For those that don’t mind getting a little spoiled for next week:

“Hello, Sweetness. It’s been awhile, huh?”


If you all don’t mind, I’m just going to ramble on a bit about this week, and my wishes for next week and beyond.

This week, there were fewer, longer scenes. According to Jason47, Wednesday and Thursday’s episodes consisted of 29 and 27 scenes (Friday was 33). This is compared to an average of about 45 scenes per episode for the previous month. Such a small thing, but it made a big difference. It allowed for more depth, which was the best thing about this week.

Let’s take John and Marlena first. I have never really liked them that much since the 80’s, but I feel like they belong on the show. They have a presence and importance, all the more impressive since neither of them is related to a core family. Their breakup over this past year or so, by all accounts, was pitifully handled, not helped by the fact that they rarely appeared in scenes together after it. This week was obviously meant to repair the damage done, and I think they succeeded. From my point of view, what I appreciated most was the attention to each of their points of view, and the way they didn’t pretend all of their problems were resolved over the course of one conversation.

Next, Hope and Aiden. HigGriff have managed to do in three days what TomSell wasn’t able to do for months: make me care about this couple. Not to ship them, but to be invested in what Aiden might be up to, and what might be in store for Hope. Daniel Cosgrove apparently said he was “thrown under the bus” by the new writers, but I think he was about 1000% more interesting this week, both as an actor and as a character. What is Aiden up to with Clyde? What did he find out about him? In deceiving Hope, is he protecting her or aiming to hurt her? Will Clyde find out something about Aiden’s past? What will it be?

More importantly, I was blown away by Hope’s monologue about trust. She talked about how Bo’s abandonment made it difficult for her to trust again, and how much she appreciated Aiden sharing his deepest secret with her (Chase being responsible for his wife’s death). Kristian was really amazing in that scene, showing Hope’s vulnerability, and it raised the stakes for the secrets Aiden is keeping. Daniel Cosgrove was awesome too with his ambivalent expression. Was it just guilt, or something more sinister?

The reason I appreciated this speech of Hope’s so much is that it shows HigGriff are capable of doing what is so invaluable to me as a viewer: showing depth and layers to character’s motivation (or even showing motivation at all!). This is what makes me hopeful, going into next week when the characters I care about will be on. (Incidentally, I hope it isn’t a sign for the future that the same three stories were on three days in a row. I like it when airtime is more balanced.)

I’m going to talk a little bit about the preview now, so if you don’t want to be spoiled (and not just for Steve’s return), stop reading here. 🙂

For Steve and Kayla, I will just reiterate the hopes I’ve had all along: that they won’t just be slapped together, that Steve will have to work to get her back. I’d love it if he had a rival, but it doesn’t look like that will happen. Based on the dirty look she was giving him over Joey’s shoulder, I don’t think Kayla is welcoming him with open arms, and that is an excellent sign. But I want to see some layers to her anger, I want to see her point of view, as well as Steve’s. I hope they give him a good reason for being gone, but I hope it won’t justify him so completely that Kayla looks bad for being angry with him.

Oh, I can’t wait to see Steve and Kayla interacting together again on my screen!

Next, the other part of the preview: Serena’s death. Eric clearly discovers her body, but it looks like Chad will be the one suspected of her murder. I did not see that coming!

(I was tickled that in the preview, my three favorite guys were the ones featured. Add Bo in there, and I’ll be a happy viewer.)

This could be really good. Eric will obviously be very distressed at Serena’s death, which I hope will lead to some reflections about their relationship. I don’t want to see him blaming himself for being angry and breaking up with her, but I would like to see him reflect on why he got involved with her in the first place. I’m still hoping for some payoff for how angry and unforgiving he was towards Nicole last year, and Eric pondering how and why he got mixed up with Serena would lead nicely into that.

I hope his distress, too, will arouse Nicole’s protective instincts. And here again I hope the new team’s attention to character motivation will be applied to Nicole. I’ve been theorizing/fanwanking like crazy as to why she is so committed to Daniel and how she thinks she feels about Eric. Now I hope the show will take up the slack. And ideally, this business with Serena will put a crack in her denial.

A good triangle is a holy grail for soaps. As I’ve said before, it’s a delicate balance to show the one in middle longing for one person, while giving us a good reason to stay with the other. They have the makings of two great ones right now, with Ericole/Daniel and Chabby/Ben. With Nicole, we aren’t seeing much longing, though we are seeing lots of good reasons to stay with the “wrong” man. With Abby, they are doing a great job with the angsty longing, but they are maybe just a little bit neglectful of why Ben is a good choice, or why he wants to marry her. I know she thinks he’s a good man and the father of her baby, but I’d like a little more than that.

And I’m excited to see that Chad is going to be going through some serious trouble with this Serena business. I wonder what he says that makes her slap him? Those should be some fun scenes! Billy Flynn is going to be awesome. And will Abby believe in his innocence, or will this drive her away from him?

