Friday Fun

I thought Friday’s show was the best of the week (just edging out Monday, a close second). But really, every episode was so good that it’s an embarrassment of riches to choose from. When was the last time I could say that? Not this decade.

It felt less transitional overall, looking ahead rather than wrapping up old stories. And I liked how we stayed focused on just three stories. Thursday’s show was good, but maybe too crowded. I love that anyone can pop up in an episode, but Thursday might have taken it too far.


Let’s start with Steve and Victor. I love John Aniston and Stephen Nichols, and they were in fine form, two old reprobates who have each other’s number. Steve needled Victor about not going after Bo, and Victor turned around and needled him about Kayla. It was glorious. One thing I remember from Steve and Kayla’s last run is that Stephen was upset that the first time Steve saw Victor, they didn’t write any dialogue between the two of them (it was a group scene – I believe the race where Stephanie got into her accident). That didn’t happen here!

I also liked how they made it clear that the reason Steve was upset with Victor about Bo (and not the rest of the family), is that he knows Victor has the resources and the influence to find out what happened. And then Bo’s letter, and the detail about the Merchant Marines and not going to Tahiti, was pretty damn awesome. Someone did their homework! (But then they messed up by saying Ciara’s birthday is in July, not December. Tsk, tsk.)

Kayla and Joey were also good, mostly for Mary Beth. I want them to give Joey a little more nuance in his dialogue. It’s not that I don’t think it’s realistic (having known teenage boys), but it would help us connect with him if it weren’t so one-note. But Mary Beth was so wonderful, first trying to sweet talk the headmaster (when was the last time they gave Kayla so much dialogue?), then especially in the scenes in her office. When Joey said that she was the reason Steve left, and she asked “Did your father tell you that?” – it broke my heart, hearing the hurt behind it.

And they need to start filling in some details about the breakup. The timeline will never make sense because of Joey’s SORASing, but it sounds like Joey was already a teen when Steve left, because he said today that’s when he went to Ohio. It is also clear that he knows Steve and has a relationship with him — this isn’t a man he hasn’t seen since he was a baby. That makes me feel better because it would kill me to think that Steve would miss Joey’s childhood, voluntarily, after missing Stephanie’s.Β  It also sounds like Steve and Kayla weren’t getting along before Steve left, and I think we need to hear a little more about that. Regardless, things are taking shape, and I love it.


I think I might like this Basic Black story, though of course it’s early days yet. It gives me faith in this writing team to see that they are giving Theresa and Nicole interests and ambitions outside of landing a man. I like the fact that they recognized that this was needed.

Nicole has grown a lot over the past few years, but she’s still been extremely focused on finding a man to love her, and not much else. Without the desperate loneliness that previously drove her, and snarky front she put on to cover it, her character has lost some of her energy and zip. The last month or so, having finally landed her man, that obsession has devolved into a bland smugness, intent only on keeping what she has. (I fully admit that the fact that it’s with Daniel might be coloring my opinion.) So it was nice to see Nicole bantering with Brady today and convincing him to lend her the money for Basic Black. Their dialogue referenced some history, notably Brady’s screwups and how he’s always gotten second – and third and fourth – chances. Nicole hasn’t gotten those chances, and I loved to see her fighting for one. I disagreed with Brady when he told Theresa later that she deserves a second chance as much as Nicole. But, it looks to me like Nicole will end up being the executive and Theresa the designer – which I think will be a fun combination. I’m also picturing Theresa being jealous of Nicole’s friendship with Brady, as we already saw today. She will keep indulging in schemes to land him, which Nicole will recognize and call her on. Then, when Eric starts working with them as a photographer (WHICH IS TOTALLY GOING TO HAPPEN), Theresa can see Nicole’s feelings for him and tease her right back. Right, Days?


There has clearly been an attempt these last few days to introduce some layers for Theresa, with mixed success. It’s not really possible to do it this quickly, and most of her talk about her past has come off awkwardly. But, I did love the line where she said part of the reason she gave up on her dream of being a designer is she “discovered boys.” That certainly fits with what we’ve seen, and it takes some of the responsibility on herself instead of just blaming Mom and Dad. I am fine with Shane and Kim not being perfect parents (they certainly were screwed up enough as husband and wife), and I think we’ll see Kim and Shane again at some point so we can hear their side of it.

