Insanity later

Serena, I think, is ill-named. The character is at her best not when she’s serene but when she’s a little unhinged. Her name makes me think of this Seinfeld episode, though, which is strangely appropriate.

I was cheering today (8/13) because Serena asked Daniel if he would keep her secret (about bugging the confessional). That means it is sure to come out. I don’t know why I doubted it. I think I’ve gotten so used to this triangle/quad being completely conflict free, that I thought this would fizzle out too, or be forgotten.


“Serenity now … serenity now … serenity now.”

I also loved when Nicole saw Daniel hugging Serena. At first I wished that Nicole had seen Eric hugging her instead (it’s hug Serena day!). That would make her jealousy more about Eric than Daniel. But, this might be better. I hope she quizzes Daniel so relentlessly about it, that he’ll tell her the truth about Serena’s visit, and the recording.

Or — my preferred scenario —  Daniel will tell her just enough to suggest Serena has something, and Nicole will go investigate the rest. Because what would be really great and soapy would be for Nicole to listen to Serena’s recording. Could she hear Eric’s heartfelt avowal of love and remain committed to Daniel? Well, of course she will, because this triangle isn’t going to end that quickly. But it would give her something to think about (and, hopefully, have repeated flashbacks to).

And, of course she would decide that Eric deserved to know the truth too (so altruistic!) and she would go tell him.  That is a scene I really want to see.

I was honestly moved by the Nicole/Maggie scene earlier this week, when Maggie told her that she wasn’t just going to “tolerate” her, she would consider her family. Nicole practically melted into a puddle at Maggie’s feet at being accepted, and embraced, at last. This is something she never got from Eric’s family when they were together. Then today, Jennifer’s visit was the icing on the cake, with her talk about being friends. This adds another layer to what Daniel is giving Nicole: a respected place in a society where she has always been an outcast.

Eric is, of course, a respectable member of the community too. But would this fragile acceptance remain hers if she dumps her fiance and runs off with another man, even if he is a great guy? I think Nicole would say no — and not just no but hell, no. It was painful to hear Nicole say that she and Eric would have been a “disaster” and it has always been Daniel for her – that that’s why she retaliated against Jennifer the way she did, when Daniel chose her. (I loved that Jennifer corrected her, gently, saying she thought it was actually her distress about losing her baby.) But it worked.

If Nicole stays with Daniel, she has a man who loves her and has proven he can forgive her when she makes mistakes. His family has pledged to accept her. Society seems to be smiling on her. And, most of all, she has a child she can love.

If, on the other hand, she breaks her engagement and goes off with Eric, she’ll have no child, society’s condemnation, and an uncertain future with a man who turned his back on her once before.

Whoa, I almost just talked myself into it.

So, they are doing an excellent job setting up Daniel as the safe choice. I would also argue that no character on the canvas has more to lose than Nicole in choosing the risky option. Brady said this week that Theresa was alone, without a support system. That’s only true if you ignore the fact that she’s related to everyone in town. For Nicole, it is true. She’s never had support that wasn’t conditional, or didn’t come with strings attached, or wasn’t withdrawn when she needed it most.

Now let’s see how they do with the second half of the equation: what happens when, with every reason to stay with Daniel, she finds herself hopelessly drawn to Eric, and haunted by memories of their time together. Can she throw it all away for love?


12 thoughts on “Insanity later

  1. I can’t help but think all this “niceness” is going to blow up in Nicole’s face in a BIG way. I don’t know how, but everything is too perfect, everyone is too forgiving. Something bad is going to happen. Nicole is still a little too protective of Eric (at least I’d think so if I were Daniel), and she’s going to lose her mind when she finds out Serena bugged the confessional and Daniel knew and didn’t come clean with her. I think that recording is key. Maybe Daniel isn’t as sure of himself (or Nicole) as we think. No so nice after-all. I think I’d actually like him better if he WAS a little jealous or unsure.

    Xander and Theresa! See! I wish they were keeping him. My bad boy/bad girl heart is breaking. There could be something there. Sigh. Almost a perfect setup with Theresa’s schemes. Oh well.

    I did love how Brady laid it out for Theresa so harshly. I actually liked him today. Yipee. I liked the Brady/Eric interaction. They do a good job playing brothers. I loved their conversation about Theresa, and how Brady called Eric out about his optimism about Theresa. Eric is too sweet for his own good.

    Rafe just bores me frankly. Has he ever had a good pairing? Him mooning around after Hope is getting a little old.

    Do we know what Aiden knows about Clyde? I’m lost there!

    Oh! Days doesn’t do next day previews? I’m so used to it over at GH, I keep looking for them after the credits. I wonder if we’ll get some promos as it gets closer to Steve and Bo’s return? It would be nice to see a wee bit of advertising from the network to generate some excitement.

    • I thought of you when Theresa gave Xander that once-over. I could see them having chemistry!

      I love Brady and Eric. I think they are perfect as brothers. I liked the dynamic you mention, when Brady called Eric out on his reassurances about Theresa. I would like to see him do that about all this “I’m at peace” stuff. Question how at peace he really is.

