Well played, Days

Get us all to tune in for Steve’s return, and give us Bo too!


I checked around and that was Peter Reckell in those shots. That means we got a glimpse of Bo more than a week before he was supposed to arrive. So exciting! And juxtaposing those scenes of his captivity with Aiden’s proposal was soapy genius. Aiden is obviously doomed to bloom into full-scale villainy, in very short order. Such is one’s fate when one gets involved with half a supercouple.


Steve and Kayla’s scenes were, as we suspected, not much more than what we saw in the preview. But it still gave me chills! Loved the glimpse of young Joey. I am so looking forward to Monday!

The rest of the show was quite good also. I enjoyed seeing the investigation kick into gear. And Chad talking out loud to himself was awkward but necessary, I think, so we knew he didn’t remember what happened last night. But, they were arguing in the park — that means WE don’t know what happened between them either. The plot thickens!


Murder suspect #1

I especially loved Chad and Abby’s long scene. Abby is looking less torn, which I think fits with where she should be emotionally. But I loved that she defended Chad to Ben and Clyde. And she gave credit to Chad for what he did for her with Stefano, and expressed her faith in him. A really lovely, nuanced scene between them.

A lot of graybeards in this episode. πŸ™‚ I’m not knocking use of the vets, how could I? But a balance should be struck, I think. Maybe I’m just a tiny bit sad that Eric wasn’t featured in this episode. We got to hear Marlena say he was devastated and feels guilty, but shouldn’t we have seen the man himself?

Ken Corday said in his “Plan to Save Days” interview (groan), that the new stories kicked off with “this harmonica player gets off an elevator, trailed by his son.” The son came first, but who’s quibbling? Bring on next week!



29 thoughts on “Well played, Days

  1. Bo! I was wondering if that was really Peter. I thought so! What a nice surprise! Can’t wait for Monday to see the conversation between Steve and Kayla. She doesn’t look too happy does she πŸ™‚

    I loved the scene between Abby and Chad, and the fact that she defended him so fiercely to Clyde and Ben. Let’s see if that faith waivers, as I’m sure Chad is in big trouble.

    I think I could really love Victor again! His scenes with both Maggie and Caroline were wonderful. Can’t wait until he and “Steven” meet up again.

    I think things are going to kick up another notch next week. Peter is supposed to be back week after next I think, so the search for Bo should go into high gear! Like I said before. Loong weekend!

    • I also think it’s weird when they have scenes between John and Roman. It hurts my brain. I’m always like “no YOU’RE Roman!”

      Clyde is starting to kind of interest me too…he’s the obvious suspect, but I think he’s too obvious.

      • They didn’t have Steve and Victor interact much at all during the second run. So I’m looking forward to this too!

        Clyde is too obvious, I agree. I hope he did something, or he knows something, even if he isn’t the killer. Did you notice he said he saw Chad talking to Serena “an hour” before she was killed? How did he know it was an hour? Maybe that wasn’t deliberate by the show, but I’m hoping it was!

  2. Billy Flynn finally became a Soap Actor TM. He spent an entire episode just talking to himself! I felt transported back to the ’90s.

    (really love your blog, spent days reading through most of it)

  3. While I was at work yesterday, I saw someone had posted “that’s a Friday cliffhanger.” It made me curious because I figured it would be Steve coming back and as much as I was looking forward to it, it didn’t seem like a “Friday cliffhanger” to me since everyone had already heard about it. But I was screaming with joy when they cut between Caroline and Victor and then the scenes with Bo.

    The Victor and Caroline and Maggie story is wonderful. And Denise, I agree with you, I’m looking forward to scenes between “Steven” and Victor. Considering their past, it could be very volatile, but they both do care about Bo.

    I loved seeing MBE in mother mode trying to find Joey. I do wish they had said something last week like “I’m taking Joey to the airport today so he can go back to school” or “I sent Joey to the attic to get some skis (TM Bobby Martin and “All My Children). I appreciated the look she gave to Steve when he got off the elevator since this is the first time he’s been back to Salem for so long and Joey was with him.

