Bad choices

I wasn’t going to do a post on today’s episode (8/26), but my husband took the girls out to a soccer game tonight. I could spend the evening folding laundry, but blogging is more fun!

So here are my disconnected thoughts about today:

Aw, a family scene around Caroline’s bedside. And a Kayla sighting! It sounds like the bicentennial will be fun, everyone dressed up in Victorian costumes. And Aiden dropped another anvil that he is Evil. He’s working for someone, and his job is Hope Brady. Andre? We shall see. I am still finding Aiden so much more interesting now that he is evil. He’s the perfect villain: so sweet, with those beautiful dimples.


Eve is a horrible person, and she got even more horrible today. So why do I like her more than anyone else in this storyline? I think I feel about her the way some people feel about Theresa. She’s so horrible that Kyle, who is a drug dealer, was calling her on her actions. If that doesn’t wake you up, what will? Eve had a great line in her run-in with Paige: “Anger is causing you to make bad choices.” Look in the mirror, sweetheart! Wonderful irony.

I love the idea of Justin and Eve mixing it up. Today’s little tidbit was fantastic. I like Justin, I like Adrienne, but I have always been lukewarm on them as a couple. I think because both of them are so sweet. They need to bump up against someone with more of an edge, like Judi Evans did with Lujack on Guiding Light. Eve has edge to spare! Bonus points for the Sinatra reference in their scene. And Justin would look awesome in a fedora. Get on it, Days wardrobe team!

Speaking of Adrienne, I detected a small bit of chemistry in her scenes with Lucas today. Even though I shipped Lumi only briefly, I always thought Lucas had awesome chemistry with Sami … and no one else. My first episode watching Days again earlier this summer, Lucas and Adrienne were in bed together, and they didn’t work for me at all. But today they did, a little. Not so much in their bungee jumping talk, which I found somewhat forced, but in the very sweet conversation they had after she mentioned Justin. I liked the way he told her he didn’t want her to erase her past, and he knew what divorce was like. They felt like two wounded people, being there for each other. Very sweet.


Chad and Serena were fun, and a bit sexy. I think Billy Flynn is one of those actors who has chemistry with everyone. Melissa Archer got to kiss all the sexiest men on the show during her run. Greg Vaughan, Paul Telfer, and now Billy Flynn. Good thing she’s leaving, or she’d be onto Stephen Nichols next.

I almost wanted Serena to go home with Chad, but maybe that was because Abby seemed to be having a wonderful time with Mr. Abs, and poor Chad has no one.

Speaking of Abby and Mr. Abs … I don’t know. What did you all think of that love scene? I give points to the show for trying something different, I suppose. It just felt a little strange, a little out of the blue. And for Abby and Ben? When we’ve been seeing her clearly be in love with Chad for months? I know I was complaining that there didn’t seem to be enough of a focus on the Ben/Abby relationship (mostly, giving Ben a reason to want to marry Abby), but this was … not was I was expecting. Maybe it’s just my supercouple era conditioning. I’m not used to seeing the non-rooting couple enjoy going to bed together. And maybe I’m a little bit more of a Chad fan than a Chabby fan.

Speaking of supercouples, I got some major supercouple feels in the Chad fantasy sequence. That’s my favorite kind of fantasy sequence, when it connects to what is happening in the story. Much better than flashing back to their hookup for the umpteenth time. And Chad was so happy when Abby told him the baby was his! And then the closeup on his face as they came out of the sequence. Heartbreaking. Fantastic.

Only one more episode, and then the Patchman cometh!