And I don’t know if they’ve forgotten, but Theresa had a stepdad for a lot of years. I saw the suggestion somewhere that they could show that the stepdad sexually abused Theresa, as an explanation for why she’s so awful, but I don’t want them to go there. They did that story with Kim, and it comes close to “rape as redemption,” which makes me queasy. This is better. Show Theresa striving for something, show everyone being skeptical and her proving them wrong. That takes advantage of Jen Lilley’s most appealing quality, her energy and spunk. My feelings for Theresa are right now perfectly poised between finding her devilishly charming or gratingly annoying. I think this story might decide it one way or the other.

Now, don’t tell me I have to wait until Tuesday for my show to be on again! Sob!


29 thoughts on “Friday Fun

  1. I am so impressed that you are able to write such thoughtful and insightful blog posts on a daily basis!

    I agree with you about developing Nicole and Theresa as characters separate from the men they are chasing. I really love the Nicole-Brady friendship and I hope that the show can have men and women as friends without pairing them up as a couple. I wasn’t the biggest Melanie fan, but I thought her friendship with Brady was sweet. When they were paired up, it felt a little gross to me. This is a show that did great female-make friendships in the 80s with Marlena/Eugene, Steve/Hope, and Isabella/Jack.

    And I could go without any rape or incest secrets for quite a while, maybe forever.

    • Thanks. πŸ™‚ I probably won’t have as much to say about the show once the storylines settle down. There’s just so much going on right now!

      I definitely had a moment of worry that they are setting up Nicole and Brady as a potential couple with that scene on Friday. I just figured you guys didn’t need to hear any more of my Ericole paranoia! I do hope they bring back male/female friendships. Nicole and Brady have been great friends in the past and I hope that continues. Like you say, Marlena/Eugene, Steve/Hope, Isabella/Jack were great friendships of the past. Everything I’ve heard from Griffith is that he doesn’t want to do bedhopping and couple shuffling, so I don’t think they are going to go for Bricole. But I think they will use the friendship to get to Theresa, and (hopefully) to bring Nicole and Eric back into each other’s orbits.

      I’m still not sold on Thrady because I don’t see the chemistry, but I like the way they are setting it up.

  2. I loved the S/V scenes today. Victor was spot on with his assessment of Steve’s motivation. Yes, Steve is concerned about Bo and knows something is wrong. But he also wants to prove to Kayla that he’s reliable in order to win her back. Don’t forget that Victor was around for Steve and Kayla’s romance and knows the lengths that he will go for Kayla when he wants to prove something to her or that she’s in danger, sometimes even from Victor himself.

    Kayla’s scenes with Joe were interesting. The child of divorce tends to always blame the parent who stayed for being the one to make the parent who left. Because most of the time deep down the child is realing believing that the parent left because he didn’t loved them enough to stay and raise them. It’s safe that way because Joey knows no matter how much angry he throws Kayla’s way, she’s not going anywhere. Kayla is Joey’s rock. It will be interesting to find out how much communication Steve and Kayla has been in during the years. They knew he was living in New York. I’ve also had horrible thoughts about whether Steve was dating during this time and we will have to suffer through yet more women from his recent past who want him back, while Kayla has no one wanting her. I would love to see some jealous Steve at some time along this sl with a determined Steve working on getting Kayla back.

    • What I loved about the Victor/Steve conversation is how specific the references were. They really did a great job showing that these two knew each other and could take jabs at each other because of it.

      God, I hope there’s not another woman for Steve! That would just be the worst. I know Ava is coming back but I have a hard time seeing her still being after Steve. And how she could come between them even if she was. I kind of don’t think they’ll go there this time but we’ll see.

      I really want jealous Steve. It could be of a male friend, if Kayla seemed happy with the guy (and she’s freezing Steve out). The only person I can think of is Daniel, actually. He and Kayla are friends from both being doctors. It seems like everyone else in town Steve knows already, or they’re way too young, or related to Kayla somehow.

      • There’s always Abe LOL. I read that there was an attempt at that, but I didn’t see any of it. I just can’t imagine it. And I can’t imaging him as a threat to Steve. There are a couple of new older male characters coming. I’d love it if they threw A. Martinez at Kayla (not long-term of course). THAT could be a threat, and I’d love to see Stephen and A in some scenes together…

      • I love the idea of A making Steve a bit worried. πŸ™‚ It wouldn’t have to be a long term plot, just enough to make Steve sweat a little. And A I think would be great with both MBE and SN.

