Not true

Such a great episode today (9/16). I got to watch live, too — lucky me!

So we finally got confirmation that there is more to the story of Steve’s disappearance. Steve told Joey, “Your mom thinks I left because I was bored, but that’s just not true.” That, coupled with his statement about Bo, that the ISA “has all kinds of ways of getting you in,” makes me think we’re looking at some kind of threat or blackmail.

I’m guessing that Steve didn’t tell her the truth at the time because she would have insisted on facing the threat herself, or not giving in to blackmail, or whatever. So Steve did what he always does, which is make unilateral decisions, keep secrets “for her own good,” and generally play God. (So there will still be plenty for Kayla to be angry about when the truth comes out.)

That partly explains Steve’s certainty that Bo wouldn’t just abandon his family, since Steve had a reason for leaving his. But it was a really amazing scene to see Steve facing, essentially, twin Kaylas today, listening and reacting to Bo’s letter. His apology after that was fervent and heartfelt. And of course it was lovely to hear that he still thinks of Kayla as the love of his life.


Kayla’s eyes in this picture!

We also got to see a softer side to Joey today, which was most welcome. I am liking James Lastovic a lot. He has a natural presence, a quiet confidence, that a lot of young actors don’t have. I liked his scenes with Steve, when he talked about school. But then I LOVED his scenes with Kayla when he saw the wedding picture. He made fun of Steve’s mullet and said his suit looked like he was in the Temptations. (It’s true, it’s all true!) And Kayla’s response: “Your dad never had a mullet.” Now that’s true love!

Then, Joey’s line: “Even when you had big hair, he was hot for you.” Also true. 🙂

I’m not as sure about Kayla’s lines about her reaction to Steve’s “wild streak,” saying she let her hurt feelings drive her to anger and thus taking some of the responsibility for their breakup on herself. It fits with Kayla implicitly giving Joey permission to have a relationship with his dad, or with general sense of fairness, perhaps – if they really were fighting a lot before Steve left. I think it maybe was there to show Kayla softening towards Steve already, even without knowing the full truth about why he left.


I was having 1986 tingles with John’s flashbacks. As I mentioned here when this story was first introduced, I rolled my eyes when I realized they were doing yet another backstory for John. But if they actually go back to some of the previous backstories and try to tie them in, I think I could actually get into it. So today, John remembering the “Johnny Black 1985” on the wall, and the reference to Forrest Alamain, has got me a little excited. I also think it’s funny that they keep saying John is going to find his “parents.” He was a fully grown man when he started his life as “John Black,” shouldn’t he be worried he might find a wife?

And finally, Chabby. I loved their scenes, loved the desperation from Chad when he talked about why he was running away. Such yummy angst. It’s such a great idea to have Abby suggest hypnosis to find out what happened when he was blacked out (and a nice way to bring Marlena into this story). I’m guessing the hypnosis will give us some hints, though probably not the full truth. I bet it will also help him discover that he was drugged, and show clearly that someone is setting him up. It’s so great to see Abby helping him in a concrete way, not just through her faith in him.

But, these scenes were another brick in the wall against the idea of Ben and Abby making any sense. I find it jarring that she can go from exchanging sexy banter with Ben over breakfast to running over to see Chad. There are different pieces floating around that help justify her behavior – like today she could have said that she can’t turn her back on a friend who is in trouble, that his need trumps her promise to Ben. Even better, we could have seen her get the idea about the hypnosis – they wouldn’t have to show us what the idea was, just that she had one – and feel driven to go see him to tell him about it, after he didn’t respond to her text. Little touches like that would go a long way.


11 thoughts on “Not true

  1. Like you, I really like James Lastovic and I think he looks like he could be MBE and SN child. He’s kinda sullen, but he is 16 years old. You can tell he loves his mom and he wants a relationship with his dad. I laughed at his mention that Steve had a mullet and Kayla told him Steve didn’t have a mullet, but her hair…. A scary thing about watching the old DVD’s is how big SN’s hair got at at times 🙂 I can’t wait to find out what Steve has been doing all these years.

