Chabby Babby Baby

I loved the scenes with Chad and Abby this week. Billy Flynn was so great with the intensity and the emotion. I loved Abby’s initial suspicion and hostility, and how it gradually gave way to belief. And with that, the temptation to give in to her own feelings — but also distress about what that means for herself, her baby, and her decision.


But, I’m a little bit sad too. I had hoped the “push her away” aspect of the story would continue for a little longer. When that ended when Chad resolved to tell Abby how he felt, I hoped Abby wouldn’t believe him. I have been so enjoying the angst her distrust created for both of them.

The stakes are still very high for Abby, to choose well for herself or her baby. But having Chad’s declaration, and Ben’s proposal — and didn’t that come out of nowhere! — both happen on the eve of her paternity test – well, it seems to set up that she will choose based on the results of that test. And that just feels overly simplistic (not to mention being a Days cliche so old and tired it makes me want to rip my hair out). But, I am going to keep an open mind. So far, this who’s-the-daddy story has been extremely good – shockingly so! So I will see where it takes me.

On a general note, I really appreciate the improvements in the lighting on Friday. I like the fact that everything isn’t lit like an interrogation scene.  Also, it actually looked like it was the same time of day for everyone in the episode — which was a refreshing change!

Oh, and that bicentennial flyer is kind of freaking me out a little bit now. When Hope was looking at it and smiling at the end of the episode, it felt so random. Filler for a scene that was cut from the episode? A signal to the viewers that the end of the reign of TomSell terror is nearly at hand?


17 thoughts on “Chabby Babby Baby

    • I hope we’ll see more of it now. I’ve heard more than one actor comment on the improvement in lighting with the new production team. I’m excited to see some new sets too.

  1. All of the Hope/Aiden stuff feels like it could have been added on to me. Let’s show how happy they are before the you know what hits the fan. The poster is kind of freaking me out too, LOL. Why does it feel like a harbinger of doom? I’m waiting eagerly for the first Steve or Bo mention!

    As for Chad and Abby,so we pretty much know she is going to choose the other guy (Ben! OMG I keep forgetting his name!) initially. I’m hoping we’ll get to see some uber-angst at that point. Wondering if she actually marries Ben, that perhaps Clyde is going to try and off her – similar to what Harper did to Kayla back in the day, so he can get his hands on the land. Does Ben know about Chad and Abby? He must right, because he was creepily following her?

    Friday was a good show all around, and I think we are seeing signs of life! With all the folks that are leaving, and all the returns, I think we are going to see some fast movement. I think right now is where we are seeing some direction changes. It’s exciting!

    • She definitely has to choose Ben, I agree. I just don’t like the idea that she chooses him only based on the fact that she thinks he’s the father of her baby. When she didn’t trust Chad, that gave her another reason. But, like I said above, I’m willing to see where they go, because they are pleasantly surprising me so far!

      That’s a good thought that Clyde might try to kill Abby after she and Ben get married (if they do). And yes, Ben does know about Chad and Abby. He followed her and overheard the conversation where Chad pushed her away (the conversation Chad and Abby were talking about). His reaction was to put a tracker on her phone. That was interesting because up until now he’s been an unqualified good guy. I thought it might be a sign he was going to go bad like his father.

      I love looking for the little changes in production, and speculating about rewrites! It’s adding a whole other dimension to watching the show right now, which is really fun. 🙂

  2. I just read on the Relive The Magic website that someone saw SN Friday night at an event in Long Beach and he said his first air date is August 28th. It’s a Friday so he’ll probably come on and say “Hi Sweetness ” then end of the show til Monday. I’m getting excited.

  3. One problem I have with each show is that 1/4 of each show seems like something I have already seen. It is like they treat everything as a cliffhanger and every show starts with a couple of scenes from the end of the previous show. Then a couple of scenes tend to do the pregnant pause before a commercial break and come back from commercial to repeat what happened before the pause and then at least one character has a flashback …sometimes to something that just happened in the same episode or the one right before.

