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When business centered storylines come up on Days, sometimes I hear people gripe and say, “There’s a reason I don’t watch Y&R.” That’s not true for me — the reason I never watched Y&R is that it was on opposite Days. Still, I generally don’t find stories about business very interesting.


What do you mean, Eric’s not in this episode?

But I am always in favor of people having jobs and caring about them. It adds layers to their characters and gives them a place to interact with other people. The emphasis on jobs is one of my favorite things about this new writing team. John to the ISA, Rafe to the police force. And today, Justin is going to be the new DA! (And he had scenes with Eve again! Yes!) I’m excited to see what job Steve is going to do. I’m guessing he’ll get his private investigation business running again. And let’s get Jennifer and Abby away from working for the PR department of the hospital. Bo-ring. (The Spectator? Just in time for Jack to reappear? Just saying.)

John’s move to sell Basic Black set off some ripples today for the rest of our cast. I thought the show did pretty well moving the chess pieces around for Nicole and Kate:  Nicole quit her job in anger, and Kate broke up with Clyde. And even if it’s a bit awkward to have Theresa suddenly say that she “always” wanted to be a fashion designer, I’m all for it. I think it will be interesting to see her scheming directed into more productive channels, and to see her want something other than a man. (I am also in favor of her having scenes with Nicole and Kate, two people who will definitely have her number.)

Aside from that, the whole Maggie/Theresa conversation left me cold. I think its too soon to try to rewrite Theresa as being just a scared little girl inside. That’s something they need to show us, not tell us. I also thought her reference to Kim and Shane was glib and self-serving, but that could have been intentional.

I never liked Nicole’s job as a tabloid reporter, so I’m glad she quit today. In thinking about a new job for her, I thought an investigative reporter would be a good one. It would be a natural outgrowth of her previous work, and would put her in the thick of the fall storyline. But, this could be interesting too.

My Ericole heart enjoyed that it was her refusal to do an exploitative interview with Eric that pushed her over the edge to quit. I also liked hearing her boss describe Eric as “hot,” and then amend it to “photogenic.” (Right on both counts, sir!) But, without Eric actually in the episode, with Daniel there instead, it was hard for me to get too excited.

But, hope springs eternal. What do fashion companies need? Photographers!

And, seriously, if Nicole is going to be credible running a fashion company, she cannot be seen with someone who thinks this as an acceptable look:


Sorry, Nicole.


8 thoughts on “Work it

  1. I love your daily commentary! Imagine doing that two months ago. X and Y talked about elephant statures. Will screamed. Abby filled some paperwork. BORING. The show is already more enjoyable. I must admit I love Y&R and B&B. I am a sucker for a great cooperate story.

  2. That last picture of Daniel and your comment almost made me spit out my coffee from laughter.

    I agree with you that it’s nice to see many of our favorite characters in actual jobs, where they will have to interact with each other. My only disappointment will be if Theresa leaves the hospital and we never get to see her with Anne Milbauer again.

    I loved the Anna Dimera/ Calliope fashion design business in the 80’s. I could see something similar working with Kate/Nicole/Theresa.

    And a return to the Spectator (with or without Jack)? I’m all for it.

    • Well, maybe she’ll hire Anne as head of HR, like Anne asked her to yesterday. Theresa’s snarky comment about her wraparound dresses was funny. 🙂

      I remember Anna and Calliope! That was great. Maybe Anna could come back and be a part of this business too. With Thaao back, it makes sense! And I like Anna more than Kate.

  3. Not nearly as interesting an episode as the last few have been (no Steve and Kayla! no Chad!), and it was still more interesting than Days has been in awhile.

    If jobs are used to put characters into situations that cause interaction and help to highlight their personalities, that’s great (like y’alls idea about Eric being the photographer), but yeah, business stories generally bore me. My mom’s been watching Y&R since near its beginning and has tried to get me on that bandwagon for years. There have been some characters I’ve liked, but overall, I just never could catch the vision. Show never seemed to have any soul. It does, however, have lovely theme music.

    Jennifer today? Oy. The slap was okay. But the shoving just seemed silly. It was out of character for Jennifer (well, I mean that based on when she had some character), and she couldn’t pull it off. It’s like when my mom tries to swear. She just can’t pull it off. It’s weird to have Eve towering over Jennifer and saying she could break her too, when I think if Charlotte Ross’s Eve.

    The John and Marlena stuff was nice. I’m sure their fans loved it.

    • I love Y&R’s theme music!

      I didn’t like the fight between Jen and Eve, though under TomSell it would have been a full blown catfight, so I’m thankful for small favors. But KDP towers over MR, it’s ridiculous to think of them fighting.

      I didn’t mention the J&M stuff, did I? Lol. Yes, a very nice gift to their fans. I was interested in the flashbacks and would have enjoyed longer ones. These were just snippets of them kissing mostly. But I liked the detailed references in the dialogue. Someone did their research, and that’s great.

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