Those blue eyes! Billy Flynn would only have to bat them at me and I would fall into a trance, no problem.


I am seriously loving these hypnosis scenes. In fact, Chad’s whole storyline is a marvel of a great, soapy storytelling. Yes, there have been some beats missing in the murder storyline as a whole — we should have seen Abby with JJ, we should see more of the people actually affected by Serena and Paige’s death. But, when it comes to Chad, the show is playing it like a boss. We’ve got his contentious relationship with his father, leaving him vulnerable at a time when he could sorely use the Dimera pull behind him. We’ve got his worries about turning into Stefano, and how that makes him think he might be guilty now. And we’ve got his star-crossed love, and the woman he loves who believes him in him when he doesn’t even believe in himself.

So that’s angsty, persecuted Chad. Now we’re getting smart, starting to fight back Chad. I love how Abby’s faith in him is waking up his fighting spirit. And, I love how that is bringing him to Marlena, and then to Kayla, for help. The hypnosis scenes had me on the edge of my seat. Did anyone else moan, “Marlena, noooo!” when she stopped his story and brought him out of his trance? With Kayla, I loved how he and Kayla traded snarky remarks before she helped him with the drug information he wanted. (Kayla: Let me tell you about this thing called Google …)

And then, Chad remembered seeing Clyde that night! Can’t wait to see where this goes.

Speaking of Clyde …. he comes to Marlena’s office, smiles, gives her money, and talks about how happy he is — and it scares the pants off me. I liked how Marlena stayed calm and even gave it right back, when she warned him that elation can be a misleading emotion, and signal the beginning of a downward spiral (probably some foreshadowing there!)

I was intrigued by his statement that everything he touches “turns to gold” lately. I had a thought that maybe it’s Clyde that Aiden owes his money to? That would put Aiden between Stefano on one side and Clyde on the other — surely an ant between two giants.


John and Steve … I loved watching them pool their contacts and leads, trying to trace Bo’s movements. Serious Stockholm flashbacks! But about 100% less grabbing each other by the lapels, hee! It was also nice to hear them talk about their problems with their women disapproving of their adventures and ISA work. A nice “boy talk” counterpoint to the “girl talk” between Kayla and Hope yesterday.

And Gabi!


I’m excited to see what they plan to do with Gabi. I like Camilla Banus, and I think it’s smart to beef up the Hernandez family. I hope they give her a good story with her brother (and father) first, but then who do we think they might pair her with? I haven’t heard even a hint. JJ? Lucas seems too old, and besides, it would be creepy since she already slept with (and has a child with) his son. Brady is going to be in Theresa’s orbit, as far as I can tell, and who else is there? Shawn? Phillip?


29 thoughts on “Hypnotizing

  1. Camilla Banus is one of the gems who grows on a soap. She was TERRIBLE on One Life To Live and her first years on Days. When the writers decided to let her play in the big leagues with Nick/Kate/Sami she really improved as actress. Her exits scene were amazing. I’m glad she’s back. And I hated her for most of her run, but her last few months she became one of my favorite young female characters.

    Gabi was briefly a model on the show (with Chad, lol), maybe she’ll join the Basic Black story .

  2. What I love love love about the show lately is how they bring in characters you don’t expect to see! Kayla was only in that one brief scene, and Clyde showed up out of the blue. You don’t know who might pop up at any time. Clyde is starting to scare the dickens out of me! I actually hope he doesn’t turn out to be the killer because he’s a great bad guy, and could be a good foil for Victor and Stefano, who are kind of aging out of the menacing category. I still think he may be covering up for Ben somehow and isn’t really the killer himself, but that could be wishful thinking. Maybe they WILL surprise us after all.

    I thought for a brief moment today that they were going to say that Bo was in Stockholm! LOL. I’ll take Cancun though. It was great to see the dynamic of Steve and John working together again, and commiserating about their love lives and what’s at stake for them both. Steve is obviously planning to take off next week. Do we think Kayla will join him? I don’t see how she could, but it would be nice to get them alone together for a period of time.

