One pill to make you larger, one to make you small

Dena Higley loves her pills.

Her last run, there were no fewer than three stories involving some version of “the pills made me do it.” There was Ava, who was being fed pills by her mobster father. There was Nick, who was taking painkillers when he went to jail for stalking Melanie. And finally, there was Hope, who was taking sleeping pills when she went out at night mugging the men of Salem. And trying to kill Bo.

So, lesson #1: in Higley’s Salem, stay away from the pharmacy.

So I think it’s extremely likely that someone is drugging Chad somehow to have blackouts, as Lisa suggested on yesterday’s post. This implies, as we already suspected, that Chad may be the true target of the necktie killer. Again it all seems to point to Clyde (he certainly would have access to all kinds of drugs), but of course that feels too obvious.


Speaking of pills, we also saw Bo, in captivity, spit out a pill his guard gave him. I wonder if the pill is part of an attempt by the Dimeras to create another pawn in Bo, and he is foiling their plan.


Today’s episode (9/9) was really good, the aftermath of Paige’s death. Casey Moss was great, especially in the scenes in Paige’s dorm room, but Kassie DePaiva ripped my heart out. They set up that scene so perfectly too, in her conversation with Theresa. She and Theresa were bantering together like they do (I love their relationship!). Theresa was “comforting” her by saying she told Kim she was “dead to her” (nice dialogue, so creepy) all the time when she was growing up. And then that perfect line, when Eve said she “can’t imagine anything worse” than Paige freezing her out, as the camera panned over Paige’s dead body.

Steve and Kayla had a lovely, brief scene. First, the harmonica. 🙂


She’s saying she’s desperate … is that a good sign or a bad sign?

Then, I loved their dialogue. At first, they were just couple of parents dealing with their wayward son. They even fell into an easy banter for a just a moment, before Kayla froze up again. I loved her sarcasm when she said she was desperate enough to ask him for help, and her anger when she thought he was giving up. Then Steve got serious that he hasn’t given up on “us,” and then we saw that all-important reaction shot from Kayla outside the door. She knows she is vulnerable to him. So lovely.


Take note, Days: reaction shots are good!

I thought Steve and Hope’s fight was interesting. Steve was pretty aggressive with Hope, which surprised me – but I liked it. It put Steve a little bit in the wrong, even though we know he’s right. It balanced the ultra-supportive reaction Hope has had about her relationship with Aiden all through the TomSell era. I also liked how Hope fired right back at him. I think Steve’s hostility to Aiden has a personal edge — perhaps he sees Aiden as what future awaits him if he can’t win Kayla back. And come to think of it, maybe that underlay his hostility to Hope too.

Later, when Hope accepted Aiden’s proposal, I got the sense that it was partly to prove she could, prove she had moved on. Take that, Steve — and take that, Bo.


19 thoughts on “One pill to make you larger, one to make you small

  1. I had the EXACT same thought about Steve’s reaction to Haiden. He’s acting a little like Maggie acted about Dannifer (ugh), and I’m borderline-irritated, but I at least understand his POV: Bo’s his best friend, he’s worried about him, and if Hope can have faith in Bo and get back with him, then Steve has a shot with Kayla. This is another instance in which it would’ve actually been more effective if Kayla had another love interest, though maybe it would’ve been too on-the-nose.

    All the stuff with Theresa and Eve talking about their experiences with Tate and Paige worked really well. It was heavy-handed, in that good, suspenseful way.

    • Ew, Maggie with Dannifer! What a parallel! But you’re right, Steve was over the top, and what makes the most sense is that something is driving him. I love that they aren’t spelling it out for us, they are trusting us to figure it out.

      What I liked about the Eve/Theresa/Tate scenes is that we were already with Eve, and kind of feeling for her, before she found out about Paige. KDP would have rocked it either way, but it was so much more effective this way. And I just love Theresa/Eve scenes, so that was great.

  2. Kudos to both Casey Moss and Cassie DP. Good solid work. Especially Eve’s scene in the morgue.

    Loved the “clue” of the Dimera flower petal. Poor Chad.

    Oh Steve just definitely pushed Hope into accepting Aiden’s proposal. Good work dude, LOL.

    I wonder if one of the new older men coming on board might not have at least a flirtation with Kayla. It would be interesting if it was someone who could actually BE a threat to Steve. I don’t think it’s really necessary in the dynamic (to introduce a third party), but jealous Steve would be a thing of beauty. I think he’s being very cautious with Kayla right now, but you know that’s got to change at some point. If the guy gets even a flicker of an opening he’s going to go full-force. Kayla’s not giving him anything right now. I like how they gave us that glimpse of Kayla reacting after she leaves Steve in her office. It actually kind of reminded me of the eye-patch removal scene. She waits until she is alone to react. She’s more vulnerable than Steve knows, but she’s not going to let him see it. Go Kayla!

