Family emergency

Jen Lilley said in an interview over the weekend that we would notice a change in the writing today (8/10). I thought at first she had her dates wrong, because the new writers’ material is supposed to start next week. However, since she was undoubtedly talking mostly about her own story, I do hope what we saw today for her and Brady is a sign of things to come.


I was sure Brady’s “get your lying ass out of my house” on Friday was a fakeout. We still don’t know he’s going to kick her out, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear him say she was lying and remain unmoved by any of her attempts to cover up. Brady had the Salem brain! I do think this may be a rewrite, because it seems quite soapy for Caroline to find out Theresa is faking, and then immediately have a stroke so Theresa can continue her deception.

I still don’t see much chemistry between Theresa and Brady, but I thought they both did well in their scenes. Of course, I’m guessing that Brady will soften towards Theresa based on her distress over her grandmother. I don’t want all of her misdeeds just swept away because oh look! she has a spark of affection for her granny!Β but at least it is based on something real. (And kudos to the show for using the one relationship for Theresa that seems genuinely affectionate.) I really liked Brady’s final look outside the hospital room. It showed his continued frustration with her, and with the situation, as well as his reaction to her emotion.

Caroline’s collapse also gave Serena her chance to shine, if you can call it that. I hope the show doesn’t expect me to be blown away by the fact that she can operate a phone and has the decency to not just walk away when someone collapses right in front of her.Β 

I doubt even TomSell actually intended to reunite Eric and Serena on a permanent basis, but I do wonder if they had a long-term quad in mind for Daniel/Nicole/Eric/Serena. Serena’s bugging of the confessional could have been a bomb to break up Eric and Serena after a reunion, if Eric turned to her out of loneliness, perhaps. Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about that, since Serena is leaving in two weeks.

Eric’s softening towards Serena, which I assume will follow her actions today, will of course give her a reason to change her mind about leaving town (again). My sincere hope is seeing them together will give Nicole something to think about, even (I hope!) a reason to spring into action. And I really do hope Serena has one more act of revenge in her before she leaves.

Chad and Abby’s scenes were again wonderful, probably the highlight of the show. Billy Flynn was rocking the angst, showing the pain behind a sleazy line like “share and share alike.” Not many actors could pull that off (Stephen comes to mind as one who could), but he did. Kate did equally well, I thought, in her quieter reactions to his ranting. And even Ben made me laugh with his expression when he was trying to act happy about the baby while also doing arithmetic in his head. Math is hard.


Chad definitely had all the best lines, and he made the most of them. “The divorce rate in Salem is markedly higher than the rest of the country.” The man speaks truth!


From Friday’s show, but nice to look at.

I also enjoyed the swirl of activity today. There was an energy to the show just because people were moving around and talking to people they don’t always talk to.Β  A family emergency, like Caroline’s, is a great opportunity to feature family members together and other atypical interactions, which I always enjoy. So much better than watching the same two people stuck in a booth at the Brady pub through an entire episode.

A few other comments:

How painful was it to hear Josh Taylor try to spit out the word “unsubstantiated”?

I’m assuming one of the things Eric wants to tell Daniel is that he has nothing to worry about regarding him and Nicole. He can’t stop talking about how he’s not going to stand in their way, can he? And did I catch the shadow of a dirty look when Daniel blew him off?

I loved the scene with the opera and Stefano and Chad. I haven’t enjoyed Stefano so much in years! I can’t wait to see how Andre’s return will add to their dynamic.

Does it seem to anyone else that Victor is deliberately goading Xander? But to what end?

Mary Beth did an excellent job as professional doctor mixed with worried daughter. And Eric and Kayla were in a scene together!

Can you tell I’ve missed you guys??




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  1. Yay new post! Missed you too LOL. Great all around show today. Chad and Stefano were the highlight. Love the opera! Everything seems to be moving at a really good pace at the moment. The set ups are coming together. You can almost see things moving into place like Stefano’s chess board.

    I liked everyone today (minus Daniel ugh). I even felt for Ben, who got the woman he wanted, but now has serous doubts.