23 thoughts on “Bad choices

  1. Thank your husband. I like getting your thoughts on this one.

    I found the sex scene rather jolting. I mean, the filming and the playfulness were nice and different if I think of the scene in isolation—but for that couple? Right now? I too have supercouple conditioning, I guess, but I don’t want to see my supposed to be angst-ridden heroine just enjoying it up with the wrong man, seemingly with no thought about the guy she’d rather be with, that the fates and all the soap gods know she belongs with, and right after he got himself disowned for her to boot! I mean, I don’t want her to just be an idiot who is with the wrong guy. I want to feel like she thinks there’s something there she can work with, but she should be hitting road blocks with her emotions. I don’t know if I’m explaining what I mean very well, but the timing of it with no seeming thought about Chad from her was off putting to me. I’m already feeling like I don’t quite see why Chad is so in love with her, and I keep wanting more personality, and this didn’t help me feel more Abby affection. I think I am certainly more of a Chad fan than a Chabby fan, but part of what I like is how he loves this girl, so I don’t really want that to change. I just want to like the girl more.

    I care very little about Aiden anyway, but I don’t like the going evil thing. It feels to me a cheap way to make him the wrong guy. It reminds me of Frozen when Prince Whatsit was suddenly evil. I hated that way of making the other guy the one to root for and also of giving the heroine an easy way out, a free pass to ditch the wrong guy. I hope they don’t just have Ben embrace evil too.

    • I agree with you about Aiden in the abstract, but Hope/Aiden have been the most boring, saccharine couple this whole summer. This is actually using that saccharine quality in this – it just fits somehow. I would rather it be more shadiness than out-and-out villainy, but I’ll go with it.

      Thank you for putting into words what was uncomfortable with the Ben/Abby scene. The playfulness would normally have been refreshing, but it was so out of place and didn’t fit with where she should be emotionally. I felt hypocritical because earlier I said I wanted to feel a bit more from their relationship, but to know they have a good sex life is not what I meant.

      Anyway, I still am rooting for Chabby because, like you say, part of what I love about Chad is that he loves this girl that much. And I think Kate Mansi is doing her best work in this story, but a little more definition to Abby’s character would be nice. Maybe a new job would help. They are giving lots of other characters new jobs, why not her?

      • Haha! I guess I haven’t been bored by Aiden long enough.

        I do think Kate Mansi’s acting is often pretty good, but mostly when she’s opposite Chad. He’s is one of those actors who gives his screen partner a boost. Yes, to the change of job. Hey, she’s got journalism in her blood. I did also enjoy her scenes with Jack (no big surprise), but among my many reasons for wanting Jack back is that I really think he’d help flesh out his children’s characters. Jack and Abby were always so sweet. Here’s my favorite Jack/Abby moment (one of the second run’s little presents): Nevermind, I can’t find it. Anyway, it’s Jillian Clare’s Abby on the first day of school. Abby’s got some attitude, and Jennifer strongly objects to her clothing choices, but Jack finds her decorated shoes to be a nice declaration of her first amendment rights or something. (If anyone has a link, I’d love it.) Anyway, I liked Clare’s Abby. I liked Benson’s Abby too, but I liked the hint of mischievousness in Clare’s. It’s those little scenes that sometimes really give us the personality. Anyway, I always thought Jack understood Abby better than Jennifer, and I think Jack could bring out some fun in Abby. Oh, well. Hey, maybe Abby will get some investigativeness on with the murder stuff.

  2. Is it wrong that once a character starts to go a little evil I start to like them more LOL? Must be a personality flaw. I find that I like Aiden more now that he seems to have some layers (even evil ones) rather than just being “Mr. Wonderful.” But you know I like the bad boys :).

    I agree about the Abby/Ben love scene. It felt weird. Not even a little flash in her mind to Chad? I’m a supercouple purist too I guess. I think they only did that to get Ben’s shirt off again. Soaps love men ripping their shirts off, remember how often Steve used to do it LOL?

    I absolutely love Chad. He and Serena were really great today. I’m starting to like all these characters that are leaving! I guess that is a good sign about the writing. Chad does have chemistry with everyone (female and male). They have a great find in Billy Flynn. The stand alone character of Abby is okay, but really only seems to shine in her scenes with him. I saw a little bit of the Abby/EJ stuff on youtube and found that kind of yucky.