    I missed most of the various incarnations of John Black over the years (I stopped watching in early 1992 when MBE left and just began again with the 50th anniversary). I roll my eyes when I think about him looking for his “parents” but if they are able to pull in the 1985 Pawn / 1986 revelation that he was “Roman” I’m looking forward to it. I’m also enjoying seeing DH and SN work together again.

    I’m shocked, but I’m not FF very often and I’m enjoying the show again.

    • OMG Steve SO had a mullet! That’s was really cute. Liking Joey a lot. At first I was afraid we were just going to get “sullen teen,” but he showed range today. I really liked his remorse about how he treated his aunt, and how he confessed it to his Dad and Mom.

      Steve reading the letter broke my heart today. Obviously there’s a parallel to what happened with Bo and Hope and what happened with Steve and Kayla. I’m so glad to get the confirmation that Steve did have a reason for leaving his family. Kayla taking out that wedding picture, studying it, and laying it on her desk was a great moment. She didn’t shove it back into the drawer, which perhaps is a metaphor for her opening up a little bit to Steve again. I have a feeling whatever the reason was that Steve left, it’s going to piss her off, but at least it lets US, the audience, sympathize with Steve instead of thinking he’s a jerk for leaving.

      Someone needs to make a chart of all of John’s backstories. I can’t keep it straight. I think they need to finally reveal the “truth,” and just let it lie.

      Do we know if there are any other murders coming? I assume that Marlena will get attacked after helping Chad (that’s in the 50th anniversary video), but they seem to be keeping other victims very close to the vest. Makes me believe that the ARE going to reveal the killer soon to the audience, but are keeping quiet on victims! This could be a lot of fun for US (not the citizens of Salem of course).

      Can’t wait for John and Steve to rescue Bo! I wonder when PR finally makes an appearance in Salem?

      • I hope we have a few more murders. I have a wish list but I doubt Kate, Roman, Will, Ben, Clyde and Aiden would all be killed. :-p I am halfway joking about Kate and Roman and if Will were played by a better actor then I wouldn’t put him on the list.

        Glad to see more than the angry young man side of Joey. Great scenes with both Steve and Kayla. Yeah the mullet line was great and of course Kayla defends his hair…I am pretty sure she used to cut it for him. Kayla is softening and Steve is giving us glimpses of what really happened.

        I don’t understand why people are so surprised Steve doesn’t believe Bo just chose the ISA mission over his family. Do they forget that the ISA kidnapped Marlena to get RoJohn to find the bonds he hid in Stockholm? And there was at least one time that they hid the fact that Shane had been kidnapped and had some guy faking phone calls to Kimberly.

        I don’t know where John’s backstory begins and ends at this point. I am not sure I even care anymore. I think finding his identity is the important part and that is why is focused on finding his parents. I don’t think he is worried that he might have a wife since he would have been gone from her for 30 years at this point. But since I don’t know all of the versions of his background they have used in the past, I am not sure if he has any record of himself before 1985 or not. I mean was he ever with the Alamains or was that a case where they thought he was but he wasn’t? I am not even sure if what I am asking makes sense so nevermind!

        Does anyone know if there has been any more news about Dena Higley and her leave of absence? I am trying to stay away from spoilers now so I haven’t been looking for information for a couple of weeks so I was just curious if any more info is out there.

      • I think we’ll definitely have a few more murders, plus some unsuccessful attempts. I have a wish list too of who I’d like to see go, and Roman would be at the top. But, that’s not gonna happen.

        I agree that the ISA has done some shady things in the past that should make everyone in Salem suspicious of Bo’s disappearance. But it’s another case of the old writers not explaining why everyone just accepted it, and the new team is trying to work within that framework. Like I’ve said before, personally it doesn’t bother me, PR was not on the show and apparently asked that Bo not be killed off. I’ll be happy when they move on from this, though, because it makes me cringe to hear people be stupid.

        As far as I’ve heard, Higley is still not back from her leave of absence, but she has been on Twitter making it clear she is still with the show, and she did a Facebook Q&A as well.