    Also enjoyed seeing Victor back in the middle of things, and I’m so bummed that Xander is leaving. He’s really enjoyable. His scene with Nicole was great. He was really menacing.

    Jen Lilly is adorable, and she was great today with Caroline. Still not feeling the Brady/Theresa either, but I can go with it for now and see if something develops. There’s just no spark at the moment, even when they fight, and that HAS to come, or the pairing is a dud and they will have to introduce someone else for Theresa or Brady. Perhaps they could bring in a bad boy for Theresa, though I can’t think of anyone on the show currently that fits the bill. There could be a story there with her fighting for the guy she thinks she wants, but finding herself pulled toward someone else…

    Glad to have you back MP. Things are definitely heating up! Still waiting for that first Steve mention. Soon!

    • I hope they’ll find a way to bring Xander back. I’m worried he’ll be killed – that seems to be the direction the story is headed. I know this is Days and they could bring him back anyway, but it would be nice not to have to fudge. I love that Victor is being bad again, but we could use a younger villain too.

      Lol, you’re so cute scheming for your bad girl/bad boy story. Hope the show comes through for you! Theresa seems a good candidate for it. I think they are going with Thrady for the foreseeable future, we’ll see how that goes.

      • Can’t help myself. I love the bad boys and bad girls :). Where’s the hot villain I kept help but love? We do need a younger villain because although I love Stefano and Victor, at their ages, they aren’t really that menacing. That’s what I liked about Xander.

        Aside from my lusting after a bad boy/bad girl scenario – I guess I’m just not feeling Brady’s sex appeal. He’s a cute guy, but he’s not pushing my buttons at the moment LOL.

  2. OH, and how appropriate was it for Kayla to be the one to point out to Eric that Serena DID do something good. She, who always sees the best in people, and acknowledges it, even when it’s not popular or easy.

  3. I liked today’s show too. I especially liked the CHABBY and Ben scene. Chad was awesome. I loved his line about the divorce rate in Salem. So true. I couldn’t believe they had Brady have the Salem brain today and it was revealed that Theresa faked her broken leg. I loved him going after her. Not sure I want him to back down now just because she’s upset about Caroline. All in all a good show with a good pace to it.

    • If Brady backs down now I’ll be disappointed, but not surprised. She got to him too with her line about knowing what it’s like to grow up without a mother. Good use of Brady’s history there. Though I guess the Marlena fans are up in arms about it, lol.

  4. Today’s show reminded me of why I liked it way back when.

    I still adore Jen Lilley and her scenes with Caroline were wonderful. Brady grew a brain and figured out Teresa was lying. I didn’t like it that Eric ran out of Victor’s without telling Teresa what had happened to Caroline, but I did like that Teresa and Brady followed him. Then when they got to the hospital I had to smile because of the high heels she was wearing.

    I still like Billy Flynn, but just cannot get behind Abby/KM. I’m trying, I’m trying πŸ™‚ Over the years I’ve had many characters and actors grow on me that I didn’t like in the beginning.

    Along the same lines, I have to say – Yippee!!! Kayla had scenes with other people today – no Abby. With her blood nephew and niece (since I was the one that mentioned that in an earlier post). Seeing Kayla trying to be Dr. Brady, but also a concerned daughter were great.

    • Ha ha! about the high heels. I didn’t notice that.

      Good point about Eric running out when Caroline is Theresa’s grandmother too. A bit strange. But he was sweet putting a comforting hand on her back in the hospital scenes. Eric (at Nicole’s urging) has helped and supported Theresa in the past, like he’s doing now defending her with Brady. I think Eric likes the bad girls, lol.

      And yes, it was nice seeing Kayla with her other niece and nephew. I loved hearing Eric call her aunt Kayla.

