Steve and Kayla are back — hurray!

In a nice use of cross-pollination of stories, they used Stefano’s heart attack to give Steve and Kayla an interesting moment. First, I loved the moment when Steve walked up to see Chad and Kayla talking. Stephen gave a hint of something – protectiveness, jealousy – in his pause before he approached. The framing of the shot added to the effect.


Then, Steve complimented her on making sure Stefano gets the best care even though he’s the enemy of her family. That’s very Kayla, so I appreciate the show depicting that. When Kayla talked about what Stefano has done to people she loves, Steve said, “Does that include me?”

Great moment. And a reference to “Steve as Dimera pawn” which was underdeveloped in their last run.


I liked the scene where they were looking at Joey’s schedule together, and Steve said Joey should stick with his chemistry class, because how can he say he doesn’t like something he hasn’t tried? And Kayla told him begrudgingly that it made more sense than a lot of the things Steve has been saying. I’ve really been enjoying the scenes where they are forced to cooperate about Joey, because it breaks down — a little — the wall Kayla has put up.

I have to say, the whole “But Hope never heard back about the divorce, that proves he abandoned her!” is starting to wear very thin. Steve has only to say, “Couldn’t that also mean that he’s dead or in trouble?” and there is no possible response. I know Higriff were stuck with this by TomSell, but it feels like they are emphasizing the most illogical assumption everyone made. It would be much better to focus on Bo’s meeting with John, because at least that came straight from Bo’s mouth.


Joey’s introduction to Aiden in the square cracked me up. James Lastovic has a great stone face, which he used to great affect – as you can see above – when Aiden tried to shake his hand. Hee!

Finally, they did a good job faking me out with Abby and Ben on Tuesday’s show. I didn’t think, story-wise, that Abby and Ben would break up at this stage, but I genuinely thought it was a possibility when Ben admitted he put the tracker on her phone and asked if she was still in love with Chad. How would they get past that?


Today was interesting. I wouldn’t say it was good soap, because I didn’t think Robert Wilson was quite equal to the material, and Kate Mansi isn’t as good with him as she is with Billy Flynn (or Mary Beth Evans). But it was clever how Ben implied, without saying it, that he put the tracker on her phone very recently, because he was afraid for her safety after Serena’s murder. That gave Abby a reason to give him another chance, despite what I would consider a huge betrayal of trust. Maybe her own betrayal was on her mind. What else could explain her agreement, after making a stand about trust and his jealousy, that she wouldn’t see Chad? That is giving in to controlling, abusive behavior. And does anyone else think that maybe he didn’t really take the app off her phone?

I have to admit that it is getting harder to see the reasons for Abby to stay with Ben. I’m willing to accept it on the basis of “it’s a soap, so of course she does,” but it would be nice if there was more to it. She seems very aware of her feelings for Chad – she evaded answering Ben’s question about whether she was in love with him. Today, Ben proved he is not the “safe” choice at all for her or the baby — at least I don’t think so. (Granted, Chad has become an even more dangerous choice.) I’m starting to feel that it comes down to the fact that she thinks Ben is the father of her baby, and that’s not enough for me. Let’s get Will or Kayla back as a sounding board so we can hear her thought process.

And finally, I just have to say: I’m calling about the cat.


20 thoughts on “Control

  1. I also loved when Steve was sitting there watching her on the phone talking about Stephano’s care, you could see how much he loved and admired Kayla. That’s what was missing from their second run was the way he looked at her. He was always in awe of her compassion, strength, dedication and “sweetness” to everyone around her, even enemies. He’s sooo much SEJ now. I’m really hoping that there is more to his leaving them than he wanted adventure. That’s not SEJ. During the second run, the show did do a job of showing him agonize over having another child and wanting to be a good father due to his upbringing and missing Stephanie growing up. And once again it was Kayla’s faith in him that got him through. I get the writers are in a bind because of the previous writing regime, but at least have the mission be about the only way he could keep them “safe” was to work for ISA. That is Steve, playing God in order to protect Kayla without telling her because she would argue against it. And since he’s been in Salem for 2 weeks, where is he staying? Maybe at Victor’s place where half of Salem lives, for that matter where does Kayla live. Oh one more thing, isn’t it odd that Joey is 16 years old now and Ciara, who was born a year and half before him, is still like 10? Got to love how they age kids on soaps.

