Your one-eyed friend

The best kind of adventure storyline: Kayla is kidnapped, and it makes all kinds of feelings bubble to the surface.

Steve and Roman are working together to try to trap Orpheus, their adversary in this Stockholm mystery. But Orpheus turns the tables on them and grabs Kayla instead. Here, Steve has just gotten the call from Orpheus that he has Kayla, when Roman comes over:

It’s clear Steve is not planning to tell Roman at all, when he says, “I’ve got other things on my mind right now.” But he’s so distraught he’s almost crying. His feelings are so close to the surface that he can’t lie effectively, and Roman knows immediately something is wrong. And I do love watching my alpha males grabbing each other and screaming about their women.

I also love the montage that closes this episode, and the use of the picture Max drew. It is so poignant to me that this is the only picture Steve has of Kayla.

Then the adventure continues:

Just as we saw Steve’s feelings for Kayla earlier, we see Kayla’s for Steve when she thinks he is dead. (It also cracks me up a little that Orpheus tells her, “I don’t know what you see in the guy.” Even trapped with a criminal mastermind she’s never seen before, she can’t get away from people giving her advice about Steve!)

I love the expression on Steve’s face when he walks in to rescue Kayla. He looks uncertain, almost apologetic, like he’s sorry Kayla doesn’t have a better man to rescue her. And then she runs and throws her arms around him. What a moment!

But the best, best part of this storyline is when they are back at Shane’s:

This has to be the sexiest kiss on the cheek ever.

First, Kayla and Steve get in a little argument about the clues they find at the yacht. Again this touches on the most important issue between them – trust. I like that Kayla doesn’t insist, and respects Steve’s point of view. (Though I never feel like Steve got enough credit for being suspicious of the ISA – he was right all along!)

And then that kiss on the cheek. Stephen puts so much into Steve’s expression and body language here, the way he turns his face slightly, closes his eye, and cups his hand over hers — but doesn’t quite grasp. So much longing and vulnerability in his expression. And when Kayla turns at the door and looks back at him, wow! The air fairly crackles.



24 thoughts on “Your one-eyed friend

  1. I really enjoy those scenes. Steve in Shane’s robe was a particularly nice touch. I’ve always suspected that Drake was struggling not to laugh when Steve walks out.

    One thing that you highlighted, though, is one of my biggest pet peeves about Steve’s characterization — that he is so quick to detect the ISA deception and is proven right. This happens again in the 1988 Stefano storyline, with Steve’s mistrust of Shane. I’m not saying that Steve’s mistrust isn’t consistent with his character’s mistrust of authority. I just felt that Steve’s ability to know something is up and is proven right, while everyone else is duped, veers close to Marty Stu territory at times.

    • I hear what you are saying. I think it works well in this storyline, and not in a Marty Stu kind of way, because it fits with Steve general mistrust of not only authority but anyone. And even though he’s right about the ISA, he is often wrong at other times when he tries to say “I only work alone,” etc. Also, it’s kind of funny how no one seems particularly impressed that he was right all along when the truth comes out.

      I do think it’s unfortunate that they repeated this angle in 1988, and that does have more of a Marty Stu aspect to it.

      I love the striped robe on Steve! 🙂

    • I have never thought of Steve as a Marty Stu. He has great instincts and street smarts which works in many situations but he is very flawed and has just as many situations where he has very poor judgment and makes plenty of mistakes.

    • I also noticed “Roman’s”/Drake’s reaction to Steve in that robe. Wonder if they had to do a retake at some point lol…

      I agree with mp though, Steve just had a general mistrust of “the system” back then and was always cautious…this wasn’t him predicting anything or always being right…It was just a general character trait that he mistrusted authority.

      • Yeah, Steve was suspicious of The Man, the system. That’s part of why I always kinda hated him joining the police/ISA.

  2. I’m interested to see if Steve’s suspicions of the ISA play into the story on screen right now, or if it will all end up in Stefano’s lap again. They haven’t really talked about why he left the ISA, or what his experiences were in it during the last few years. Curious to see if it comes up.

    These scenes are good fun. My only quibble with them is that it’s a pretty passive situation for Kayla, but she gets to be so strong minded at the end that it pretty much makes up for it!

    • Yeah, in the middle clip that I left out, Kayla is unfortunately very weepy and panicky, very out of character I feel. But, it’s pretty much the only time she acts like that, so I give it a pass. 🙂

      I’ll be curious what they reveal about Steve’s time in the ISA, and after. I’m starting to wonder if there is any story there at all. I know that SN and MBE both said that Steve’s absence was explained in a way that made sense, but maybe they think that Steve craving excitement made sense? If there is some other explanation, it’s strange that Steve hasn’t alluded to anything in particular.