    I still love Chad and Billy Flynn. This may get me in trouble on this board, but I thought he had more zing in the scenes with Melissa Archer than I’ve ever seen with Kate Mansi. I’ve tried (especially after seeing how much most of the people on this board love Abby), and I’m still watching the Chabby scenes, but Kate Mansi and Abby just do nothing for me. Ben and Clyde are interesting because I’m somehow thinking they both could be behind the newest serial killer. It will be interesting to see how this story turns out.

    Of course that is the good thing about this board, people can have different perspectives on the storylines.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who liked Chad with Serena. I saw a spark there! It’s not easy to play wasted without going over the top, and both Billy Flynn and Melissa Archer did well. I really liked their scenes, and found them a little bit sexy.

      But, that said, even though I am more of a Chad fan than an Abby fan, I am happy to root for Chabby. I like Abby well enough and am starting to like Kate Mansi a lot more. I’d like it if they gave Abby a little bit more of an identity, maybe a different job.

      More setup for Joey and Steve’s appearance would have been nice. But considering it all took place over the course of one episode, I thought it was decently well done. I liked Kayla’s statement to Caroline that she and Joey have always been so close, because Steve hasn’t been around. That sets up a good dynamic. We still don’t know how much contact Steve and Kayla have been in over the years (16 now, SORASing is so confusing!), but that will undoubtedly become clear next week.

      I rewatched the short Steve/Joey/Kayla scene to watch James Lastovic. I loved the expression on his face when he walked off the elevator. He knew he was in big trouble with his mom. Nice natural expression, not overplayed. I am looking forward to seeing him more.

    • You’re not alone regarding Abby. I just like Chad so darn much I figure if he likes her so much, there must be something to her. And she’s Jack’s kid, so that gives her some stock with me. πŸ™‚

  4. Abby isn’t very interesting to me without Chad, so I get where you are coming from. I think Billy Flynn is the big draw, so anyone Chad is in love with becomes more interesting to the audience in general!

    MBE was great in that short scene where she was reaming out the school! I could picture my own Mom doing the same thing LOL! I think Steve is going to get an earful on Monday, and I can’t wait!

    The great thing Days is doing right now is drawing us all in to the murder storyline, which I assume is going to become part of the umbrella story for the Fall. I think it’s bigger than Chad/Abby/Clyde/Ben, but by initially tying it to their new hit leading man, they are slowly bringing all the players into it. Chad, of course, is too obvious to be truly guilty, but he IS a DiMera, which brings Stefano into it. Clyde and Ben both have motives to want Chad out of the picture. Serena has made other enemies, both Eric and Nicole most notably, though of course Eric forgave her, but Nicole just sued her and certainly was holding a grudge. I think we might find, through flashback, that there were a lot of people roaming around the park that night LOL.

    I’m curious if they are going to tie the murders into what is going on with Bo. Certainly Aiden could be a part of that. He’s very anxious to get a ring on Hope’s finger, and texting with his mysterious “boss.”

    I think so far, they’ve done a great job! They’ve hooked me in for sure. I can’t wait to see what happens next week. I hope Bo and Steve are both highly involved in investigating the killings, while trying to win back their ladies! Could be a little of Stockholm all over again.

    • I would have enjoyed seeing Nicole and Eric as murder suspects, but I don’t feel like they were setting that up. They seem to be setting up people who have a grudge against Chad – Clyde, Ben, Stefano. But yes, I think some flashbacks of that night and people skulking around are in our future.

      I imagine the police will have to talk to everyone who knew Serena, and maybe her recording of Eric’s confession will actually come out! Still worried that will be dropped.

      That ring looked like it was from Kristian’s Hope Faith Miracles collection. LOL.

      I’m hooked too. Umbrella stories are fun, and this looks like it will be a good one!

  5. I forgot about the recording! That would bring both Eric and Serena into it. And Daniel too, actually, since he knew about the recording, but didn’t say anything.

    Eric is the worst murder suspect in the world, but he was the one that found the body, and if all my Investigation Discovery viewing tells me anything, it’s that the person who discovers the body is always a suspect LOL. That could be fun.