    Eve is the worst person ever! Didn’t she just put her daughter’s life in danger too? Although the thought of anyone thinking Jennifer is involved in drug dealing is kind of hysterical – I wonder if they are running with that – Eve trying to ruin Jennifer’s reputation? Who would buy that?

    Justin/Adrienne/Lucas…meh. I’m not feeling it really. I’m not a huge Lucas fan (though I agree MP he had good chemistry with Sami as both friends and lovers). He’s another one of those characters that just never really interests me. I wonder if they are chem testing Justin with Eve? That one could be kind of interesting. Bad girl/good boy!

    Loved the scene around Caroline’s bed. They are really selling the bicentennial. I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of fun for us, with a bunch of flashbacks and possibly a body count! Can’t wait.

    One more day until Steve! Do you think they are going to bring him in right at the end of the episode so we are tortured all weekend? I’m on vacation next week, so will have to watch on youtube. It’s killing me. Thank goodness I’ll have my laptop. Will have to make excuses to hide and watch (and read the blog!)

    • I am so into the idea of Justin/Eve! Not necessarily as a romance (though that could work), but just seeing them together I think will be a lot of fun. Maybe Eve will need a good lawyer soon …

      Her “tip” to the police hotline was so stupid. It must be to serve some purpose in the plot, like the PD feels obligated to check it out and stumbles upon something going down at the Horton house. Unless they just put it in there to prove that Eve is really, truly, coming unhinged.

      I think that’s exactly what will happen … that what we saw in the promo will be most of his appearance, and we have to wait til Monday. I hope I’m wrong though! We’ve been waiting so long already!

      ETA: yes! to hiding away with your laptop to watch and comment. Priorities!

      • I heard Eve’s phone call but wasn’t fully aware who she called and I wasn’t sure if I missed something. Did it have something to do with that flyer she noticed in the HTS? I didn’t know if that was a police hotline or a news tip line. The thought of her calling a police hotline when she knows JJ is working with the cops seemed weird to me so I thought she might be alerting the press.

  3. I hate the way both Abby and Nicole seem able to separate their feelings and their bodies. It’s a little more believable for Nicole, given her history, but what I don’t get, from a storytelling standpoint, is why you’d throw scenes like that in there when the fan support is so strongly on the other pairings. Just to get Robert Scott Wilson and Shawn Christian naked?

    Someone needs to give the writers a few lessons on how to build fan anticipation for romances.

    • Well said, Paula. And even if you can justify it from a character standpoint, the question is, why would you want to?

      I hate to say it, but it reminds me of Higley’s last go round and the bed hopping then. Obviously Ben and Abby are in a committed relationship so it’s not bed hopping in that sense, but it is, tonally, off. Given who we are rooting for, what Chad is going through at the same time.

  4. I can’t think of a more horrible person in Salem than Eve. I was shocked she went to that guy and told him about JJ. Having a child die must be one of the worst things that can happen to a person and it looks like that’s going to happen to her bc of her own hatefulness.

    The part with Abby and Ben… it felt really weird to see her go from avoiding him touching her to all of a sudden this sexy romp. I wasn’t crazy about it. Despite all the nice production of it, I didn’t think they had much chemistry. She sure didn’t look like she was agonizing over Chad. I’m going to try and forget it. Lol.

    I hope on Friday they don’t end with basically what we’ve seen in the previews but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

    • I agree it looks like that’s where they are going with Eve. My inexplicable liking for her aside, I’m not sure how they think they can bring her back from that.

      I think forgetting about the Babby sex is a good move. I also am going to forget about Chad getting aggressive with Serena after telling Stefano “This Dimera doesn’t force himself on a woman.” (Great line, and a shot at EJ.) Lots of things to forget about yesterday. 🙂

      Yep, like I said above, I think it will just be a snippet of Steve and then a looooong weekend. Torture!

