Change is afoot

Hello, who do I see in the credits today? Welcome, Dena Higley and Josh Griffith!


We made it, darling! We made it to the fall!

Today’s episode (8/19) was fun, seeing the current stories kicked up a notch, and also the seeds planted for new storylines. Clyde and Aiden fought. Paige found out JJ is working for the DEA. Rafe is back on the force (and still mooning after Hope, more’s the pity — I was hoping they’d drop that). John is joining the ISA. Julie is wandering around town talking to people about love.

Speaking of Julie, she also expressed her skepticism about Aiden, that maybe he is still keeping secrets from Hope (anvil alert!). We also heard more about Bo’s exit, how the calls became less and less frequent, how he kept saying he was going to come home and didn’t. It was all definite enough to justify Hope divorcing him and moving on, and yet there are enough holes in it create a loophole for Bo. I have never been a Bo and Hope shipper — I enjoy them when they are together, but I don’t suffer when they are apart — but a thrill ran up my spine when I heard the name “Bo” in Kristian Alfonso’s accent. It’s finally here, everybody!

I haven’t posted much about Clyde and his story with Aiden, because I haven’t had much to say. It has been all been vague teases and misdirection, without anything definite to talk about. I like teases and misdirection, but it’s been hard to get into the story because I don’t care much about the characters. Today’s fight — between two middle aged guys! — was fun, though. I kind of loved Aiden with blood running down his dimpled face.

Which brings me to Haiden. I like Aiden fine but I don’t find him compelling, either as a character, or with Hope as a couple. One thing I am already sick of is the squabbling between Bope and Haiden fans on message boards, and on Twitter. Perhaps my opinion is colored by that, but I have found the writing for Hope and Aiden to be … really weird.

Since I started watching Days full time again, I’ve seen one love scene between Eric and Nicole, two between Daniel and Nicole, one between Chad and Abby, and one for Ben and Abby. In the same time period I have seen four or five Haiden love scenes. They also spent an evening waltzing and drinking champagne, another evening stargazing, and multiple encounters kissing and smiling at each other. This for a couple who is only on one or two days a week!

It feels like the type of writing they do for a couple when something Big and Awful is about to happen — which of course is certainly true. That is, I know that with the 50th anniversary coming up, with Peter Reckell coming back, Griffith and Higley were always going to go with Bope. But I would guess, based on what I’ve seen, that TomSell also probably planned for Aiden to go dark. Either something to do with Clyde, or his wife’s death, or both. Couples are never that deliriously happy unless they are headed for a big fall.

And I think I heard a collective sigh of relief and gratitude from John and Marlena fans, hearing Marlena say they are going to “put each other first.” And Drake was kind of adorable today, telling Rafe “Doc” is running late, too, so he’s off the hook.

All my least favorite characters were on today. But it was still a fun episode to watch. Here’s to Higriff!



12 thoughts on “Change is afoot

  1. I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but even the recap seemed a bit better. Actual conversations about feelings and what characters are thinking is a nice change. Hope’s conversation with Julie about Bo was a couple years late, but at least we got better insight. Julie playing sounding board for Marlena was also nice. Heck, just more Julie was nice.

    Even Paige was better in that she actually seemed to have that intelligence that everybody says she has today.

    It definitely feels like a good start, so here’s hoping it continues.

    • One thing I appreciate is that it looks like they are going to wrap up the current stories in a dramatic way, rather than just dropping them. The Paige/JJ/Kyle stuff, and the Aiden/Clyde scenes, were actually tense and dramatic. It was nice to see Paige do something other than scream at JJ about how awful he is. And she actually helped him get away, even before she knew he was working undercover.

      Oh, and I meant to mention that it was kind of funny how Julie and Hope said several times that “we’ve talked about this” and “You know this” when they were discussing Bo. Trying to cover for the complete lack of Bo talk over the last year.

  2. It was very nice seeing those new names at the bottom of the screen! I could tell a difference and it was good!

    Finally, we got to see Clyde in action. Sorry Aiden. You got some good shots in but Clydes kicked a lot of ass in his day. Ouch! I’m looking forward to seeing how Hope reacts today.

    Aiden is kind of bland but I do like that Hope fell for a guy who would seem to be more her “type”. The guy in a suit with a nice respectable job. I hope they don’t turn him into a bad guy. I’d rather he dies trying to turn over whatever he’s got on Clyde so that Hope hasn’t been duped. She’s known for her intuition right? Did she have a bad feeling about him in the beginning? I heard her talk about them not getting along but I’d like to know if she was suspicious of him too. In that case, it would be interesting if it turns out she was right at first. I’m sure there’ll be a Bope reunion but I have a feeling PR isn’t there for the long haul. I would like if they have her in a slow burn friends/coworkers first, with Rafe.

    I liked what you said about how you felt hearing Hope say Bo’s name and how she says it. What do you think Kayla will say when she first sees Steve? I think there should be some serious “I’m sorry” in there.

    • She did have a bad feeling about him in the beginning. I think she even warned Kayla away from him early on, when Kayla seemed interested in him. I kind of wish they had gone with Aiden/Kayla. He would be a great foil for Steve.

      Anyway, the mystery about Aiden, other than this stuff with Clyde, is regarding his wife’s death. He said she committed suicide, but a woman who had known him in Oregon accused him of killing her. Hope went with him to Oregon and seemed to find evidence that confirmed he had killed her, but then Aiden told her that his son Chase (who was a toddler at the time) accidentally shot her and he covered it up with the suicide story. Hope believed him, but I don’t think there was really any proof.