    I think we have to assume at this point that ANYONE could be the killer. I’m curious to see who goes next, which may give us more of a clue as to the direction they are headed.

    • It will be nice if they at least consider Eric as a suspect. They recently broke up, he found the body. Like you say he’s the worst murder suspect in the world, but he should be on the police’s radar.

      The recording may or may not come out. It was the work of the previous writers and the new ones might not be interested in using it. But I could see it coming out if the police find it in her things, follow up with Eric and Nicole, and then the truth of Daniel knowing about it comes out. Could be some good drama all around, for Daniel and Nicole, Daniel and Eric, and, of course, Eric and Nicole.

      Especially if it’s after Eric has been flagellating himself with guilt over Serena’s death, and Nicole finds out about it first and goes to tell him. We’ll see.

      Oh, I wonder if Chad and Eric will be in conflict, if Eric believes he’s guilty. That could be good, to have them at each other’s throats!

  6. I don’t know if they can just drop the tape. I mean they COULD, but something has to happen to put a little zing into the Daniel/Nicole/Eric situation. It may be more likely that Nicole does some investigating of her own and Eric becomes involved? I’m assuming the intrepid Salem PD will search Serena’s apartment, but I could see Nicole doing some snooping of her own and coming across that tape!

    I’d like to see Billy and Greg in some scenes together. Are they on each others radar at all? I don’t think I’ve actually seen them in a scene together. Since Eric is Marlena’s son, he has no reason to think well of any DiMera.

  7. What a difference a couple of weeks have made for me. Obviously having my favorites come back is a huge part of my excitement but I think I CARE again and that is huge. I had been watching since sometime in June and really had just nitpicking about everything I didn’t like about the show. Don’t get me wrong there are still plenty of things I am not thrilled with but the flow of the shows is so much better that it makes everything much more palatable. A month or so ago i posted about how they tried to make every little scene feel like a cliffhanger and they were overusing the pregnant pause and flashbacks and these last couple of weeks I feel like that is all gotten so much better. I have read some message board stuff lately just to see other people’s reactions and I got the impression that they are no longer doing everything in one take and i guess when you have longer scenes it makes it harder to do it all in one take. But I think it also improves the tone of conversations and dialogue.

  8. I agree Shea! It felt, I don’t know, jumpy or something in the recent past. Too scattered? Things have definitely gotten better with the flow of the scenes and the pacing. I feel like the scenes have more emotional depth, and I think it’s partly because they are longer, so they allow the conversations to build more naturally. You aren’t just three lines out out, with an exclamation point on the end of every scene.

    I also like that they are taking a central plot (the murder) and swirling everything around it. I think that juxtaposing the murders with the upcoming bicentennial celebration will bring more characters into it, put everyone on edge, and build the drama. We have a few months before things will probably come to a head, and it’s like we’re seeing the beginning of a spider spinning it’s web.

    It’s nice to be excited about the show. Great promo! Good PR, etc. The positivity surrounding the show is wonderful. I hope this is a jumping off point for great things. Throwing Steve’s return in, and getting that glimpse of Bo on Friday was so cool!

    I’m also glad to see that they will be introducing a new younger generation coming up. I love the vets, but soaps need new blood every so often to regenerate themselves!

    • I’ve been curious about the writing changes and I did a little research and saw where there is at least one new script writer at Days. I had wondered about it because my understanding of how the system works is that the head writer creates characters and frames the storylines. It’s the breakdown and script writers that put together what we see on the actual show as far as writing the scenes, dialogue and conversations. Since that was the area where I saw the big changes happening I started looking around online and discovered that Danielle Paige is now writing scripts for Days. She had previous soap experience at Guiding Light but she has had success as a writer for young adult types of novels. It seems some of her work started airing around August the 10th.

      I was wondering if she might really be there to write for the younger characters that are coming. I like the idea of the younger generation coming but i hope they don’t take over the show. I also hope they don’t let Allison Sweeney take over again when she returns. i need to see some balance and i want all three generations to get their share of storyline and airtime!