    On the Abby note I was curious why Ben didn’t tell her the reason he doesn’t trust her was because her knows that she slept with Chad, hence why he put the tracker on the phone. Not right about the tracker, but it does justify his suspension that she’s still in love with Chad along with all time she’s been going over to see him too. I didn’t see their romance prior to them living together but not understanding why he’s never confronted her about her sleeping with Chad. But I am loving the scenes between CHABBY. Good moments of longing.

    • Kathy, have you watched today yet? It looks like that’s where they are going, that Steve had to leave to keep them safe somehow – maybe even from the ISA. So glad about this!

      I think Ben didn’t admit he knew she slept with Chad because that he would have to admit he put the tracker on her phone in more of a stalkery way, instead of to keep her “safe.” But we never really saw why he didn’t confront her at the time — he found out right afterwards. This was TomSell so it was all a little bit underexplained.

      • I just watched. I loved the way Steve choked up when reading the letter from Bo and said he was sorry to Kayla. I liked his scene with Joey too. So excited they are giving a better reason for him working for the ISA. And finally a picture from yesteryear. Now just give us some flashbacks. Oh and did you hear how Kayla said that he use to say she was the love of his life, and he quickly responded “I still do”. Love me some SEJ!!!!

  2. I’m calling about the CAT LOL. I laughed out loud when he said that. I like the character of Clyde. He’s such a mean ass! I hope he doesn’t turn out to be the killer after-all. I think I’d like to see JJ get to bring him down. Anyone think Jennifer may be attacked?

    Great Steve and Kayla stuff today. They are really making the most of the brief scenes they have so far, but I’m with you about the Bo storyline. The writers have to go with what they have been given, but it’s absolutely ridiculous that NO ONE except for Steve (and perhaps Caroline and Victor) are worried about Bo at all, and are so firmly in Hope’s camp. Even if they believe that he abandoned Hope, wouldn’t they be a little curious about where he is and if something happened to him? Wouldn’t Kayla at least want to know where her brother is? It’s been THREE YEARS. The new writers got saddled with this, so they have to follow it through, but it is dumb in the extreme. One good thing about it, it will prove Steve to be right AGAIN!

    Was it black leather jacket day at the hospital? Steve, Chad and Rafe were rocking them today. It was like an episode of The Dating Game LOL (if anyone goes back that far). Bachelors #1, #2, and #3 Hee.

    Ben and Abby. Hmmmm. I don’t know. I think Abby has made this monumental decision, is pregnant, and obviously not thinking clearly. She’s like a fly getting woven into a spider’s web. Now Clyde has purchased a house for them, and she’s in even deeper. I really liked how they ended the scene with the two of them in bed. Abby curled into a ball, facing away from Ben, him hovering over her. There’s no way she’s going to stay away from Chad, and Ben is going to get more and more controlling. Obviously, the excuse that he was worried about her holds some merit, but enough to forgive him tracking her phone? Uh, no. It could be that she just doesn’t want to admit she’s made a huge mistake. Sometimes we find ourselves in the middle of a bad situation, and we just can’t see the way out.

    I loved Joey’s reaction to Hope and Aiden. How typically teen to take the anger you feel about your parents out on a convenient target. He’s so sullen. I’d like to see something bring a smile out of him, preferably his Dad.

    Stefano. Faking or not faking?

    One other thing It’s weird to have these scenes with young Ciera, when she’s actually older than Joey! I’m sure they wanted to give the young actress some scenes before she departs, but it’s confusing. If they were going to SORAs her, they should have brought the new actress in now, don’t you think?

