Guilt and innocence

Solid episode yesterday (9/14). Some good movement to the stories.


I would enjoy the conflict between Rafe and Justin more if I didn’t feel that the show was coming down so hard on Rafe’s side. It would be better if they gave Justin a better reason for his certainty about Chad’s guilt and his zeal to have him arrested. And they have a perfect, tailor-made reason staring them in the face — his concern for Eve. If there had been a short scene between them, before Justin went all hardass on Rafe, where Eve pleaded with him to make sure the person who killed “my Paigey” was caught and punished. That it’s the only thing she can do for Paige now. But instead, they showed Justin being certain about Chad from the very beginning, right after Serena’s death.

I also loved the tension in the Jennifer/JJ and Jennifer/Clyde scenes. I was surprised that JJ told Jennifer the truth about Clyde, because he should have known she would never agree to just sit back and do nothing. But maybe that’s why he did it, maybe he secretly wanted to be talked into telling Roman the truth. At any rate, I hope this finally gives the police another suspect. And then to have Clyde show up right afterwards was genius. James Read was so good being menacing with his mostly friendly, innocuous dialogue. I wanted a little bit more worry on Abby’s behalf from both Jennifer and JJ; I think that should have factored more prominently in the dialogue. And it wouldn’t have hurt to have Abby spare a moment of concern for her brother, either, instead of only thinking about Chad.


And, finally, we had our supercouple 101 scenes, with Abby expressing her faith in Chad and taking his side against Stefano. I loved hearing her certainty in his innocence, but there were some layers there that I appreciated, like when Stefano pointed out that her expression of support stopped short of offering him a place to stay. Will Ben’s revelation today push her closer to Chad and towards helping him in a more concrete way?

Speaking of Ben’s revelation, I was actually very surprised (in a good way) that Ben admitted he put a tracker on her phone, and confronted her about Chad. I really can’t wait to see how this turns out. I can see it leading to them breaking up. Will he reveal he knew she slept with Chad, that he doubted the paternity of the baby? Will she be able to get past the fact that he’s been tracking her?  On one hand, it’s hard for me to believe that they could get past this (especially since Abby chose him partly because he was the “safe” choice, and this casts that into doubt), but on the other I can’t see the show breaking them up at this stage. But I really, genuinely, have no idea. And I’m excited about that.

In other news, you have all probably heard the news that Shawn Christian’s exit has been confirmed. Pardon me while I do a happy dance.

ETA: Aw, damn. Just saw that Kassie DePaiva is leaving too. I’m not surprised, but I really liked her.



14 thoughts on “Guilt and innocence

  1. I haven’t commented in awhile, mostly because you and the other commenters are always spot on!!
    I am really enjoying the Chad / Abby scenes. Of course to compare to my good “ole Days”, it sort of reminds me of Kayla’s certainty, defense and confidence in Steve when everyone else said he was not good during the storyline where he shot the Senator.

    I think Abby will have doubts but still stick by Ben. For one Chad is going to continue to push Abby away (hello old Steve) and I think Abby because the baby is Ben’s will try and make it work. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

    I was very surprised that JJ told Jen about Clyde – especially since he thinks Clyde killed Paige and that it was his fault. Why put his Mother in danger?

    • I was really surprised that JJ told Jennifer too. Especially since he thinks that right after he told Paige, it led to her death.

      They are doing a great job making this about Abby’s faith in Chad’s innocence, rather than the love triangle. It gives them a reason to share scenes and we can see all the undercurrents. Really well done.

  2. Kassie DePaiva has been so great lately, but it’s hard to see where the character of Eve is going. Like True O’Brien, Chrishelle Stause, and Melissa Archer before her, I just wish that the previous regime had given her a better story to match her talents.

