Big Brother Ro-Man

Note: my mother is coming for a visit today, and she’ll be here all next week. She’s a Days watcher too, so I’ll still be watching, but I won’t have access to my computer. I have a Shayla post all ready to go, but I decided to leave you with this instead. 🙂

I loved Drake as Roman. He had such great sibling chemistry with Mary Beth, Patsy, and Peter. Here he is giving Kayla a warning talk about Steve, after Kayla and Steve have stayed out all night together:


When Roman says, “I’ve seen the way he looks at you  — and the way you look at him,” it’s clear it is her feelings that worry him. And then we get another reference to the stray dogs Kayla was always taking in. That obviously made a big impression on both her brothers! When Kayla protests “that is not why I care about Steve,” she breaks off, not having intended to admit that. Mary Beth is great showing Kayla collecting herself after that admission, and saying calmly that Steve is her friend. And, she doesn’t let her embarrassment make her back down. She is very mature and direct as she says that she is an adult and she can make her own decisions.

(I can’t say how much I appreciate that Roman says his piece, and then doesn’t interfere beyond that. No interrupting kisses or derailing first dates for him — yes, I’m looking at you, Bo!)

Interestingly, when Kayla tells Roman, “I am not in love with him,” I believe her. I don’t think she’s in love with Steve yet (but, as Roman immediately points out, she’s headed in that direction). I do think Steve is already in love with her. I think the moment when she arrived in Stockholm, in that white sweater, is the moment when his feelings all crystallized into love. Given the way their story unfolds, with Kayla pursuing and him pushing her away, I like to think that he is the one who falls, first.

Meanwhile, Steve is the opposite of mature and direct, when he turns on his sleazy guy-act and needles her about Roman’s disapproval. We know he actually shares Roman’s low opinion of him, so it’s interesting to see how much it rankles. Kayla understands that, so she wants to let him know she won’t let Roman’s objections stop her:

Her declaration falls a bit flat. I don’t think she was expecting Steve to take her in his arms and say how glad he is she won’t let Roman change her mind about him, but I think she was hoping for something.  Again we see the awkwardness from Kayla. She’s decided to pursue him, but how?

Steve is affected, of course. I love the way he says “Night, Sweet –” and his voice breaks just the tiniest bit and he can’t quite get the word out fully. It’s only after she’s gone that he says, huskily, “Night, Sweetness.”



36 thoughts on “Big Brother Ro-Man

  1. I think Kayla is already in love with Steve but she doesn’t know it yet…or won’t admit it to herself. Steve is in love and knows it but isn’t admitting it. A couple of things that strike me about these two. WAY before we ever get that long awaited first kiss they already touch each other like lovers. The way he touches her face, she kissed his hand. Heck even the way they look at each other. They make love with their eyes for MONTHS before we even get a kiss. Of course we all know they are in love before they ever kiss but once they do kiss and start talking about taking the relationship further, they both try to hide behind the physical attraction. They don’t hesitate to say “I want you” or “I want to be with you” but they are both reluctant to admit they care about one another.

    I know you are interested in my thoughts about their second run and I am watching what I can find on YouTube. Unfortunately there may be gaps in a lot of the playlists I have found but I have made it up the part where Steve remembers Kayla so I will comment on just that part. From the beginning I just felt the vibe was wrong. I just find it hard to buy that Steve wouldn’t feel anything for Kayla even if he didn’t remember her. It came off as he didn’t remember her, he didn’t remember having feelings for her and he wasn’t even attracted to her and I think that is wrong. I wanted him to look at her the way he used to but instead he looked at her with pity while he was giving Billie the kind of looks he should have been giving Kayla. I choose to believe even if he hadn’t gotten the memory back that they would have still found their way back to one another. And since I mentioned Billie…I didn’t necessarily hate that pairing. Julie Pinson and Stephen Nichols had a nice chemistry to me but from what I saw they have like 6-7 scenes together before Steve is supposed to be in love with her? Seriously?

