Nice try

This will be short because I’ve developed a raging head cold. But how can I not post when Kayla finally takes off her doctor’s coat and reveals this little number?


Some great moments today. Kayla challenged Steve on his mixed messages: he makes a little progress with his son, and then he wants to take off for who knows how long, chasing after Bo. And Steve turned around and admitted what we knew all along, that he hopes that by bringing her brother back, he’ll prove something to her, he’ll have a chance with her.

In her turn, Kayla told Hope what we’ve seen in Mary Beth’s performance: that she’s still attracted to Steve. But that doesn’t mean she thinks getting back together with him is a good idea, and I look forward to seeing her try to fight her feelings. (I liked how she tried to say that maybe her attraction to him is just an “old habit”! Hee!)Β  Especially since Steve will be looking for any opening she gives him.

We saw that in their very next scene, when Steve asked her point blank if she wanted him to come back. When she said no, he said nice try, but he doesn’t believe her. I like seeing the power shift slightly back toward Steve for a moment, but I hope he doesn’t get too confident. I still want to see him sweat a little bit.

In other news, I’ve decided the show is perfectly indifferent to whether the Ben/Abby relationship, or Abby’s behavior, make any sense. Today she comes back from spending the day with Chad and all she says to Ben is right now she’s right where she wants to be, and she hopes that’s all that matters. This actually made her sound much more guilty than if she had just admitted she went to Chad, her friend, because he’s in trouble. Of course she has to keep the hypnosis thing hush-hush, but she could have just said she was checking on him. And then, as they hugged, we saw Abby look guilty and upset over his shoulder, while Ben gave the camera the evil eye over her shoulder. That was a pretty awesome little moment, showing how much they have papered over their problems, rather than dealing with them. But it begs the question of why they are both so determined to hang onto this relationship.

I really enjoyed all of Chad’s scenes, with Abby and Marlena. I can’t wait to see what this hypnosis session will reveal!


20 thoughts on “Nice try

  1. I loved the way MBE looked in that red dress yesterday. It’s been so nice to see Kayla be more than just a doctor now that SN has returned. When Steve and Kayla were having their discussion about trying to find Bo and then Steve asking her if he couldn’t find Bo, would she want him to return and she said no, that just gave Steve his reason to find Bo. Of course she’s still attracted to Steve. She was attracted to him way back in the beginning when she was getting to know him and didn’t understand her attraction.

    I just can’t with Abby, I’ve tried, I’m not FF through all of her scenes, but I’m getting whiplash with her going back and forth between Chad and Ben. To me, it seems like she wants the one she’s with and as long as she has both of them falling all over her, she’s happy. I’m not crazy about Ben (sorry, I cannot think of his real name this morning) but at least his craziness can be sort of interesting. Billy Flynn is still one of my favorites. I’m looking forward to Marlena hypnotizing Chad and finding out what he remembers. When I mentioned about him being drugged in an earlier post, I had no idea this was the direction they were going and I’m enjoying it.

    • Hope you feel better soon MB! We count on your insightful analysis!

      There was so much goodness today! As you said, we finally got to see what Kayla has on under that doctor’s coat LOL! She’s still so lovely, though I wish they’d cut her hair a little. I want to see more of her face! I love that Kayla admitted to Hope that she’s still attracted to Steve, but she’s going to fight it! MBEs delivery of those lines was awesome. She’s so terrific. It was also nice to see that little role reversal, Kayla denying Steve, and him not believing her. Sort of a “shoes on the other foot” back to the beginning of their relationship.

      Interesting that we find out that Aiden is a gambler. Wasn’t Ben involved in gambling somehow? Not a great idea to steal from Stefano Dimera.

      I’m also interested in why Victor is so invested in Chad being arrested quickly. Loved the scenes with Stefano and Victor sparring with each other.