  5. Darnit, MP, your interest in current DAYS piqued my curiosity, so I watched this episode, and blast if Chad didn’t grab my attention (and I really had sworn off DAYS after how poorly they handled Jack’s last return). I want to feel for and to like Abby more than I do though (especially considering her parentage). But she’s got potential, she’s Jack’s, and she hasn’t been dragged around to the point of delegitimization like so many other characters on the show have been (sadly, Jennifer among them, but I could love my girl Jennifer again if the show gave me half a chance). This is also true of Chad. I never could get interested in Chad #1, but this new Chad is another story entirely. His thing with what’s-her-name annoying girl—Melanie? I can buy as teenage stupidity (with some of it able to be explained by him having felt a bit of false emotion for Melanie due to having been with her in a couple of life threatening situations, if I remember correctly), so I can believe what he feels for Abby is something more real, despite his past stupidity. Also, Chad having been a complete moron and ditching Abby for Melanie does give some credibility to Abby not tossing Ben for Chad in an instant, baby or no. The tired and over-used soap tactic of using false paternity to stick the girl with the wrong guy is rather unfortunate, but it works here, and if the characters and emotions ring true, I can deal with the plot device (plot is always secondary to characters and relationships for me—plot is by all means necessary, but it’s not what keeps me watching). I also enjoyed Stefano today. Does he have any interest, aside from his son’s happiness, in Chad and Abby? With this Chad/Abby stuff, I’d kind of like a nod to what the Dimeras did to Jack, as silly as that storyline was.

    I didn’t find myself terribly interested in much else, though I like seeing the family-ness we get with Caroline’s medical scare. Oh, how I wish it were Drake H and not Josh T playing Roman though. I kept imagining Drake saying Roman’s lines, and it was way better.

    I have always liked Nicole, and despite her having had a plethora of past relationships, I can still get behind her and believe her if she gets a true love story, as I have never believed she really loved EJ, Brady, Victor (obviously) and now Dan. I think she was always more in love with the idea of what she could have and what she could be with EJ or Brady, and this definitely goes for Daniel. She gets an insta-family with a well respected member of the community (despite the many reasons I don’t understand Daniel being well respected). Daniel has always been a throw away character to me, even before I was so offended by Dannifer. He has had so many women I was supposed to buy he was really in love with that I will never be able to take him seriously. I can believe he likes Nicole about as much as his past ladies though, so okay, he’s with Nicole now. He works in this current, disposable spot. Nicole and he ringing false, though being together with reasons I can understand, is just right. I am really liking what I’ve seen of Eric, and he is a character who is really quite untainted by bad writing in the past, yet he has strong ties to the canvas, so he’s got huge potential. I watched a couple of early scenes of him and Nicole while he was a priest, and I liked what I saw. I have a weakness for that sort of romance. I recently discovered the old sitcom “Soap”, and sure enough, the story I liked best was the priest and the “bad” girl. May Eric and Nicole’s story come to a less disappointing end than Corrine and Father Tim’s did. My main, petty problem with Eric/Nicole is that I hate to like anything Tomsell have done (stinking Jack killers!).

    Couple of questions—does Serena have any family ties? Is she one of Clyde’s kids? (P.S. I love George Hazard so darn much, but it sounds like Clyde hasn’t been a stellar character.) I assume Teresa is Kim and Shane’s? I fear Brady has had too many past loves that I was also supposed to buy for me to ever take him very seriously with anyone though, which is too bad. I do so love his mother. His age is a mess as well.

    Is Xander the child of some unseen sibling of Victor? I think I could be interested in Xander, but I guess he’s on his way out. Too bad.

    Lastly, this canvas could really use some classic Matt Ashford Jack. I’m so looking forward to Steve, but his presence will further punctuate how much the show could use a Jack attack.

    • Hi Angie, I see you’re a kindred spirit who, like me sees Days through the Jack lens. I too hope he comes back soon. He could’ve had a big impact on so many stories these past years and with 1 Steve’s return, 2. Abby’s pregnant with a (likely DiMera) and 3. His exes are battling it out the canvas is even more rich for his return.

