F – U – N

Oh, Days made me a happy Ericole fan today!


Look at Parker in the background … he thinks the drunk man is funny. LOL.

Drunk Eric was great, especially when he was throwing shade at Daniel. I loved when he told Daniel to stop preaching to him, that Daniel had everything he wanted, and everything always worked out for him. Greg gave a little extra intensity to that moment, showing Eric thinking of Nicole. I am so on board with tension and jealousy between Eric and Daniel. His whole “at peace” thing needed to end (though I give him points for trying). I think when he told Daniel he tried “turning the other cheek,” and it was wrong, he wasn’t talking about Serena.

And then when Nicole showed up, I loved his flirtatiousness when he grabbed her and pulled her into the chair opposite him.

There were some good history references too. When Eric told Daniel that he wanted to have “F – U – N” tonight, it called back to something from Eric and Nicole’s very early history at the rectory.  There is a scene soon after Nicole first starts lusting after Eric, where she decides to go out and expend her lust on someone else.  She tells Father Eric she is going out to have FUN, spelling it out like he did today.

That reference might have been unintentional, but the other reference to their history was clear and accurate. Nicole offered Eric the job at Basic Black and said it was “payback” for when she was at her lowest and he gave her a job at the church. He turned her down, not wanting to accept charity from her, and I loved the look on her face after he turned away. She was clearly thinking, “We’ll just see about that.” As you can see here:


The rest of the show was good too. I really love Kassie DePaiva, and she killed it in her scenes with Justin and Marlena. As giddy as I was from my Ericole scenes, I teared up every time I saw Kassie onscreen. I really enjoyed Marlena counseling her, and loved the reference to baby DJ, who died from SIDS.

Marlena was also very funny when John was listing all his previous identities – she said “Stefano’s half-brother,” cackled a little, and hit his leg.

Finally, the reference to the Victorian house for the bicentennial being the Martin house utterly gobsmacked me. I had to look up this storyline. They got the details right, though Julie neglected to mention that David Martin was the father of her son David Banning. Was this just a random reference, just for fun for the really old time Days viewers? Or does this mean something? I saw on Twitter the theory that John will turn out to be Dickie Martin, Susan and David’s baby son, who was the first person to die on the show. That would be kind of cool, actually, and would give him a half brother in David Banning, and a nephew in Scott Banning, if either of those characters ever returned. I think it’s unlikely, though. I really wonder what identity they are going to give to John now. I hope it’s something really boring, like he was a postman or something.

Whee! Unlike Eric, not even Daniel can kill my buzz tonight!


26 thoughts on “F – U – N

  1. Ericole! I can’t believe it’s almost 3 years since Eric came back to town! I’m a little sad about how little sexy time we’ve gotten in that period. In those 3 years they were a couple for maybe 3 months. It kills me. I’m happy they are making Nicole more independent, I just wish we got more Ericole. I hope the Basic Black storyline brings lots of angsty moments.

    Between Nicole and Kate, Theresa has no idea what she’s gotten herself into. *giddy*.

    KDP showing everyone she deserves to be in the big leagues! I can’t believe the show had her lusting after a teenager while porn music played. The scenes with Marlena were heart wrenching. When she said, “I guess I’m not a mother anymore”, urgh, it broke me. As much as Paige bored me, I really can’t imagine that kind of pain. The “my daughter died hating me” hit me too.

    The chemistry in the Justin scene felt a little flat. I guess, it was supposed to be? I’ve never found grief sex to be hot. I’m glad they stopped it. I don’t know about those two yet.

    • Eric was so awesome today. I wish he were drunk all the time LOL. No way Nicole is going to give up now, until he is working for Basic Black. I loved Eric telling Mr. Perfect not to preach at him. Everything always DOES seem to work out for Daniel, though Daniel never seems able to make his relationships last. Eric seems very rudderless right now, and thank god! His character needs another focus aside from Nicole also. Let’s get him working again, give him something to be excited about, and then the sexy is definitely going to follow.

      Best work I’ve seen from DH in weeks. She and Kassie were heartbreaking.

      Loved the old mansion scenes. I didn’t know that history abut David Martin! I also loved Caroline today. Peggy McKay is so good playing Caroline’s confusion. Is this her dementia? Seeing Shawn in the mirror kind of gave me chills. At least now I know Victor IS working on a cure for her – I thought so, but wasn’t sure.

