I’m a Days geek

Hey everybody, guess who’s going to meet Stephen and Mary Beth? Plus a lot of other Days actors? That’s right, ME!

My mom and I decided to go to Day of Days this year! I’ve never been to a Days event before, so I’m excited. Then, Stephen and Mary Beth are hosting a brunch the next day, and we’re going to that. I plan to see some online friends, too, and we’ll all be big ol’ Days geeks for the weekend! Hurray!

So, it is not really my intention to do a post on every episode, but since I’m not going to message boards, this is the only place I have to talk about Days. (Well, there’s Twitter, but I’m too long winded for 140 characters.)

So let’s talk about today (9/10). It was a pretty quiet day (night? evening? I have no idea!) Hope and Aiden are now engaged. I didn’t think it was possible to find a ring uglier than the ring Daniel gave to Nicole, but they did.

I’m still intrigued by this Basic Black story, and the machinations of the three women.  Theresa seems like a babe in the woods compared to the other two, but to the show’s credit, they are acknowledging that. And I like the idea that she has a “vision” for the company, to revitalize the designs, but not much else. Kate and Nicole are the ones with the business savvy.


There was the barest hint of trouble in paradise for Daniel and Nicole, when Daniel told Maggie that Nicole has been “vague” about wedding planning. It might not mean anything, but we do have two big “wedding to the wrong guy” events coming up, with Haiden (at the bicentennial) and Babby (at Christmas). There’s no room for Daniel and Nicole to squeeze in. So unless they elope, maybe we’ll have Nicole just putting things off until she gets her business affairs sorted out. The other interesting moment for Daniel and Nicole was when she declined to take his advice about accepting help from Brady. He didn’t seem upset, but at least they disagreed on something.

I really have no idea – based only on what I am seeing onscreen – where they are taking Nicole, romantically speaking. My Ericole heart had a tremor when she asked Daniel if he was “jealous” of Brady. Are they setting up a triangle with Daniel/Nicole/Brady? I can’t imagine why they would do that. No, I’m sticking with my theory that they are developing both Nicole and Eric individually, through separate plots, and they will circle back to them as a couple in a few months. Give them a fresh start. But I’m not really basing that on anything I’m seeing on the show, and that makes me nervous.

I have a slightly better feel on Brady and Theresa. The key moment when John said flatly that Theresa doesn’t deserve a chance at Basic Black, and Brady looked uncertain. It seems to signal that Brady will give Theresa a chance, against the advice of everyone in his family. And further, that her growth in this plot will give Brady new respect for her. There was also the scene where Brady scolded her about drinking wine when she’s upset, and she said she’s more excited about the future than she’s ever been.

I liked Brady’s scenes with Marlena and John. We’ve seen him with them so seldom. I liked how Marlena and Brady ganged up on John a little, which forced him to admit his real reason for rejoining the ISA. And if it weren’t for the fact that John already has about 25 different, contradictory backstories, I would think his determination to find out his past is a nice, organic plot for them. But as it is …


14 thoughts on “I’m a Days geek

  1. So exicted!!! 🙂

    I’m also excited about Nicole being fixed. I love that we saw her with a martini and working on business, not scheming to keep another guy or talking to herself about said schemes. I needed spunky Nicole back. That doesn’t mean she has to lose all her growth, but there is a balance to be found.

    And, I’m just going to throw this out there – Nicole is buying a fashion business. Eric is a photographer who did fashion photography at some point. Just sayin’ ….

    • I wasn’t sure if you would want me to “out” you as one of the online friends I’m going to see there! 🙂 Yes, it’s going to be great!

      You’re right about the fashion/photography link. And with this writing team’s emphasis on jobs, it makes sense they would put them in each other’s orbits that way. At least, it makes sense to me!

      I just found out that Eric and Nicole have scenes together today. I’m so freaking excited. Can’t wait to go home and watch.

  2. That is so cool you guys! I hope someone is bringing computer-type equipment and a camera so you can update us, and let us in on the fun! Please geek out for all of us!

    9/10 was interesting for a non Steve/Kayla episode :). The “scheming girls” getting together to take over Basic Black could be really fun. It’s nice to see they are developing their identities outside of man-hunting. Nice scenes all around for Theresa, with Brady, John and then Kate. Loved the two of them sitting on the bench eating candy bars (did either of them really take a bite? LOL). I actually think it would be great for Theresa to show up Brady. I saw a liiiiiiiitle chemistry between them yesterday.

    The Nicole/Daniel stuff felt like filler. Daniel’s beard took over the whole scene. It was mesmerizing me with its evilness. I think Daniel may end up getting more peeved as time goes on. Nicole is “vague” on wedding plans because she doesn’t really want to marry him! I think she’s going to end up throwing herself into Basic Black, which will lead her to working closely with Eric, and that’s when the kaboom of the Danicole relationship will start. I can see her coming up with a million reasons to put off the wedding.

    Haven’t seen today yet, but I am going to watch before bed now that I know Eric and Nicole have scenes. I hope there’s some Steve as well!

    Go Days geeks!

