Never forget

This is a really wonderful scene for Shane and Kayla (no, really!).

Here’s the setup. The train car that Jack, Jennifer, Eve, Frankie, Brian and Melissa were on derails in the wilderness. Shane goes to look for his daughter, and Kayla comes with him. This shared experience brings them closer after Kayla has vowed to stay away from Shane, and eventually Shane tells her he loves her. This is the next day:

I love that Kayla talks about Steve so joyfully, obviously treasuring their lives together. She gets carried away as she says that they got married, had Stephanie, all their dreams came true — but that it wasn’t easy, they had a lot of things to work through (did they ever!) … then she breaks off and says she’s sorry. She clearly thinks it’s a faux pas to talk so glowingly of Steve to someone who just told her he loves her, and she is thinking of starting a relationship with.

Then Shane says he’s glad she opened up to him, it’s the first time she’s heard her talk about Steve, that he doesn’t want her to forget him.  Sounding a little like a skork from the S&K forum, he says that she and Steve shared the deepest kind of love that two people can share, and that doesn’t stop when one person dies. When Kayla says that she thought she could never move on with someone else, because that would mean she would to give up loving Steve, Shane says he doesn’t want her to. He could never compete with Steve for her love.

Wow. This is a lot to take in. First of all, Mary Beth and Charles Shaughnessy are both fantastic. We see Kayla’s love and grief for Steve, her fear of moving on and what that means. And Shane is so sweet and tender, he really wins me over here. Shane openly acknowledges that whatever he and Kayla may have can’t compete with what she had with Steve. Because Shane knew Steve and Kayla, knows what they went through, how much they loved each other — and, crucially, he had that same kind of great love with Kim. So, he’s the perfect person to be able to accept and understand Kayla’s love for Steve without feeling like he’s competing with a dead man. It shows that he and Kayla are in similar places emotionally, ready to share a corner of their hearts – an important corner, but just a corner. And that makes them actually … kind of perfect for each other.



16 thoughts on “Never forget

  1. Shayla is just a vague memory for me. I was watching DOOL then but honestly after Steve died I think my heart wasn’t in it and a lot of it is a blur.

    Although Mary Beth and Charles have a chemistry together I just don’t feel it as a romantic one. It’s friendship or family because that is what it was for so many years and I just couldn’t and still can’t make that leap to really buy a romance between these two. I can view it as a valid storyline and I can appreciate the family drama that it helped to create with the Kayla and Kimberly tension but watching scenes from this time just feel forced to me. It’s two people who still love other people trying to force themselves to move on and it just makes me sad.

    • I don’t think the vibe is always friendly, but in this particular scene, I agree.

      I don’t think it was just Mary Beth and Charles, though, but the actors being so committed to their characters’ histories… There were some articles in the Vintage SOD thread at DR that surprised me, how open the actors were playing against the writing. It was a transitional time for Days, and their thinking would have made sense in 1986, but in 1991 not selling the couple unfortunately put them on the road to irrelevancy on the show. It can be hard to see what is coming sometimes.

      • Interesting point. I have heard Mary Beth talk against the pairing in the years since then, and also that she went to TPTB at the time and said she didn’t think her character would do that, move on so soon. Obviously they didn’t listen but it does speak to a different mindset back then, that she even tried.

        Personally I think they did great on screen with it, no matter what they thought privately. And especially for MBE, it gave her a chance to do something different which I really enjoy seeing. Especially in light of modern Days, when they don’t seem to want to write for Kayla as a separate individual at all.

  2. When the clip first started I didn’t realize they were together as a couple. The vibe I was getting was more of a friendship than romance. Not until she started talking about her family not accepting them as a couple. I like that it sounded like a realistic conversation and what was said, even if it seems wrong for her to be with him. Weird how even in a storyline that a lot of people hated, the writing and acting was still so good! Is there any reason Shane can’t come back? He was pretty cool, Kayla notwithstanding. 😀

    OT: What’s the best playlist/channel for 2006-09 Steve/Kayla? I found one but it has subtitles in another language.