      The idea of that mansion being haunted is kind of soapy and fun. We know Days isn’t afraid to go there! I’ve been waiting for more flashbacks, which I assume are coming.

      I love all the callbacks to the history of the show. I think they are intentional. Someone is doing their homework!

      As to John’s identity…I don’t know. It is funny all the people he’s THOUGHT he was, but if he does find out, it has to be that he is related to someone on the show, right? Otherwise why do it? It might be interesting to somehow make him a Brady after all, but that brings up incest issues. John’s history makes my brain hurt.

    • I totally agree, Farah – it kills me that in three years, they were together for about a nanosecond, and through almost all of it Nicole had a secret hanging over her head. I think they are setting up a great triangle here, with Nicole engaged but spending a lot of time with Eric at work. Getting closer, fighting their feelings – yes!

      Denise, totally agree that Eric needs a focus. Daniel was right about something, and thanks for giving Nicole the idea. 😊 Kudos to Days for making his meltdown NOT about Serena, though it factored in. It’s about him losing his vocation, then losing the woman he loves – where does he go now, what does he do? He really is in a similar place to Nicole when he helped her. I love they are bringing these things up because it was all just dropped when the wheels came off for Ericole.

      I am liking this new version of Theresa! I like the idea of her biting off more than she can chew here. Like, she has talent and spunk but not much else. Can’t wait to see Nicole’s reaction to Kate being Theresa’s silent partner.

      I like the idea of the house being haunted, as long as they don’t take it too far. I could see it going along well with the murder story, the darkness of it.

  2. Despite not seeing Steve and Kayla over the last two days, I have become more invested in the other story lines. I love what they are doing with Theresa- her expression at the end of Friday’s episode after talking to Kate was priceless! She has no idea what she has gotten herself into and it’s going to be a fun ride.

    I have never been very invested in Paige/Eve, but KDP gave a gut wrenching performance. I was literally sobbing through every scene she had on Friday. Her grief and guilt were tangible and I agree DH was wonderful with her. I am fine with Eve and Justin as friends, but don’t see much else between them. It will be interesting to see what they do with Justin/Adrienne. Has Steve STILL not seen her??? So strange!

    I loved Eric over the last couple of days! Drunk Eric was refreshing from peaceful, preachy Eric. I am also loving Nicole’s new direction these days- I’ve actually always loved her- she has an irresistible charm so I’m glad they are elevating her storyline. Of course, Eric will take the job at BB and they will work well together in MANY ways! Can’t wait! Oh, and MP, I love your blog so daily recaps are great with me! 🙂

    • Thanks, Cathie! There’s so much to talk about these days, I might keep up the daily posts for now!

      I have loved Nicole since she came back for her second run – Higley was the one who brought her back in 2008, so I have to grateful to her for that. I hated how for so many years they never gave her a love story of her own, like with Ejole she was always second place to Sami. But then, finally, they did with Eric. That’s one of the best, most appealing things for me about Ericole, how Nicole comes first for Eric. Even when he hated her, he was still all about her.

      And yes, it’s also great to see Nicole get her zip and energy back. I love that now that she’s in a better place, she is in a position to help others – Eric, certainly, but Theresa too.

      Steve and Kayla back next week! And I hope Steve sees Adrienne soon, it’s so weird!

      • It is weird! Isn’t Adrienne still living at the Kiriakis mansion? Steve came to see Victor there. You would think SOMEONE might say, “Oh, Adrienne, your brother Steve was at the mansion today!!” Or that Steve might have called and said he is in town. Maybe he has and it is just off screen? The writers are doing a lot of things right, but this just doesn’t make sense IMHO. Maybe next week.
        This is random, but at least it was finally clear on Friday that a new day was here! Everyone was saying good morning and had changed clothes.

  3. I’m not sure if the video will post correctly, but this is how I feel a lot of the time as an Eric and Nicole fan. I was pretty much done. I had decided, despite some clues that should have been enough to get me through that they were destroying my couple and I was just going to be done with DAYS. And then Friday happened. And drunk Eric happened. And F.U.N happened. And “I don’t want your charity” rectory Ericole happened. And just like that I’m wiling to hang in a little bit longer and see where this leads.

