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Once Jennifer files charges against Lawrence, everyone will of course find out what happened. So the show takes a fantastic opportunity to show Kayla finding out — from Jack:

Jack tells Kayla

There are a couple of lines that bug me here, but overall I adore this scene. I don’t like it when Jack says Jennifer’s rape is “poetic justice” for him. He shouldn’t see this as punishment for him. I also don’t like it when Kayla says she feels sorry for Jack (though Mary Beth plays it well). But, other than that there is so much good stuff here. When Kayla says, “You can’t take it away … ” and he jumps in with, “You can’t change it,” he’s obviously talking about what he did to her, that he knows he can never change it. Then, when she tells him all he can do is be a loving, supportive person, he responds, that’s a laugh. Jack is obviously aware of the irony of him being the one to help Jennifer through this. I feel like Jack is saying he doesn’t deserve to help Jennifer, to be a good guy that way.

And that is what is so perfect about Kayla’s response. What really comes through in this scene is that Kayla wants to help — Jennifer. She knows Jennifer loves Jack, she wants her to have the support she needs, and everything she says is geared toward that. I love the intensity when she says “you’ve got to do it” – it’s like she’s willing him to be there for Jen. And then when she says Jack needs to let go of all this “stuff,” Kayla is not saying all is forgiven and the rape doesn’t matter anymore. She’s saying it because she realizes that Jack flagellating himself will not help Jennifer at all.

When she tells Jack how she felt after he raped her — how alone she felt, how much she needed Steve standing by her — Matt Ashford just rocks his reactions. Jack is being confronted with the other side of his own story. He’s already come to see the horror of what he did, but now, because of Jennifer, he is starting to have a fuller understanding of the aftermath, Kayla’s struggle to recover and move on — and why it was so important that she press charges against him. When Kayla took him to court, I think what Jack primarily felt back then was self-pity. He had lost Kayla, Kayla had everything she wanted (Steve). Why couldn’t she just let it go, why was she being so vindictive? Now, he’s starting to understand why she had to do that.

Then, the end of the scene is so fantastic, because I think it’s just Mary Beth and Matt finding this moment to play. She goes, and when he says her name, she closes the door and doesn’t turn back to hear his “thank you.” It ends the scene on a note of distance, and creates a sense that what Jack did can’t be forgiven, not wholly and completely.

And then when he goes back into the room with Roman and Jennifer, we see him trying to put Kayla’s advice into practice. He offers help with any political pull his father might still have in Washington (it cracks me up that a jailed serial killer might still have friends in Washington, but, then again …).  Then, he says to Jennifer, “You’re taking Lawrence to court … I’ll support that.” And we end on Jen’s brave little smile.

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  1. I wonder if Jack’s “poetic justice” line is him anticipating Kayla’s reaction, more than anything else — expecting some measure of the same vindictiveness that you mention toward the end.

    I like how natural the mention of Steve feels here. Back then, Kayla was in pain and she had Steve, now she has moved past a lot of it and can be compassionate toward Jack and Jennifer — but she’s alone, and they have each other. I really miss that about the current show, the way you felt the passage of time and inevitable change. At least that was true to life, even if so many other things aren’t!

    • Good point about the “poetic justice” line, could go along with “coming from me” line, just how wrong it feels to Jack to tell Kayla this.

      I think soaps back then did feel more grounded. Crazy stuff happened but people grew and changed. Milestones felt more real, like getting married or having a baby. And you didn’t have 50 year olds acting like teenagers. 🙂

  2. Hi Mary,

    I’m really glad you notify of new posts on twitter. I really like this scene between Jack and Kayla because it is so necessary, but they always leave me wanting more. Their scenes are always so abbreviated which is frustrating on a soap opera where presumably there are hours to fill with talking. Why not fill it with poignant, meaty, memorable conversations like this one?

    I, too, did not like the “poetic justice” comment as it sends all the wrong messages and implications about the situation. It was Jennifer that was raped. What about this is “poetic justice” for her? But I love the unparalleled awkwardness that Matt and Mary Beth always did so well and it plays in nice contrast to the hugs and closeness they had in the hospital when Steve was dying.

