Person of character

Chad and Abby’s scenes today (9/8) were borrowed straight from the 80’s/90’s supercouple playbook, but no less awesome for all that. I love that Abby has more faith in him than he himself does. Chad’s fear that he is guilty makes perfect sense, along with his fear of becoming his father. Abby’s response was perfect, reminding him that he had (even more) reason to be angry at her after she chose Ben, but he stepped up and protected her, even at the cost of being disowned. Her statement that he was “a person of character” was an odd, old-fashioned phrase, but I loved it. And, oh, Billy Flynn’s eyes when Abby told him she knew he didn’t kill anyone!


I also loved the way she took his hand as she gave him her impassioned speech, but then she let go and excused herself after that. The new writers seem to realize how to tease; they understand that less is more. We might swoon if he swept her in his arms and kissed her, but it isn’t needed — in fact, it’s too much. It wouldn’t do the character of Abby any favors, and would be a bit out of place in a scene like this.Β  This was about her faith in him, not their love for each other – though of course that love is bubbling under the surface.


I was glad to see Eric a little more, and find out what he’s been feeling since Serena died. I’m intrigued by his crisis of faith. He was laying it on a little thick about how wonderful and beautiful Serena was, but they balanced it by also having him talk about his last words to her, that they couldn’t be friends. He said that was the reason she was drowning her sorrows that night — and he’s not wrong. They also balanced his guilt nicely with Hope’s wry response, when he said he was the reason Serena came to town: “You, and the diamonds.”

He also said today that finding Serena’s killer is the only thing he can do for her right now. That, plus his crisis of faith, will surely take him to a dark place — and on a collision course with Chad. AND, he sure was fiddling with his necktie a lot in his scene with Hope, wasn’t he? Eric might have something interesting to do this fall after all!

Steve’s scenes mostly moved the plot forward in finding Bo, but they did it in a clever way. Steve’s revelation that Bo never went to Tahiti in the merchant marines was undercut today by Victor saying he went there once with Hope. Maybe Bo just got the time mixed up. Victor’s accusation that Steve just wants to find a way to be a hero to Kayla was perfectly reasonable (and perfectly true), and it gives Victor a reason to doubt what Steve is saying. By putting Steve a little bit in the wrong, it makes the pill — of no one in town looking for Bo up til now — a little easier to swallow.

Then, Steve’s scenes with John continued the theme. (But they kicked off with an awesome reference to the organ harvesting from 2006! Ha!) John pointed out that what Steve is saying Bo would “never” do is exactly what he (Steve) did. John also confirmed Bo actually told him he was going undercover for the ISA, and that the assignment related to the Dimeras. There is no way it’s not Andre who has Bo, right? Especially since we saw today that Aiden is working for Stefano, presumably to distract her from going out to look for Bo. Sigh. I liked shady Aiden, but evil to the core Aiden is not as interesting. Did they have to say today that his assignment from the beginning was to get Hope to fall in love with him? Couldn’t this have been something he was tempted into further down the line, due to his money troubles? Just make it a little less black-and-white? (Besides, from what I hear, he sure didn’t act at first like someone trying to win Hope’s favor.)

Finally, there was Paige’s death, and our two main suspects (so far), Chad and Clyde. The same two from the first murder, though for different reasons. It’s likely neither one of them is the killer, but this should put Clyde on the police’s radar, as an alternate suspect to Chad.

Oh, this is going to be fun!


21 thoughts on “Person of character

  1. The Chabby scenes yesterday reminded me so much of early S&K. I realized that Billy Flynn has that extra “something” that SN has (though of course the characters are very different). The way his eyes tear up…swoon! He has the ability to really connect to the other actors with those VERY blue eyes. Kate Mansi was the best I’ve seen her yesterday, just with that simple scene, where Abby never stopped looking into Chad’s eyes, held his hand and claimed her belief in him.

    And poor Chad, spotted grabbing Paige just before she was found dead. Ruh roh! I think Chad is going to be arrested sooner rather than later.

    Ben is turning into a scary stalker dude.

    I thought the Eric scenes were weird. I can’t tell if they are setting him up to go on a vengeful bender, or if they are setting him up as a possible suspect (when does he ever just wear a suit an tie around?). I think Eric’s crisis of faith is going to lead to trouble for him.

    I liked the Steve and Victor, and Steve and Bo scenes, but as you said it was mostly moving the plot along. It was nice to see one person happy to see poor Steve, though of course John didn’t really believe him either!

    Of course it’s got to be Andre that has Bo. Awesome! Can’t wait for Thaao’s return. I don’t really understand the Aiden thing, but I guess we’ll see what the reason behind this is in good time. I know they had to switch gears with him since they are writing the character out, but it seems like they really ramped it up and revealed him as a villian very quickly, like a total 180. He owes someone a lot of money, and obviously that is why he is working for Stefano, but what is Stefano’s reason behind keeping Bo and manipulating Hope (aside from the obvious Brady/DiMera feud)?