      I do see a lot of parallels between Chad and early Jack (and Billy’s and Matt’s characterization). The triangle with Ben reminds me of Jen, Jack, and Emilio. They’re both fighting the legacy of their fathers while still taking advantage of their money. And both actors made me forget there was ever another actor portraying that character. The life and vitality, the shading and conflict that Billy brings to Chad also reminds me of Matt Ashford’s Jack. I hope that the writers keep Chad on this trajectory of his winning characterization. I hope the writers dont make a huge mistake and that Chad doesn’t devolve into caricature as it did for Jack.

      They have a good thing with Chad and I’m really liking him. I’d like the show a whole lot more though with Jack’s presence.

      • Indeed. No wonder I took such an immediate liking to Billy Flynn’s Chad. πŸ™‚ Glad to meet you, fellow Jackophile.

    • “My main, petty problem with Eric/Nicole is that I hate to like anything Tomsell have done (stinking Jack killers!).”

      Here’s how you get around that…

      1. Eric and Nicole primarily worked because of the actors and the chemistry they deliberately nurtured between them. Most of the story was told through subtext, which has more to do with the actors/directors and less to do with the writers.

      2. Tomsell blew them up in a ridiculously bad way, then stomped around on the shattered remains for almost a year by throwing in the Daniel/Nicole and Serena/Eric mess that nearly ruined both characters. And yet, Eric and Nicole survived to snog in a hellish crawlspace another day.

      3. A touching and emotional Eric/Nicole reunion story would be the ultimate repudiation of the destructiveness of Tomsell. A triumph of pure love over pure evil.

      Go with it, Angie. Go with it.

      • Aw, true love triumphing over TomSell. The biggest obstacle of them all, lol.

        Oh, and I wanted to say I think your take on Daniel/Nicole is spot on. This is what she’s been trying to get her whole life, a family and man who loves her. She has tunnel vision right now. She said a line with Roman, something about how good everything is right now (glancing over at Parker) and she doesn’t want anything screwing it up. Shows where her mind is, protecting this little “win” she’s gotten at long last.

    • Angie, glad to hear you checked out the show. πŸ™‚ To answer your questions first, Serena is not related to anyone on canvas. She’s Eric’s ex from Africa, and they reconnected when he was estranged from Nicole,but she was using him to get back some diamonds she was smuggling for Xander. And yes, Xander is a nephew by some offscreen brother of Victor’s. I think we all wish he was staying!

      I’m kind of ignoring the previous incarnation of Chad, except in that he has a history with Abby. It’s funny though because I’m watching with my mom this week, and she really liked the old Chad and hasn’t warmed up to Billy. Hee. Oh, and Stefano’s interest in Abby has to do with some land in Ireland Abby is due to inherit from a former nanny. Plot point, but I’ll go with it. Clyde found out about it too, so that’s why he tampered with the paternity test and wants Ben with Abby instead.

      Yes, Theresa is Shane and Kim’s daughter. πŸ™‚

      • Okay, thanks for the explanations. I think I’ll have to go back and watch youtube clips of Eric/Nicole and Flynn’s Chad/Abby.

        I’m sure your mom’s a wonderful person, questionable taste in Chads notwithstanding. πŸ™‚ I always figured Chad #1 was partly hired for height, as the plan was to make him EJ’s secret brother.

      • Yes, my mom and I don’t always agree, but that’s okay. πŸ™‚

        Here is a good place for watching clips, mostly 2013-2014.

        There is a lot there, organized by couple mostly. Search for Eric and Nicole, or Chad and Abby, plus the year, and you’ll find the playlists. The Eric and Nicole ones I know are backwards, you play from the bottom instead of the top. 2013 and early 2014 is sooo good for Eric and Nicole. February 2013 is a great place to start.

  6. I’ve loved Jen Lilley from the moment she debuted as Theresa, but the character is pretty hard to get behind. I think that she had better chemistry with Brady when they were both using. Credit to Eric Marstolf for making Brady feel like such a different person when he is abusing drugs and alcohol. And the truth is, the best pairing for Theresa is always going to be Anne Milbauer. JL and Meredith Lynn Scott have chemistry through the roof!