    Also, I wanted to say that I’ve been a long time lurker and reader of your posts (particularly the J&J-related posts) and have loved your commentary about this particular time period. I recently finished a fanfic, All I Have, about this time period and your posts gave me a lot of great perspective while writing it. In case you’re interested, I’ve posted a link


    • Thank you, Steph. 🙂 So glad my blog helped with your fanfic. I will definitely check it out.

      I ask myself that a lot, with all the airtime they have to fill, why not give us all kinds of interactions, showcase different friendships and relationships?

      MBE and MA always knock it out of the park, but with this type of scene I think less is more. Too much and Kayla’s discomfort isn’t being respected. But I would love more interactions between them about Steve.

  3. Oh good scene!

    You are right about Matthew Ashford’s facial expressions.

    You see how lost Jack is and when he says to Kayla “I don’t know where to go from here” you can sense his helplessness. Of course that Kayla is the one to point him in the right direction is so powerful. And STILL shows Kayla’s strength, she is after all always the better person to be able to see what Jenn needs and try and make sure Jack is there for her is great.

    I really wish they had played Kayla and Jenn bonding more during this storyline. I know Kayla was at the trial but I think that was more to see Lawrence get some justice (for killing Steve) rather then support Jenn. Would have been great to see more Jenn/Kayla scenes on how to get over the trauma of rape. But maybe with Jack’s redemption they didn’t want to harp on this too much and risk having Jack shown again too negative? Not sure because they do focus on the Jack’s rape at other times, even having him admit it on the stand.

    When Kayla is telling him he has to try and let her know she is not alone, you kind of get the sense that Matt/Jack wants to roll his eye’s not because he doesn’t know she is right but because he still doesn’t believe that HE is the person to support Jennifer. Of course he does completely but this is the start of his support with Kayla’s selfless advice.

    When she says “when Steve was there for me” and then pauses it breaks my heart a bit because is shows how fresh it is that Steve isn’t there now.

    MB is great in this scene, it is always the risk to put Jack in the victim role, but when she says she feels sorry for him. You believe her because she knows the pain that both Steve and her went thru. And again being the better person) doesn’t want anyone to go thru that even Jack who was the one to cause her and Steve so much pain.

    • I love the moment when Kayla breaks off when she says Steve was there for her. They actually do a good job showing Kayla thinking about Steve and missing him, even as all this stuff is starting to happen with Shane.

      I wanted more between Jen and Kayla too during this story. And the one scene we do get is so awkwardly bad. I think the complexity of it was a bit beyond them. I also think Missy Reeves didn’t know how to play her interactions with Kayla, or even when Jack talks about her, which he does sometimes. It’s kind of a missed opportunity.

  4. on a total separate note – isn’t Roman annoying in this scene when he is hostile to Jack and gets him to leave? Always annoys me how he treats Jack when Jack is the calm one and Roman is the hostile one. I always thought he was making Jenn uncomfortable not the other way around.

    • Lol – I noticed that and I thought it was just the script calling for Jack to be freaking out more. But Jack played his lines pretty calmly (though he’s freaking out internally), so Roman’s lines don’t work.

  5. When Kayla said that Steve was there for her, it bothered me to the point in the beginning of the rape storyline Steve was trying to divide himself between Kayla and Jack – even to the point of giving his kidney to Jack. If a new viewer watched this scene they wouldn’t realize everything that happened. I realize that Steve and Kayla came through this with their relationship stronger than ever, but in the beginning of the storyline, it was more like Kayla was on her own and Steve was trying to take care of both Kayla and Jack.

    • You are right, and that is one of the hardest parts of the storyline for me to watch — when Steve is still torn between Kayla and Jack. But it made sense that it was hard for Steve to give up on “baby Billy” (after everything he’d done for him already), and it gave Kayla that great moment when she told Steve “he didn’t rape you!” and made her realize she had to follow her own instincts and not worry about Steve.

      I think that’s part of what Kayla is referencing here, actually. She knows how hard it was when Steve wasn’t standing by her, and how much of a difference it made when he finally did. She wants Jennifer to have that.