    I just can’t praise Billy Flynn enough. The hypnosis scenes were riveting. I DID say NOOOOO when Marlena stopped it. 🙂 But if it means more scenes between them, I’ll wait it out. They are really good together, especially considering Marlena’s history with the Dimera family. She’s a stand up girl. I always love her in doctor mode.

    I haven’t really seen anything of Camilla Banus previously, but I liked her right away. Gabi is a great character to add to the scene, especially with A.Martinez joining next week (I love him!). Good to shore up another family. I even liked Will a little better today in his scenes with Gabi and Rafe (who I’m actually liking more now that he has a purpose other than secretly desiring Hope). JJ would be a good match for Gabi actually, both young people with troubled pasts, etc.

    Next week should be killer! Days is getting so good. I’m still slogging through GH, but I run to the DVR for Days first now, and that hasn’t happened in a really long time!

    • I’m excited about A Martinez next week. I briefly watched Santa Barbara and loved him and Eden on that show. I’m starting to warm up to Rafe a little too. I like the role they’ve put him in, the cop who really wants to solve the case correctly.

      I don’t think Kayla will go with Steve, unfortunately. I think she’ll feel Joey can’t be left alone, plus I think she’s still too wary of Steve. But maybe she’ll decide to has to go for Bo’s sake. That would be fun.

  3. I loved the hypnosis session too. The creepy music and the lighting. Soooo good! I can’t wait to see what Chad does after remembering Clyde.

    Did you think the Winterthorne mention will bring elements of the Internet show into Days? They showed that Petrov guy and a pic of a school (Winterthorne?) I haven’t seen it but I know it’s got soap stars on it.

    I wonder if the show is going on location to actual Cancun. That could be fun.

    I saw a new to me interview of “Hope, Rafe and Steve” and they were saying about going on location and were saying the show is better than ever. Ever!? I don’t know what to make of this. Lol. It’s getting really good and I hope it does reach new heights. I’m very excited about what’s to come. “Hope” said even bigger event occurs after the 50 th on Nov 9.

    • I saw that too, and they also tease about a HUGE return that they can’t talk about.

      “Gering mentions having run into someone in the hall and being a bit stunned, while Nichols and Alfonso said that they couldn’t share any details, though they are bursting over the development.

      Dare I even hope for Jack?

      • I was pretty sure the Gering comment was about running into Vincent Irrizarry in the hall. I believe his hiring was kept under wraps under well after he had started filming. I could be wrong but when his hiring was finally announced that was what I thought.

    • Oh, that Winterthorne thing jumped out at me too! I was going to mention it in my post, but I forgot. I don’t know anything about the show, just that Martha Madison and John-Paul Lavoisier are in it. Some kind of tie-in? Is it produced by Sony or something?

      I’ve heard rumors that location shoots are actually going to happen. I can’t believe it — I’m so excited. I don’t know how Days can afford this! I expect 2016 will just be everyone standing around in a dark warehouse.

      • I thought the same thing!!! Where are they getting the money? But if next year, if everyone is standing naked in one location (oooooh!) reading from the phonebook, I’ll take it for how much I’m enjoying everything at the moment, and just for having Steve and Kayla back front and center.

        I wonder if Ken Corday sold everything he owns? If NBC bumped their budget , even for the 50th, I’d be shocked. Could the actors have taken a “home town” discount?

  4. I only know this becaus I recently rewatched Bo and Hope’s early storyline, but Petrov was Stefano’s original number 2. He was on for a few years and the picture that John found on Friday’s episode was the same guy. I love it when the show incorporates the history from my favorite Days era.

    I can’t say anything about Billy Flynn that hasn’t already been said. It’s so nice to see the show runners putting a great actor front and center in a great story. So much different than the past few years of forcing Daniel on us. That’s no shot at Shawn Christian, who I found ok in small doses, but he was just not the leading man they wanted him to be.

    Fingers crossed for a Cancun location shoot!