      As far as Abby/Ben/Chad….sigh. I think they are setting Abby up for big trouble. She keeps lying and lying and lying to Ben. I know we’re supposed to get that it’s because she’s in love with Chad and can’t admit it, but I’m finding it a little wearying. I get that she thinks Ben is the father of her child, and that is a valid argument to be with him, especially if she has feelings for him as well, but shouldn’t the fact that she keeps running to Chad tell her something? Ben’s evil glance at the camera today bodes nothing good for Abby. I’d like to see some kind of realization for her, even if she still stays with Ben, that she recognizes that she may have made the wrong choice, but it sticking because of her baby, and because she doesn’t want to hurt Ben. She definitely needs a sounding board. She needs to have coffee with Will or someone and articulate it for the audience. Right now, she looks like the bad guy. I assume that Ben is going to go postal, but I’d rather have her choose Chad before that happens, rather than after.

      Billy Flynn remains a star! His scenes with Marlena were terrific. Can’t wait to see what comes of today’s hypnosis session. I’m hoping that Chad at least learns that he was drugged, so that he can start to truly believe he was set up, and start seeking answers.

      Oh, and Gabi served the shortest sentence for murder evah!

      • Gambling debts are such a boring reason for Aiden to be desperate for money, but oh well. They’ve teased us a couple of times with what Stefano knows about his wife. Presumably that he killed her. Poor Aiden. I’m starting to feel bad for him, or for Daniel Cosgrove anyway. His character has been thrown under the bus in like five different ways. Let’s see, he’s a compulsive gambler, he works for Stefano, he owes people money, he’s using Hope, and probably killed his wife.

    • I’ve decided I’m not going to worry as much about Abby’s motivations, because it’s distracting me from the good stuff, the Chad and Abby angst and how awesome Billy Flynn is. So I think I’m just going to go with it. πŸ™‚

      Really looking forward to those hypnosis scenes today!

  2. I loved that he told her the reason he’s looking for Bo was to basically have another shot with her. He knows how much family means to her, especially Bo and he wants to be her hero again. And he totally called her on saying she didn’t want him to come back. I think that’s what she’s been waiting for the last couple of years, for Steve to come back. She mentioned it to Joey the other day that he always came back to them after his missions. Boy, I can’t wait till he starts to touch her. He was always sooo touchy feely with her. He’s so reserved around her right now, but I get she has the no touch zone signs up right now. But man I’m missing demonstrative SEJ. On the Abby note, I’m just going to with her motivation to be with Ben is because he’s the father of her baby. It’s soooo old school but I need something since they’re not giving us it in the writing. I love the angst with Chad. He just says sooo much with his beautiful eyes. Loved his comment that Abby’s an angel. He reminded me of how Steve viewed Kayla back in the day.

  3. When we first saw Kayla’s back in that booth, I thought it was Adrienne and I was so glad we were going to see the Johnson siblings together. Alas….

    You didn’t mention her in your post, but Gabi’s return actually had me a little choked up. Camila Banus really grew as an actress before she left and I’m actually looking forward to seeing how her story plays out.

    • I thought Gabi looked beautiful and very well groomed for someone just getting out of prison, lol. I’m really looking forward to seeing what role she will play on the canvas. I know she will be interacting with Will and Rafe, but in terms of romance I have no clue who they might test her with. JJ?

    • Kathy, are you asking who Gabi killed? It was Nick Fallon. She married him and he became increasingly psychotic and controlling, wanting her to cut Will completely out of their lives. But during the whole investigation of the murder, she also ended up confessing that she helped Andrew kidnap Melanie a few years ago.

      • Thanks Andrea. That’s who I meant. I thought Nick was in jail for killing Trent. I didn’t know he got out. Soap murders don’t serve long sentences. I don’t even know who Andrew is, to bad they found Melanie. Hated her and how over exposed she was and her daddy Dan.

  4. What a great moment when Steve said he didn’t believe Kayla! I loved it! Earlier when they were sitting in the pub booth the lighting was so good I wish that conversation could have been then becaus it showed their expressions really well, esp Steves. MBE’s been asking on Twitter what people would think if she cut her hair short. I like it longer but I do have to say sometimes her hair gets in the way of being able to see her face. (I do like the style though).