      Looking forward to the truth about the recording coming out. Just the thing for some good Ericole interactions and Serena going postal!

      A fair number of people liked Rafe with Sami – not you, I know. 🙂 They brought Jordan on for him but I guess it didn’t really click since they wrote her out.

      Nope, no idea what Aiden knows about Clyde. Something to do with his drug running, I suppose, based on his questioning of John. I’m curious what Clyde has on Aiden too.

      • I actually didn’t mind the Sami/Rafe stuff, because I saw it as kind of a Nicole/Daniel thing. Sami trying to choose the “right” guy, when the wrong guy was really her true match.all along. I think Rafe just always comes across as kind of smug and I want to hit him :). Maybe he and Daniel should hook up. Seems like they’ve been through all the gals in town!

        I’d like to see Eric “man up” a little too. I think if he thought he had a chance with Nicole we’d see some more action from him. Once he realizes she still has feelings for him, I don’t think he’s going to be able to give up, even if he thinks it’s the right thing to do. He’ll struggle with it, of course, but I think he’s still going to go for it.

        I’m actually a little more interested in Theresa and Brady now that she’s come up with some scheme involving Xander the shirt-less wonder LOL. How gratuitous was that???? OMG, I laughed at him parading around rippling!

      • Rafe has been with a lot of the Salem women. Sami, Nicole, Kate, Carrie, and probably more, lol. That’s what happens when you’re one of the few not related to anyone.

        I’m really curious where they are going to take this triangle with Daniel/Nicole/Eric. I was thinking a dramatic “leave Daniel at the altar” thing, but they could do an affair story too. I’m not hoping for that by any means – my mind is going there because they seem to be setting up Nicole for a fall. And even Eric too, maybe. Like, if he had fought for her he could have prevented her from making a mistake.

        I want to hear more about what Nicole meant when she said she and Eric would have been a “disaster”. I can guess, but I’d like to hear her talk about it. Whatever that is will be their other obstacle going forward.

        Gratuitous shirtless shots are okay by me. 🙂 Xander doesn’t ring my chimes that way, though I like the character. But he’s definitely got the muscles to haul that manure!

  2. I agree with all you said. I love seeing Nicole get the acceptance she’s always wanted and it definitely created even more reason to delude herself about how much she loves Daniel. It’s king of hard to watch her be all about Daniel, but I do think it will be worth it in the end.

    • That’s what I’m hoping too. They are laying all this “everything is wonderful!” stuff very thick. It makes me a bit nervous, actually!

      I see this as a monkey’s paw type situation for Nicole. She gets everything she wants, then finds out the one thing holding it all together – her love for Daniel – isn’t there, or isn’t enough.

  3. I suppose I’d have to give them credit for doing something that ostensibly should be almost impossible – making Eric Brady the risky choice. All the Daniel propping is annoying, but when you see it in terms of archetypes, how else do you create a triangle with two heroic types and make one seem like the better choice, while the other is actually the desirable choice. I think if this didn’t involve Daniel it would actually work quite well in terms of what they are actually trying to do.

  4. Hee! about Eric being the risky choice. He’s not much of a bad boy, is he? I really want to see a crack in his “at peace” armor. I’m thinking he’s in denial too. I wouldn’t mind seeing him be a little bit bad here, give in to temptation with Nicole a little bit, maybe not always make the perfect decision.

    I just ignore Daniel as much as possible and think of him as a placeholder: Decent, Upstanding Citizen, with child.

  5. as a new (well old viewer) but new to Eric having never seen him before, or the past storylines he was involved in with Nicole. He kind of bugs me – too “at peace” and all soft spoken and glazed watery eyes. I know there is more to him from everyone’s comments, so I look forward to seeing him show that side.

    know don’t hate me for dissing Eric! I know you love him. Hoping the next few weeks with the new writers get me interested because so far the only people I want to see are Chad and Abby, the rest I am yawning.

    I am willing to stick it out as I am jumping to conclusions after only 2 weeks into watching !
    Ha ha

    • Glazed watery eyes! You’re killing me!

      Lol, it’s okay. We’ll always share our S&K and J&J love. And maybe Eric will grow on you like he did on me. 🙂

      We’ll see what happens over the next few weeks and months! I think it will be really interesting to see the transition happening, finally!

  6. One of my favorite moments from the rectory affair (as I call it) was Eric finding Nicole and a guy named Vargas making out on her desk in the rectory when he came home early from a trip. Vargas has been Eric’s project, the first former convict to be part of Eric’s program to help released inmates make a more productive transition into civilian life. Kind-hearted Father Eric had been all about support and forgiveness and acceptance with Vargas to that point, even though Nicole had been wary at first about his letting someone fresh out of jail come work with them at the rectory.

    Eric had a coming apart, and it was all about Nicole about to get busy with, as he said at one point, “that freakin’ ex-con.”

    He has his moments. And they’re delicious.

    • Yes! I love that scene. AZ and GV play off one another so well. Hopefully we’ll get more scenes coming up where Eric loses his cool. How much would I love a Daniel/Eric fight?

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