    There were some great scenes with Kayla and Bo and some good scenes with Bo and Steve. There is a scene where Bo tells Steve about what happened to his eye and Steve says Kayla already told him. THAT is a scene I want to see but I assume it doesn’t exist just like we never got a scene where Kayla learned the truth the first time around. I also liked one scene where John and Steve and talking about the past . John tells Steve about the kind of man Steve was when he first came to Salem and that Kayla would have killed anyone who had tried to tame him. It has shades of big brother Ro-Man explaining to Steve what Kayla had to work so hard to explain to him all those years ago. But then Kayla goes and plans this fancy dinner for the two of them which sends the opposite message. Heck she would have had better luck just offering him a beer with an egg in it! At times it felt like Kayla had truly forgotten just how rough around the edges he had been when they first fell in love. It’s the Steve and Kayla scenes that were disappointing.

    I am not sure if the writers didn’t grasp the full history or if they were just too lazy to write in the complexity that the story deserved but it just seems a bit flat.

    • Shea we are on the same page! I just recently watched the last return myself (the gaps on youtube were frustrating, but what can you do? – if someone knows of a more complete list, please post). I felt exactly the same way about Steve not having ANY feelings for Kayla despite the memory loss. I didn’t feel like they really needed to introduce the Bille in the middle portion of the story. Could Kayla have grown to love Nick and vice versa, thinking that he would never regain his memory? That might have been a better choice story-wise. Could Kayla have let go of Steve to move on with Nick, and then what happens when he suddenly remembers after all.

      MBE and SN played the heck out of it, and after they are back together there are a lot of really great moments, but the writing wasn’t there. And I think you are correct, they (the writers) just didn’t understand the complexity and depth of the history. Plus the whole Kayla is dying thing I thought was lame (JMHO).

      There iIS some great, sexy, fun stuff with Steve, who is still a nut (even after he gets deprogrammed), and Kayle during this period, but it never quite gets THERE, if you know what I mean. It felt like they were rehashing instead of showing us something new.

      I hope this time around we do get there (sounds like MBE and SN are very pleased, so I’m hopeful). I want to see a little reversal – Steve pursuing Kayla for a change – and I’d like to see some of the old push/pull, but appropriate to their ages and the time of life they are at NOW. The story has to move them forward, not back. Of course we need to see some flashbacks and memories, but I’d like a fresh try at romance for them.

      • Oh, you guys are making me relive my disappointment with 2006-09. It was like someone with a kindergarten understanding of Steve and Kayla was writing the story.

        The best stuff is after they were reunited. Such a missed opportunity to do a good reconnection story.

        It’s good to watch the second run, though, because it helps to adjust your expectations. If you go right from 80s stuff to modern days, it can be a big letdown. 🙂 Sad but true.

      • You guys . . . though I agree and also feel there were disappointments to Steve and Kayla’s second run (no way Steve would ever be indifferent to Kayla, memory or not), I can only wish Jack and Jennifer had been treated as well on their second and third runs . . . well, really from Baby Howie on, it’s been ouch with a few good moments sprinkled in. (And at least they never replaced Stephen Nichols and tried to turn Steve into a basic Ken doll type.) Perspective, friends. Sorry, I get a little bitter sometimes.

      • I don’t blame you. And MA is always such a class act, never badmouthing the show or TPTB. I hope sometime in the future we get a Jack return worthy of the character.

        And I agree that if you look at all the long term characters on the canvas, Steve and Kayla have probably been least damaged by bad writing.

      • Let me warn you, the dates on the playlists are not accurate….unless Thanksgiving is in October and Christmas in November…lol.

    • The really big opportunity I think they missed was to bring Steve back TOTALLY different. If he had a completely different personality, it might have been easier to believe that he had no feelings for Kayla. However, he was still basically Steve, so it wasn’t really believable to the fans who knew Steve and Kayla’s history (basically everyone who tuned back in to see the return). I think the writers took the easy way out. SN could play a totally different personality (I hardly recognized him on GH as Stefan). How cool would that have been? Slowly Steve’s old personality starts to leak back out, the more time he spends with Kayla, and the fighting personalities would have been a great thing to see SN play out. Oh well. I have much higher hopes for this return. And I think MP is correct. I’m glad I watched the 06 stuff, because my expectations are tempered.

