Paternity test shuffle

Yay! Kayla!


So what do we think happened with the paternity test results?

What we saw onscreen showed that Clyde threatened the lab tech, Martin, into tampering with the test. But, Martin was called away before he could do it, and the other tech came back and did the test, supposedly correctly. (The first time in the history of Salem!) I haven’t watched today’s show yet, but I’m assuming that the test will come back negative for Chad, showing Ben is the father.

Could it really be that simple? I say, there’s no way in hell.

The test was sitting on the desk, unattended, after Martin left. The door was locked, but that hardly matters. Anyone could pick the lock, or bribe Anne, to get into the room. Another option is that both lab techs were threatened. Martin by Clyde, and the other one by someone else. Maybe that lab tech didn’t really have a lunch date. Maybe she arranged for Martin to be called away, so she could come back and tamper with the test results herself.

The other question, of course, is who did it? Could it be Stefano, angry at Chad’s insistence that he would tell Abby about the land in Ireland? Or for some other purpose? Ben himself? I know he seems clueless at the moment, but it would be a fun reveal to show that he and Clyde were both working, separately, to tamper with the test. How about Hope? She supposedly doesn’t know that the paternity of the baby is in question, but she’s a detective, after all. Jennifer? Or even Kayla? (I hate to think it, but it’s possible.)

Anyone else? Keep in mind that this is a show that had CarolineΒ switching the results of Parker’s paternity test, from Phillip to Daniel. Why? Because she wanted to help her granddaughter, Stephanie, hold onto Nathan Horton. Because if Phillip learned that he was really the father of Parker, he might end his marriage to Melanie, who would then rush back to her ex, Nathan.

Makes sense, right??

But, you say, isn’t Parker Daniel’s son? Yup. A few years later, they undid all of the above by showing yet another person had already switched the test results, and Caroline switched it back.

So I think we can agree that just about anything could happen with the results of this test. Heck, maybe they’ll do a Murder on the Orient Express and show every person in Salem dropped by and switched the result, one after another. Because why not?

I’ve heard some wild speculation about this. One rumor is that Stefano actually impregnated Abby with EJ’s sperm the night she was at the Dimera mansion with Chad. (Ew!) This would be for the purpose of getting stem cells to revive EJ — or something (does Stefano really need a reason to do anything?). That would mean it was neither Chad’s baby nor Ben’s, but EJ’s. This test result, remember, won’t show positively that Ben is the father, only that Chad is not the father. I think that without James Scott on the show, this is unlikely.

Also, the show is clearly setting up Chad and Abby as True Love, and everyone knows true love = fastest sperm. But I expect many twists and reversals before that is revealed.

UPDATE: I just watched today’s show, and they made it much more obvious that we have no idea what the true result is. I guess I was wrong about the second lab tech. Sorry, second lab tech, for slandering you!

And holy flashbacks today! There must have been something cut from the episode, that they filled in with those. I kind of think they are dropping Rafe/Hope, so maybe parts of those scenes were cut.


38 thoughts on “Paternity test shuffle

  1. I suspect we’re definitely in for a few switcheroos here. I wouldn’t put your EJ’s Sperm theory past them (so ew), and LOL at the reference to Parker’s switch. I think Caroline also gave some vague reason like, “I don’t want to see the Kiriakis family get to ruin another life!” or something insane — so, by taking away Philip’s kid, she prevented that, or something. It was the epitome of a shocking reveal for shocking reveal’s sake.

    The other nutty one was when Lexie had Theo, and it was a question of whether Abe or Brandon was the father. Sami switched the results so they’d name Abe as the father, thus meaning Brandon would stay with Sami instead of being with Lexie. Then Lexie (I forget why) announced that she knew Sami was going to switch the tests, so she PRE-SWITCHED them, meaning Sami set them right, and Abe was really the father all along. I don’t understand how that somehow healed Abe and Lexie’s marriage, but hey, I don’t live in Salem or operate by its logic.

    • I wasn’t watching the show in 2010 but somehow I caught the episode where the test happened. It was like a whodunnit as they showed everyone either on their computer or cell phone, looking like they were doing something suspicious. It was kind of clever I thought. But the Caroline reveal made NO sense.