    Great ending shot of Paige! If anyone watched old GH, it reminded me of the “who killed Diana Taylor” storyline and ending shot of her body!

    Really liking the whole show recently, which is fantastic!

    • I think it’s more likely Eric is going to go on a vengeful tear, than that he is going to be a suspect. I’d like to see both, though. He was giving Chad a look of death at TBD. (Hey, Eric, if you don’t want to see Chad, maybe you shouldn’t go to the club he owns!) Hope and Eric were talking about Serena’s funeral, was he supposed to have just come from there? And that’s why he was wearing a tie? I can’t tell what day it’s supposed to be!

      Yeah, the Aiden stuff is a little over the top, the complete 180. I mentioned before that Daniel Cosgrove said he was “thrown under the bus,” and I can see why! He’s playing it well, though.

      Stefano never needs a reason to mess with the Bradys, what are you talking about? It’s his hobby. πŸ™‚ I think Bo must have found something out, and instead of killing him, Stefano had him imprisoned. I hope whatever he found out is something interesting that factors into the plot. That will be fun.

  2. I just love how everyone is saying to Steve that he’s worried about Bo in order to be Kayla’s hero. They’re referencing his history with Kayla and for the new viewers who don’t know their story, it’s a good nod to it. We know he’s really concerned, but we also know there is a part of him that knows if he can fix this Kayla will soften towards him. That’s also their history. Steve messes up, does something great, Kayla softens. That’s his first step to getting her back. Persistence and romance are next. I’m still waiting for a little harmonical Blues from him. I loved when he played his harmonica, maybe outside her window like at the loft early days-sigh.

    • I know, it is such a relief to see the emphasis be on Steve and his love for Kayla, how he wants to work to get her back. That was what was missing the last run! I can’t wait until Steve finds his opening and he can start to win her over. But I also love my angst – can’t wait to see them argue about him going after Bo, which must be coming.

  3. Yeah, where is the harmonica?

    Chad and Abby were swoonworthy. Too bad her outfit was awful again (shades of Jack/Jennifer and Steve/Kayla there too, along with the her-having-more-faith-in-him-than-he-does thing, which I love). That boy does have eyes and hair on him (gotta look there and not at the Adam’s apple). Okay, superficial stuff aside, excellent scenes with them.

    Bo and John, aww.

    Yes, I think Eric was dressed that way because he’d come from the funeral. Not sure where they’re going with him, but I do love a good crisis of faith story. I still need to go back and watch his earlier crisis with falling for Nicole.

    • Sigh, I just love that story. Such a slow burn, with a redemption story tied in. My favorite!

      It just made me really happy yesterday to see they are investing in Eric as a character. This crisis of faith will just have to lead to something bad for him, revenge, something. I’m going to hope it will eventually pull Nicole back into his orbit too.

      I don’t know what the heck they are thinking with the way they dress Abby. Always such dull colors, her hair hardly looking styled. Yesterday was not the worst I’ve seen.

  4. If Aiden were smart, he could sell Stefano the info he has on Clyde. πŸ™‚ I thought Stefano and Victor were teaming up to bring down Clyde or has that been abandoned in the writing change?

    I swear I almost saw Daniel Cosgrove roll his eyes as he walked in the door to reveal he has been working for Stefano. πŸ˜‰

    Chad needs to go the doctor…that lip is not healing up as fast as it should. Isn’t that a sign of diabetes and we know he has a family history. :-0

    I get so confused about the passage of time in Salem. Was this still the same day that Eric was in the police office wearing the suit and then had the run in with Chad?

    I was kinda hoping that Bo’s situation would not be the Dimera’s doing but it looks like that is where we are heading. I was just hoping for something more creative this time around but I am trying to keep an open mind about it.

    • I was confused as to what day it was supposed to be too. I think it’s supposed to be the same day for Eric, since he had on the same outfit. And I guess Steve too went to Victor’s and to see John in the same day. Somehow it seems like more time has passed for other people.

      Ha! about Chad’s lip. I joked on Twitter that I’ve seen people recover from gunshot wounds faster. Like Steve in Stockholm!

      It had to be the Dimeras so they can bring back Thaao, which I am very happy about. πŸ™‚ I do hope their scheme with Bo and Hope/Aiden makes some kind of sense, but I’m prepared for it to be completely illogical.

      • Exacty! It’s the 50th anniversary. It has to have something to do with the Dimeras vs the Bradys. It’s only fitting. I was also thinking that the explanation for what the heck Aiden is up to is probably going to strain credulity, but I’m okay with just going with it. Can’t wait to get Thaao back. He’s such a favorite of mine from both Days and GH. He’s so fun.

