Steve’s tour of Salem

Steve’s awesome tour of Salem continued yesterday (though it still didn’t include a visit to Adrienne!). I have no idea why Victor would be having Steve followed, but I kind of loved it. And loved that Steve was able to lose the tail. That exact scenario happened back in 1986, I believe after Steve refused to follow Kayla around anymore. Steve went to go see Victor for the express purpose of telling him he’d shaken off the tail. Hilarious.

I love the idea of Victor and Steve teaming up to track down Bo. Bring it on!


Kayla looked gorgeous today. I recognized the outfit from a photo shoot Mary Beth did with Stephen and James. I thought the scenes of Julie, Maggie, Caroline, Hope, and Kayla were great. I liked how they talked in a believable way about all the different stories going on, mentioning Jennifer, Aiden’s proposal, and Steve’s return. This is exactly the kind of scene that is bread and butter for soaps (and exactly what a bunch of friends would do when they get together). I liked how they sowed a little conflict in there, too, with Caroline’s reaction to the proposal – and Kayla’s, at least from Mary Beth’s facial expression. That was very realistic too. People don’t always have to agree.

The only think I didn’t like was Hope – or I should say Kristian? – saying “Team Aiden, Haiden …” What the hell was that? I don’t mind an occasional in-joke and nod to the audience, but a wink at a fanbase war? … no.

I loved the conversation Hope and Kayla had afterward, when Hope explained that Steve had lunch with Aiden and “Steve and Bo will always have each other’s backs.” And apparently, now that Steve is back in town, it is now permissible to ask Kayla how she’s doing, which Hope did. Kayla’s line, that she will never give Steve the chance to hurt her like that again, is exactly what we need to hear, so we know where she is emotionally. I’m still waiting to hear what Steve’s “good reason” was for being away. I hope we get some allusion to it soon, even if we don’t hear the reason itself.

Now, I do have to complain about one thing. What hell kind of use of Eric was that? He comes into the police station, and this is what we get? At least question him about his involvement with Serena. Hello, ex-boyfriend from a relationship that didn’t end well? Shouldn’t he be a suspect? Isn’t that, like, policing 101? And you know they were just torturing us by showing Eric Serena’s things and NOT have one of them be the damn recording!

And then, Eric confronted Chad, for the sole purpose of having Abby overhear so she could express her faith in him. And exited stage left, his job complete.

I’m all for setting up Nicole and Eric in new stories, which it looks like they are doing — at least, they are for Nicole. I understand going on the backburner for a while. But shouldn’t we get at least one scene of Eric talking about Serena, their relationship, how it ended, his realization that he loves Nicole and how he feels about that, in light of Serena’s death? This was a story that was on three or four days a week all summer. It feels wrong to me to just have it disappear.


15 thoughts on “Steve’s tour of Salem

  1. Adrienne should have been the next person Steve went to see right after visiting Hope so I can’t figure out why we haven’t had a scene of those two together. I am thinking that part of Steve’s being gone might be connected to Bo now being gone and that is why Steve is so convinced that Bo is in trouble. I’m excited to see how this plays out.

    The team Haiden thing was weird… what is next talking in “hashtags”? I halfway expected Kristian to look directly into the camera after she said it just for one of those surreal breaking the fourth wall moments. (With Kayla sitting right next to her in the frame shaking her head and rolling her eyes.)

    Eric’s vibe seemed wrong for yesterdays scenes. Not sure if that is a writing thing or how GV chose to play it but I suspect it is a writing thing. I want more sadness and grieving but what we got yesterday was dark. It was vengeful and angry. I suspect it is to set him up as a potential suspect down the road…note he was wearing a suit and Serena was murdered with a necktie. It seemed like a weird man behind the curtain moment to me but I am not as familiar with Eric as most of you so did his tone seem as out of character to anyone else as it did to me?

    I made the mistake of looking at some messages boards the last couple of days and so many people are complaining (or celebrating) who has and hasn’t gotten air time this past week. I don’t understand watching the show if you only like one or two characters and are just going to complain about everything else. I suffered though a couple of months to get to this point but I am enjoying the show again…not just the S&K stuff.