    It is a big part of giving viewers the feeling that nothing is hsppening. I do agree in the last week or two it feels like it is speeding up a bit so maybe that is getting better.

    Was last week all one day? I feel like Abigail was wearing that unflattering outfit that looked like a priest collar all week long. That’s not as big of a deal to me but again it adds to the perception that things are moving at a snail’s pace.

    • That’s funny — I actually feel like things have been moving a bit too fast! Like I said above, I wanted them to delay Chad’s declaration, or Abby’s belief in it, so they could keep their dynamic going for a longer time.

      I’m appreciative about the Daniel/Nicole relationship moving so fast because now we can maybe start moving back. But, there’s no doubt that by soap standards Serena’s spilling of the beans about Eric’s confession was really, really quick.

      I hear ya on the flashbacks, but I like them. They show what a character is thinking very clearly. When I was watching in 06-08, the HW then, Hogan Sheffer (who I liked in many ways), was really bad at doing that. He never had flashbacks or “talking out loud to yourself” moments. It really hurt some of Steve and Kayla’s story. Sometimes those moments are stupid or simplistic (especially talking out loud to yourself), but it’s much better to have them than not.

  4. OK so I had my first full week of watching days in 20 years. I seen 6 episodes so far – Thoughts:

    1. Funny how you mentioned about the lighting, I commented that I thought it was weird last Friday but seems better now
    2. I am really getting sick of that park, it seems like everyone goes to their with the fake tree’s and sits on the same bench.
    3. Having fun seeing who has gotten too many facelifts! Worst is Roman – yikes some tight eyes. And Caroline Brady, I can’t figure out if she had a stroke or if it is her facelift. If she did have a stroke, I feel bad for saying it is waaaay to much plastic surgery. Maggie, looks the same! Marlena of course tons of work she is getting a bit stiff and definitely has the “LA Face” same for Kate! The only ones that look natural are Jennifer and Adrienne. I am sure John Black has something done but can’t quite tell!
    4. Shea – YES I noticed they repeat a few minutes of the previous days scene or after a commercial break. Driving me crazy, but since I have been watching them on DVR, I just fast forward thru them, but they do it for every little thing, not just the “bigger” moments. AND yes I noticed her outfit but was more distracted by the striped clown pants then the collar!

    Now for the stories. Chad and Abby are definitely my favorite from my first week. I can see myself really getting into their story. I need someone to give me the background on them. What happened that made Abby sleep with him after they had obviously broken up? Was Chad every really “bad” or is it just that he was a Dimeara? And how did he not know who he was? He made a comment about finding out he was a Dimera. I assume EJ who was really bad was his brother (although I didn’t watch when EJ was on). I kind of am guessing the predictable story on them. Ben’s Dad will fake the paternity test and show it is Ben’s baby, when it is really Chad’s. Abby will go thru and Marry Ben even though she really loves Chad (remember the 80’s when it seemed like everyone married the wrong guy before they ended up with the right guy?). This will create months if not years of unresolved sexual tension because the secretly want to be with each other – back and forth and angst which I know MaryPicford loves! Really liked Chad in these scenes he was all emotional a few tears, angry, wouldn’t back down etc.

    So Ben has no idea his Dad is a bad guy? Does anyone know he is bad? Ben only had a few scenes so I can’t comment on him yet, but first impression was not impressed.

    Mary you mentioned something about land and Ben’s Dad wanting this – can you give more details?
    Could be a nice twist if Ben’s Dad tries to kill Abby and Chad figures it out the scheme, no-one believes him and saves her in the end! (yes shades of the old Harper, Kayla Steve poisoning story!)

    Someone fill me in with Hope please, she is with the laywer guy but Rafe the Bartending had a flashback about her.



    • You said you got your questions answered in the other thread, so I won’t do it here. 🙂

      I agree about Abby’s outfit — why do they dress her in such drab colors, with weird patterns? And Shea, so agree about the priest collar look!

