The day has arrived

I won’t be able to watch until tonight, but I thought it might be nice for those of you who can watch earlier to have a place to go “squeeee!” Or for those of you who can’t, like me, to talk about how excited we are!

First, let’s take another look at that promo:

Let’s hope that the actual show will be a lot more than this. I’m a little worried that what is in the promo is going to be most of his appearance!

But, never mind – today is not a day for worry! My husband is working from home today, so he offered to live blog for all of us. Considering he knows none of the characters except Steve and Kayla (who he calls “Mick and McKayla,” long story), and he’ll be home with our dog, Buster, this was his rendition of how the live blogging would go:

Mr. Pickford: Some people are talking about some things.

Buster: Do they have food?

Mr. Pickford: Mick and McKayla just came on.

Buster: Do they have food?

See you all tonight!


11 thoughts on “The day has arrived

  1. Haha! I made my poor spouse watch Jack and Jennifer’s whole first run (well, up to the wedding and then Abby’s birth; I spared him the pain of other stuff), so he knows Steve and Kayla pretty well too. I love your husband and Buster’s blogging!

  2. Apparently my husband is scarred from having to watch Days when his parents and sister were all into it in the early 80s. He has refused to watch any of the old stuff I have been watching on YouTube but luckily he likes to watch lots of golf and I have headphones for my laptop. I did ask him to watch today’s show with me when I got home from work but his favorite golfer is apparently only a stroke or two off the lead so he said no….but he did say “maybe later tonight”. I am watching it now but if he is game I might watch it again later tonight.

  3. OMG! Here in Boston they CUT AWAY to a trial verdict! They did cut back just in time, but STILL, I was having a coronary.

    LOOOOOOONG weekend ahead!

  4. I remembered later that they are showing Days on PopTV now too at 8pm, so I recorded the full episode again, so I could see what I missed LOL. I hate when they cut away for “breaking news” that isn’t really something that couldn’t wait until the hour. Usually it’s some lame weather update. They do that all the time here!

    Thanks PopTV!

    • Back in 1986, there was a special report so that I missed the whole first three quarters of the episode of Steve and Kayla’s first kiss. When the station went back to Days, they were already liplocked.

      No YouTube, no same-day repeats — yup, that left a permanent scar.

  5. If things were still like the “old” days of the VCR I would be recording Days on both of our NBC stations. I seem to remember my roommate and I did that back in 1991-92 when we knew it was going to be a really big episode… just in case something happened. Back then those stations aired the show at different times so even if some national story broke chances are we would still be able to see Days when we got home from class..

    I remember one show we set two recordings for was the return of Bo Brady in 1992….when Robert Kelker Kelly took over the role. Now I love Peter Reckell but i was a big fan of RKK from Another World. I remember my roommate telling me they were recasting the role of Bo and i told her I wanted RKK long before we found out he was a possibility. At the time I liked him as Bo. Now I look back and can’t believe that i ever thought anyone else could play Bo.

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