  3. MP, from your lips to the writers ears about the other woman scenarios for Steve. You’re right about there not being another man for Kayla even in friend mode. We need a Jack 1 scenario without the follow through of Jack 2&3. But I’m hoping they really explore Steve and Kayla’s relationship and what lead to him leaving and being gone all this time. I read somewhere that they thought Steve’s been pining away for Kayla all this time till Joey gave him the perfect excuse to come home again. I like that idea a lot. I think Steve better have been pining for Kayla all this time. It seems that SN and MBE are happy with the writing so I’m on board for the ride.

  4. I just have to also that Steve looks very good in the picture above. Thanks for posting it. I enjoy looking at it each time I travel over here.

    • You’re welcome! Yes, he does look great, doesn’t he?

      I love the idea that Steve has been pining and waiting for an excuse to come back. I’m expecting we’ll get more about what Steve was doing when he was gone (since SN and MBE seemed satisfied with the reason they gave Steve), and I would like that discussion to include some reference to pining. πŸ™‚

  5. The Steve/Victor stuff has been surprising and impressive. It really does make the rest of these people look like jackasses for not having questioned Bo’s whereabouts more — especially after Jack was presumed to have abandoned his family and was a damn POW not two years earlier! — but the dialogue is doing an admirable job of covering up the seams there.

    I like the drive for Nicole and Theresa, too. My biggest issue with Theresa is that I haven’t entirely understood WHY she does anything she does. I know I speculated over on my blog that they might reveal she was sexually abused by Kim’s ex; it’s not so much something I’d want to see as something that I felt would fill some really problematic storytelling holes. I do think it comes dangerously close to the ‘redemption by rape’ trope, which I abhor, but I also think that if written with nuance, that sort of thing would really explain why a young woman would be SO fixated on trapping men and losing herself in substance abuse — and her vitriol toward Kim might make some sense, since she’d blame Kim for having allowed it to happen by marrying Philip. Anyway, I agree that this is a less gross way of making some sense of the character, and I thought that thing about her discovering boys was really deft. Lots of insecure kids lose their secret passions when they get ‘popular’ or get involved with romantic interests, sex, or drugs. I’m impressed with the way they’re clearly trying to make Theresa and Nicole viable as full characters, not just pieces of couples.

    • mykleraus, I totally did not remember where I read that suggestion about Kim’s husband! I wasn’t trying to call you out. I think you are right that it would explain a lot of aspects of her behavior rather neatly, and I actually thought about it for a long time before coming down on the side of “no.” And part of the reason I say no is that I don’t trust Days to do it well, along with the reasons I stated above.

      I suspect that we’ll also get Steve calling in some ISA favors and really having to work to get the true story, which will also help mitigate his family members not doing anything. I know this issue is getting chewed over a lot on message boards, but frankly it doesn’t really bother me. Peter Reckell wasn’t on the show. I actually would rather people be off wandering around on walkabout or whatever, rather than being a captive or POW. I think this particular instance will be fun, because it will let Steve be a hero. And I suspect will lead into the fall storyline and Andre’s return.

  6. I like Theresa well enough, I just don’t think the writers truly had a vision for her. It doesn’t help that the writers keep pushing her on Brady. It was a fun as downward spiral of sex and drugs, but as an actually viable couple? No way! After everything Theresa did to John, it would make Brady look beyond stupid.

    I don’t want her to be redeemed, we need a bad character, but I don’t want her with her victim either. It’s like when they tried to actually make Austin/Sami are real couple. It didn’t ring true. I wish they would bring someone back for her. It would be fun if she mixed it up with Philip when he returns. Or throw her in Chabby’s orbit. KM and JL light up in scenes. Or have Abby work in the PR department of Basic Black, and they could clash in that area.

    • Farrah, I think you are really on e mark about Theresa and Brady. They were fun to watch when they were both at rock bottom, but after she nearly killed his dad and tried to blame it on him, it’s hard to see how Brady could ever forgive her. But I love Jen Lilley and I hope that this corporate storyline gives her something meaty to do. I would love to see her interact with Chabby–I can’t believe that Chad and Theresa haven’t really interacted at all. I’m hoping that the writers don’t forget that Chad is still a dimera, even if he is a “good” one.

      • @Andrea

        When Ben is out the picture, It would be fun to throw in Theresa. Chad and Abby’s relationship have always mostly been Chad chasing Abby, Chad competing with another guy for Abby. It would be fun to see Abby chase Chad for a bit.