    I didn’t watch Steve and Kayla’s second run because when I tried tuning in back in 2006 I hated most of the other stuff they were showing and as much as I loved S&K I still wasn’t going to sit through all that Shawn/Mimi/Belle/Philip, Sami/Austin/Carrie/Lucas, and Lexi/whoever that was she was screwing behind Abe’s back at that time and whatever else was going on. Now I will say I wound up liking some of the stuff when I thought Steve or Kayla might murder EJ πŸ™‚ but once they started with the Santo/Colleen stuff and trying to make Sami and EJ a supercouple I was disgusted again. EJ is not a redeemable character in my eyes and he should have been killed off or sent away to prison after shooting John. I made it thought August of 2007 but I am focused on the present and pausing my attempt to catch up.

    • I’m with you, Shea. I’m taking a break from message boards for partly that reason. I want to watch for the whole show, and I don’t want to get pulled into fanbase and airtime wars. I am definitely more invested in some characters than others, but, especially now, I am giving everything a chance to grab me. Also, if I am going to blog about the show I figure I better watch all of it. πŸ™‚

      I think the problem with Eric’s scenes is that since we have seen him so little, we don’t know where he is emotionally about Serena. Certainly grieving would make sense, but it would be a complicated grief. She lied to him and used him, he realized he didn’t really love her. Then she helped his grandmother, and he softened toward her before she died. But, we have nothing to grab onto to figure out where he’s coming from. Is he beating himself up and that’s why he’s so ready to believe Chad’s guilt? Who knows?

      Honestly, I’d love it if they were setting Eric up as a murder suspect, but it didn’t feel like that to me. It felt like Chad was the focus: he’s the prime suspect, and does Abby believe in him or not. Eric was just there to be someone to accuse Chad. But hey, I’d love to be proven wrong.

  2. As usual your commentary is spot on! I, too, have no clue as to why Steve would not see Adrienne soon after arriving in Salem. I wonder if he has been in contact with her? If so, then he would know about her divorce from Justin and I would think he would want to talk to her about that or at least offer a shoulder to cry on!
    I also enjoyed the ladies conversation today. Julie looked particularly lovely in that blue dress/suit. I have not liked Kayla’s hair AT ALL lately. It is too flat and does nothing for her face so I was very glad to see it up- much more flattering to her face and made her look younger. I enjoy reading all of your comments!

    • Hey folks! Sneaking a message through on my tablet from vacation in NH!

      This week has rocked. The S&K story so far is beyond my expectations. Go Kayla! The acting is wonderful, as I expected. I was most worried about Joey, but so far the kid has chops!

      Couple of quick observations before back to nature:

      I actually loved Rafe this week. Where the Heck has this guy been hiding? Keep him a cop, and away from Hope romantically. His scenes with Chad were excellent.

      Chad rocked all week, though I did have to laugh at his wet head look. I think he’s going to have to play ball with Stefano after-all.

      Victor and Steve should become partners! Just their short scene together Thursday was priceless! Ditto with JJ and Clyde – they’ve got me liking JJ now too.

      Something is up with Eric. I think he may actually turn out to be a suspect further down the line. That would be so cool. I think it’s going to be like a game of Clue, trying to figure this out.

      Lameness award: Adrienne and Lucas. Second prize to Aiden’s proposal!

      Won’t be able to watch today’s episode until Sunday. Going to do a big screen binge watch of the week!

      Absolutely worth the wait for Steve. I am very hopeful!!!!

      • I meant to mention the JJ/Clyde scenes. Those were really very good, surprisingly good. I loved Clyde’s reaction to finding out JJ slept with Eve. I honestly think that’s what saved his life!

        You guys are making me hopeful that Eric will be a suspect. πŸ™‚ I think it’s natural for him to at least be questioned. I imagine he has no alibi since he lives alone.

        I like Joey too! I think they could give him some better lines, some of them seem pretty simplistic. But he has a great screen presence, and good facial expressions, and he certainly looks like he could be their son. Excellent casting.

        Enjoy your vacation!

  3. That was a great moment when Steve told Victor he knew he was being tailed and losing them. Some things never change! Just the way he was talking at that moment brought me back to those 80’s days. It’s odd but I’ve enjoyed Steve in his talks with Victor and Hope more than his ones with Kayla. I want their strife to continue but I think there’s going to need to be some bump to get them moving forward. Does that make sense?