    • It didn’t hit me when they said the name Ilya Petrov but when I saw that picture I remembered that guy! I did look it up to refresh my memory and according to the book Days of our Lives:A Complete History…Petrov brought the Pawn to Salem and Victor killed Petrov to get possession of the Pawn!

      It’s funny that in one episode I now care about John Black’s search for his past just because I feel like they did their homework.

    • Andrea and Shea, that is SO COOL that the Ilya Petrov guy was a real character on the show in 1985! I am so tickled to know that they did the research and are trying to incorporate it into this story. I’m actually excited about yet another backstory for John, never could have imagined that. 🙂

  5. I enjoyed Steve and John working to put the pieces together (and that Axel had the answers) 😉

    I did a whole timeline at DR, but I’m too lazy to re type it. However, it appears that the show is going with the idea that Bo did see John and Bo did write the letter to Hope, but that the letter was likely intended to keep Hope and the family from looking for him. Instead of going undercover for the ISA, he was on the run from somebody. I like this angle because it fixes Bo’s actions of “abandoning his family” while not throwing Hope and the rest of the family under the bus. I know that some fans will still be angry that they just accepted what was in the letter, but I appreciate the show taking the position that they were actually supposed to believe it (that is, if my assumptions are correct).

    That kind of balance in the writing when trying to fix things, gives me more faith in the writers. And that bodes well for the future.

    • I will say that I am gaining trust in the writers too but I would trust them a lot more if they weren’t leaving so many things out (Steve seeing Adrienne) or leaving us hanging for so long (a scene with Teresa and Eve together talking about Paige’s death) Sure Paige has only been dead for like 1-2 days on the show but it was over a week for us the viewer. I really wish they would fix this pacing issue!

    • I like that idea, Erica! That Bo was on the run instead of going undercover. That would fit with him feeling like he had to disappear and HE didn’t want anyone to look for him.

      The letter was delivered to John later on the day that he saw Bo. I assume that’s significant, since they went out of their way to mention it. When I heard that I assumed it was something he was forced to write at gunpoint or something. But if you’re right that Bo was on the run, maybe he wanted to be long gone by the time the letter was delivered?

      Axel is obviously a smart cookie. 🙂

      • Well Steve seemed to confirm that Bo was on the run on Friday. He said Bo didn’t just disappear, he just knew how to fly under the radar. The he talked about how Bo went from Germany to Denmark (where he was off and on “for quite a while”). Then Axel got Bo to Cancun. To me, it was clear all that happened after John saw Bo and got the letter. So, since Bo was running around Europe. It’s unlikely he was captured. That indicates the letter wasn’t written because someone forced him to, but because he had to get into hiding right away and needed to make sure Hope and the family didn’t come looking for him.

      • You’re right, that makes sense. I hadn’t put it all together timeline-wise. I like how it looks like they are giving Bo and Steve different reasons for being away – Steve conscripted by the ISA, Bo on the run – but there seems to be potential to link them up. Like, Steve’s case was connected to a Dimera-linked criminal organization that Bo was on the run from, and eventually captured by. And John could be involved present-day.

  6. I understand the frustration with that, but I view those as different kinds of errors. They are more technical, for lack of a better word. Those scene would be good and there are beats missing when not shown, but it’s different from bad writing for characters. I’ve become accustomed to missing those kinds of scenes so maybe that’s why it doesn’t bother me as much. But I never got used to lousy writing for the characters so having so much good stuff is giving me that faith.

    • I guess it’s probably a positive thing overall that they have so much good stuff they want to get to, that some stuff gets left out.

      The pacing is still off a bit. They started the Basic Black story, then just dropped it for a week. We haven’t seen very much of Eric. Paul popped back unexpectedly for what seems like no reason except to remind us that he exists. The Gabi getting released from jail stuff seemed to come out of nowhere (though it was obviously done b/c A. Martinez is showing up next week as Papa Hernandez). There really is no good excuse for why Steve hasn’t seen Adrienne. They should have had at least one scene. Maybe before he takes off for Cancun?