  6. Terrific scene. One of the things that caught my eye immediately was how different Kayla looked. Short hair, lovely fitting stylish suit. It really showed visually how she was moving on, until she talks about Steve, then you see the truth.

    You are all right there were many missed opportunities in this storyline that could have involved Kayla. It may have even impacted Shayla. It would have been interesting to see how Shane would have handled that involvement.

    • Sometimes I want to tell people Shayla is worth watching just for the improvement in Kayla’s wardrobe!

      There is a scene, right after this one, where Kayla tells Shane about what happened to Jen. That’s a great scene, and I’ll probably do a post on it. But, it’s not central to the story in the way I think you’re talking about.

  7. I have to preface this by saying that I really don’t like rape used as part of a redemption storyline. Of course, I am a total hypocrite 🙂 because I loved GH’s LnL and Days Sami and EJ, but the stories were always tainted for me by the beginning of the relationships. GH perhaps slightly more forgivable, because Tony Geary was never supposed to stay on, and was in fact supposed to be killed off, but circumstances intervened, and all of a sudden Gloria Monty had a phenomenon on her hands, so what was she supposed to do? No one, looking at Geary, would have pegged him as a leading man type, and it was surprise all around when he and Genie Francis just connected.

    But, back to Days. Jack’s story is the exception to every rule I have, for a number of different reasons. The first being, obviously, Jack and Kayla did not fall in love. Both of their lives were tainted, and you could even argue that Jack’s life was more tainted, by what happened.

    Second, Jack’s redemption story was about more than just him being redeemed by the love of a good woman (though of course his love for Jennifer plays a big part). Jack’s redemption was also about him falling in love with his family. With Jo, with Adrienne, and, most of all, with Steve. We SEE the hard long steps that Jack takes to become a better man. We see him get rejected again and again and keep trying. We hear about the rape. People talk about it, not just brush it under the carpet once Jack becomes a “good guy.” Even in the scene above, at a point where Kayla has acknowledged that Jack has changed, it’s still not something that she can forgive him for, or he can forgive himself for. It’s unforgivable, which makes this scene all the more poignant.

    There is a scene somewhere – one of you must remember it – where Kayla is very upset about something (might be when Steve is dying?), and she throws herself into Jack’s arms. MA’s reaction was PERFECTION, not knowing what to do, being totally dumbfounded, etc. I remember at the time thinking that was when the character had been fully redeemed for the audience.

    Memory is a funny thing too. Before I started rewatching the S&K stuff, my brain had me convinced that MA wasn’t playing Jack when the actual rape occurred. I had in my mind that it was Jack #2. I guess that says something about what a good job they did with redeeming the character :).

    • I just finished watching “or for Worse” playlist…when Steve asked Jack to be his best man, I loved how awkward it was but it also meant a lot to both of them though they couldn’t really show it. One of my favorite parts of this time period has been Steve and Jack. Steve is always suspicious of what Jack is doing and the way they are always sizing each other up, like ‘what are you up to?”, is just great. I like their quieter moments more than when Steve has Jack by the lapel, which was often early on, lol. Oh, I just remembered the moment when Steve thanked Jack for helping find Kayla, that felt like a major breakthrough for them.

    • I actually think there is a short scene where hope’s baby falls down a well and jack tells kayla about it and he hugs him when she is upset – that may be what u mean. Jack is surprised – I am going to look for it

      • I know there is a scene where Kayla hugs Jack in the hospital when Steve is first brought there (before his death). Jack is out in New York and he comes back to consult with Steve. When he gets there he hears about the accident and comes to the hospital.

        I thought the hug was a tiny bit too much, actually. But the scene is great, and MA and MBE are awesome as usual.

      • I hope this link gets copied. Let me know? Its #170 in the Worse playlist. The scene starts at the very end of the previous clip but I don’t know how to edit YT vids to add the 15 seconds. I should have said he was thanking him for finding the key. I had forgotten the scene ends with them not getting along….2 steps forward and 1 step back. I love this family. Did Jo ever come back? I read the actress sadly died in the early 90’s. She seems irreplaceable to me.