    • I’m with you about Eve. I get why she hates JJ and Jennifer, but he’s trying to do something good here and she makes him seem like he’s the evil one. Kassi’s playing this Eve like she play her OLTL character. Eve schemed, but I don’t think the old Eve would have ratted out JJ because she knows he could die. The rumors of Jennifer being the drug kingpin yes, but not actually be involved with someone being killed. I also never understood why she was such a schemer back in the day, same goes for Theresa now. Shane just doesn’t have good luck with daughters. I hope Andrew turned out better. Steve shows up tomorrow!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!

  5. I don’t know how to feel about that ‘lovemaking’ montage. Like you said, it felt off tonally. I did appreciate that they tried something new with the editing, even if it didn’t 100% work. I have a (totally fanwanked) theory, though: we do need to see Abigail being intimate with Ben, or the triangle is beyond one-sided. I always have a little bit of trouble with the love scenes for the non-rooting couples where the person in the middle of the triangle looks MISERABLE — the nadir of this was when Carrie married Lucas, or Belle was with Philip during their marriage, and the women looked like they wanted to DIE while having sex with these men. A little bit of longing (a pushed-aside flashback, a look in the eyes) goes a long way. But I’m thinking/hoping that maybe this was intended to show that, while she can have fun sex with Ben, who admittedly has a hot body even if it doesn’t do a lot for me, she won’t get the Traditional Cheesy Soap Lovemaking Montage unless it’s with Chad.

    • Right, I think there’s something to that. She can have playful sex with Ben, but their relationship doesn’t go very deep,

  6. My two cents…

    Ok…the Caroline scene. I give them credit for giving us a family scene like that but it was too many people in too small a set and at the beginning you couldn’t even see poor Kayla standing there. I may be nitpicking again but I can’t be the only one who noticed how awkward that was. As I have stated previously, I feel like Aiden was always set up to be bad so I have been surprised to see so little revealed about this character in the year and a half he has been on the show but the recent phone calls about money and about a job seem out of the blue but I do find myself somewhat interested in what he is up to.

    Eve is always a character I have had a hard time tolerating. I enjoyed her in the early days with the teenage prostitute storyline but after that they seemed to try to pair her with every eligible man in Salem
    (Frankie, Mike, Jack, ..) with little or no chemistry with anyone other than Nick- the pimp. I will say that the character of Eve only worked for me on one level…a devious mind hiding behind a sweet, innocent face. Obviously that was Charlotte Ross and Kassie DePaiva is a completely different Eve so I really just have to take this Eve and compartmentalize her as a new character. I don’t really like Kassie DePaiva for some inexplicable reason. (I think it may be that I found OLTL to be the most boring soap opera of all time the couple of times I tried to watch and I may subconsciously hold that against her…then she popped up on GH as her OLTL character a couple of years ago and I hated it and then the first time I saw her on DOOL she was seducing her teenage daughter’s boyfriend…YUCK). My big problem with Eve is I just don’t get why she is so evil…the old Eve or the new one.

    Now let me say that I don’t really like the Justin character that much. I love Wally Kurth and I love Adrienne so I didn’t mind Justin and Adrienne as a couple (but if I were completely honest I would rather see Wally on GH where I could have scenes of him with Jane Elliot- who I think is his true soap soul mate as far as chemistry goes.) The scene with Eve yesterday was a little awkward. I think it was the empty club and the crazy lighting but both characters felt out of place and so did their banter.

    Lucas is one those characters that I grew tired of a decade ago…he and his mother. I wasn’t watching when he and Adrienne got together and the first I heard of it was a scene where Kate was telling Kayla that they had slept together…and that in itself was weird. I have obviously seen them in scenes together since and oddly enough it kinda works for me. It’s not much of a sexual chemistry but there is a connection and I think you nail it with saying it’s two wounded people being there for each other. It’s strange because my brain says these two characters shouldn’t be together but when I actually see them on screen together I see how it could work.