      Thanks for reminding me about the Abe/Brandon WTD story. Pre-switching the results, hee!

  2. Kayla spends all her time with Abby. She doesn’t spend this much time with her blood nieces and nephews (as far as the show lets us believe). Not surprisingly, I’m a major MBE fan, but it seems like most of the scenes she’s in lately are with Abby. Occasionally other people, but not often enough for me.
    That being said, I did enjoy Martin realizing what happened yesterday. Someone tries to help you out on your job and look at what happens LOL.

    • I love her scenes with Abby, but you’re right it would be nice to see her with someone else occasionally. Only a few weeks, and she’ll be getting lots of airtime. Can’t wait.

      I thought both lab techs were good actors. Maybe we’ll see them again for further plot twists!

      Oh, and I had to edit your comment because you mentioned a storyline spoiler. Don’t forget this is spoiler free Days. πŸ™‚

      • I love seeing Kayla with Abby. If we can’t have Stephanie on the show, then I like seeing MBE in a maternal role with her niece. She does it so well and MBE and Kate Mansi have a great family chemistry.

        And I would disagree with the distinction between her “blood” nieces and Abby. The show’s made it clear that Abby (and JJ) and Kayla consider themselves close family. And on the Brady side, the only ones in town are Eric, Theresa, and Ciara. Eric’s a bit too old to need mothering/maternal advice. Theresa’s made it clear how she feels about Kayla. And Ciara’s too young. I think the close relationship between Abby and Kayla is sweet and fits with the characters.

        That said, I’ll be glad when Kayla gets to have scenes that aren’t just about Abby or some other member of her extended family. πŸ™‚

  3. I agree with your point, but now that you mention it, how great would it be to have scenes with Eric and Kayla? They could compare notes on being in love with self-destructive people who don’t think they are worthy of being loved …

    The lab explosion/furnace room declarations of love followed by “backsies!” could be another topic of conversation. πŸ™‚

    • Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’d love some Eric/Kayla interaction. I just think the relationship between Kayla and Abby is great and very natural.

      And yes, a conversation about near death declarations and “backsies” would be awesome. πŸ™‚

    • I have been wanting Eric/Kayla heart-to-hearts about loving difficult people since forever. It would be nice for someone in Eric’s family (besides Brady) to actually like Nicole and support her relationship with Eric. I think Kayla is kind and forgiving enough to see Nicole’s worth and, through her own experiences with Steve, could be the person in Eric’s family to say, “Don’t give up on her.”


      I also want Steve and Nicole to team up in private investigations, but I’m not sure Nicole could get a license given her history.

      • In a town where Lexie can keep her medical license, anything is possible. πŸ™‚

        I have long wanted Steve to be shown running his own PI business. Nicole would be a great partner, definitely willing to cut corners.

        I’m afraid that a man/woman detective agency would, this being Days, inevitably lead to something romantic, though. Do not want! Rafe seems to be at loose ends, so maybe him? Or if they smartened Brady up, just because I like EM a lot. I know he’s an executive, but weirder switches have happened. He and Steve could be a fun contrast, plus that would a lot of pretty on my screen. πŸ™‚

  4. Eric and Kayla have sooooo much in common. Would love to see some scenes between them! And, of course, Kayla married a man she didn’t love because Steve pushed her away…he felt Jack was the “better choice,” just like Nicole seems to feel Daniel is the better choice…and look how that turned out.

    Do you think something is going to happen to Eric to force Nicole’s hand? I wonder how long Eric will hold out before he starts fighting? He’s got to fight, right? He can’t keep being so passive! Something or someone has to light a fire under his butt.

    • I wonder! There are so many ways they could go with it. I think what would make Eric fight for Nicole is if he really believed she wasn’t going to happy with Daniel. He said that to her in the conversation where he told her he loved her. He said he didn’t think it was possible for her and Daniel to be happy, because they’ve tried in the past and struggled because of her feelings for him (Eric).

      That was such a great line because it’s true — but now she’s convinced him that she does love Daniel. So something has to happen that calls that into question, I think. I want that big soapy dramatic situation to crack through her denial, but not completely.