      • Yes, sadly, Joy Garrett died young. I wish that they had made the character die as well, but there was a recast. She was actually on the show when Jack and Steve both came back in 2006, but they didn’t do much with her. Seemed a waste, though it never would have been Joy Garrett. As of now I think the character is still alive? I don’t think they’ve referenced her death.

        I love this family too. And Steve and Jack definitely had their own supercouple dance going — the two steps forward, one step back. I love that scene you posted.

  8. Denise, everything you just wrote is exactly why I also fell in love with Jack after HATING him for what he did to Kayla. It was NEVER swept under the rug. MBE and MA ALWAYS play it as something between them. I saw a clip in 2011 when Jack returned and they had a scene in the Pub where they sort of paused when seeing each, then went about their business. That’s what I couldn’t get past with EJ. I didn’t see him struggle with what he did at all. LnL, I give over to my age at the time-9 years old- so I didn’t trully understanding it, but I know I really liked Luke and the whole on the run sl, then the Ice Princess sl. I was older for Jack’s sl and liked how they showed his redemption. I also like how it wasn’t just Jennifer he fell in love with, but his family, especially Steve-at one time his worst enemy.

    • I think Kayla’s rape storyline is the only rape storyline on Days that I have ever liked. Maybe Adrienne’s too. Most of the time, rape stories don’t feel dramatically necessary, as this one does. I don’t mean necessary for the character, but for the story — it just feels right for the whole arc that Kayla pays for Steve’s mistakes and playing God, and that Steve has to realize that and let go of the dream of baby Billy, and Kayla has to step away from what Steve wants and think about what she wants.

      And it’s one of the few rape stories where even with the redemption of Jack, they kept it going as a source of discomfort for both Jack and Kayla – and Steve. A long slow path. And I loved the 2011 moment, too. I wasn’t watching the show then but I watched the clip.

      It’s funny, though, because MBE said when she came back in 2006 she had to be reminded that Jack raped Kayla! That seems like such a big thing to forget!

      • That was the other point that was on my mind. About Kayla paying for Steve’s mistakes. There were mistakes all around in that scenario, and it was really interesting. Of course, there is no excuse for what Jack did, but you did see how he was fooled over and over again, and basically duped. And hurt, actually. He did love Kayla. So while, there is no excuse for what he did, the audience was let in on the fact that there was a lot of blame to go around – a lot of it on Steve’s shoulders.

        I actually wanted to hit Steve with a mallet a couple of times during this period, because he was so dense about “Billy.” it was a cheering moment when he finally stood by Kayla’s side against Jack. And that actually may have been the moment when the Jack redemption story really begins.

      • Yeah, I wanted that mallet too!

        I love the idea that Jack’s redemption story starts when Steve stood by Kayla’s side against Jack. It’s when Jack had to stand or fall on his own. He kept falling for a long time, but he had to do that in order to move forward.

        I agree that there were mistakes all around. That’s what makes it so great. In a way I regret how the rape prevented the show exploring Steve and Kayla’s guilt a little more.

  9. My problem with the EJ/Sami storyline is what I feel was the absolute stupidity of the writers on 2 counts.

    !. Doing it in the first place. Dimera vs Brady. Enough said. If they were going to try any kind of redemption story with EJ (and the guy was obviously a leading man type), they shouldn’t have gone there.

    2. Once they (Sami and EJ) finally TALKED about what happened, the writers blew it again. I thought it was a really good scene between the two actors, well played and well written. Sami admitted that she had basically done the same thing when she drugged Austin and slept with him. EJ told her that it was the worse mistake of his life and effected everything else that came after it. The right words, HOWEVER, they used that scene as a prelude to their first sexual romp, which I hated. I think the conversation should have been had, then there should have been at least a few weeks of trepidation on both of their parts. I also think when they finally did sleep together, it should have been a tender love scene, not a hot and heavy maul-fest LOL (that should have come later).

    I didn’t watch that stuff live, only via youtube, so I wasn’t really emotionally invested in the characters, or “angry” about it. In fact, I enjoyed the couple very much. I always liked Sami because she was so flawed and so ruthless! And I really liked the EJ character for the same reasons. Just wish the writers wouldn’t go there unless there was really a story to tell, not just for angst.