    I was so surprised when KA did the shoutout to the team aspects of soaps. I’ve never seen that in daytime before and I thought it was a little funny! Maybe KA will break through another wall and directly address the audience as herself. “Hey Judy from Wisconsin. I saw what you said about me on Twitter and I did not like it!” I’m glad I’m not on a particular team in that situation, although I am looking forward to seeing Bo. With the way the story is going I’m more interested in seeing Bo reunite with Steve than Hope. Lol. How long before we see him off the floor and when can he stop eating that gross food he’s getting? It looked so bad we know the DiMeras can’t be holding him hostage. Dont their prisoners at least get an ocean view? πŸ˜€

    I can’t help reading the boards and I’ve noticed vocal fans who are very specific in what they want. For example, John and Marlena. He must kiss her with an open mouth and they need to do this or that or its just not good enough. Not even us S&K fans will get everything we want, even though I’d say I am pretty happy right now. I do understand what u mean about Eric. I was thrown a little just seeing him in a suit. He looked great… just not what I’m used to seeing him wear. And like you said, the way he was acting so angry. It looked like he was about to beat Chad up. I think you’re right .. that it was used to show Abby’s feelings about Chad. Personally, I wish they show less Brady and more Eric. I’m not sure about the corporate story that’s coming but I do like more of the police stuff and Rafe and Justin involved there. I am beginning to wonder if they will go back to the Eric and Nicole story. They really did an about face on that.

    • Amy, I LOL’d at your description of John and Marlena fans. I probably shouldn’t say this, but some of them are crazy. They act like J&M are still 25, like I saw some comments that they should have gotten that Ben/Abby love scene last week. I’m sorry, but no.

      Regarding S&K, there will probably be something to push them to the next step, get them interacting whether they like it or not. πŸ™‚ Bo’s return will, and maybe something involving Joey. Or with all these murders coming up, Steve could get all protective on Kayla. In any case, one of them needs to find a set to live in so we can get scenes at an actual house!

      Agree it’s important for us to realize we can’t all get what we want, and we won’t. I generally prefer to watch what the show gives me and evaluate it, instead of saying they should do X and Y and I won’t shut up about it until they do. I do that sometimes, but hopefully keep it to a minimum. LOL.

      But I agree about more Eric. πŸ™‚

      • A lot of Jarlena fans do seem to be crazy and they critique every little detail of every scene. ( πŸ˜‰ Maybe they are all of Marlena’s former patients or something.) But a lot of the Haiden folks are a wacky bunch too. Since there is a lot I haven’t seen over the years I have no idea where all the Rafe hate comes from and I can’t understand all the Lucas love I have seen online…and I am not even going to mention all the Dr. Dan devotees I have seen. Maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t have these online communities back when I was obsessed with Days back in the 80s and agonizing through all of S&K’s angst but I could never imagine devoting so much time and energy trashing so much of a show I am supposedly a fan of.

  4. I could be completely wrong, but I feel like the show rushed through the obstacle smash for Daniel and Nicole so that they could be in a place to kind of rest that storyline for a little while. Daniel and Nicole are engaged, Eric’s “at peace” and they can just let things be for a little bit while they transition to all the stories for the 50th anniversary. I don’t feel like they are dropping it as much as just setting it aside for a bit.

    And I understand the frustration, but I’m hopeful that doing it this way allows things to pick up in a better way down the line. I’d be more concerned if the show was continuing to focus on Daniel and Nicole, but Daniel’s kind of been an extra lately. Nicole is (potentially) getting an identity that isn’t about a man which can only be a good thing in the long run.

    I know there have been comparisons to what the continued focus on Chad/Abby/Ben, but there are a couple of big reasons why they couldn’t just backburn them. First, Abby’s pregnant and you can’t really rest that storyline. Second, Chad’s the big murder suspect. In any case, I do believe Eric/Nicole are the future, they just need some space/time to get there.

    As for the rest of the show, I think it’s been firing on all cylinders. Loved the Steve/Joey scenes and the Hope/Kayla conversation. I have a hunch that as Joey is going to be the key to getting Kayla to soften with Steve just a bit. She’s eventually going to want to find some kind of peaceful coexistence with Steve for their son’s sake if nothing else. And that’s totally going to give Steve his opening. πŸ˜‰

    • Half of me agrees with you about Eric/Nicole, more than half most of the time. πŸ™‚ But, I thought the obstacle smash was to set up the pendulum swinging back to Eric and Nicole, and that obviously hasn’t happened. Yet. Sigh.