      I’d like Eric to work to help her in some way, be active that way rather than trying to convince her she loves him. And then as the wedding gets closer and he sees she does actually have feelings for him, he can start trying to talk her out of it.

  5. I can’t wait for more Kayla scenes too. I can’t stand Theresa. Not sure how she’s Shane and Kim’s daughter. How does she feel about Kayla? Did Kayla call her on her evilness and she threw the nobody loved me line?

    • Someone else might have to field this one, I don’t know the details of their interactions.

      I know Kayla got Theresa her job at the hospital (when the character was first introduced), it was part of some court deal to keep her out of jail for something. I don’t think Kayla was ever really fooled by Theresa, but she was helping Kim out — plus you know she believes in giving people a chance. πŸ™‚ Since then, though, I’m not sure.

    • Kayla tried with Theresa when she first came to town, but Theresa pretty much blew her off and then took total advantage of Kayla getting her a job. When Theresa overdosed, Kayla tried to help but then it became clear that Theresa was, once again, manipulating everybody. Kayla even tried to comfort Theresa when she thought she was pregnant, but the test Kayla ran was negative but Theresa rejected her. Basically, Theresa has shown that she cares nothing for Kayla and wants pretty much nothing to do with her.

    • I know I have an unpopular opinion here (hey, I also never minded Shayla, so I’m used to having unpopular opinions πŸ™‚ ), but I like Teresa. Actually maybe rather than saying I like Teresa, I should say I think Jen Lilley is a fantastic actress and she makes Teresa someone you love you hate. I have tried to like Abby but in my opinion I just don’t like KM that much. In the Chabby storyline, I like Billy Flynn. I also like Casey Moss as JJ. I have only recently re-started watching so maybe there were things going on prior to my watching that make Abby a sympathetic character.

      • Hey, we don’t have to all agree. πŸ™‚ I actually didn’t care much for Abby before this storyline. None of her pairings did anything for me, they seemed conflict-free and boring. But I am getting into her now, and this romance with Chad.

        I do like Jen Lilley. I think she has a lot of zip onscreen. I liked what I saw of her when she was the (slightly) older woman with JJ, And I am totally open to liking her again, but this particular story is killing me. I did like it when the “bad nanny” told her off. πŸ™‚ We need more scenes like that.

        If they show Brady getting a lot smarter, have some of her schemes backfire, and give her a reason she is the way she is — I think I could get into her.

        I’m curious about how this Xander thing they introduced this week might play out — seems a prime situation where her scheme could backfire in a really bad way!

    • I would say that maybe Teresa isn’t Shane’s daughter after all and she really did belong to Cal but when you think about it Shane’s other daughter Eve is evil too so I guess Shane just has some bad seed. What about Andrew did he turn out OK?

  6. One of my problems with the WTD scenario is that it usually ends with a baby in danger scenario. Oh no he needs a kidney! Or a blood transfusion, or bone marrow, or whatever. Here’s hoping they clear up Abby’s paternity before they get to that point! Someone knows the truth (the tech), so maybe not this time…

    Glad we’re seeing more of Kayla lately, even if it is just with Abby. MBE is so good in every scene she does. It will be nice to see her to do something other than just comforting Abby. Do we know when teenaged Joey makes his first appearance? It must be soon, Is he away at school or something? OH – and where does Kayla live now? I’ve only ever seen her in the hospital or walking around the park.

    • There isn’t a set for Kayla’s house, though presumably she’s not living in the park sleeping on that bench, the only park bench in Salem. πŸ™‚

      Steve’s first appearance is August 28, and I think teenaged Joey is due to appear around the same time. I’m hoping it’s a little before that. I’d like to see Kayla and Joey talking about Steve before he appears, to establish what their relationships are currently.

      Agree about the medical emergencies. Though they seem to do that with babies whether there is a paternity question or not! Tate was having medical problems when they first brought him back to Salem.

      By the way, do you know what happened with Theresa’s pregnancy? She got pregnant, and then Kristen Dimera arranged to have her embryo stolen and implanted into her uterus instead. (Kristen is in love with Brady.) Somehow the truth came out and Brady and Theresa tracked Kristen down in Europe and brought Tate back to Salem. Crazy!