    • EJ’s rape of Sami happened when I was spending a lot of time on message boards, and it was THE topic of discussion for months upon months. After awhile I wanted to scream with frustration at the same debates going around in circles. 🙂

      I never was a full on shipper of EJami, mostly because of the rape. I agree it was a boneheaded move by the writers, but having done it, I felt they couldn’t put the horse back in the barn. I thought they could still have EJ be a leading man, but not with Sami. James Scott seemed to have chemistry with lots of actresses, and God knows Sami had lots of choices for pairings (Lucas, Rafe).

      I loved that scene you described, when they finally talked about it. It wasn’t the same as actually dealing with it honestly from the beginning, but it was good. After that I did ship EJami for a little while, but I started getting Sami fatigue when it seemed like it was Rafe one week, EJ one week, and then Lucas too every once in awhile. The opposite of the type of love story that I like — the slow burn.

      Days doesn’t do gray characters very well, and EJ and Sami are probably the closest they’ve ever come to a gray couple. I think the degree that it worked was in spite of the writing, not because of it.

      I firmly believe Days should not do rape stories anymore, period. They just can’t handle the necessary aftermath — the slow recovery.

    • I remember reading that the original intention of the writers was to build a dynamic between EJ and Sami that would be more like a hatemance than a supercouple story. They would always be circling around each other but never get together because of the history between them. Maybe something of a new generation Stefano and Marlena.

      I think that would have been potentially a very interesting direction to go, and it might have worked if they hadn’t done so much signaling of a conventional romance before the rape. As it was, it was difficult for the EJ/Sami shippers to accept the rape after the romance, and difficult for a lot of others to accept the romance after the rape… just kind of an unfortunate mess.

      • Great way to put that! Mixed signals definitely. And I love the idea of a second generation hatemance. If they had played that all along, they COULD have successfully turned it into a romance at any point, without causing so much angst for the fans. No one wants to admit they like a guy who raped his leading lady, even if he story turns out to be good! And the original fans feel betrayed. Not good all the way around. You want to foster excitement, and build drama. They could have had endless fun with something like that. Especially with Sami and all her foibles with men. Such a comeuppance to realize that perhaps your one true love is the guy you’ve hated all along! I’d love to see something that that!

  10. I didn’t like the spinning back and forth to Rafe much either, it got really old and made me think (to this day) that Rafe was a big doofus.

    James Scott and Alison Sweeney had great chemistry right off the bat, so it ticked me off that the writers went there, and kind of ruined it for a lot of people, when it just wasn’t necessary (considering EJ ws a Dimera, and Sami always self-sabotaged every relationship she was in).

    My favorite Sami/EJ moment was perhaps the one where Sami FINALLY decides that EJ is “the one.” Alison Sweeney did a really nice job in that scene, where she basically pours her heart out (and finally comes clean), all the while expecting that she has waited too long, lied one too many times, and will be rejected. James Scott is silent throughout the entire scene (also nice work) until he finally basically tells her he’s out of patience with her and pulls her into his arms. The few moments of true honesty between the two characters were really well done, and most likely due to the actors. Like I’ve said before I have a soft spot for the bad boy/bad girl :).

  11. I’ve been on record once or twice about how I think Jennifer’s rape was a bad idea because it’s too much about Jack and because despite doing the story they could never figure out how to address the elephant in the room (how does Jen love Jack knowing he raped Kayla and yet view Lawrence’s actions as completely unforgiveable and evil).

    And, mostly, I still feel that way. But, this is one of the scenes that makes me almost change my mind and it’s primarily because MA and MBE are so darn good and they find a way to make this work. It’s ironic to me that it takes a scene with Kayla to make Jennifer’s rape NOT about Jack. But everything Kayla says and does here is about helping Jennifer, period. It’s about knowing exactly what Jennifer feels and what she needs and being willing to do what needs to be done to push Jack to provide it.