    • We’ll definitely be posting some pictures! This is not only my first Days event, but my first “fan” event of any kind. I justified it to myself that it’s quality time with my mom (she is so excited to meet Drake, LOL), plus my husband’s mother lives near LA and we’ll get to see her too. Hubby and kids are also coming, but not to see Mick and McKayla. 🙂

      Hee! About Daniel’s beard. That thing is scaaaary! Thinking about it more, I’m wondering if Daniel’s reservations about Brady are setting him up to be kind of controlling. And if Eric starts working at Basic Black, I can’t imagine he’ll like that either.

      At any rate, I’m really hoping that the line about her being “vague” turns into something. Like I said in my post, with two “weddings to the wrong guy” going forward, I can’t imagine they will also have one for Danicole. Just a hunch, but I see her wanting to stay engaged, and like you say, finding reasons to put it off. I think this engagement party will happen, though, now that Maggie mentioned it.

  3. When I was a wee teen I went to a Tristan Rogers GH event and had a blast! In my 20’s I went to an X-Files event (I’m a super-nerd) that was also awesome (though some of the fans were a teeny bit scary). You are going to have a great time. Days cast is on a super high right now! Get Stephen to sit on your lap, and you can show up Shea (I think it was you) with her Matt Ashford photo!

    • I’m a supernerd too, the only other fan event I’ve considered going to is Doctor Who. I’m sure the fans there are scary too!

      Yes, it was Shea who got Matt Ashford to sit in her lap. Lol, I’m not setting my sights that high, but a pic with each of them would be nice. And Greg Vaughan. 🙂

      • OMG! Yes…do get SN to sit in your lap! If I could remember how I got MA to do it I would tell you my secret but that was a lifetime ago. (The MA event was the only “fan” event I have ever done.) I am sure you have a great time and I look forward to reading about your experience and seeing your pics.

        I haven’t watched today’s episode yet but 9/10 was the first show in weeks that I had the urge to FF a few scenes. I resisted but I did fold and put up laundry during a few of my least favorite scenes. Surprisingly I liked the Kate and Teresa scene. I thought I was warming up the Eve and Justin thing until I saw them kissing and now I am not sure again. I have to say that I didn’t even notice Daniel’s beard…I think I chose folding my husband’s underwear over watching his scenes…LOL….but now I think I need to go back and look to see what the fuss is about.

      • I can’t imagine asking SN to sit on my lap, lol! I’m still amazed that MA sat on yours!

        Thursday’s show was a bit slow in parts. I was tempted to FF the Haiden stuff. I’m still liking Justin/Eve a lot, even the kiss. But like I said awhile back I’m happy with them as friends too.

        Your husband’s underwear is probably much better looking than Dan’s beard. Lol. But no need to rewatch, he’s on today too.

  4. Very cool that you’re going to Day of Days with your mom! And it sounds like you get to go to a smaller, more close up event with SN and MBE. So rad. I got to talk to Matt Ashford on the phone for about an hour once, so that’s my Days claim to fame moment, I guess. I would also like to go to a Dr. Who event. Though I never could get into the 11th Doctor as much, and #12 hasn’t made it to Netflix.

    • Another Dr. Who fan!

      I grew up watching the older show, and have loved the reboot as well. I am watching it on DVD, so I’m still watching Matt Smith. Until I got into Days again, I was making good progress on Dr. Who. Now it’s kind of on hold. 🙂

      So you got to talk to Matt Ashford on the phone! How did that come about? Any interesting stories you can share?

      • He was being interviewed on a podcast, shortly after he was fired the last time. At the end, people could call in. There were some callers before me, but then I was the last call, so he just kept talking to me. He was super friendly. We talked about politics, Shakespeare, and of course, Days. I told him I’ve been crushing on him since I was 12. I also told him how I thought the show should have played things differently and how ticked I was that they didn’t utilize all that potential. He thought Jack and Jennifer should be divorced, but friends. I told him, no way, Jack and Jennifer’s love story is just too beautiful for me to accept that. Come on, from Jack and Jennifer, I want true love forever soul mates, dangit! Now, looking back, I’m pretty sure his marriage was coming apart at the time, and I wonder if that’s why he was thinking that way for Jack and Jennifer. Or maybe he just wanted to play things differently and was sick of playing the breakup/remarry thing. (I’m ridiculously disappointed about his marriage, by the way, which I know is rather silly of me. I have no idea of the whys or hows, and I need to remember he’s an actor; he’s not Jack.) Anyway, it was super cool. He talked to my son also. My son (who was eight at the time) said, “Hey, there, Matty!” and Matt was very sweet to him. I was really impressed with Mr. Ashford overall, despite his silly ideas about Jack and Jennifer. I mentioned this before, I think, so sorry to repeat, but I told my son, “See, that’s why you have a past-his-prime soap star be your favorite actor. Your chances of getting to talk to him are just way better than your chances of talking to Chris Pratt.”

      • Ha ha! What you told your son was right on. Soap actors are more accessible in general, it seems like. They don’t seem to have as many handlers and such. And I couldn’t believe it when I found out Day of Days was free.

        I can see how MA would get tired of the divorce/remarry merry-go-round. I’m sure a lot of supercouple actors do. They don’t understand how invested we get in their love stories.

        MA sounds like a great, sweet guy. It’s always nice to know our favorite actors are good people. I love that about SN and MBE too, they seem so genuinely nice and obviously are great friends.

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