    • I am a little fuzzy on the many histories of John Black myself. It’s funny, but the Forrest Alamain one is just getting started for me on my DVDs. John is still Roman at this point but they’ve introduced the fact that Lawrence had a younger brother who he thinks he killed in an accident. So that clipping we saw yesterday really pinged on my Days-geek meter.

      It might be fun to try to brush up on some of this stuff, if they are going to incorporate it into the current story. Shea, to answer your question I don’t know how the Forrest thing, or really any of them, were undone, either. I am under the impression that each one was undone rather thoughtlessly by a later writing team – whoops, that wasn’t right after all — when they decided they had their own backstory for him they wanted to use. But I don’t know if that’s really true.

      I really liked Steve’s mullet when it was more feathery, like around the time of the Frankie and Max story. I didn’t like it when it was really tall, like during the Johnson family return. But I do like it when it gets all messy and out of control – both OTR stories, for example. It just seems very Steve to have crazy hair like that.

  2. Right now, I’m really impressed with how they are tying together the stories of Steve, John, and Bo. When I watched intermittently in the 90s and early 00s, the umbrella adventure stories always felt like they were driven more by John and Marlena or Bo and Hope as couples. I like this hearkening back to the 80s with our heroes teaming up to fight the bad guys together. I think you (or maybe one of the other commenters) have mentioned before that you enjoyed DH more as Roman than as John. I tend to agree and I feel like I’m feeling more of that Roman vibe lately.

    I didn’t really enjoy the first few weeks of Joey, although James Lastovic is clearly talented. I was so glad that we got to see a different, softer side of him yesterday. His mom and dad are going to need his help, after all!

    Ben and Abby have left me totally perplexed. I really don’t want a situation where she is seemingly happy with him, but ultimately turns to Chad because of something that Ben does. I want her to proactively make the choice. Her character has drifted from man to man to man since she’s been in Salem and I’d like her to show a little more of her mom’s spunk and fortitude. As you point out, yesterday may have been a start with her actually volunteering a real way to help Chad.

    • I think half of the commenters here have stated they prefer Drake as Roman. Maybe they are giving John more of a Roman type persona but I am afraid that I am just beyond caring about this man’s past at this point. But I like the idea of him working with Steve to find Bo. It would be even better if they got Shane to help too.

  3. Yup, they need to do something about the jarring back and forth with Abby. It’s like she’s two people.

    Steve’s hair never really bugged me, but Kayla had truly awful hair. I liked Joey today. Gotta be more than sullen teen.

    I haven’t cared about John since he was Roman, and I’m sorry to say that I still don’t.

    I like Marlena though. There’s just a classiness to her. I think having her get involved with Chad will be fun.

    • I always love Marlena when she’s in “doctor” mode. She’s very believable, and God knows the Salemites need a good psychiatrist!

      Couple of things about yesterday I meant to mention. Where are they possibly going to go with Paul? I’ve heard that it’s been confirmed that the actor who plays Will is out, so do they recast Sonny, bring in a new love interest, etc? Paul seems to be floating out there with no ties to Salem except for John. And who is his mother? I missed that.

      Does Kayla sleep in her office? Do we have ANY idea where she lives?

      • I didn’t know Will was out but it’s about damn time! The character of Will is not the biggest problem although he has been written as whiny, manipulative and immature. I think the character was salvageable if they had hired a good actor. I have no idea what they do with Paul now.

        I wondered if they might have Kayla living with Caroline but I really have no idea where she or half of Salem lives. I was ticked when Kyle the drug dealer got his own apartment set and half of Salem appeared to be homeless! In my mind Steve is living under Shenanigans now that he and Kayla are separated and he spends his off screen time walking on the pier playing harmonica!

      • LOL! I love the idea of Steve living under Shenanigans again. Think it’s still there? It was such a hub of activity in the old days. And Blondies!

        I don’t like this Will much, but I did like the other actor who played him as a teen. It’s odd that they would write out a legacy character, but honestly I liked Sonny much better and wish they had kept him instead.

        It makes sense that Kayla would live with Caroline, now that I think about it, but I wish they would bring back the loft! I’m glad at least Hope and Jennifer have houses and aren’t wandering around the park endlessly.

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