Can’t wait!


22 thoughts on “Wishes

  1. The only thing missing was Steve’s boots clunking as he strolled in. Kayla did not look happy to see him, but damn he looked good. Mary P you always seemed to be in my head. I was on vacation this week so I watched a weeks worth this morning. I usually FF through Haiden, but I really liked Hope’s discussion about trust in a relationship. I totally understand her motivation which is such a blessing with Days. This is what new couples do, they talk about their old relationship especially their ex husband. I liked John and Marlena talking about their relationship and going slow. I’m even getting interested in the younger crowd. Steve arrives in 5 days. Yeah!!!!!

    • Since the new writers got me interested in stories I hadn’t cared about, I am excited to see what they do with the storylines I am already invested in! I’m trying to keep my expectations realistic, but I feel like it will be better than it’s been, so it will be a step up. And I think the S&K story will be better than the second run anyway, so that’s good!

  2. The past couple of days I have been really enjoying the show again. John and Marlena weren’t really my favorites back when I watched before, but I liked the mention of the ISA and John trying to renew his relationship with Marlena and her not falling all over him. It was nice seeing Julie and Hope talking and then Julie and Marlena. Aiden has started to fascinate me. On to the future: I can’t wait to see the relationship between a grown-up Joey, Kayla and Steve. Yeah, Kayla did NOT look happy to see Steve which made me happy. I’ll be glad to see Chad involved in the Serena murder storyline just to see what else he can do away from Stefano and Abby/Ben. Eric’s past as priest and his relationship with Serena should make for an interesting story. Spoiler, so if you want to delete this, please do – I just saw where Greg Vaughan has renewed his contract.

  3. To clarify above, I know Chad will still be involved in Stefano and Abby/Ben, I’m just looking forward to see Billy Flynn in another storyline.

    • Oh, me too! I think Chad/Billy Flynn is going to be such an asset to the show. I love him. Glad it looks like he’s getting a new story, in addition to the triangle and seeing him with Stefano (and soon, Andre).

      I did see the news that Greg Vaughan had renewed his contract! I didn’t even know he was in negotiations. Hurray!

      This new Aiden is fascinating to me too. I hope they keep him kind of gray and don’t turn him into an obsessed psychopath just so Bo can rescue Hope from him. That seems a bit lazy. Regardless, it’s fun to actually be invested in that story.

  4. spoilery from clip

    Steves…”hey sweetness. Been a while huh?” what a tease! I wish the clip had gone back a little earlier bc it shows him only taking a few steps but the way he looks at her in just those couple seconds..sigh!! Can not wait!

    The changes in the episodes since the new writers feels like a 180. The longer scenes, better writing.. 👏👏. I dislike the Paige business. I had to FF through her parts on Friday and it’s disappointing to see them going forward with Eve acting like an idiot in regard to her child. Who in their right mind would start scheming against a guy who’s trying to protect her daughter vs a drug dealer? It seems she will never learn from her mistakes.

    I’m also into the Caroline/Victor/Maggie triangle. I see people on the boards hate Maggie. I don’t get it! She seems pretty nice to me and really understanding about Caroline and Victors past. It seems there’s more going on with Caroline’s health than the stroke. I wonder why are they showing Vic emailing some dr who wants more money and time? I really hope some day C&V will end up together. I’m shipping a senior couple. 😃

    • The Maggie hate comes partly from her relationship with Daniel (and Melanie, when she was there), the feeling that she’s always “propping” him. Also from her acting like a mother to Brady instead of the woman who raised him, Marlena. She’s also gotten a fair amount of airtime, perceived to be at the expense of Julie, Doug, Marlena, John, etc. So nothing to do with the current situation. 🙂

      Victor and Caroline are classic! I think it would be a great story if they reunited. I’m waiting to see if there will be fallout from Victor being involved in Xander’s illegal activities. That might create some tension for him and Maggie.

      Yeah, the whole Eve/Paige/JJ thing I hope will be wrapped up quickly. They had some better conversations this week but overall the story just isn’t very good. I hope the upshot is Eve finally learns something from it.

    • People have been annoyed with Maggie largely because of her fawning over her son, Daniel, so much. He called her egg baby. No one finds it realistic that she even has a son. She almost never refers to her daughters.

      It is also said that she has neutered Victor.

  5. “Days has NEVER been better!” That’s a might big claim there…lol. And yes, I have watched this a dozen times (OK…2 dozen) but I still get chills each time I watch.

    The flow and the dialogue have seem much better this week so I think that is a good sign. Obviously we have new head writers but have their been other changes on the writing team because my understanding is the head writer has little to do with actual scripting and breakdown? Yet that is where we are seeing immediate changes with longer scenes and better conversations.