    Marlena was so cool when she was talking to Rafe while Chad was hidden in the closet. That whole bit was different and good. And how about how Marlena was looking at Chad and Abby? She can tell something is going on there between them. The way Abby is being written all over the place right now is baffling. I think if Marlena saw what we all see of Abby’s back and forth, she’d demand Abby get therapy.

    When Aiden got his finger broken by that goon, I thought it was just funny he was next seen with that big bandage on his hand after having to go the hospital and it’s not a big deal. This, after just getting beat up a couple weeks ago. They should just keep adding one injury after another to this guy.

    Remember when you all were talking about where Kayla lives? Did u see how Victor or should I say Stefano said Victor has 2 women under his roof, Maggie and Caroline? It was funny to hear Stefano giving Victor a hard time about that. Victor! Anyway, did we know she was there?
    So Kayla needs a place of her own, esp now that Joey is home and Steve is in town. Someone on the boards was saying how crazy it was that Kyle the drug dealer had a home but not Kayla. I agree! Btw, do we need to start a watch of the number of days Steve has still not seen Adrienne? Wow!

    Mary, I hope you feel better soon!

    • I think I remember a scene where Victor said Caroline should come stay with him after she got out of the hospital. He said she shouldn’t be alone. And Maggie had to agree with kind of a forced smile. But maybe that scene exists only in my head.

      I really loved those scenes in Marlena’s office. I love all this cast mixing, it feels like a real town with a web of relationships. And I really like seeing people in their professional capacity, so I’m glad to see Higriff have brought that back to the forefront. It’s such a natural way to get people interacting.

  5. MP- get better soon.

    Amy-I have complained about Kyle the drug dealer having an apartment when half of Salem is homeless. I almost assumed Kayla was staying with Caroline so I was surprised to hear Stefano’s comment to Victor about the 2 women under his roof…although technically I guess it’s 4 with Teresa and Adrienne there too. And we could start a count of how many days Steve goes without seeing Adrienne but 3 weeks worth or shows is only about 2 1/2 Salem days so I don’t know where to start.

    Let’s see which heals faster, Aiden’s broken finger or Chad’s lip.

    Ok so Aiden has a gambling problem. I was just hoping for something deeper and darker to be going on with this guy so I’m holding out hope that he is the killer.

    I don’t know what to say about Abby. Half of the time I don’t know if my problem is with the writing or with the acting. Ben comes off flat and wooden to me and Kate Mansi seems flat in her scenes with him. Billy Flynn is a much better actor and she seems like a better actress when she is on screen with him. The writing seems to be telling me that I should think she is really in love with both of them but instead I feel like she just wants them both to love her.

    I love the Steve and Kayla scenes but Steve telling her about his call to MOnika was my favorite!

    • Well, Kyle’s apartment is probably vacant now — maybe Kayla could move in. (Ew!)

      I hope Steve and Kayla get a house — Kayla first, and Steve can move in later. πŸ™‚ Hope has gotten her house back, and John and Marlena their townhouse. It’s weird to have all their scenes in the hospital, the park, or a restaurant.

      LOL, Aiden’s broken finger is going to heal well before Chad’s lip!

  6. I was having some issues with Abby’s motivation too, although I kind of ignored it because the overall story was working. But today, I kind of had a bit of an epiphany. I don’t know if it will work for anybody else, bu here goes.

    It kind of has to start with the fact that Ben and Abby were in a relationship (and had exchanged I love yous) before Chad returned to town. This isn’t a situation where the third wheel is someone new or a rebound thing. I think Abby did (and does) love Ben, just not the way she loves Chad. She had that moment of conflict when she slept with Chad and then when he confessed his reasons for pushing her away before she got the results of the paternity test and those moments showed that, while she may love Ben, her feelings for Chad are deeper and more meaningful.

    Then, when she got the paternity test back, she didn’t just choose to stay with Ben “because of the baby.” That may have been the tipping point, but there was more to it. She had been happy with him before Chad came back, and even after. She decided that what was best, even what she wanted/needed, was to put Chad in the past and build her life with Ben. I think there is a sincerity in that, even if it’s as simple as Abby being in denial/trying to convince herself. When she told Ben she loved him and chose him, I don’t think she was lying to him – it’s what she believes. When she has those happy moments with him, I think that’s sincere as well.