    I’m 100% in the Chabby camp, but I find the characterization of Ben and Abby really confusing. I’m not much of a fan of the actor who plays Ben and their all-sex-all-the-time storyline from earlier this year was tedious to say the least. However, I don’t find Ben’s suspicion to be unreasonable. She did cheat on him, after all and Chad was a real jerk to him when he came back to town. The phone tracker is pretty awful and, obviously, Clyde is a terrible person, but I’m ready for them to make Ben more menacing. The other thing I don’t really get is how Abby seems legitimately happy with Ben in their scenes together. Thinking back to the heyday of supercouples, I can’t really remember another triangle in which the person in the middle seemed so happy with the “wrong” person. Maybe Jennifer and Emilio, at least for a little while. I guess that I would rather see Abigail ultimately make the choice to be with Chad, as opposed to him saving her from Ben or Clyde. I’m definitely on board for the ride!

    • Andrea, it jars me too to see Abby happy with Ben. My supercouple training is strong! But this is how they seem to do triangles now. I’m just glad that it’s clear Chabby are the rooting couple, because to me that is a stronger story — to have one couple be the endgame. I hate the merry go round triangles like Shelle/Phelle.

      • I missed most of the early to mid 00’s. I recently tried to watch some of the clips and let’s just say that the Phelle/Shelle stuff wasn’t for me.

  3. Andrea – I too am not really a fan of Ben. One of the things that I would really to see explored is NOT why Abby would choose Ben but why would Ben choose Abby? After all he knows that she cheated on him and even doubts the baby is his. OK so when he talked to Clyde, Clyde gave him a pep talk and said Abby wouldn’t marry him if the baby was his and Ben just accepts that! He tracks her phone and catches her in a lie a few times when she was with Chad, but he still proposes to her? I wasn’t around for the beginning of their relationship but he proposed to her a few weeks after he found out she slept with Chad.

    Don’t get me wrong I really like Abby and love the soapy-ness of a love triangle done right and I am also 100% Chabby and hate to defend Ken Doll plastic Ben, but if you look at her cheating and lying why is he in a rush to marry her?

    • That’s a really good point. Why would Ben want to stay with Abby? I think that at least initially, Abby did love him and they seemed happy. It was really her who pulled away from him. Supposedly, it was because he lied to her about an illegal gambling ring he worked for, but that didn’t necessarily seem like justification for her to turn to Chad. Of course, for those of us who are Chabby fans, it’s obvious why she chose Chad. I guess Ben just wanted to hold onto what they had before.

    • I totally agree they need to give us a better reason why on earth Ben would want to be with Abby. It was worse around the time he proposed. He seemed to propose only because his dad told him to, and then when he found out about the baby he said some pretty nasty things about her. I think we’re supposed to believe he’s just so in love with her, with maybe a smidgen of “I want to win over Chad.” The actor isn’t the greatest, but I fault the writing on this one.

      • The scene at the end of the ep on Monday (with Ben) interested me. He was so distraught he almost came off as psychotic. Haven’t watched today, but I don’t see anything good coming to Abby from Ben, even if they stay together. I”m wondering if he’s going to become more controlling and menacing with her (like father like son). Does Ben have an alibi for the murders, because I almost got the feeling, in the weird scene when Ben tells Clyde that Paige is dead, that Ben could be our murderer and Clyde could be covering for him. I don’t know why – I just felt that way. He doesn’t seem smart enough to pull it off, but he also could be a psycho that is taking out women he feels have “done wrong.” Serena is obvious. Paige was consorting with a drug dealer, then seeming to forgive a guy who cheated on her with her Mom. Pinning it on Chad would just be icing on the cake.

        I still wish it would turn out to be Daniel of the evil beard, but that would really be a surprise!

      • I have watched today, but I won’t spoil if you haven’t. I’m kind of on the fence as to how controlling Ben is supposed to appear to be. I think he’s being creepy and controlling, and getting worse, but the scenes today were a little ambiguous as to the show’s point of view. At least that was my impression.