      But, maybe they’ll circle back to it. I’m noticing that, with this new team, I’ll find myself wondering “why don’t they have a scene where X happens,” and then it shows up a few days later. (Hasn’t happened with Steve and Adrienne yet, but I expect it will). Don’t know if that is their style, or a side effect of the speed with which they are having to get stories in place right now.

      • I think the only excuse possible is that Steve felt he was endangering his family in some way. That is the only thing I can think of that would fit his character (he’d never leave his family intentionally). If he felt that his presence would put them in harm’s way, I think he would leave, and if he told Kayla, she’d never agree. I think it’s got to be something like that.

        One thing I love about the kiss on the cheek here is that it’s an incremental step forward from the kiss on the cheek at the Fish Market, where Steve practically put his arms up to protect himself. It shows that softened of the characters towards each other, and the building of trust between them.

        Steve in Shane’s robe always makes me LOL. He looks so funny striding in, trying to be a badass in that stupid thing! 🙂

      • Denise, that’s a good thought about Steve leaving because his family was endangered. I remember during the 2nd run there was a bubble bath scene (right after Steve remembered) where he was telling Kayla that he did not remember everything and that there could be bad folks after him. He said if that was the case then she needed to be willing to let him go as he would never put her in danger. She, of course, said she would never let him leave. I could maybe live with that angle as opposed to saying he left for excitement.

      • Thanks Cathie. I really think it has to be something like that. It allows the audience to at least give Steve an “out,” character-wise, but also allows Kayla to still be angry with him. Kayla’s character always wants to stick and fight, while in the past, Steve’s first reaction is to run. I hope it does circle back to the ISA in some way. We know that in the past the ISA has not exactly been and up and up organization, even with its operatives – they had Marlena kidnapped and held her without Roman’s knowledge! Perhaps the ISA threatened Steve in some way – wouldn’t put it past them.

  3. The realization for both Steve and Kayla that they are at least “in care” (my words) with each other. Whoever would have thought that a kiss on the cheek could be so darn sexy. Then Kayla coming back into the room to see Steve sleeping. I always thought she was saying a silent “thank you” prayer for him saving her and still be alive even though Orpheus tried to kill him. It seemed funny to see Steve sleeping on the couch, but I guess Shane didn’t have an extra bedroom.

    It is going to be interesting to see how the ISA fits into this current story. Kayla seemed surprised that Steve was no longer working for the ISA, so I’m wondering what the story is there.

    • Now that you mention it, it’s funny that there wasn’t a bedroom available for Steve. I think that is supposed to be quite a large house. Maybe Shane knew Kayla was going to want to come out to watch him sleep, lol.

      I’m wondering about the ISA too. Like I said in my response to lska, I don’t know if they are planning on making that part of the story or not. I hope there is more to it than what we have heard so far.

      • The apparent lack of bedrooms in Shane’s house was something that always amused me. When Shane bought the house, it was supposed to impress Victor and make Shane appear extremely rich, but people were always sleeping on the couch in the living room during those first few years. Then, Andrew is found and, within a Salem day, the house has a full nursery. Soon after, Eve moves in and gets her room. I think Gabrielle may have lived in the main house (as opposed to the guest house) for a short time after she was attacked by the Riverfront Knifer.

        These scenes have another example of Days’ science. RoJohn was just shot in the shoulder and nearly drowned, but he is pretty much fine a few hours later. The amazing recuperative powers of Days’ men was such an 80s thing.

  4. Rewatching these scenes, I have to overlook the damsel in distress thing/Kayla not being cautious and sort of walking into this mess lol…But it’s not hard to do because of the emotional “development” that came of it for the love story…It led to Steve (and Kayla) understanding that he would literally give his life for hers. And he couldn’t deny it anymore.

    Stuff I love:

    -Steve is so angry, helpless and so out of control, waiting for that first call from Orpheus (and Kayla)…It’s almost funny when Orpheus has to tell him to calm down/relax on the phone.

    – How my heart pounds every time I watch Steve & Kayla “reunite” on Orpheus yacht…ssssigh. The look on Steve’s face is like “don’t lose your cool man. don’t get into the ugly cry”…He is SO relieved. And Kayla, well she just wears her heart on her sleeve as always. ❤

    – I love love the line "I'm a great tucker inner", the way Stephen delivers it, with that little mischievous twinkle in Steve's eye that I love so much. That's really my favorite Steve thing. The mischievous twinkle.