    Somebody upthread said that Kayla’s comment about Steve being there oversimplified things and that’s true. But it’s also exactly WHY Kayla would push Jack so hard here. She knows, better than anyone, how hard it is to go through this without the man you love supporting you. In Steve’s case, it was because he was still trying to hold on to Billy. In Jack’s case, it’s because he’s still trying to hold on to his own garbage. And Kayla’s flat out telling Jack that his garbage (his past, his self-loathing, his self-doubt) isn’t more important than Jennifer. And, I can’t help but love that she’s probably the only person who could have actually made him understand that point.

    And the ending is perfect. Kayla’s done her part for Jennifer, but that doesn’t mean she’s forgiven and forgotten everything. Plus, I kind of love that she probably doesn’t want his thanks because she didn’t do it for him, or to help him. And that’s exactly as it should be.

    • Love the point that Kayla is probably the only person who could make him understand that point. It’s also important because I think Jack feels like he would be a fraud and a hypocrite to be there for Jen after what he did. Kayla telling him this is very powerful for combatting that feeling.

  12. That’ really ties into my feelings that rape storylines shouldn’t be part of a redemption of a character. Jack’s rape of Kayla, and the aftermath, was a really strong story, lightening in a bottle as it were. I wasn’t crazy about them using Jennifer getting raped to try and forward Jack’s redemption. It really didn’t need to happen. I agree. They didn’t deal with the aftermath of it in the fantastic and ongoing way they dealt with the Steve/Kayla/Jack story, and it did feel overly simplistic. It’s too bad that the writer’s felt that this was the way to throw another obstacle in between Jack and Jen. Perhaps if they had made Lawrence a more seductive character, more gray to our eyes, maybe even have Jen develop feelings for him that confused her, instead of going with a rape story. I don’t know. I agree with MP though, that Days shouldn’t do this kind of story again. That being said, I always wanted to see more scenes between MA and MBE. They were so good opposite each other. I always kind of wondered what the story would have been like if MA had played Jack originally, if there might have been more of a spark there, that would have complicated things further…

    • The whole idea of Jen being raped to complete Jack’s redemption leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and there are whole sections that compound that by being poorly conceived from Jen’s side. But there are such brilliant things in it too – I’m torn about it. It’s also the last of angsty Jack, who I love, so it’s hard to think of letting it go.

      Part of me would love to see MA from the beginning, but I’m such a fan of Jack#1 for that section of the story – he’s perfect as a foil for Steve. We can get rid of Jack#2 though!

      • I liked Jack #! too. He was much more typical “good guy,” but there was really zero chemistry with Kayla. I didn’t believe for one minute that she might love him. With Matt, I might have believed there COULD have been something. I’d just like more of Matt LOL! I wonder if Days will surprise us and bring him back at some point. He looks terrific, and is such a dynamic actor. Unfortunately in the past they have brought hm back and brought him back and brought him back, only to let him go again. Right now would be a great time though, since Jen is unattached and his kids are going through all sorts of troubles! He certainly has plenty of fans that have been begging for it.

  13. There’s a previous scene – I think in Alamania (?) where Jack and Kayla specifically talk about the rape, and Jack apologizes to her, which is also a great scene. I found it last night, but of course cannot find it now LOL. The fact that they continued to deal with the events of what happened with Jack and Kayla all throughout their continuing relationship is a testament to how great the original story was. It echoed throughout the years of their time on the show together. Great job by the writers and actors, keeping the history of the relationship intact and honest. Wish we’d see more of that on soaps in general, when constant retcons piss us all off.

    • I uploaded that scene to YT a couple of years ago. I agree, it’s a fantastic scene! Here it is:

      I’d love to see Jack back at some point. Now that Stephen and Judi are back, it’s a perfect time to revisit the Johnson family. And like you say, Jennifer is unattached and his kids are front and center.

      • Thanks so much MP! That’s it! Wonderful scene. Bring back Jack! It would be wonderful to see all the Johnson’s together again. And of course, Jack’s ex-wife, Eve, is lurking around as well, trying to cause all sorts of trouble for Jen. I loved Jack and the original Eve’s relationship.

  14. I have posted it before but I like Jack #1 and have always tried to imagine how he could have played out the storylines with Kayla and with Jennifer. It is hard to say he didn’t have chemistry with Kayla because everything was so one sided because she clearly loved Steve and wasn’t really trying to move on.