    • Jasmine, lol at your video. Days has done that to me many times.

      I was starting to lose faith too, honestly. Offscreen there were signs of hope, but I was waiting for something onscreen – something positive for Ericole, not just negative for Danicole. And we finally got it, hurray!

      I know this will be a B story for the fall, but I’m just so excited we are finally seeing that they are getting a story together. And it looks promising!

      • I agree! Eric and Nicole fans really needed Friday. And they knocked it out of the park by having Eric drunk and voicing what the audience has wanted to say to Daniel for so long!

      • Yes! Thinking about it, he was a little cool still in the morning to Daniel, even though he apologized. Maybe that was just the hangover, but like I said in my post, I am so ready for some tension between the two of them.

        It is a huge relief to see Daniel not be the center of everything. If TomSell had written this, both Nicole and Eric would have spent the morning talking about what a great friend Daniel was after he left.

  4. I had a similar thought about John and the Martins. It seems natural that they’d bring up this huge historical question of “Who is John Black?” just as we’re gearing up for the 50th anniversary, and while I totally could see the Martin mansion and Julie’s (incredibly condensed) explanation simply being nods to the past for viewers in the know, it also wouldn’t shock me if it were set-up for something coming down the line. I hadn’t explicitly made the connection that John actually could be Dickie Martin, but I could see them doing it. Dickie had an accident, and the Martins took advantage of the situation to make David and Susan think he’d died because they didn’t want the child being raised in such a volatile situation? It’s wacky, but not actually that screwy timeline-wise (he’s still older than Hope but younger than Julie, for example), and it would tie John into the roots of Days without retconning him as, like, Tommy Horton’s lost son. I could definitely see them going there — although, now that I just threw out that random thought, it wouldn’t be totally nuts to say that Tommy fathered a child at some point, particularly when he had amnesia before coming back to Salem. There would be worse novelty retcons, honestly.

    • They are in a bind with John. They’ve done so many backstories already, and each one is inevitably undone by the next writing team. What is there left to do? That’s why I think it would be funny if there was no drama this time, he finds out he was a postman living peacefully in Topeka, Kansas, and that’s the end of it.

      The Martin connection would actually work because it wouldn’t create any backdated incest. When John was temporarily a Dimera, it suddenly made John/Kristen (sortof) incest. Making John a Horton would make the Hope/John Subsex incest, plus make things complicated for Shawn/Belle.

      My stipulation is that if they connect him to any families on the canvas, do something interesting with it. I know a lot of people hated the Santeen stuff and making John a Dimera, but I genuinely enjoyed PawnJohn, and him deciding to make a claim for his Dimera heritage and living at the mansion. At any rate, if they connect John to the Martin family, they must have something in mind for him to do with the house, if it’s haunted or something.

      Or it could be just a random red herring, something to get Twitter to light up for the day. And I’m not opposed to that either. 🙂

      • Ahhhhh! I totally forgot about Subsex and Shelle when I wrote that. ABORT! ABORT!

        It really is a problem, though. Whatever they reveal has to have some kind of weight. I wasn’t crazy about the way they revealed that he was a DiMera/Brady, but it worked as a concept, and it could’ve generated story for everyone going forward. I thought it was so weird how after J&M’s 2011 return, it took them like eight months to even MENTION it.

        There could be something kind of poetic in him finally learning that he was born in Salem, but his parents and grandparents are dead, and that’s that.

      • Also, it makes me insane that undoing John-as-DiMera was done as such an afterthought so they could pair Brady and Theresa (a couple that doesn’t even work for me, really).

      • Oh, it was for Brady and Theresa that the Dimera backstory for John was undone? Oy.

        Don’t worry about forgetting about Shelle and Subsex. This stuff gets very complicated. When I was trying to think through the Dickie Martin thing, I thought it meant John would be related to Julie. But no, he would just be the half brother of her son. LOL.

      • Yeah, Hope marched in one day and was like, “Hey, Brady. I got a letter from John that he was wrong about being Ryan Brady!” Five minutes later, Brady started having scenes with Theresa.

  5. Still no Steve and Adrienne scene!!! Does she even know he is back in town? In Salem time I think Steve has only been back in town for 3-4 days but it is still annoying me.

    I really like the Eve/Marlena scenes even though I am not a a big KDP fan.