    • Yes what was missing in the start of the second run was that push/pull of romance- seeing that Steve is drawn to Kayla despite himself (despite the programming)….It was so hard to watch that. Later/after he gets his memory back, the romance was there, as you said, and wonderful. But yes, they missed out on so much potential for drama in the beginning and a lot of it was painful to watch. I remember reading posts online from a lot of fans who tuned out because of that. (their loss in the end, but I can’t say I don’t understand)

      • I only watched a couple of weeks into the second run in 2006 but it wasn’t Steve and Kayla that were my big problem. It was the rest of the show….the Sami/Austin /Carrie /lucas and Mimi/Shawn/Belle /Philip stuff was horrible to me. Then they had Chelsea and Stephanie trying to date their uncle Max. I just couldn’t make myself keep tuning in.

  2. I hate that they turned Hogestyn’s Roman into John Black. I came along after Wayne Northrup, and Northrup’s return was short-lived anyway (now we’re stuck with Chris Kositchek), so the character played by Drake Hogestyn will always be Roman to me. John Black? There is no John Black.

    • I guess the storyline in 1992 is considered a good one, but I’m with you, I wish Drake was still Roman. I just can’t get into him as John. And Josh Taylor is NOT Roman!

  3. It was amazing to me how many times Steve and Kayla slept together (meaning sleep) before they ever kissed, much less made love.

    Also, as mentioned before, I like Drake Hogestyn as Roman and loved the relationship between all the Brady siblings. It sounds odd, but I don’t like him nearly as much as John. Also, seeing Chris K as being Roman not – it’s like we fell into the Twilight Zone.

    • It cracks me up a little to think how many times Kayla’s family saw Steve there without a shirt, or in the morning, or something else that suggested they were having sex. I’m sure they all thought Steve and Kayla did the deed long before they actually did.

    • I think they ruined the character by changing his history/back story so many times. It would be hard (at least for me) to care about who he is, if his story changes at the whim of every other writing regime. Who is his daddy next week? kwim? I was very much invested in him because of his ties to Salem/his family in the 80s/early 90s. Once that was taken away, and the story direction moved away from them…I lost interest. I wasn’t going to watch just for him anyway though. I didn’t think he had more chemistry with Deidre than Wayne Northrop did either, but apparently legions of viewers disagree with me lol.

  4. I am on the Drake bandwagon as Roman. Basically all the Brady’s during this timeframe had a great sibling chemistry which the show really played well.

    I did watch the show when the original Roman (Wayne) came back and remember that change. But John/Drake was always the better character. I am a week and a half into my rewatching Days and can’t stand Chris Koshichek as Roman. He was always so monotone and now with that horrible plastic surgery only his lips move!

    Back to S&K. Love how Steve is looking at her when she is telling Roman she is not leaving (at 5:35). Maybe I am reading too much into it, but Steve was always great conveying his emotions with a quick look. You can tell he once again is seeing Kayla’s strength and “won’t back down” personality. I like how she stands up for herself with Bo, Roman and Steve.

    • Agree about how much emotion SN can show with a quick look. He and MBE are such masters of that!

      What always strikes me about JT as Chris and Roman is that he acts just the same as Kayla’s brother as he did as her ex-boyfriend. So one note.

      But he was better when he was younger. When I was ten I really liked Chris and Kayla#1. Hee.

      • Yeah I remember liking Chris and Kayla #1 although I don’t remember much about them. i also liked Chris with Savannah Wilder in the mid 80s. She was so bad that is somehow made him less boring…lol.

  5. Couple quick comments;

    The look Steve gives Kayla as she is first talking to Roman seems to convey that he is realizing just how stubborn she is and he is surprised that she is speaking up so strongly, to her brother, in defense of him.
    (SN was amazing at what he convey with just the look in one eye and body language) MB too!

    Kayla consider some of what Roman is saying when he takes a softer approach, but when he tries to strong arm her she just gets all the more stubborn. In someways his talk had the opposite effect of what he wanted.

  6. I always loved, in this part of the story, when Kayla told off the men in her life when they were being unreasonable. She’s not a “backer downer” when she believes in something, and has that in common with most of her family. When her heart is in something, she fights for it all of the way. While I loved how protective Kayla’s brothers in particular always were with her, sometimes it was exasperating. In this scene with Roman for example, I just thought it was too over the top in a way. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate the sentiment, but as Kayla said- she was a grown woman.

