Okay, guys, I should seriously NOT POST THIS at a blog called Spoiler Free Days. But this has got me so excited for the fall right now. So, with fair warning that this is very spoilery, take a look at the 50th anniversary promo:



30 thoughts on “Promo

  1. I snuck and watched this earlier. I couldn’t help myself. Yowza. Glad I’m not the only one who caved! Looks so exciting! Bo! Steve! Kissing! Hooray!

  2. The only thing I’m sad about is not to see my beloved Ericole. 😦 But on reflection there are quite a few characters not featured who I know will be part of the 50th. I think this is mostly September story.

    S&K kissing! And so great to see Bo and Shawn D!

  3. That’s an awesome promo.

    Is Chad going to be Patch 2.0? I really hope his eye is ok. Those blue eyes are too beautiful to hide. 😀

    Steve and Kayla. Steve and Victor!! I loved when Steve reported back to Victor when he was spying on Kayla. Can’t wait!

    • Lol….Chad with the eye patch. I always hated when Steve was in the hospital and wearing that kind of eye bandage. It looked better on Chad than it ever did on Steve.

      • My hope for Chad’s eye is that it puts him in some kind of scene with Steve talking about it! I’m dying for those two to be in a scene together! I was almost as excited to see Steve with Victor as I was seeing Steve kiss Kayla (I’m sure a slap is coming after that LOL).

        I didn’t think I’d be so excited about Bo’s return, but I really got chills when I saw him. So happy that days has committed to bringing back Steve and Bo. I hope Peter is staying on too.

        The promo is excellent BTW. The whole, stories you loved, three generations thing. Great job to whoever came up with the concept.

    • I recently started rewatching Steve and Kayla. I love how Victor calls Steve “Steven.” It’s almost like Steve was the son he should have had, not Bo.

  4. Is Jason Cook coming back as Shawn D? I hope it’s nit Brandon Beemer. He wasn’t very good actor. I liked Jason’s version of Shawn D. I loved seeing S&K kissing. I’m hoping that happens next week.

      • You’re right about that but I’m just soooo excited to see them together again. This promo got me excited too which is something I haven’t felt about days for a long time.

      • Well if it happens next week maybe it will be followed by Kayla slapping him. I don’t know why but I love those scenes where she slapped him and then he would adjust the patch. One of my favorites is coming up after we finish wallowing.

  5. Oh, and another thing just occurred to me, seeing Andre and also Bo being restrained. With all the crazy crimes the Dimeras have done, TomSell’s idea for why Stefano couldn’t return to Salem earlier this summer was tax trouble.

    Which is like, the most boring crime ever.

    • I thought that too Andrea. I actually said “THE PIER” out loud. If murder is coming, we have to have the pier! That’s where the best skulking has always been done on Days.

  6. Today is the day! MP, I hope you have posts planned for the weekend to help us through! I’m sure this is going to be a looong weekend after only a glimpse of our guy. I have high hopes for young Joey too. Both SN and MBE have very good things to say about the young man.

    • Angie, technically he is there! When it says “The Stories that Stayed With You” it shows a snippet from Cruise of Deception with Bo and Victor pulling Jennifer into the lifeboat. Jack is splashing around in the water! Check out Cruise of Deception clip 30 on YouTube…it’s somewhere around 11:40.

  7. Well, yeah, I tried to comfort myself with that, but you can’t even see his face. I guess it’s something though. 🙂

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