    I am liking Teresa a little more this week too. I am interested to see how she and Eve interact in the aftermath of Paige’s death.

    I had read a teaser about the Bicentennial committee reminiscing on Friday so I expecting more than just a mention of the fish market and Julie’s details about the Martin family so I was a bit disappointed that was all we got. But I was like you and I had to look up David Martin to see if they got it right. It’s a little weird that she didn’t mention she was married to David Martin and had a baby with him but I guess I will give her a pass.

    • It is annoying me too that Adrienne and Steve still haven’t met, or even mentioned each other. I know it must happen sometime but she should have been one of the first people he went to see.

      Since I am staying away from spoilers and message boards I didn’t see the teaser about the flashbacks, so I didn’t know to be disappointed. I was tickled with the little flashes we got of Shawn and Caroline. And I remember David Banning (even if Julie doesn’t, LOL!) so this Martin mention really made me happy.

      And yes, I’m curious about Theresa finding out about Paige. I’m curious how they will play it, and how JL will handle that kind of material. The camera panned over the article, showing on her ipad, in that scene where she was waking up on the couch. I wonder if on Monday she is going to find out before Eve has a chance to tell her.

  6. Drunk Eric was good. I really need to go back and watch Eric/Nicole It’s a lot more to bite off than Chad/Abby were though. I don’t think men being drunk in real life could possibly be as appealing as drunk soap men.

    Wait, is John not a Dimera anymore? Also, did Justin cheat on Adrienne? If so, with whom?

    KDP seems a fine actress. Just utterly un-Eve-like. I know my favorite guy is a recast who’s a fair bit different than the original, but it was Ashford’s Jack who brought the character into his own and really made something of Jack. Charlotte Ross’s Eve was also a character of weight, very memorable. If KDP’s Eve is so far removed, why make her Eve at all? Just to come in bugging Jennifer about Jack’s book? I mean, they could have made her dislike Jennifer in some other way, especially since Jennifer and Eve really hadn’t left off on bad terms.

    • Justin did cheat on Adrienne when he was working in Dubai. It was with a colleague named Ilsa. He denied it for a long time, but then finally came clean.

    • I still think of KDP’s Eve as kind of a different character than Charlotte Ross’s Eve. As to why they made her Eve as opposed to just bringing on a new character, it was TomSell’s lazy way of trying to make us care about new characters. It’s the same thing they did with Theresa. They made her Jeanie Donovan, but never did much with that fact. Just hoping fans would like her just because of the connection.

      Yes, they undid the John is a Dimera story. I wasn’t watching when that happened, so I don’t know how they did it.

      And I do recommend watching Eric and Nicole when you get a chance. The scene I posted above is actually one of the first that I watched, and it was when I really started to get hooked.

  7. Wow, MP you must be happy about GV following your tweets and responding. I’m glad they didn’t do the grief sex with Eve and Justin. I think what they did was much more realistic for a change. I liked that he put the breaks on but still offered to stay with her, because let’s face it who does she has as a friend in this town? At least this is consistent with CR’s version of Eve who never really knew how to maintain friends. The only person that really cares for her is Theresa. What does she do for a living? I’ve never seen her go to work or mention work. Is she wealthy? I thought it was interesting that all of sudden Adrienne wanted to work on their marriage again, but that is their pattern too. Justin cheats, Adrienne revenge cheats, divorce, then they work back together. Remember Adrienne and Emilo after Justin and Angelica. Oh what tangled webs. Staples of soaps though. And what is up with Steve not visiting his baby sister yet. He knows she would at least be happy to see him.

    • Yes, I was over the moon at GV’s retweet. That means he probably looked at this blog post. Gives me tingles.

      I was a little surprised at the Justin and Adrienne scene. Since they are already broken up, I thought we would continue with Adrienne/Lucas and Justin/Eve for awhile. But Justin was thinking about calling Eve before Adrienne approached him, and Lucas told Kate he was going to fight for Adrienne, so expect complications will ensue anyway. And yes, I remember Adrienne/Emilio and Justin/Anjelica. The Adrienne/Emilio affair was some of the cheesiest stuff I’ve ever seen on a soap — and that’s saying something!

      I have no idea what Eve does for a living! She’s not rich because she was having trouble coming up with the money for Stanford. But I don’t get the sense that she works.

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