    But, the problem is that she can’t forget Chad and, now that he’s in trouble, she can’t abandon him either. But, aside from a handhold, she and Chad haven’t even touched each other since she made her decision to accept Ben’s proposal. She’s lied to Ben about being with Chad, but Ben has a pretty nasty history of jealousy (and reacting violently to Chad) so she has some reason beyond just her guilty feelings.

    So, I think when I stopped trying to make this triangle so simple (Abby loves Chad, not Ben), it made more sense. There are elements of Jack/Kayla in Ben’s jealousy, possessiveness, and refusal to confront the truth. But, there are also elements of Jen/Emilio in Abby’s genuine feelings for Ben and belief that he is a good, loving man. Lastly, there are Eric/Nicole aspects in that, like Nicole, Abby’s convinced herself that Ben is who she wants to be with. So, I don’t think the show has necessarily failed in providing motivation for Abby to stay with Ben as much as maybe we’re looking for something that’s not supposed to be there. Plus, the fact that KM/BF have such massive chemistry, and RSW brings back shades of Wooden!Jack doesn’t help. It’s easy to question why Abby would stay with Ben when KM/RSW just don’t have any real chemistry.

    So, that’s my Ben/Abby/Chad missive for the day. As for the rest, I continue to adore Steve and Kayla and loved their scenes today. I appreciate that we could see some concern for Bo from Kayla today, but that she’s still scared that Steve is just using it all as an excuse. And I loved that he recognized it and kind of called her on it. Looking forward to seeing where it all goes.

    • Erica – Thank you for that excellent analysis!

      I don’t know the full history. I wasn’t watching when the old Chad was around. I saw a couple of episodes when Abby was fooling around with EJ, a few episodes when she and Ben first started dating and I have been watching since she hooked up with Chad right before moving in with Ben. I honestly just don’t like Abby enough to get invested in this so I certainly haven’t spent as much time and energy trying to figure out Abby’s motivations as most of the other people here but I enjoyed reading your post and I appreciate the effort you have put into trying to figure it out.

      When I posted my comment earlier I almost compared RSW to Jack #2 but I decided RSW is actually a better actor….but the bar is very low.

      • Erica’s analysis was terrific! And probably spot on! too. I think the major issue for us as viewers is just what both Erica and Shea pointed out: RSW just isn’t that good of an actor. He’s a handsome guy, who looks great with his shirt off, but he just doesn’t have the chops that Billy Flynn does. If there was a better actor attached to this, that actually had some real chemistry with KM, we might buy it a bit better than we all obviously are.

        But I think Erica is right. Abby feels like she had a stable relationship (which she hasn’t really had) with Ben. And also Chad was a HUGE jerk to her right after they slept together. He finally came clean, but that doesn’t just erase what he did. Ben was good to her when Chad wasn’t.

        I’m not hugely invested in Abby as a character either, but I’m willing to go with it, because she does start to sparkle a little bit whenever she’s in Chad’s orbit.

        OH. And didn’t Aiden give two different excuses for how he hurt that finger? A different one to Rafe and Hope? Wonder if that comes back to bite him on the butt. He’s obviously a horrible snake, but is he a murderer or another red herring? I can’t see his motivation for killing either Serena or Paige, or framing Chad, unless it has something to do with Stefano. I’m still leaning toward Ben.

  7. Thanks for all the get well wishes, everybody!

    Erica, I like your explanation for Abby, and I think it makes sense. The annoying “I must be with the father of the baby” element is supported by some other factors, as you point out. I think it annoys me because there are things they could do – that are not difficult – to make her behavior more rootable. Like have her trying to stay away from Chad yesterday, but feeling driven to see him because she got the idea about the hypnosis. Or if she had not promised Ben in the first place that she stay away from Chad. She’s not going to sleep with Chad (and she hasn’t), but he is her friend and he’s in trouble.

    But, like I said above, I’m going to stop agonizing over this now, and just go with it. I want to enjoy the yummy angst and I’m not going to let this issue stop me, lol.

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