  5. Maybe you shouldn’t read too much into my comments. It is probably due to the fact that I have been watching daily for a month and still haven’t felt a connection to what is going on so maybe I am nitpicking.

    The reason I was such a DOOL fan back in the 80s is that it had both the feel that it was fast paced with things happening along with that slow build storyline. They managed to string us along with the big stories but give us small story arcs along the way to keep us tuning in. I always felt like if I missed more than a day or two that it took some catching up. By contrast I had a friend who was a huge CBS soap fan particularly Y&R. I remember trying to watch Y&R a few times and it was like I could watch when I was home from school for a holiday or a sick day and it felt like I was watching the same people have the same conversations about the same secrets each time I watched it.

    I understand use of flashbacks but right now it feel like it is being overused. Now if it is a flashback to something that happened months or years ago that is one thing because as viewers we have had time to forget about some of those details and it certainly can show us what characters are thinking and help establish motivations for actions but when it is a flashback to something that literally just happened it almost feels condescending to me. Like the writers don’t think I have the attention span or intelligence to remember what just happened.

    Again, is is probably not as bad as it seems to me right now.

    • No problem – I can see you trying to find a reason you’re not connecting with the show.

      And I do know what you mean about the flashbacks. I’ve just seen the show at both extremes – too many and too few – and I’ll take too many.

  6. few still open questions about Chad
    What happened that made Abby sleep with him after they had obviously broken up? Was Chad every really “bad” or is it just that he was a Dimeara? And how did he not know who he was? He made a comment about finding out he was a Dimera. I assume EJ who was really bad was his brother (although I didn’t watch when EJ was on).

    Again so far really liking the Chad / Abby dynamic.

    • As to why Abby slept with Chad, I don’t know the specific reason on her side – that was just before I started watching full time again, and I didn’t see the leadup. She was dating Ben then but hadn’t moved in with him. She and Chad had had a relationship in the past, I think they showed she still had feelings for him.

      Chad was raised by a different family, not the Dimeras. He was introduced as the boyfriend of Mia, a girl who was giving up her baby for adoption. This was during the babyswitch story. The actor (a different one) caught on and they did this “Chad is really a Dimera” story – his mother had been a prostitute or something and Stefano was really his father. He gradually got pulled into working for Dimera enterprises, and being more Dimera-like. He was never wholly bad, but I think when Billy Flynn took over the character he became a little more ruthless.

      He was angry at Abigail for having an affair with EJ, which she did after she and Chad broke up. In the “push her away” conversation that they were talking about, that’s what he told her, that he only slept with her to prove he could, to get revenge for her sleeping with EJ. I think maybe there was some truth to that. But now he seems to really love Abigail.

      I really like their dynamic too!

  7. Take this for what it’s worth, because even I can’t believe I’m commenting without seeing these episodes, but I’ve been reading about your surprise that complications are being resolved almost as soon as they happen, both with Abby/Chad and Nicole/Eric/Dr. Dan (which autocorrect amusingly wanted to change to “damp”). SO, I wonder whether some of this is to wrap up storylines so the new writers can have a fresher canvas…. Or is the timing all wrong for that, with the 6 month lead time? Just a drive-by diagnosis….. Also, OMG Steve and Kayla! Together again with a good (they say) story!

    • Good heavens. Didn’t realize I was quite so far behind! I thought I’d bookmarked your home page, but apparently not! All caught up now, though. 🙂

    • That is absolutely a possibility. It could be that they have a different story in mind for Daniel and Nicole, that means they have to be happy and committed to each other. Maybe what I am seeing as setting up Dan as the obstacle for Ericole, is instead getting rid of Eric as the obstacle for Danicole so they can do some other story with them. This is what I think when I’m being pessimistic! In any case I feel like it will become clear fairly soon what the conflict will be and which couple is the focus. New writers’ material starts next week!

      With Chad and Abby, it feels more clear cut what is being set up. I liked the angst of the push her away dynamic, so I was a bit sad when Chad declared himself. But, since the angst is continuing, just a little different now, I’m not going to complain too much. 🙂

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