    -Oh and that kiss on the cheek…and Kayla running her fingers through his hair as Steve slept…I mean, it's those little things that are sooo poignant and so special. We need stuff like that back in daytime- attention to detail (especially romantic details). 🙂

    • Orpheus is a great villain. You’re right, it’s funny that he has to tell Steve to calm down on the phone. And like I said above, I love that he takes the time to comment on Kayla’s love life. Poor Kayla!

      The “tucker-inner” line is a classic, lol. I love how Steve’s sleazy lines have gradually morphed into him being more flirtatious instead.

      Agree it’s those details, and allowing your actors space and time to add those little touches — they mean so much. With the new writing, just having the longer scenes I can see is giving actors a chance to add some depth. It’s been great.

  5. MP, I saw on FB where SN tweeted part of this blog article with the kiss on the cheek video! Aww! I also want to add that I sure hope there is a better excuse for Steve leaving his family other than craving excitement. I will be very disappointed if that is the case as I don’t think that fits Steve’s character at all. I just don’t think he would ever abandon his family on a whim for excitement. We shall see. Loved this blog post as always!

    • Someone posted a gif on Twitter, in response to me, of not this kiss but the fish market one, and SN retweeted that gif. Ha ha, how does that sentence make sense? Social media!

      I agree about the excitement thing, I really want there to be more to it. I was hoping Steve was working with Bo sometime before he went missing, on a case that involved a direct threat to the Bradys. But it doesn’t seem that way because Steve didn’t know Bo was working with the ISA.

      • Maybe Steve is waiting until he thinks Kayla is more receptive to what he has to tell her about where he has been. She has certainly not wanted to hear anything else he has to say thus far! I am still holding out for an amazing explanation.I thought Steve might be working with Bo as well so that was interesting about the ISA thing. I can’t wait to watch today!

  6. I do love the drawing that Max gave him and how important it was to Steve. I hadn’t really thought of it as the only picture he has of Kayla at this point but considering how he think they look wrong together I guess this picture is better than the real thing at this point.

    I remember so vividly watching these scenes and just screaming out for Steve to kiss her when he walks in on that yacht! Then again after the kiss on the cheek, I just wanted him to pull her back in for a real kiss. It was excruciating but I loved every minute of it!

    The looks they would give each other just make me melt….even after all of these years. ( That’s a big part of what I felt was missing in there second run. Even if Steve didn’t remember Kayla I just can’t buy that he would have been indifferent to her.) Those glances between them were what kept us all on the edge of our seats waiting and waiting (and waiting) for that first kiss.

    I think Shane’s house had plenty of rooms and even a basement but I guess they weren’t furnished and that Is why people kept crashing on the sofa. I know they move to another house but weren’t they still here when Kim, Shane, Andrew, Drew and Calliope were all living there?

    • That’s one thing about their second run, that I didn’t always feel like I was watching Steve and Kayla. It’s hard to put my finger on it, and maybe it’s because they started out on the wrong foot. It was much better after Steve got his memory back, but even then I didn’t always feel it – especially Kayla. Now, with this return, I do. And that just makes me so happy.

      Anyway, I too loved how the show used to be able to tease, have us on the edge of our seats waiting for that first kiss, that first time. I feel like we’re getting a bit of that back too, but we’ll see.

      • I know they did something on Friday’s show where Brady found Teresa asleep on the sofa and covered her up then he lingered by the sofa watching her. That reminded me a lot of these kind of S&K moments from the 80s and I thought it was sweet even thought it was Brady and Teresa who I am not really sure how I feel about yet.

      • I am definitely not sold on the pairing, but I am really liking the changes they are making to Theresa’s character. And that moment you mention was great – very supercouple era, like you say. We haven’t seen Brady as much since the new writing started, but I thought EM really did well in that moment, showing him softening towards Theresa, but being kind of ambivalent about it. I’ll be glad if they give EM more material like that to work with, because I’ve always liked him.

  7. I love Steve in Shane’s robe – but then again, I love Steve in anything. It does look like there is a real effort going on not to crack up when he struts in the room. Kayla can put so much into a kiss on the cheek – and she always comes in on his blindside when she does so.

    I think Steve was sleeping on the couch because the other guest rooms were already full and to facilitate the scene with Kayla gazing at him and touching his hair. She would probably not have entered a bedroom, but just wandering out in the living room…

    One of the things I am struck (again) by when watching their scenes together is how physically intimate this couple is long before they actually kiss. They hug, caress, embrace, and lean on each other emotionally as well as physically. They fantasize and dream about being together long before they have the courage to give it a try. They have deep conversations and open up their defenses in a beautiful but frustrating dance – one step forward – two steps back. It’s why we love them.

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