    MP I love your comments about the pills! I just finished watching the Hope on sleeping pills storyline. Chad is definitely being drugged. They practically beat us over the head with that clue in his conversation with Brady. How are they getting to him though?

    Clyde didn’t seem to have much of a reaction to JJ’s confronting him about Paige’s death, but it really can’t be him. I think it’s safe to say Clyde and Chad are the only two we can definitely take off the suspect list right now :). Aiden taking on Chad as a client is interesting. Could he be setting him up at the same time he’s defending him? But if so, why? Aiden may be too obvious as well. Is it someone with a grudge against Chad, or is Chad just a convenient dupe to pin the blame on because he’s a Dimera? I keep wondering who is next on the killer’s list. Kind of exciting in a morbid way!

    • I kind of don’t think it’s going to be possible for the show to utterly surprise us with who the killer is. And that’s okay. Back in 2003, it was a “surprise” that Marlena was the killer and everyone was still alive on Melaswen, but not — to put it mildly — a surprise that made sense. I’d rather it made sense. So I’m actually thinking maybe Ben, working with Clyde. I think they’ll show that he and his father have been working together (in the drug operation) much more than we thought, so he has reason to target Paige too. And he certainly has reason to hate Chad.

      I loved Clyde in that scene with JJ! I meant to mention in my post that I love how they are continuing JJ keeping Clyde’s secret. I thought it would come out with Paige’s death. This way, he thinks Clyde is guilty, but can’t say anything. How will he react to Chad being arrested? He’ll think the police are charging an innocent man – which will put him on the same page with Abby. That should lead to some interesting conflict for him, on whether or not to speak up about Clyde.

      • I didn’t even think about the sibling dynamic between JJ and Abby–glad you mentioned it. I’m really excited to see what Casey Moss can do now that he is free from what I think was the worst storyline of the past year. I think he belongs in an adult storyline and I hope they skip over the rest of college. Seeing him interact with (and maybe even become friends with) Chad would be great.

      • I’m not counting on the killer reveal making any kind of sense LOL, but if it makes more sense than the Marlena story I’ll live with it. I don’t necessarily thing a “surprise” would be good for the audience (it that it would have to be something like the Marlena thing) I actually thought Ben too, siince the first target of his rage seems to be Chad.

      • I hope they are not expecting to surprise us with WHO the killer is, but maybe give us a bit of a twist with what his motive is. Or maybe there’s more than one killer, like Clyde is responsible for these first two and someone else is a copycat or something.

        I could see Liz’s suggestion too – she said maybe Clyde is really Andre. Lol. Crazy but I could see Days doing that.

        And I admit I’m hoping they could find a way for it to be Daniel. 🙂

      • Forgive the spelling mistake laden response LOL. I’m not multi-tasking well today.

        I’d rather have Daniel be a victim!

    • Denise, you are right about Kayla not giving him anything and I, too, loved the reaction outside the door of her office. Very telling. Steve and Kayla always had their best relationship breakthroughs during some sort of crisis i.e. Stockholm, on the run, Kayla poisoned, etc. Of course, that makes sense since this IS a soap after all! I am wondering if Steve will figure out where Bo is and want to go rescue him and Kayla will insist on tagging along to help her brother. Maybe no one will believe Steve except Kayla. That would throw them both together in an intense situation where Kayla could not just walk away. Or not! I am so excited with the radical change Days has undergone over the last couple of weeks and I LOVE this blog and all of the insightful comments.

      • Thanks, Cathie!

        I would love it if Kayla tags along to go after Bo, but I think she’ll feel she has to stay back with Joey. And I foresee she is not going to be happy with him leaving — but I hope she’s more open than Hope is to the idea that he might be in trouble!

  3. Steve and Hope’s conversation was totally about he and Kayla. 😉

    Okay, not totally but there was so much subtext there. I think he’s desperate for Hopr to believe him about Bo and desperate for her to not marry Aiden because if she does that, and he accepts that Hope can just let Bo go, then he might have to face the idea that Kayla could do the same. All his talk about soul mates (with Aiden the other day) and Bo being the love of Hope’s life, etc. That’s Steve talking about he and Kayla.

    It’s been a long-time since subtext was a part of the show, but it was there in spades in that scene.

    It was also in the S&K scene with Steve’s “of course you do” when Kayla had to leave and her comment about not having time to bang her head against the wall. What a callback, even unintentionally, to the days when Kayla was the one trying to break down Steve’s walls. For a short scene, the dialogue packed a wallop.

    • The “banging my head against a wall” line was great. That jumped out at me too, how it referenced what she did in their early relationship. She’s telling him she doesn’t have time for that, or him, now.