    I posted the other day that I felt like they were always setting Aiden up to be bad from the first time I saw him on scene so I am shocked they haven’t revealed more about him by now. I did kinda laugh when he was sneaking around outside with Clyde. I swore Hope said she had set the alarm so how did he turn it off to sneak out?

    • LOL! I’ll settle for better than the last ten years.

      I was wondering about that too, the dialogue and the scene length being so markedly different and better, and how the head writer change could be responsible. They must supervise the other writers and give direction in other ways than just the overall story.

      I didn’t notice the alarm thing, that’s funny. I was just so happy to see the outside of Bo & Hope’s house! That set hasn’t been used for several years.

      • Maybe I imagined she said something about an alarm. I know she said she checked that all the doors and windows were locked and would swear she said something about an alarm…lol.

        It was a nice surprise to see Hope’s house…inside and out.

        I know someone posted the other day something the other day about Caroline’s “mystery illness”. When she came to the hospital they said she had a stroke. As they were wheeling her in Kayla said she had something like vascular onset dementia. This is not Alzheimer’s but it’s not much different either. It just means the memory and cognitive loss is due to damage to the brain from a loss of blood flow due to strokes. I guess the main difference is that Alzheimer’s tends to progress more gradually but the memory loss and confusion is typically the same. I’m not sure what they are doing now with Victor’s emails to that doctor. I guess that could actually be related to Bo and not Caroline?

      • Too funny about the alarm. Guess that proves Aiden is a villain. 🙂

        I was a little confused by Caroline’s sickness too. She had a stroke which Kayla said she would make a full recovery from. This other stuff must have to do with her Alzheimer’s or dementia, which they introduced awhile back. I think they were looking for treatments, that’s something Bo was doing to explain his absence. I think Victor’s mysterious doctor must have to do with that too. That’s my guess, anyway.

  6. Yeah, I’m pretty sure DAYS has been better. Hee. Still, this looks promising. I love Steve and Kayla enough to get over my jealousy that Steve and Kayla get a “Hello, Sweetness” in their preview while JnJ, rather than getting a “Hello, Miss Horton”, got Jack falling into a cake. I really never expected to be into current DAYS again, especially without my boy Jack D. But Steve . . . he’s my #2 favorite character, and I do get a little stomach flutter seeing him and Kayla on the preview. And Billy Flynn’s Chad has also won me over, which really surprised me. So, anyway, yeah, this is all rather exciting. I didn’t watch the first few days with the new writers, as the stories featured didn’t include characters who interest me terribly, though I am fond of some of them. I guess I would like to see Victor/Caroline get some good story. Amy, you can count me among the Maggie haters. I had always been mostly indifferent to her, other than wondering what she was doing as the prevailing matriarch, rather than Julie, who is just way cooler (and also looking to be featured more—goody!). But after Maggie became Daniel’s mom . . . yeesh, with the Daniel propping and the hating on Jack . . . um, no. So, yeah, I haven’t seen the new writers’ stuff first hand yet, but I am seeing a lot of glowing reviews, which is hopeful. I still long for DAYS to get me to love Jennifer again, and of course, I continue to want a return with better writing for Jack, which will most likely be necessary to get me to love Jennifer again, but things are looking better to me than they have in awhile for this silly old show that I’ve grown up with, so here’s hoping for better DAYS ahead!

    • Did you say Maggie hating on Jack? I don’t like hearing that. I was a huge Jack and Jen fan. They were why I started watching. I see Jennifer walking around like a zombie these days and it’s sad. I hope they are listening to fans and bring Jack back and fix Jennifer while they are it.

      Agree… Julie would be a better choice as matriarch. I’m surprised to see Maggie married to Victor. They just don’t look right together.

    • Why do they write Jack like that, as a bumbler? I hate it. But I wasn’t wild about the “held in a cave and tortured” story either, which I saw bits of. That was dark but not interesting dark, at least not what I saw. I was mercifully spared the Daniel/Jen/Jack triangle.

      I’m glad you’re excited to see Steve, though. Hearing his voice sent a shiver up my spine. And I agree about Chad! Looks like he’s going to get a big story, so that’s something to look forward to. 🙂

  7. Hope’s speech about trust really hit home as a viewer. Can we trust the new writers to do well by us? This week was absolutely, obviously different (and better), even though it was mostly all about my least favorite storylines! They are really clearing the decks here, and setting the stage for what I now think MAY actually turn out to be an umbrella story – yay!

    My guess on Aiden…I’m thinking bad, which made me actually start to like him this week.

    That preview!!!!! My fingers, toes, eyes and knees are crossed that the story and writing is worthy of SN and MBE this time around.

    • Oh! And I am so excited that it looks like Billy Flynn will be front and center. I’d love to see some Chad/Steve interaction !

    • Ha! Good point that Hope’s talk about trust applies equally well to us. Days has let us down before, do we dare invest in it again? It’s kind of too late for me, I’m already invested, but I certainly don’t have trust – only hope!

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