  3. Kayla and Steve talking about Joeys schedule was so cute. It almost seemed like they were happy to be doing what’s kind of a routine task but then he said something that changed the mood. I guess Steve has a problem with the word abandoned. Dude. I can’t wait to see what happens now that Hope has shown up. Is she going to ask wth has he been saying to Joey that made him be so cold to Aiden and more importantly to her!? Looks like he’s got two angry women on his hands.

    It was funny that she wouldn’t tell Steve what was up with Stefano but turned right around and told Rafe right within earshot of Steve. I know he’s the police but still. I wish he’d winked at her and walked away like yeah Kayla and me are cool like that…we can say anything to each other. πŸ˜€

    I’m really liking how Rafe is not rushing to judgement on Chad. He’s becoming a cool bro and I like him a lot these days.

    I’m calling about the cat…that’s what they thought of? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ή it wasn’t a Maxwell Smart answer but it was close!

    Little Ciara is the cutest. I find it bizarre that they are going to Soras her soon and yet are showing this little girl so close to the time it’s to happen and so close to bumping into Joey. Unless there’s some kind of weird time space jump in the future, its weird. Is Ciara Joeys cousin by blood or could they date one day?

    Finally I’m so happy Eve is leaving! Nothing against KDP but I can’t stand Eve.

    • Amy, that would have been awesome if Rafe had done that! I want my jealous Steve any way I can get him. That would have been a great moment.

      The cat line was sooo hilarious. I wish Clyde had given him a shoe phone too. LOL.

  4. The writing in the scene for Ben/Abby was weird. Abby made no sense. She kept making Ben seem paranoid (which he is) for thinking she had feelings for Chad. Like she does’t actively seek Chad out, or get herself in romantic situation with Chad (like the one literally two seconds before coming home). Ben is nuts and controlling, but Abby’s lying is totally making him crazier. She did cheat on Ben with Chad.

      • When she started preaching about honesty and trust, I was like, HELLO. Are we supposed to be on Abby’s side? They’re really not giving her any motivation for leading Ben on. It’s 2015, she can co parent.

  5. So I had a minor crisis yesterday when I returned home to find my DVR’d show was un-watchable due to a connectivity issue that left it freezing up every 4 seconds. It was like the old days when the VCR didn’t work. Thankfully I could watch online and the cable company says our issue is fixed.

    I loved the Steve and Kayla scenes. She is still being cold and aloof but not biting his head off every second which is nice. And did you catch Steve’s line about “not turning his back on a guy who is closer to him than his own brother?” I don’t know about you but it definitely sounded present tense which means either Jack could come back or Steve doesn’t know his brother is dead yet. πŸ˜‰

    The Ciera age thing is nuts. They should have gone ahead with the re-cast or at least hired some in between age kid to shoot a couple of scenes but this is hardly the first time a soap has aged a kid without a long off camera break. Ciera is Bo and Hope’s daughter so that would be a blood cousin to Joey. The other female teen they have announced coming in is Claire which is Bo and Hope’s granddaughter so she too is a blood relative of Joey’s so I don’t think he will be dating one of them unless they undo the paternity of either of them….Ciera was a first thought to be the child of Patrick Lockhart and Claire was believed to be Philip’s child…but that is still too weird. (I am still grossed out they let Max date his nieces Stephanie and Chelsea.)

    Clyde really creeps me out. Why would the police believe him when he said he saw Chad outside the dorm..a month or so ago (or about a week and a half depending on your understanding of Salem time), Hope and Rafe were convinced he was a criminal and trying to find dirt on him.

    • Thank goodness for online viewing! Do you get the PopTV channel? They just started playing same day repeats of Days at 8 pm every day. Not like the 80’s, when if the VCR screwed up, you were totally out of luck.

      I was sure the scene at Hope’s house with Ciara was going to be the last we saw of Lauren Boles. I am very surprised she is still around and almost running into her baby cousin Joey. LOL.

      Clyde overreached with his “evidence” about Chad being outside the dorm. I hope that comes back to haunt him. They are playing Rafe as being pretty smart with this case, so hopefully he starts to put these things together.