      Excellent point about Steve’s talk about soulmates, and “you don’t forget a love like that,” to Aiden the other day. You’re right about subtext. Every once in a while I saw some subtext in TomSell’s Days, but I was never sure if it was intentional or not!

  4. I have to say that the more I think about it the more it bothers me that Aiden is working for Stefano. I am still curious about who he owes money too but wouldn’t it have been better if Aiden was just a bad guy working with Clyde rather than his whole relationship with Hope being a set up by Stefano? In the end he is still a bad guy but I think they could have done more with it.

    I admit I haven’t watched the Ava Vitali stuff and I have just read synopses but since she is coming back is there anyway she is involved with any of the Bo stuff that is going on? I found it interesting that Bo’s guard said something about him needing to tell them what they want to know like he is being held and tortured for information. Stefano and Andre are usually ahead in the game and know everything before anyone else so that doesn’t seem like a Dimera thing to me.

    The pacing obviously still annoys me and the fact that I have no idea if what I watched last week happened last week, or yesterday…or even in the same day as something I might watch today. Has Steve been back in town a couple of weeks now or just a couple of days?

    Loved the S&K scene yesterday but I am still waiting on a Steve and Adrienne scene!!!

    • I get you with the pacing. I’m going by the clothes. Everyone had the same outfits on, so I assume that means it’s the same day. I think Steve has only been back a few days at this point. It IS weird that Steve hasn’t gone to see Adrienne yet, the ONE person he can be sure will be glad to see him.

      The Aiden stuff is weird. I think that the Stefano stuff must have been a rewrite once they knew Peter was returning and they were not going to keep Aiden? Aiden and Hope are driving me nuts. I’m not buying that she is anywhere near ready to marry the guy. I haven’t been back watching long, so I didn’t see their initial story, but I don’t feel much “chemistry” to borrow from MP’s last post. Maybe it’s just the “hit us over the head” ROMANCE. They certainly seem to have many fans.

      I am interested in what Bo knows that could have gotten him into this trouble. Of course, just because he left to pursue the Dimeras doesn’t mean he didn’t run into some other kind of trouble along the way. They could be using the Dimeras as a red herring.

      • I fixed it!

        I am not into Haiden either, at least the summer incarnation. I saw a few clips of them when I was watching the Ericole clips and they were fun when they were sparring a little. But this whole over the top ROMANCE, like you say, is so not my style. And I think some of the jewelry Aiden gave her is from KA’s line, and that is just too tacky.

        I think it’s going to be the Dimeras and I’m okay with it. And though it’s true that for me, a little Stefano goes a long way, I’m glad to see he’s up to his overelaborate tricks instead of just obsessing about Abby.

        Re: what day it’s supposed to be — I’m confused too. It seemed like evening, but then I thought when we saw Chad wake up, it was morning of a new day. But then Roman asked him where he was “this afternoon.” And everyone is wearing the same clothes, so I’ll just go with it, I guess. 🙂

      • I think that Chad just passed out, and it wasn’t the next day, but it was confusing for the audience.

        I’m okay with the Bo stuff being the Dimeras as well. It fits the 50th anniversary storyline. I think that part may just be a vehicle to get Peter back and to give Steve and Bo a little adventure. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if there is something else behind it.

        I noticed the jewelry too. Kristian confirmed on twitter that the watch Aiden gave her was from her collection, and I think the ring must be too. Oh well, cross marketing for her I guess, but who wants a ring that a psycho picked out LOL! I hate to say it, but I did fast forward through their scenes today. I’m trying not to do that, but my fingers couldn’t help themselves.

        I think the Theresa, Nicole, Kate stuff could turn out to be fun. It’s nice to see a little of snarky Nicole coming back! I saw a wee more chemistry between Eric and Theresa today, so there may be hope for them as well, though I’m still hoping for a bad boy for her :).

        I also liked the last shot of Chad behind bars.

        Not bad for a day with no Steve or Kayla :).

  5. I like the scene between Brady and Chad! For a moment, I was like, wait, how do these two know each other? I’d forgotten these two were friends for two second during Chad and Melanie’s relationship. It was such a nothing scene, but I appreciate it was there. It really made Salem feel like a community. During TomSell the stories always felt so isolated. God, I love a good umbrella story.

    • I loved the Chad/Brady conversation! I really like how they are using the connections on the canvas more meaningfully. Brady is really the perfect one to talk to about it (of course we know he’s being drugged, lol), but I liked how he was a little bit touchy at first. Each actor had something interesting to play, and I liked that.

      I also liked the Abby/Theresa conversation for the same reason. You’re right, they are getting everyone involved, and it’s great.

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