    • Amy, all of the stuff I am watching from 2006 and 2007 has those Swedish subtitles. The playlists I found that are edited for just S&K have a lot of gaps with a lot of clips having been deleted after the playlists were posted. I have found DOOL playlists for 2006, 2007 and part of 2008 but they have the Swedish subtitles.

      I have been trying to watch and fast forward through the non S&K scenes in the 2007 playlist but it’s slow because I forget to FF. Also the dates do not match to actual air dates at least not for when they aired in the US the sound and video quality are great if you can ignore the subtitles.

    • I think they do have chemistry, but like you guys are saying it is low key and more friendly than romantic. I think it works when they don’t try to force it to be more than it is, when they are supporting each other, and finding comfort.

      When they do the more passionate kissing scenes for these two – well, I’ve been known to wince and avert my eyes, lol.

      • Oh, and I agree that the writing and acting are really quite good in this story. I maintain that if people gave this storyline another chance – after being familiar with modern Days – they would find it surprisingly good.

  3. You know, I feel like I’ve never watched any of this it’s weird because I remember clearly watching the Train Ride storyline and was heavily invested in JnJ then. Maybe I blocked it out because losing Steve was so painful as a viewer. Like everyone else, it was hard for me to accept Kayla moving on to anyone else, but these scenes clearly do show some chemistry. I loved Charles Shaughnessy’s Shane. He was such a rock. A clear good guy character with a tremendous, forgiving heart.

    How did the Shane/Kayla romance end? It obviously didn’t end with marriage. Did they ever even sleep together. I honestly cannot remember! Soap-worthy amnesia!

    • Yes, they did sleep together and Kayla says things like I never thought i could find this kind of love again…blah, blah, blah. It just feels empty. I don’t think there was even an actual end…Kayla just says goodbye and leaves town.

    • Shayla-induced traumatic amnesia, no doubt. 🙂

      Like Shea says, they do sleep together, though I haven’t gotten there yet. And I’m not spoiled as to how it ends. 🙂

  4. Couldn’t have been that great then, could it? LOL. I remember when Steve returns in 2006 and he finally remembers Kayla, she tells him that she was never with anyone else (she tried to move on with someone once, but it didn’t work – I assume that was Shane) – sleeping with Shane must have slipped her mind!

    I didn’t remember any “ending” either. Glad dementia isn’t setting in.

  5. It’s interesting… I like the idea in theory of them not having a problem with each other’s great loves, but somehow it feels to me like it lowers the stakes here by lowering the potential conflict. Not to sound like an anthropology student, but it’s normal when you’re bonding with a romantic interest to feel jealousy and work through it… they take that off the table here pretty convincingly, and I’m not sure I love it.

    • I like it because it makes it a different kind of love story, which I think Days should try more often. They tend to want to make everything a Great Love.

      Also, I do think it’s easier to put jealousy aside if your rival is dead. Kayla’s insecurity about Shane’s Great Love – still very much a presence – becomes pretty big as time goes on.

  6. Like Denise, I remember watching the Train story but only vaguely remember Kayla with Shane. I also think because I was so into JnJ that is really the only storyline I remember. Although strangely I don’t remember watching Steve’s death but remember Alamania and the whole rape aftermath. So I think I have selective memory to the stories I liked!

    I always really liked Shane and he is so good in this scene. I have to say I don’t really hate them together. But I think what everyone is struggling with is the Passion. After Kim and Steve, I can see how the writers would hesitate or struggle to put them both into a huge passionate romance. As others have posted they have a strong friendship and you can still see this. But I can’t picture Shane grabbing Kayla and just having some hot steamy soap sex. Eww just wouldn’t work.

    Thanks MP I do like this scene.

  7. i also do think that we, as viewers, have the same problem Kayla’s family does. It seem disloyal of her to take up with Shane, even thought he and Kim are divorced. I cannot imagine, under any circumstances, starting to date my sister’s ex-husband. I know it’s soap-land, so anything goes, but not for Kayla. I just don’t believe she would do it, no matter how great a guy Shane is (and he is!). They should have brought someone new on for MBE. Though, selfishly, I’m glad Kayla is free and clear now! The waiting is killing me!

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