      I am fine with them being reset and resting a bit – if only I could be sure that’s what was happening! You are right that Daniel and Nicole are getting no particular focus, either, so that’s a hopeful sign.

      It seems to me that Thrady is also being rested, they seem to want to tweak Theresa’s character a bit, which I agree is needed. And maybe they thought, like you say, that both Nicole and Theresa, and Kate, too, could stand to not all be obsessing about men for awhile. So thumbs up on that score.

      I am wondering why we got that little run between Nicole and Eric over the settlement – that is the only Ericole scene we’ve had since the new writing began. Some people didn’t like it, but I did. To me it’s maybe a tiny, hopeful sign that Eric will find out she gave the money away, and that would lead to something. I wouldn’t be surprised if the recording ended up being dropped, since that was TomSell. But the settlement was Higriff, so it might come up again.

      And I am still hoping that Eric will end up being the photographer for Basic Black when/if Nicole starts running it. That would be a good way to start fresh with them. In any case, I’m going to do my best to be patient and not let my worry about this color my enjoyment of the rest of the show. πŸ™‚

  5. as excited as I have been about all the returns, I have to say that one of my main concerns is how big the canvass is getting. I haven’t watched General Hospital in a long time (only started during a time of disillusionment with Days), but I know that one of the main complaints for that show after they brought back vets and added new characters for the 50th anniversary is that there were just too many actors. So far, I think that the integration of vets and newer cast members is relatively seamless. And with Greg Vaughn recently signing a new contract, I have to honk he’s an important part of the story moving forward.

    Loving most of Steve and Kayla, but the Joe stuff feels like an almost exact rehash of when JJ came to town, angry at his mom and a bit of a juvenile delinquent during his time in boarding school. Casey Moss is a great actor and he played it really well, but I don’t think the story merits a replay so soon. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the teens come to town to give him some other options.

    And, can we just talk about that look that Chad gave Abigail at the end of the show. I mean, swoon.

    • The major difference with Joe and JJ is that JJ was pretending to be the good kid while dealing drugs and messing with Dr. Dan. He has Jennifer pretty much snowed for a while.

      Joe is pretending anything. And his issues are as much about his father as his mother, not about his mother moving on in her life and how awesome his dad is. Yes, there are some similarities, but all kids returning to Salme with parental issues are going to have some similarities. I don’t see it as a repeat and more importantly, I think it is essential to both Steve and Kayla’s story right now.

    • Chad’s look was absolutely swoonworthy. I love Billy Flynn.

      I’ve been worried about that too, that the canvas is going to get too crowded. I think some of the returns are short term, but I’m not sure how many. And obviously we’ve got some exits coming up too. But the returns outnumber the exits. Well, the ones we’ve heard about – I think they are trying to keep some exits under wraps so they can surprise us with some of the murders.

      And I know, especially since GV re-signed, Eric will get a new story eventually. I think it will even involve Nicole. I’m just being a nervous Nellie. πŸ™‚

  6. I can totally see Theresa and Nicole having to team up in order to get Basic Black, and since Theresa would probably be the designer, and Eric IS her cousin, what could be more natural than to hire him? There is definitely more Ericole coming!

    This is purely speculation, but I’m wondering if Daniel is going to be a murder victim. That puts Eric right in the middle of two victims, with potential motives for both murders, especially if that recording comes out.

    If they keep playing Eric a little darker, that COULD be where they are headed. Of course could also be wishful thinking on my part to get Dr. Dan out of the way.

    I am happy to see they are setting folks up with jobs finally! Homes must be next on the list. Lighting was much better this week, but they need new sets stat. Everything looks like a hotel room.

    • I think Daniel dies, too. Rumors have been flying about SC’s exit for a month or more, but the show is keeping mum. That makes me think knowing his exit might spoil the story. So either he dies, or he’s the killer. πŸ˜€

      I like the way you think, making Eric a suspect. We’ll see! Also, I was so focused on the lack of the recording in Serena’s things, that I didn’t notice the emphasis on the camera. Maybe there is a picture on it that provides a clue. They are going to keep playing Chad as prime suspect for a bit, but after that I can’t wait to see the suspicion fall on others.

      We definitely need more sets. Either Kayla or Steve needs a place to live, so they don’t keep having their emotional scenes in Kayla’s office!

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