    Billy Flynn is turning into a real leading man. Glad they are letting him show so many different sides to Chad–brooding, distraught, funny, mean, romantic. He’s really killing it and I think he’s bringing out the best in KM. Reminds me of Melissa Reeves really bringing her A game once she was paired with Matthew Ashford.

    • I thought of Missy Reeves with MA as well when I think about how much more enjoyable KM is to me now. They really have a good thing going with Chad and Abby, and it looks like they realize it.

  7. I know I have said this before but I just started watching Days again after a 20 years gap (2 weeks in) and so far it is all Chad and Abby to me. Without their story I would be yawning. Yes I can see how Nicole and Xander could be interesting but there is not much story for them right now. And Xander is leaving – seems a mistake. Maybe because I watched all old JnJ and S&K playlists on youtube and I am nostalgice and pretty much haven’t seen Days since 1995 ish, I too keep comparing Chad to Jack somehow. He is funny, can be both bad & good at the same time. Now this love triangle could bring a lot or good stories (that will drag on of course) but I like it. Of course I would love to see Jack back as well.

    One thing that kind of bugs me is Chad KNOWS how bad Stefano is and he KNOWS he wants the land Abby has but still hangs around and lives with him? Wouldn’t he write Stefano off because of all the terrible things he has done? Why is he in a relationship with him if he knows all the bad things he has done? and does Abby know she has this land? I haven’t seen her mention it.

    I would like to see Ben turn manipulative and bad to keep Abby, could be interesting she marries the “safe” guy for him to turn out to be the “bad” one and then of course Chad would have to rescue her!

    I have to catch up on what Stefano has done, I really only know the old stories.

    • I definitely see the similarities between Chad and Jack. I mentioned his ability to play a sleazy line like Stephen did at the beginning, but Chad is probably a little more like Jack overall.

      I think it’s interesting that Chad doesn’t break all ties to Stefano. He seems resigned to being a Dimera. He told Stefano that Abby could choose whether to join the family, unlike him. Maybe he knows he couldn’t escape and this way at least he keeps tabs on what Stefano is up to. I like it, though. I don’t want them to reform Chad too much right away.

      Ben might well turn out to be bad. They’ve hinted a couple of things, mostly him putting the tracker on her phone. But they also had Rafe and Hope talking about how Ben seems awfully chummy with Clyde lately, and he’s been taking his money to pay college.

      Abby doesn’t know about the land. A few months ago she heard from her nanny that she was sick and went to visit her. But the nanny is still alive as of yet, and Abby doesn’t know she plans to leave her anything.

  8. Is it bad that I like self-destructive Brady better than got-it-together Brady? I realize the storyline is part of the issue but sober Brady just seems unhappy and unfun. I wasn’t watching back then so I have no idea how Brady and Teresa got together to make a baby. I had seen the show a couple of times when Brady was with Kristin and I have read here where someone explained about Kristin stealing the fetus or whatever. But I don’t see a chemistry between Brady and Teresa so it is hard for me to imagine how all of that happened.

    I do have some questions…Kristin and EJ are both dead (as far as we know)? So Chad is Stefano’s only living child now? Thaao is returning as Andre and not a resurrected Tony? (If that is a spoiler then don’t

    I guess they do need a younger villian. Stefano and Victor are both in their 80s. I guess Clyde is younger but he is not as interesting to me.

    It is getting easier for me to watch the current shows now. It’s starting to feel less like a chore so that is a good sign. I am still thrown by the pacing. Basically a week’s worth of shows is reflecting 1-2 days and it seems to throw me off a bit. It messes with my perceptions of time within the storylines a bit. I hope I am just nitpicking and it won’t bother me much when I really get into the show.

    • Kristen and EJ are both soap dead – Kristen’s body was not found and they showed Kristen injecting EJ with something when he died. But dead for now. πŸ™‚ Thaao is coming back as Andre supposedly, but he keeps calling Stefano “daddy” and Chad “baby brother” in his tweets. So who knows?