      I think they will be focusing on three storylines in the short-term. Serial killer. Search for Bo. Basic Black. With upcoming Bicentennial (50th anniversary nostalgia) weaving throughout. The one GREAT thing they have done is to incorporate most of the cast in this as supporting players, overlapping some of them into multiple storylines. The writing for the characters has been right on, which is a huge relief. Especially Steve and Kayla thank goodness.

      I think the spotty pacing has to do with all the upcoming exits and entrances, etc. They have to fit things together in a cohesive way, but they only have so much time, and some stuff is getting left out, or we are expected to assume that something has occurred off-screen (Abby has spoken with JJ about Paige’s murder, Theresa has found out, etc.). I think that once everything has shaken out, we’re going to see better pacing. My feeling is that they are going to the old school A,B,C story format, which is good news for us because it allows them to focus on specific stories, having one up front, two circling and the build up for future stories being woven in. That was what was so brilliantly done in the 80’s.

      I think this week was very strong, with only a few less than interesting moments. That’s saying something for five hours of television.

  7. I am just not as willing to overlook the missed beats. I think it’s 100% more important to have a scene where Abby talks to JJ -or at least hangs up the phone then discusses having a conversation with JJ after the girl he loved has been murdered than seeing Abby and Ben discuss wedding plans and having another roll in the hay. I would have rather seen Adrienne telling Lucas about her brother returning to Salem than to have them talking about waffles or training for a triathlon.

    • Yes! Thank you for stating it so well. I don’t NECESSARILY need to see the actual scene if there isn’t anything particularly inventive about it, but reference it. Abigail absolutely should have mentioned, in her quest to save Chad, that JJ is hurting and she can’t believe sweet Paige is dead, etc. Everything feels oddly fragmented, which I don’t like.

  8. I certainly could have lived with less Ben/Abby sexing or Adrienne/Lucas. I totally agree that some of that time could have been put to better use. For some reason we need to see Ben shirtless at least three times per week. As I said above, there is no excuse for not having a Steve/Adrienne scene. To me, that’s the biggest missed beat. Also, JJ and Jen might want to let Abby know her future father-in-law is a drug dealing psycho.

    Speaking of the drug dealing psycho, today I had the world’s biggest DUH moment. I only just realized that the James Read who plays Clyde is the same James Read I had a massive crush on in the 80’s in Remington Steele and North and South (I came across a RS rerun this afternoon)! He looks pretty much the same, but the character is so different that I didn’t realize it was the same guy. No wonder I love him! They simply cannot make him the killer now. I forbid it!

    • It generally doesn’t bother me too much when the show has things happen off camera, like Jennifer and Abby finding out about Paige. Unless it’s a scene that would be really, really meaty and interesting — like Kayla finding out Bo put out Steve’s eye (though back in the 80’s it never occurred to me!).

      But it does bother me when they have people who should be thinking about what just happened, and they have them on in another storyline seemingly totally unconcerned. With Theresa finding out about Paige, I was glad they at least had Eve say she hadn’t told her yet. But Abby has been on a lot and they had her say just one line about JJ. She just doesn’t seem to be thinking about him at all, and that bugs me. Same thing with those Adrienne/Lucas scenes. Her brother is back and she doesn’t mention him?

      And I don’t like the way they have characters on for a week and then they disappear for a week. I don’t know if this is the style of the new writers or a side effect of how they film so far ahead. But it feels jarring.

      Denise, I totally remember James Read now from North and South! Whoa, such a different character!

  9. I know! He’s a good actor, huh? I felt so stupid once I realized who he was LOL! Thought it was just my penchant for the bad boys :).

    I don’t like it when they drop stories for a week either. Although I’d rather see more Steve and Kayla and also Chad right now than the Basic Black story, it should have been on at least one day this week to keep the momentum going.

    I think they are juggling a lot of stuff right now, including a bunch of intros and exits, and that’s effecting the pacing. I bet it evens out after the 50th hoopla. I have no idea what the heck they are doing with Adrienne though. First she’s in love with Lucas, then all of a sudden she wants to try again with Justin, etc, and no mention of her brother at all. Weird.

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