  5. I am loving the fact that we’ve got Steve and Kayla in the same town again. Wonderful! But I think I’d like to see a little more action geared towards Steve winning Kayla back. I suppose one could argue that Steve may have gained wisdom as he got older and that he is biding his time. But why? Isn’t part of what we love about Steve–his Patch-y-essence–the fact that he is both a hero and a rule breaker. He makes extreme choices! Why? Hell, it must be the eye patch thing. He’s larger than life.

    So, when he brings Kayla a little plant–not even yellow roses–the second time he sees her? Where is Steven Earl Johnson? C’mon, Days writers! Let Steve Nichols loose….If I was Kayla, I would probably brush him off, too. A plant? Really?

    Frankly, I still can’t wrap my head around a Steve who’d abandon Kayla for any reason. He’d abandon his son? After his angst over losing his family of origin? Come on! I know that they’d written him out–but it is so out of character that it seems to make his whole persona suspect in a way that it has NEVER been–at least she he was redeemed by his relationship with Kayla. Steve was a hero. Heroes don’t abandon their families. (They get kidnapped like Bo or someone fakes their death and gives them amnesia. Sound familiar?)

    His tentative approaches to Kayla, while true to the idea that he’s a man who made a HUGE mistake, also seem out of character. It’s not that I don’t think he would apologize. I do. I think he would apologize in true Steve fashion. He’d kidnap her, sweep her off her feet, and convince her of his love.

    If they plan on writing a long and satisfying redemption into this–I am in all the way. But I want justice for my characters! Let Steve give Kayla a satisfying reason why he bailed. Let him win her back in true Patch style!

    • Ditto to everything you said, Anne Marie! It has never made sense to me that Steve would abandon his family after all he went through as a child. Plus his love for Kayla is the real deal. I am looking forward to the explanation though- sounds like SN and MBE think it’s a good one!
      I couldn’t believe no yellow roses either! Even one rose would have made a statement. Instead they had John give Marlena yellow roses! I was like “No, Marlena, you can’t have those. John stole them from Steve and they belong to Kayla!” Lol!
      MP, i was thrilled to hear a little harmonica blues today! Loving the new writing for the most part!

      • Then today Aiden sent hope yellow roses. I guess there aren’t enough yellow roses in Salem for 3 bouquets?

      • Ha ha! There should only be enough yellow roses for ONE bouquet since everyone knows yellow roses are Steve and Kayla’s thing! Lol!

  6. Could someone be drugging Chad to cause his blackouts? I did think it was good to see him talking to Brady about addiction.

    Steve is so insistent that Bo wouldn’t leave his family, but I’m still waiting as to where he was for the past, however many years (gotta love SORAS). I know from what I’ve heard we will get that story and I’m patiently (or not so patiently) waiting. I loved hearing his harmonica after all these years. MBE & SN are doing a good job of discussing Joey. You can tell that they are real-life parents and have raised kids of their own.

    I enjoyed the scene with Theresa and Abby, especially Theresa’s comment about Abby’s talents coming out in the dark. Still not a huge Abby fan, but I’m not FF through the scenes. I feel like the show has finally found a someone that does a good job of telling Kate Mansi what is needed and she’s beginning to listen. I would like to see Billy Flynn and Jenn Lilly in a scene.

    I’ve always been lukewarm to KdP (didn’t hate her as Eve, but never really loved her either), but the scene where Roman tells Eve that Paige is dead, she did a good job IMHO.

    • Fixed!

      I really liked the Theresa/Abby scene. I think this designer thing is going to be really good for Theresa, and her snark to Abby about having only talents that “come out the dark” is like a shout-out to the complaints about Abby on message boards. I hope that it’s an indication that they will give Abby some more ambitions and different aspects to her character, other than her love life.

  7. After watching today’s episode, I think that when Kayla was raising Stephanie she had all the memories of Steve loving her and she was able to share those with her. Steve didn’t chose to leave her, he was taken. But when raising Joey, in Kayla’s mind at least, Steve chose to leave her. I think the love they shared was to painful for her to tell Joey about because she believes at this point that she wasn’t enough for him to stay. Hence, she buried herself in her in work to avoid those feelings of abandondment probably making Joey feel ignored. I’m liking how this sl is going now. MBE had said that they are writing for a mature couple which is great. And just a shoutout that we heard a little harmonica today. YEAH!!!!!

  8. Steve’s tentative approach is interesting. He’s much older now of course, but I think it’s more than that. I think he may be at a loss as to what to do. Steve might be more comfortable throwing himself into a search for Bo. The action is familiar. But, how does he approach Kayla? This time, she’s not fighting to be with him, she’s basically given up on the relationship. That has NEVER happened before. Maybe he’s approaching her cautiously because for once, he’s not sure if she loves him still. I think there will be an “a-ha!” moment that will push him into high gear. It’s coming.

    I’m assuming there will be an explanation of why Steve left, and it will have to be something really good for the audience to buy it. So far, I’m delighted with the role reversal. Haven’t watched today yet, but I’m going to try and watch before bed now that you guys have mentioned the harmonica!

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