      I liked self-destructive Brady from what I’ve seen. I saw him and Theresa together in that mode and they were kind of fun. If they had chemistry it seems like yesterday’s scenes would have been electric, but it just wasn’t there. He does feel grim. But, I’m trying to keep an open mind.

      • Haven’t seen anything of past Brady and Theresa, so I’m open to seeing where it goes. I think Brady is a handsome guy, but I haven’t seen him in anything remotely like a romantic or sexual moment, so I have nothing to compare. I guess we need to see a “close” moment between he and Theresa before we can judge, but if a couple doesn’t have a spark when they fight…I don’t know. Compare it to Chad and Abby, who have chemistry in spades whether they are fighting or being romantic. I was laughing while watching this episode at the death glare Abby was giving Chad as he interrupted her and Ben’s “moment.”

        I’m loving Billy Miller. He’s not typically “soap opera” handsome (I like that), but very attractive with his very blue eyes. Expressive eyes are the best! Do we know who his mother is? Is it the same crazy Mom that EJ had?

  9. Denise, I am loving Billy Flynn also – not the typical soap opera leading man but definitely handsome and one of those characters who gets more attractive the more you like him. Abby and Chad definitely are the couple with chemistry.

    Brady I am the same, haven’t seen enough of him to make a judgement, but I do like Theresa at least she is interesting and entertaining to watch.

    and MP ha ha with the “unsubstantiated” I get so distracted by his plastic surgery and monotone delivery I can’t it doesn’t really matter what he says!

    • When I first saw Billy Flynn back in May I thought “wow, he’s ugly – but I like it!” Hee!

      Now he seems more good looking to me, just because he has so much charisma and I like the character so much.

      • Seriously? Billy Flynn is not ugly. Robert Scott Wilson is kinda ugly with his goofy looking hair and that possessive/obsessive look in his eyes but Billy Flynn is not!

        (And It’s OK Denise..I like Billy Miller too.)

        Days of our Lives has frequently bucked the trend of the classic soap star looks….and I like it.

      • I really like Billy Flynn’s looks. He isn’t inside the box though (I hate the dang box they try to make everyone fit into!); maybe it’s that he doesn’t have a strong jaw. But his eyes are wonderful. And, as you say, his charisma does make him better looking; whatever strength he lacks in jawline, he more than makes up for in how he carries himself. He’s excellent. I haven’t been this impressed with a new soap actor/character in a very long time (though I was liking what I saw of Casey Moss’s JJ when he entered and when he was learning about Jack’s past; unfortunately, I couldn’t keep watching his scenes, because I couldn’t stomach watching him with Daniel). I just watched BF’s first scenes as Chad, and wowza! He hit the ground running. It was Casey Deidrick who? Flynn was playing some heavy stuff referencing things BF hadn’t actually played, but I believed he had. They’re giving him good lines too. His delivery is also a part of it, but Flynn’s Chad has personality, something sorely lacking in so many characters. I wish Abby had more personality. Jennifer used to, but she seems off now. That’s another reason I’d like Jack back. I think playing off him would help flesh out Abby and JJ, not to mention what it could do for Jennifer. I did enjoy Abby and JJ yesterday though; I felt kinda tingly happy seeing Jack’s kids being all siblingish.

        Denise, Chad is EJ’s half brother; he’s not Susan’s. Chad’s mother was the wife of the District Attorney, the man Chad believed to be his father. Seems like the DA character went kinda evil and then Chad’s mother was killed or something.

        Shea, I agree that DAYS has done well bucking the trend sometimes. I think Alison Sweeney is pretty far outside the box, but Sami, like her or not, does have a distinctive personality, and those are in short supply and can really do a lot for a character. That being said, I’m pretty sure a large portion of why Jack got the shaft (figuratively, though also literally, which is somehow depressingly fitting) this last return was that Daniel was generally considered “hotter”—not to me of course, but have you ever ventured onto the DAYS Facebook page?—it’s truly a harrowing experience to read the comments there. Also, I think the show deliberately downplayed Matt Ashford’s looks with the Mr. Rogers look-a-like thing they seemed to be going for. The man needed a suit and a better haircut! He looks great on The Bay. There’s one more similarity I see between Billy Flynn’s Chad and Matt Ashford’s Jack. As I recall, neither character was really much of a suit guy before Flynn and Ashford took over.