      • Makes sense that she might be on to write for the kids. I don’t want them to take over either, just would like to see them laying the ground work for future generations :). I think balance if the MOST important thing for a soap. If the writers get too enamored of one actor or storyline, everything else drags! That’s actually one thing that has impressed me. Lately, even on the days where my least favs were on, I’ve remained interested!

        Don’t worry about Sami taking over Shea. I believe AS is only coming back for a short visit. It will be fun to see her, but I agree that the writers of past Days seemed to turn it into Sami-ville quite a bit LOL. Even I, who loved Sami, started to get a little weary of her antics :).

    • I watched that earlier! I really want Kayla to make Steve work for it but maybe she will want to have one of her famous celebrations with him when he brings Bo back to town. Wait, did any of her celebrations actually end well for Steve and Kayla? LOL

    • That is so thrilling. I love it, yet still am dying to see her kick his ass for while before she gives in…I don’t know if I’d be successful, but as we all know Kayla is STUBBORN!

  9. oh yeah, he needs to work for her! Definitely.

    I remember her celebration for Frankie. I love how he just showed up at her place and she was about to go out with Chris. He just showed up! i love that.. πŸ˜€

  10. OH, before I retire, Bo and Hope question. I’ve been rewatching a bit of Bope, because I don’t know their story as well (weirdly). Seems like every time I tuned back in they were apart.

    I’m somewhere in 2010 I believe, and Hope is in jail for trying to kill Bo (?), and he is with Carly. Do I bother slogging through the rest of this? Or should I turn back time? I’ve seen most of the really early stuff. What else is worth watching? Keep in mind, I hate Bille and try to steer clear of her! I can take it though, if it’s part of a good story. Let me know if anyone has suggestions. Trying to Bope up before Peter returns πŸ™‚

    • I’m not the best one to answer, its all a jumble in my mind when they were together, when they were apart. I think the 2010 stuff is considered not so great. I saw some of it, when Hope was taking some medication that made her sleepwalk and do crazy things, including trying to kill Bo. I saw her arrest but didn’t stick around for the resolution.

      Zack’s death is great drama for KA but not so much for Bope. This was 2006 or so. They had a breakup after that that was really stupid, Chelsea intercepted some emails between the two of them and sent new ones, like “Yer stupid, i divorce u now” which of course worked like a charm.

      Um, where was I going with this? They reunited later that year and were really pretty delightful for awhile. Fall 2006, I think. So that might be a good time to watch. πŸ™‚ (Billie had moved on to Steve by then, which I try to forget about.) I remember really enjoying them before and after Ciara was born, end of 06.

      • Thanks MP, I’ll give that a try. I thought KA did really well with the ‘outing: of the fact that she was the one mugging men (LOL) and trying to kill Bo, but now it seems to be going on forever! I can’t figure out why he’s with Carly! It’s funny rewatching after a long time. Really allows you to see the fascinating chemistry between certain actors. I don’t think Bo is really Bo with anyone but Hope. I never buy it. i was never a big Bo/Hope shipper (I started watching Days just as Steve came on), so it is kind of fun to go back and see what the fuss was all about. KA was (and is) so lovely. What eyes! I’ve always wondered how Bo started calling her “Fancy Face.” Still haven’t found that scene!

  11. “Aiden is obviously doomed to bloom into full-scale villainy, in very short order. Such is one’s fate when one gets involved with half a supercouple.”
    Unless one is named Daniel Jonas, and the supercouple is Jack and Jennifer. Sorry

    I enjoyed the show Friday very much. Steve!

    That was among Chad and Abby’s best scenes. (Though hanging around the crime scene seemed a bonehead move on Chad’s part.)

    • Daniel has a lot to answer for!

      I just saw the episode rankings for different characters during the whole TomSell run, and not only is Daniel #1, but he beats the #2 person by 46 episodes — that’s nine weeks!

  12. I still have fingers crossed for Jack, Angie! They have to do something AFTER the November storyline to keep the momentum going. I wonder if they plan to bring Jack back at the end of this. Or maybe as a surprise we don’t know about. If they could hold THAT one under their hats, it would be the best kept secret, and best surprise ever!

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