    • Very good point that pairing Theresa with Brady would be like pairing Sami and Austin, which I agree was a mistake.

      I just get such a weird vibe from them, he seems like her scolding uncle, and even when he softens toward her it feels the same, like a parent letting the child get away with something. That’s aside from their history, which as you point out is problematic.

      I wouldn’t mind if they used her crush on him to leap off into a different pairing. Like they did with Sami and Austin and Lucas, before that became a merry go round.

  7. I’m with you guys on Theresa/Brady. So far I’m not seeing or feeling it. I wonder if they could bring someone else into the Basic Black scenario. A male schemer perhaps? Win win for me, since I’d get my bad girl/bad boy romance. I think that is what would make the most sense for Theresa. She THINKS she wants Brady, but finds herself pulled toward someone else. Jen Lilly feels kind of wasted with Brady. I’m liking Brady more and more (he does really well in his scenes with folks like Nicole or Eric), just not feeling any romantic chemistry with Theresa. Maybe Ava for him? It’s hard when everyone is related to everyone else!

    Side note: This is a casting spoiler, MP, so if you have to delete it, I won’t be offended LOL, but I heard that Days recently grabbed up Vincent Irrizary. Could this be for Judi? Capitalize on the the old Beth/Lujack chemistry from GL? Adrienne and Lucas make me feel like I ate a big turkey dinner. I want to take a nap! Judi and Vincent had great chemistry in the past (I know it doesn’t always translate to other characters), but if they aren’t invested in Justin/Adrienne, it could be fun.

    • Casting spoilers are fair game here! πŸ™‚

      I loooooved Beth and Lujack. I took a year long break from Days because a friend watched GL and I loved Beth. My mom said I could only tape one soap during the school year, so one year I taped GL instead of Days. That was because of Beth and Lujack.

      I’m really curious if Adrienne and Justin will be split up for a significant period of time. Personally, I love the idea of Eve with Justin for awhile, so it would be fun to throw VI at Adrienne.

      There’s also Jordi Vilasuso joining the cast, who was born in 1981. With the all the cast changes coming up, it’s so hard to even predict who different actors/characters might be paired with. I have a feeling things will look very different in six months.

      • Ooooh! I’d take Jordi for Jen Lilly please! I think the are testing out Justin with Eve. I like Justin and Adrienne together, but they never felt like a “super couple” for me personally. I have no problem splitting them up for a bit, or for good really. It would be cool to see VI and Judi together again.

        I also keep hearing rumors of another BIG return they are keeping under wraps. No idea who THAT could be…seems like everyone big has already been announced, except for Jack, but that might be too good to be true. I also wondered if EJ might return briefly, despite the actor saying no publicly, to close out Ali Sweeney, since i believe she is returning briefly. All these possibilities and rumors are so much fun!

        I also think we are going to see more deaths than have been advertised. I can’t believe they are going to be bringing on all this additional cast without cleaning house. I’m not reading spoilers, except for casting news, so I really have no idea, just my opinion. They can’t have the money for all these additions (even though some of the returns are brief) without dumping some salaries.

      • I like Justin and Adrienne as individuals more than I ever liked them as a couple. I love Judi Evans when she’s with someone with a harder edge, like Lujack, or her sibling chemistry with Steve. Justin I think would be the same, so that’s why I’m excited to see him with Eve for whatever length of time they give me. It doesn’t have to be romantic either, I’d love to see them as friends too.

        I’m kind of nervous about all the changes, but you’re right, it’s exciting too. I agree there must be more exits coming, which they are likely trying to keep as quiet as possible for the sake of preserving surprise in the killer storyline. It must be near impossible, though, filming as far out as they do. And having very determined fans trying to find out whatever they can, lol.

      • They really do need some new blood. There are too many people who are related to each other. Guys like Rafe or Daniel have been through half the female population simply because they aren’t related to anyone! They keep adding more men, which makes it dicey for the male population of Salem LOL. There are a few on the “unkillable” list, I’m thinking Steve, Bo, Kayla, Hope, and probably Maggie and Victor, Chad and Abby, Eric and Nicole are on that list. I would guess probably John and Marlena as well, though they are killing me slowly through cheesy romance (sorry to the Jarlena fans, but they were especially pukey this week). I think most everyone else if fair game.