        I think some combo of Clyde and/or Ben would make the most sense, given what we’ve seen. But, if this is really the beginning of a story that will go on all fall, they will for sure want to surprise us more. Daniel would be a decent “surprise” (I don’t think they will be able to TRULY surprise us, I hope they are not counting on that), in that he has no motive. Except the evil beard. 🙂 It would have to be some weird serial killer type reason for him. Or he’s taking medication — Dena’s favorite reason for everything!

        The other thing I could see is Clyde being pinned for these two, and then he’s killed by police, and they (and we, if we know nothing about the big fall story) think it’s all over. THEN, more murders start happening. That might be good.

      • Watched! I think Ben is nuts. But he did manage to get Abby to give in, so crazy like a fox I guess. I’m kind of hoping they might let us in on who the murderer is before the fact. Kind of like a Columbo episode LOL. I think it will be impossible to surprise us totally (unless like you say it’s some weirdo motive or pills, etc.), so why not let the audience in on it? Sometimes that kind of story can really work. It makes it more about how the characters find out, etc. If we know it’s character X, then when that person is interacting with character Y or Z, we’re on the edge of our seats wondering “are they going to be killed, etc.” The key to a story like that, however, would be keeping who the victims are under wraps. They’d need to surprise us with at least one victim.

  4. Well I am surprised KDP is leaving. I’m assuming it will be next year since DOOL is filming like 5 months ahead?

    Yesterday surprised me when JJ told Jen about Clyde and when Ben told Abby about the tracker on her phone. I didn’t see either of those coming so I am curious to see what happens next with those two developments.

    I haven’t seen today’s show and won’t see it until tonight so maybe some of this will be addressed today but with all of the improvements in writing we are seeing I am annoyed by the gaps they are leaving. Abby should have at least called to check on JJ after finding out about Paige. And Paige died 3 episodes ago and we still didn’t know if her aunt Teresa knew about it? Again..still waiting on a Steve and Adrienne scene and have any of Eric’s family checked on him since Serena died?

    I’m went to the supercouple school of soaps as well, so I get what you are all saying about these love triangles. Quite frankly I would rather get the sense that a character is miserable without their true love rather than this “love the one your with” stuff. I am not as invested in these current couples as most of you are but I would have died if Kayla had seemed happy while she was married to Jack!

    • I don’t know about KDP exactly, but yes, it should be in 2016. KDP is looking to get her best story this fall, so I’ll just look forward to that. 🙂

      For Shawn Christian, it looks to be right around the new year that he exits. Not counting down or anything …

      I think Kayla/Jack might be an extreme example of the supercouple half who can’t “love the one she’s with.” She couldn’t bring herself to sleep with him and they were married! I recently saw someone who was watching Larry Welch/Hope say that they couldn’t believe how much she was all about Larry and saying she’d moved on from Bo. I haven’t seen that so I can’t say for sure, though.

      I agree there are some beats missing. I really feel like it’s strange that JJ/Jennifer aren’t more focused on the fact that Abby is marrying into this family – though it seems they are both still in shock, a bit. And like I said above Abby should be worried about JJ as well as Chad. I hope these things settle down a little as the new stories really kick in.

  5. Agree, agree agree as always with you smart commenters!
    I like the extended family dynamics but I haven’t seen them use this. Both with 1. Abby not contacting Ben after Paige’s death 2. Steve still NOT going to see Adrienne and 3. No Theresa scene finding out about Paige.

    Also wouldn’t JJ and Jenn be concerned for Abby marrying into a family with Clyde and the good ole Father in Law?

    The scene after Stefano leaves the room with Chad and Abby when he slowly leans in closer touches her hair, looks like he may kiss her and then pulls away and tells her to leave. Ahhh classic less is more 80’s soap supercouple. I just eat that stuff up. The repressed longing to me is such a draw (and a way to drag it all out of course:). Glad to see that may be using this for Chad and Abby.

    I have to watch today on my DVR. I too would like to see Ben more menacing, right now he just looks like a controlling untrusting guy.

    A Ben/Clyde as the serial killer? Could be interesting.

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