    Chad and Serena were fun for a day and half…then it turned quickly. I definitely wanted them to just go home together and enjoy a nice drunken roll in the hay. They should have been the ones with the flirty sex scene…not Ben and Abby. I think maybe they want us to believe Abby is truly in love with both Ben and Chad but that scene was just weird to me. I don’t even know how to put it into words. I literally felt like “WTF am I watching?” It was like a bad music video. The music was terrible, the editing was strange and the use of the camera effects that looked more like what they use for flashbacks and fantasies really gave me the wrong vibe. “Jolting” is actually a good word for it, Angie. I want to like Abby but I just can’t seem to make it happen. Not to be too superficial, but a new wardrobe and hairstyle might freshen her up a bit but she just feels so drab and boring…and that makes her and Ben a perfect match. Maybe that sex scene was supposed to help them seem more exciting?

    Having said all of that…for the first time since I started watching again, I am sitting here at work realizing the show is minutes for starting and I am thinking I am going to watch the DVR right when I get home instead waiting until bedtime. Part of that might be just the excitement for what I know is coming TOMORROW but it’s really the first time I have felt excited about seeing what happens next!

    • Oh..for those who may be Jane Eliot fans but not watching GH there was a moment the other day where she called herself “Tracey Angelica Quartermaine” and i just cracked up. That may be old news to many but I had no idea that Tracey’s middle name was Angelica.

      • I’ve been watching GH lately but I missed the Angelica part. That’s funny! I had no idea. She is such a great actress I kinda wish she could switch over to Days and be Angelica again now that GH is such a bummer. I like Wally Kurth better as Ned too. I think he (and Judy Evans) just don’t have much room to do different things bc fans will always want them together. If they weren’t both there maybe they could do that. When I saw him with Eve, I was like oh no, run Justin!

      • I love love loved Jane as Angelica (I did know it was her middle name on GH). She is such a fine actress! I thought maybe she’d leave GH when Tony Geary retired, and was salivating to get her back to Days LOL. She’s an asset to any show she is on. While I was re-watching some of Steve/Kayla/Jack stuff, I stumbled across a scene she had with Genie Francis, who was playing Diana Colville at the time. It was so funny to see them sniping at each other on Days! Those two can never just get along! Great chemistry as rivals though.

  7. I never thought of Charlotte Ross’s Eve as evil. She was kinda broken, and she could be superficial, and she wasn’t above screwing people over, but she had a heart. This Eve, on the other hand . . .

    • Yeah, maybe evil isn’t the right word. Devious and self-serving might work better. I am not sure there was anyone in her life that she didn’t screw over at one point or another all for some type of personal gain.

  8. I thought the Abby/Ben quick cut montage was odd, too, but I wasn’t totally against the love scene itself. Being in the middle of a triangle like this one can be a tough thing to justify for a character, so it was kind of interesting to see Abby recommitting herself to Ben in this way. I wish it had played out more as a character moment, though.

    Serena and Chad were funny, until Chad got a little scary! I enjoyed those scenes. Kudos to Melissa Archer for not just phoning it in after getting so many months of meh material.

    • I actually kind of loved that Chad got scary (I know, I can’t help myself). Not so much because of the plot though, but because of the acting! Billy Flynn is so charming as Chad, but he is a DiMera. There is ruthlessness and danger there too, and I like that they don’t forget that.

      Do we think Clyde is going to kill Serena and pin it on Chad to get him out of the picture, or is that too obvious? Does Clyde know that Stefano is after the land too? I can’t remember.

      • “I actually kind of loved that Chad got scary (I know, I can’t help myself). Not so much because of the plot though, but because of the acting!” Me too. Makes me feel guilty though.

      • On reflection, you guys are right that it was good to get that glimpse of darkness in Chad. He is hitting a very low point.

        Yes, Clyde knows Stefano is after the land. In fact, the reason Clyde is after it is because he found out Stefano was after it first. That’s his only reason. I don’t think he even knows what makes the land so special (which we don’t either).

        I think they are going to make us think that Clyde did that, or even that Ben did (notice he was coming back from being out when he served breakfast in bed to Abby). But I kind of agree that might be too obvious.

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