      • There are four new women coming this fall: Lani, Gabi, Belle, and Ava. So our men will have some new women, three of them pretty unconnected. Lani and Gabi are both a bit younger, Belle and Ava older. I think Belle will be involved with Shawn D and the new Phillip, but that still leaves three for Brady, Rafe, Lucas, JJ … or Eric … as a female friend to make Nicole jealous. πŸ™‚

        There’s this new “Fynn” character too, have you heard about him? They ran a contest in Australia and the winner got a thirteen week contract. I kind of think he won’t stick around, lol.

        Of course this is assuming they keep people in their age ranges.

      • Oy vey! No wonder you are nervous. Are we sure these folks are all long-term? Shawn D, Belle, Ava, Phillip and Gabi I know (I think). Shawn D. is Bo and Hope’s son; Belle is John and Isabella’s daughter (Brady’s sister); Phillip is Victor’s son?, Ava was the woman Steve was “involved” with during the second run, and Gabi is Rafe’s sister, right? The one who has a baby with Will? Jeez. So, who is Lani?

        And we have the new teen scene too! Wow. Maybe they ARE going to kill everyone else!

        A contest winner hmmmm. Doesn’t usually work out, but who knows. I don’t like “stunts” usually. LOL.

      • Regarding Fynn, I imagine a head writer, who has story plans in place, is usually annoyed to be told “here, write for this person.” So usually they don’t get much to do. Maybe he’ll show up just to be a victim of the killer.

        Yes, you’re right about who everybody is (except Belle is Marlena and John’s daughter). πŸ™‚ Phillip is Victor’s son with Kate. I’m looking forward to seeing Belle with her brothers Brady and Eric, even if I’m not looking forward to Shawn/Belle/Phillip, redux. Lani is a new character who will be unrelated to anyone, unless they make her related to Abe. The actress is African American, so that just seems like something Days would do, lol.

        I do think some of the returns are short term, but I don’t know how many or which ones. Lots of changes coming up, though, that’s for sure. That’s why it’s hard to even imagine what canvas Vincent and Jordi Velasuso are joining! They could be paired with people we haven’t even seen yet.

      • With the revolving door of exits, returns, and new actors, you never know who will actually have chemistry. I have been impressed with Billy Flynn’s acting since his first scene, but he and Jordan were a pretty boring couple. Abigail was one of my least favorite characters until they committed to pairing her with Chad. Ari Zucker has had great chemistry with so many other co-stars (including both Erics!) but Nicole and Daniel are not a great match. And even actors who are great together on one show, don’t work together on another (see MBE and SN on General Hospital.). I’m really looking forward to seeing whether the show is able to make some great new matches in addition to giving the legacy couples solid story.

      • You are right, and I hope we can get some viable new couples going. I’m still kind of amazed that as bad as TomSell were at a lot of things, they created three great couples. Ericole, Will and Sonny, and Chad and Abby. They didn’t know what to do with them once they had them, but that’s still more than a lot of soap writers are able to do (Higley certainly didn’t, in her last run).

        Early indications are that the Higriff team are going to be able to write for vets and established couples (which is not easy to do, so major props for that), but we’ll see how they are with the new characters and couples. Being good at one doesn’t automatically mean being good at the other.

        And I agree about Ari/Nicole and how she’s had chemistry in all her pairings except Daniel, lol. I never saw Chad/Jordan but I totally agree about KM/Abby. She’s really come alive for the first time since she’s been on show. I will be happy if we can just get a good story for Chabby and Ericole, but more good couples would also be wonderful.

  8. How about a naughty Alexander Kiriakis for Theresa? Cast someone along the lines of, well, Justin back when he was very, very naughty (before Adrienne reformed him somewhat). And he would tempt Theresa away from Brady just to prove he could.

  9. MBE looks beautiful, better than ever. But she had some really awful hairdos back in the day. I think KA is also a gorgeous woman (obviously), but MBE looks better to me because she doesn’t look like she’s had work done (if she has, it’s been done well). I wish our culture didn’t work so hard to make women believe they can’t still be beautiful over a certain age without help.

    John and Marlena? Meh, to me, but I’m glad for their fans.

    I haven’t seen all the awful stuff Theresa’s done, but framing Xander was bad enough. And yet. She’s so darn cute.

    Here’s hoping to male/female friendships that aren’t anything more than that. When it comes to DAYS for the past decade or two, I worry every time a male and female character share a scene, and with good reason, considering the high level of couple hopping on the show for years now. I just can’t get invested when couples switch so frequently. I love a good male/female friendship though.

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