  10. So I went to the playlists MP linked. On the Abby/Ben playlist, the thumbnails for the clips are largely Abby and Ben in bed. I had heard they were boring and that all they ever did was sleep together, so I am amused.

    • I saw that! Your title turned out to be prophetic. I hope her absence doesn’t mean there’s turmoil behind the scenes … of course I hope her personal life is ok …but it would be a bummer if things have been rough at Days. Can u imagine “just hang on for 6 MORE months and the story will get better. Gah! 😟😫

      • Yeah, hope not! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever already.

        Beth Milstein has been brought on to fill in for Dena. This is good news, I think. She worked for Days for many years, starting in the 80’s. And she was interim headwriter in 2006 for a couple months, wrote some of S&k’s early return.

  11. Oh geez. Well, let’s hope her partner in crime (or writing as it were) can fill the bill if she has to be away. Hope it’s nothing serious.

    Was thinking about the Chad/Jack comparison, and I think it’s right on! Maybe that’s why I was so drawn to Chad immediately. Daniel “hotter” than Jack???? No way, seriously? Matt was so handsome. Maybe it was because his character was so “buttoned up.” He was certainly handsome, but not in the “ripping my shirt off” kind of way that most soap “hunks” are. I actually really loved that about him. He was so self-depreciating, so uncertain and bumbling at times, that you kind of forgot how handsome he was (he did need a better wardrobe and haircut last return). Jack’s appeal was more cerebral. He was smart and funny. I think soap writers underestimate sometimes the myriad of things that women find sexually attractive in a man. We all like handsome guys with their shirts off, but there are a million different things that make a man attractive. Certainly humor and intelligence rank way up there on the sexy scale.

    I re-watched a JnJ scene recently – right before they were going on the train ride with Eve and Frankie. They had this silly argument over what they were packing (I think Jack packed like 4 dictionaries and Jen was bringing 3 hairdryers!). He accused her of mispronouncing he word “isthmus.” That scene makes me laugh and laugh. I never saw things like that on a soap before, and it was so wonderful. Smart and funny is sexy! Oh I hope they bring back Jack at some point, and they do the character justice.

    • Agree that personality plays a big part in what makes a man sexy. This is why I watch Days instead of looking at pinups. I can’t really get into lusting after a guy if he’s just eye candy, there has to be something that draws me in about the character. I can admire a good set of pecs but if there’s nothing else – eh. Maybe it’s a female thing. πŸ™‚

      I remember that “isthmus” scene!

  12. If Beth Milstein wrote during the Steve/Kayla and Jack/Jennifer time period then that could be great that she’s on board. I’d love to hear about anything she wrote. I’ve been reading boards where people were speculating about Ron Carviletti writing for Days. I have to say watching GH lately…it’s very campy but it does seem less choppy and has a lot more dialogue. That’s something that I’ve thought is a problem since I started rewatching Days. Sometimes it’s like 5 lines and the scene is done. Someone posted a copy of a recent script on daytime where I’ve been lurking and it didn’t even fill an entire posting page! Including stage directions! That doesn’t seem right. I’m sorry if I sound negative. I do have fingers crossed for this to be good, esp since Steve and Kayla will be on.