      • I am still annoyed by the lack of sets and it really bothered me the other day when the drug dealer Kyle got a set for his apartment while over half of Salem appears to be homeless!

      • Unfortunately, the “somehow” causing the truth to come out was the wondrous, saintly, Melanie Jonas. Having clearly inherited her omnipotence and miracle working from her father, Melanie figured out (based pretty much only on a couple of times when Theresa acted weird about babies and a couple of vials of blood that Clint had taken) that Theresa really had been pregnant and that Kristen must have somehow stolen her embryo. She had secret lab tests run to confirm her theory and then told Brady (Theresa having already been kidnapped by Kristen to provide the bone marrow that Tate needed). Brady tracked down Kristen by asking his grandfather who had apparently been keeping tabs on Kristen (but never knew she was pregnant). Brady took off to find Kristen and Melanie snuck on the plane. After a memorable battle with an inflatable life raft, Melanie ended up at Kristen’s hideout just in time to be captured. I don’t remember all the details of the escape, but Marlena showed up and Brady, Theresa, and Melanie managed to escape their guards at the same time Kristen died in a confrontation with Marlena. Then they all went back to Salem.

        And, as her final act of sacrifice, St. Mel turned down Brady’s marriage proposal and went back to Europe so that Brady could raise his son without Theresa constantly trying to interfere with his and Melanie’s relationship. Or something like that.

  7. Okay. If you have to use the words embryo, bone marrow and life raft in the same paragraph, you must be talking about a soap opera.

    How do you “steal” someone’s embryo if they are pregnant? Never mind, don’t tell me. Doesn’t matter. I’ll just go with it.

    I like Jen Lilly. Any chance of Brady falling for her?

    • Thanks for the summary of the embryo stealing plot, Erica! My mom had told me a little about it but not enough for me to feel like I could summarize. Now I know why lol.

      I think the long term plan is to put Brady with Theresa (I don’t know anything, just guessing based on soap logic). I’ll keep an open mind, but at the moment I don’t see it. πŸ™‚

  8. I’m not seeing it either, which is why I asked LOL. There should be some sparks, and I haven’t seen any. Theresa feels like Sami-light right now. I’m willing to go with it, but I have to see some chemistry. I think she has more sparkle with Xander than she does with Brady. I like the actress, and the couple could have potential, they have a child together, etc., but they need to give me something…

    Also, someone explain to me why they are living with Victor? Brady is Victor’s grandson, right? Is this whole town full of freeloaders? :). They need those new sets stat.

  9. OK a week and half into my newly watched Days and I agree I “like” Teresa. In the like to hate way of a good villain. She at least is interesting. Brady, I am not sure on yet. But Xander seems like a good villain.

    I am finding everyone else boring. With the exception of Chad and Abby, who I have to say I really think I can get into their story. I really enjoyed Friday’s scene when she told him that she was picking Ben. Abby did a great job showing conflict, and Chad insistence that she loves him more and he knows it was so perfect even the kiss that Abby had with him before pulling away was good. I am sure they will play this out forever!

    Although after all these years of NOT watching Days, it does seem Exactly the same. He loves her but messes up, she really loves him but is afraid to admit it. She goes for the “safer” choice, gets pregnant, paternity switch yada yada. I think if Ben ends up turning bad that could be interesting.

    I even saw Stefano playing chess and laughing that evil laugh! And people talking about Caroline’s clam chowder! Very circa late 80’s.

    • Chad and Abby were the best thing this week, no question! Loved Friday’s scenes for them.

      I think many of the other stories will be wrapped up quickly or dropped. We’ll see!

  10. Sad that you won’t be posting this week because Friday was so good and I would love to hear your take. Billy Flynn is carrying the show right now. And even Ben started showing some life. I’m really hoping that the new writers are able to maintain the momentum in the only current storyline that is working for me.

    • You’re so sweet. πŸ™‚ I should be able to post some this week. I’ve still got my tablet, and my mom is a baseball nut so that keeps her busy!

      I agree that Friday’s show was really good, particularly the Chad and Abby scenes. Felt like an old school supercouple-style breakthrough scene. BF and KM did great.

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