    These two scenes are great…some of the best scenes from the whole storyline and that in itself is wrong because again it isn’t about Jennifer. I also stated before that I felt like Melissa Reaves wasn’t able to give me what I wanted from Jennifer in this storyline and I think it is a shame.

    • I know you’re my fellow Jack#1 fan. 🙂 I realize chemistry is subjective, but I thought he and Mary Beth had a nice friendly chemistry, just enough so you could see why Steve was freaking out.

      I am curious how MA and MBE would feel as friends. They have just a few scenes during the poison storyline where Jack is worried about her and she’s thanking him. Kayla is really sick of course but it’s the closest we see to what it might have been like.

    • Missy didn’t do her best work during this period. I wonder if it was simply a lack of direction. Sometimes she felt all over the place, over-hitting the highs and lows. I really did like Jack #1, and it WOULD have been interesting to see him follow-through the story through as well, but MA just stormed in as Jack and took over. His Jack was so different. I always wondered if there would have been more sexual chemistry between MA’s Jack and Kayla, therefore making Steve even crazier. Although, I have to say they played Jack as really clueless for part of that period.

  15. Add me to the jack #1 list. Although there is no question that MA’s is far superior – for the story that Jack #1 was part of he was perfect – the nice guy for Steve to be jealous of. Plus one of the big reasons why I am sure he was cast was his looks. At this point we didn’t know he was Billy but with that blond hair and his looks well he looked just like a Johnson especially Joe and Adrienne. I sure that is why he was brought on originally to fit with the. Jack #2 who knows why he was hired he was so bad! But all ended well with perfect Matt Ashford – now if they would bring him back we all would really have something to write about !!

  16. I like everyone else grew to love Matthew Ashford. When I was 17 some friends and I took a road trip to meet him when he was appearing at a World of wheels expo. I still have my picture with him sitting on my lap….don’t ask me how I managed to get him to sit in my lap but I did….lol.

  17. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByEMYQtQakLTNUNWa3d6ckRjQlE/view?usp=docslist_api

    Does this link work? There was another pic of him sitting on my lap where we were turned to the side and not behind the table but my friends were in that one and I felt weird posting their pics without consent and it was kinda blurry but he had a bigger smile. I am sitting in his chair with his fringed suede jacket on the back so I wish I remembered how that happened. Lol.

      • Since I don’t recall how I managed to get him in my lap there may be tons of fans with similar photos. Maybe it was something he enjoyed 😉 .

    • OMG Shea! How cute. You were adorable too (I’m sure you still are :)). He was so young and handsome! What a lovely momento. Lucky you! Thanks so much for uploading for us to see.

  18. Shea – thanks for being a sport and posting. He looks so young, much younger then he even looked on the show.

    Great picture!

    • I think part of that has to do with wardrobe. I can’t imagine Jack wearing a twin peaks T-shirt and jeans with a fringed suede jacket.

  19. So Matt Ashford’s a Twin Peaks fan, eh? Not surprising. Love the picture, Shea! If we’re swapping stories, I called in on a podcast shortly after Matt Ashford was fired the last time, and he talked to me (and to my then eight-year-old son, who addressed him as “Matty”) for close to an hour. It was pretty cool, though I didn’t agree with some of his story line ideas for Jack and Jennifer. I’m tellin’ you, having your favorite actor be a past-his-prime soap star is pretty great. You think I could have talked to Ryan Gosling for an hour?

    As to the clip, love it! Such soapy, sticky, uncomfortable goodness. I get everyone’s problems with Jennifer’s rape story. And yet. I enjoy it so darn much, because it did provide for so many wonderful scenes. MP blogged about my personal favorite (The Scene of the Crime) too. I realize Jennifer’s rape story could have been so much better, and that it was handled irresponsibly in many ways. And yet.

  20. She says that he’s got to be there for her, and he says “I’ll try,” and she answers with a calm passion, “No, don’t just try. If you love her…….do it.” Your assessment of this scene is spot on. The verbal and non-verbal acting here is as good as anything you’ll see on any prime time TV show or motion picture.

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