  6. I had a moment during yesterday’s show where I was like, “WHY would Abigail stay with this guy?” But I could almost see Kate Mansi’s wheels spinning, going, “This guy is a creep, but wait, he’s the father of my baby…” That won’t work forever, but it worked for me in the moment, especially because she feels guilty about having cheated on him. If not for the baby, she should’ve dumped him yesterday. They played this transgression of Ben’s in a way that made it come off less devious than it was (since he made it sound protective), which impressed me.

    I thought Robert Scott Wilson — who I’m sure is a nice guy and is very handsome — was absolutely terrible yesterday. That was high school play acting. KM wasn’t amazing, but she was serviceable. The emotion in those scenes just felt very false, and this should’ve been one of the showcases for Ben.

  7. What I’m enjoying about the Ben/Abby scenes is that it feels like for the first time in a long time, we have a triangle that is less about couple A vs. couple B than about the story. I thought it was an interesting pivot to have the bottom threaten to drop out from Abby’s “safe” relationship, that she’s been trying so hard to recommit to. (I have to admit, Ben and Abby have always had just enough charm for me to understand why this might be an appealing alternative for Abby…) I also liked touches like the ambiguity in Ben asking Abby to stay away from Chad was also good… reasonable request, or evidence of his controlling nature?

    Loved Steve and Kayla getting a lighter moment together! Steve lurking in hallways, behind Kayla’s desk, etc. is just everything right now.

  8. I couldn’t figure out why Ben didn’t tell her that he knows she slept with Chad. And Mykeraus, I agree about seeing the moment with Abby thinking this is soooo creepy, but he’s the father of my baby. I’m kinda liking this triangle and it’s clear who’s the rooting couple. Chad is very easy on the eyes. And the Ciara thing just wigs me out since she was born before Joey.

  9. I’m gonna need some help sympathizing with Abby. Love her lately in her scenes with Chad, getting her Jennifer on with that “I believe IN you” stuff, but . . . . Dude, she’s just coming off as a jerk with Ben, and I need more reason for her to stay with him. Okay, the baby is some reason (and I even think it’s not a reason without merit), but when the guy point blank asks if she loves Chad, and she straight up lies? It isn’t appealing. Am I to think she’s lying to herself too? I get that Ben’s been a bit of a creeper, but friends, in the jerk contest here, Abby cheated on him! I think if she owned up to that and admitted she does have strong emotions for Chad but wants to make it work with Ben, I’d have less of a problem with her behavior.

    Shea, I sure noted Steve’s line about being closer to Bo than to his own brother. It’s not that I can’t concede there may be some truth to that (debatable), but I’m pretty sure it was just another kick in the face to the Ashford/Jack fans. I swear they hate us.

    • Angie, I winced at that line about Bo being closer than his own brother. It almost felt like a slam, you’re right, and what’s the point? They should have said “he was like a second brother to me” or something.

      Regarding Abby, I’m very willing to give the benefit of the doubt in these situations. As long as I feel they have a plan and are not torturing me with an endless triangle, I will give all kinds of leeway. For Ben and Abby, I feel there is blame to spread around on both sides. She cheated on him, but it was before they were engaged or living together. Still not great, but it mitigates it for me somewhat. And a lot of his supposed angst in their conversation is undermined by the fact that he was in control enough to lie (by omission) about the reason he put the app on her phone. I’m not convinced he actually took it off either.

      Anyway, they’ve established that Abby chose Ben because 1) he’s the father of her baby and 2) he seems the safe choice. I feel that the second reason really got undermined with the way he wigged out yesterday. And soon she is going to find out (because JJ and Jennifer better tell her!) about Clyde, which undermines the “safe choice” angle even more. I feel these things warrant a revisit of her choice in some way – because as I said above she is clearly not in denial about her feelings for Chad.

      I guess I want her to think about her choice, or at least for them to show us why she is NOT questioning it.

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