    Jack: I finished the Jackillio playlist just a day or so ago. I had to start watching it because it was killing me just seeing part of their story in the Marina/key story. I’m loving his redemption story so much. Kayla and Steve seemed to go back and forth in trusting whatever he does. And then with Jennifer in the scenes, I had to watch them bc they are just so much fun. What a totally unique romantic couple. 😍

    Isabella is introduced in this story. I can’t remember if I liked her back then but I can’t help but be intrigued by her and Roman now. Thoughts? They seem kinda sexy together. I feel like I need to find a playlist of theirs. He must end up with Marlena though right? With all the John Black stuff, it’s confusing but I think of him as Roman even now. I think I read the other day that someone is Isabella’s grown child! Also, I just realized that Kassie de Pava is Eve Donovan!? That blew my mind. I always think of Eve as Charlotte Ross. I’m sorry this is so long! I had things to say, I guess. ☺️

    • Love that time period. I’d like to watch Isabella and Roman sometime. I like what I remember and the little I’ve seen in clips recently. Love Jack’s redemption and the relationship between Steve and Jack.

      I don’t think we can expect it to ever be the 80s again, no matter who comes on board. There is going to be some good, some bad. Of course there was bad stuff in the 80s too, but what I miss is how well executed the stories were, even the duds. That’s not the reality now.

      But, I am ever optimistic, and hope to enjoy what’s good, and I’m ready to offer the show my helpful analysis of what they could do better. πŸ™‚

      I already care about quite a few of the characters, and that’s really the first step. Now the show can break my heart by putting them in bad stories.

      Sigh, just kidding – kind of.

      • Oh, and yes, Eve is back on the canvas as Kassie de Paiva. I think of her mostly as a new character, not Eve. She’s been stuck in a bad story but has talked about how much she loved her fall story.

        And Brady is the one who is Isabella’s son. Remember Theresa’s line about how he grew up without a mother? That’s Isabella!

    • Ron Carlivati started off great on GH, but he’s really really plot-centric, and after the first year things went downhill fast. Too many characters and stories going nowhere. I don’t think there is one decent romance story on GH currently. I think if they could have gotten him a good co-headwriter who could write romance, they could have kept him. Big complaint from GH fans is also the choppy scenes!!! I think that is a problem all around. You can’t build a lot of drama when you are in and out in 5 lines! I think they (TPTB) think that these short scenes work better for the younger audiences (and are cheaper to produce), but I think they are really mistaken. I actually thought the scenes on Days were longer than on GH LOL!

      I loved Isabella and Roman. I thought their romance was very sweet and sexy. Definitely worth watching. Her death was so sad, and actually very well played I thought.

      • I watch both DOOL and GH and they both have issues but I think GH does a much better job with dialogue and individual scenes. Both have been guilty of over use of flashbacks and the pregnant pause. GH seems to have better pacing to me. It isn’t the length of scenes that bother me, it’s how the scenes flow together. Both shows need better writing and I am trying to stay hopeful that we are going to get it.

    • Just wanted to respond to the Jackillio. I think Emilio’s hair was a thing of wonder! I bet he had a stylist just devoted to the upkeep of that thing. I wish they would bring Billy Hufsey back just to see what Emilio looks like today! AND, I can never hear the song “Rescue Me” without thinking about Jack and his fire engine. I loved how they used to use music. Too bad the budgets today don’t allow for it.

  13. GH has gotten better lately, thank goodness! After the horrible Luke finale I was ready to give up, but I’m hanging in there because I’d never want to see it cancelled. Seems like GH and DOOL have both had similar issues with both pacing/writing and bloated casts. There needs to be some more ensemble work all around, I think. The “umbrella” stories we all keep talking about. I mean, I know we probably aren’t going to get something like Stockholm or the Ice Princess again ever again, but I think they need a way to involve more characters in an A story, with B and C stories circling around.

    Rewatching the S&K stuff with you all, it amazes me the forethought that went into the crafting of the stories. Even as Stockholm was winding down, Adrienne and her bracelet began following Steve, setting up the Johnson storyline, then as that was coming together, introducing Jack Deveraux, which brought us to the Jack/Steve/Kayla storyline. It was pretty brilliant. And those stories all involved other, peripheral characters.

    I’m hoping that’s what we’re heading into as Steve and Bo return. And obviously Days is cutting down a bit of the cast (with more to come I bet) and hopefully bringing back not only vets, but some exciting younger folks to set up some new, multi-generational stories.

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