    Roman was speaking to her as if she was a 16 year old in love for the first time. Part of me still loved it, don’t get me wrong LOL …but more so, I think I loved the opportunity for Kayla to show Steve she could handle Roman/her family and make her own decisions. Steve, at this point, thought she was going to cower to whatever “other people” thought of him, and expected her to just turn away from him every time one of her brothers said a derisive word about him. As he saw her continuously stand up for herself (and for him), Steve gained more and more trust (and love)…I loved the little surprised expressions Steve would show here and there in response to that. It was as though he was saying “wow I didn’t think I could love you more…” (and yes, I am a sap, I realize it LOL).

    That last scene after Kayla leaves his room epitomizes what was so special about this part of the story..He would try to pull away from her, and she would surprise him by seeing through it, and it would just make that heart of his leap out of its chest. Days was so good at allowing those moments when Steve was alone, just for a moment after Kayla left or walked away…and you could just see the yearning and emotion on his face even without a word spoken (and sometimes, as in this scene, with just the inflection of a word spoken).

    • Days and SN were great at showing his true emotions AFTER Kayla left the room. And he did it with just a look (as opposed to now when you have to have the actor speak out loud to an empty room for us to know what they are thinking)

      This was so important in the early Kayla Steve days because it showed you how Steve felt and you kind of waited for that reaction. Really softened him up when he was putting on the tough guy sleaze act. Without those small looks and emotions you wouldn’t have loved and rooted for him as much as you did in the early days.

      Reading all these comments and reliving these scenes really makes you appreciate both MBE and SN in a way that you couldn’t on the first run (when I was much younger and missed so much!)

      • I thought I appreciated the story then, but you are so right rewatching these scenes after a long period of time gives a whole other level of appreciation- especially now when you don’t see this kind of writing/storytelling anymore. It was such a magical time on Days…the perfect combination of writing, pacing, directing, acting, casting. The people behind the scenes seemed to love crafting these storylines almost as much as we loved watching them. To me Days from 1984-1987 was as great as soap opera gets. (I loved Steve and Kayla through the rest of the their run too, but the rest of the show not as much).

        Stephen and Mary Beth gave that extra level of commitment and dedication to their work. And all of these years later, I have yet to see two actors who connect onscreen the way they do/did.

  7. Also just to add: ITA I hate when an actor/character has to speak to themselves (like in full paragraphs LOL) , for writers to get the motivation across. It’s a pet peeve of mine. Steve just had to look across the room at someone with the camera on his face, and we knew just what he was thinking and feeling.

    • Can you imagine if they had Steve talking out loud to himself after the scene above? “I know she doesn’t really mean that about not letting people influence her, and even if she does we’re too different for it to ever work, and she deserves someone better than me. I can’t let her know how I feel so I have to keep up my defenses, even if it hurts her now it will be better in the long run. But I do hope she gets a good night’s rest.”

      • I have to say that i think that is one reason I really do not like Nicole. Because of how many times I have seen her have these long talks to herself. It is so annoying.

  8. I saw an interview somewhere on YouTube maybe during their second run where MBE and SN both said things are different now and no-one runs thru their lines together before filming. They stated they were surprised when other people they worked with didn’t do this because they spent so much time reading thru and rehearsing before they filmed. And it shows!

    I agree I loved the mid 80’s heyday of days – first time favs are 1984 thru 88 and 90. (Only thru 90 because of JnJ) but watching the condensed versions online I really understood some of the subtly Indepth or undertones that I never picked up on the first time around.

    • I saw that too. I can’t imagine just memorizing lines and going in cold and doing a scene for the first time for the camera. I love how MBE said in that plankblog interview that she and SN are each other’s acting coaches.

      I saw an interview with another Days actor recently, maybe Ari Zucker? where she said you need to be able to memorize quickly in order to work in soaps. If you can’t, you spend all your prep time memorizing, and you have no time to work on the emotional beats or anything else. It makes perfect sense, I just never thought about it like that before.

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