a timepiece.

    I love Steve almost slipping when Kayla asks why Hope tagging along is different. “I’m not…”

    These clips are great to see alongside the current show. Overall I’m really happy with the characterizations right now, but these scenes make me think it would be fun to see Steve feeling a little more cornered, a little more embittered by the losses in his life.

    • I think we’re going to find out that Steve left his family by his own choice, perhaps with coercion from the ISA, to protect them. He made his choices, so he has to live with them, and now he’s back to try and make it up. I think he’s hiding a lot of bitterness that we haven’t seen yet.

      If Kayla continues to stonewall him, he’s going to feel plenty cornered, and I bet that’s when the passion is going to start coming out more “old-style” Steve. I’d like to see him touch her more like in the old days. He was always grabbing her, and she was always shaking him off. How many times did she say “take your hands off me!” But I agree, only on a soap, not in real life LOL.

      I miss how they would weave a lot of comedy into the drama. Chad can actually be very funny, but he hasn’t had much to laugh about lately. We all know Steve can be hilarious.

      What I REALLY would like to see (aside from the obvious) is some Steve/Chad interaction. Did they know each other before? I know the history with EJ, but I can’t remember from my youtube watching if Chad was around during Steve’s second run.

      • Denise, I agree with you on Steve and the ISA. I think they had something to do with Steve “abandoning” his family because you know since he missed so much of Stephanie’s life and how he was brought up, there would be no way he would willingly walk away, unless his family is being threatened somehow. Of course, the ISA is always in control. I took such a long break from this show, so I don’t know if the ISA has been mentioned regularly through the years, but it makes it easy for me to get sucked back into the story.

        Also, I would love to see Billy Flynn and Stephen Nichols in some scenes together. Actually for some reason, BF reminds me of SN back in the day. I think they both have that same sort of charisma. Whoever they are in a scene with, they can elevate the other actor. One that has been mentioned before on this blog is SN with Amy Stock who played Britta. She was not that strong of an actress, but with SN she seemed better. Also, I think I’m developing the same sort of crush on BF that I’ve had on SN for years.

      • I’ve been meaning to mention how much I like Billy Flynn. I wish he could be Kayla and Steves son or related or something so they have a reason to interact with each other. Hopefully they will intersect at some point. He’s so good, BF and I can just see him getting into it with Steve. They seem similar although I can’t quite figure out what it is.

  6. I think part of “what it is” is how natural they both are in their performances, and the tension they can generate with any scene partner (male or female). They both have a lot of bravado that hides a soft underbelly. They both have fathers that were…let’s say less than stellar people. They both have been in love with women that deep down they don’t feel they are “good enough” for. That’s a lot in common I guess LOL. They can both also been ruthless, charming and funny. Chad DOES remind me of Patch, though the characters are obviously very different. I’m curious to see if the writers will take advantage of those similarities and put them into the same orbit.

  7. I was and wasn’t surprised to hear Britta’s name today. I am very glad she is staying dead. Besides the blond in the bar with Bo had her tat in the wrong place.

    • Yeah the tat on the arm really bothered me….How difficult would have been to have a woman in a skirt with the tat showing on her thigh? I mean they could have pulled off making the tat a little lower on the thigh than the original so that it would have been visible….so why change it to the arm?

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