      So there are definitely some things they could work with if they wanted to make Aiden a bad guy. I don’t think they need to do that, turn Aiden bad for the sake of reuniting her with Bo. It would make her look more stupid, and make the choice rather easy. But, I kind of think that’s where they are going.

      • It funny because every day this week has kind of felt like a Friday. Even if your favorites weren’t on, there was something major happening. They do seem to be trying to tie up all the lose ends FAST! I actually thought Clyde might kill Aiden. It felt like a possibility. I like both the actors who play Clyde and Aiden, but I’m with you on the relationship with Aiden and Hope, they seem to be hitting us over the head with it right now. WE’RE HAPPY! I think it could go either way with Aiden (bad and dead or good and dead). It’s actually kind of nice, not being able to guess!

        Bo mention! I love Julie (and SSH) so much. She was a big favorite of mine during the Cruise of Deception storyline. Julie is fun, and was always a character who just says what’s on everyone’s mind. She’s like the audience conduit. Hope she’s staying around for a bit. Not knowing how long Peter is going to stay for makes things dicey for the Bo/Hope fans. I know Hope and Aiden had a big following, so if Peter isn’t sticking around, why get rid of Aiden? So they can put her with Rafe? I’m not loving it. I was wondering if they were going to test her with A. Martinez. He’s a lot older, but still kind of a sexy guy. If he is playing Rafe’s Dad, that could be interesting.

        John was really cute today. I’m not a huge John and Marlena shipper, but I do like them together, and they are really the “elder statemen” of Days, so they belong together once and for all.

        So psyched that things are pumping along now. One more week until Steve! Yay.

      • Yes, I really have no idea how they are going to play Aiden’s exit. He could die, he could be a murderer and go to jail. If he dies, he could sacrifice his life saving Hope and die a hero, or he could be killed by Bo who is protecting her from him.

        I don’t feel it with Rafe/Hope. I’ll keep an open mind, but like you say it would be really weird to get rid of both Bo and Aiden and put her with Rafe. A Martinez would be better, he seems more the right age and has the right gravitas, but I still think it’s weird. You have two pairings to choose from. Why start from scratch?

  3. I don’t know a lot about Aiden but I remember seeing an episode or two when he first came to town. He just seemed cocky and arrogant and he and Hope were having to deal with their kids fighting at school or something but it always felt like they were setting him up to be bad. That is why I was surprised that they really haven’t seemed to develop the character more than they have.

    The fight with Clyde seemed strange. I would have thought Clyde would have paid some goons to do that instead of doing it himself.

    Julie was reminding me of Alice Horton yesterday and it was really sweet.

    I am still watching 2007 episodes and I hope I like Steve and Kayla’s son better than I did their daughter. I am also seeing what you mean about no payoffs. How do expect fans to keep tuning in when you never resolve anything. They just keeping switching directions. And who in their right mind would have approved Steve and Kayla to be foster parents? And what’s up with calling that baby Pocket? It’s too much like Michael Jackson naming his kid Blanket…I cringe each time I hear it….okay, rant over.

    • I’m not sure where the “Pocket” came from, it was a bit weird, but overall I think that story is pretty good. I grew to really like Shelley Hennig, who played the second Stephanie. She never really had a fantastic story on her own, but I liked her with her parents, and her friendship with Abby and Chelsea.

      YES on the constantly switching directions. Either Hogan Sheffer had ADD or there was some kind of power struggle behind the scenes.

      I think Julie should be the new “Alice,” the matriarch, and Doug the patriarch. I hope we’ll see be seeing a lot of them.

  4. I’m no John and Marlena fan, but if the conversation and dialogue they got yesterday is truly a sign of how things are going to be written now, then I’m very excited for Steve and Kayla. Their scenes yesterday were longer, had meaning and history woven in, allowed both characters to express the points of view without either being the bad guy, and even allowed for some subtext.

    THIS makes me feel like maybe SN and MBE are going to get a chance to really shine this time around.

    • Those scenes were really, surprisingly great. What gives me hope is how each of their points of view was presented, particularly Marlena’s. She asked him how being a spy was different than being a cop, was it the travel? The intrigue? And pointed out that if he’s a spy he has to lie and keep secrets and that’s what concerns her. But she also said that in a couple both people have to get what they want, not just her. Wow, layers!

      It makes me hopeful that Kayla will get better writing this time around. She was presented so flat sometimes in the 06-09 run. The ever-patient and understanding saint.

      And I thought the Hope/Aiden scene was excellent, when she told him how trust was so important to her, and why. It actually made me a little invested in how their relationship turns out!

    • Yes Erica! I noticed that as well. They had an actual conversation that didn’t feel all chopped up, and allowed some emotional build! I absolutely noticed the same thing. It felt like an adult conversation between an adult couple,not dialogue for teenagers put into the mouths of 60 year olds! I think that bodes really well. My one fear was that the writing and stories wouldn’t be appropriate to the ages of the couples. Soaps don’t seem to know how to right really well for older characters with children and life experience. It’s like you have to either be a kid or a geriatric. The scenes with Aiden and Hope were similar. These are characters with lives and children and responsibilities. Much better than my other soap, GH, where half the town doesn’t seem to have jobs or means of income LOL! Although I’m still wondering where the heck everyone lives :). Everything looks like a hotel room. Those new sets can’t come soon enough.

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