Obstacle smash

If Danicole were the rooting couple, this would be the lamest soap love story ever. Obstacles come up only to scatter like ninepins.

He’s got a son from a previous relationship – but the son loves Nicole and can’t wait for her to move in!

His mother has never liked Nicole – but she congratulates them and plans to throw them an engagement party!

She hooked up with her ex-boyfriend who is still in love with her, but he says he wants her to be happy and will keep quiet about it.

Then, her worst enemy spills the truth anyway. But, Daniel gives her another chance to come clean – and she does! And he forgives her! Hey, that was easy!


Yes, I know this is a picture of Eric and Nicole, not Daniel and Nicole. Why do you ask?

And – ahem – I just have to take a moment and pat myself on the back. This is what I said three weeks ago:

So here’s my prediction: I think that after much back and forth with Serena, and Nicole trying to keep it secret, Daniel is going to find out about the furnace room almost-sex. Maybe Nicole will even tell him. And here’s the thing:  I think he is going to forgive her. And this will be such a contrast to Eric, she’ll be so grateful, that when Daniel asks her who she really wants to be with, she’ll say him.

(The only thing I was wrong about was that Daniel didn’t ask her who she really wanted to be with. Cue derisive jokes about the ego on this one!)

I have to say I am proud of Nicole. This is the first time she’s ever come clean with a secret, to my knowledge, and it’s a great leap forward for the character. Yes, it would be nice if it was with Eric instead of Daniel. (Though I like to think it was Eric’s noble gesture beforehand that inspired her.) And I am glad that Daniel forgave her. Not because I care about the character of Daniel at all, but what a novel experience for Nicole. We’ve already seen that Daniel is offering her, ready-made, what she’s been scheming her whole life to get: a family and a man who loves her. His forgiveness gives her another reason to stay with him.

I can’t express how much much I appreciate the show going in a different direction with “Nicole’s got a secret.” Not just with Daniel, but with Eric too. I honestly thought, after it became clear Nicole wanted to keep the almost-sex a secret, that Eric was going to judge her for that. It would have been easy to write it that way, have him preaching to her about the TRUTH, and I’m so glad they didn’t go that direction. I loved his lines on Tuesday (7/28) when he said he realized all his reasons for wanting to tell Daniel boiled down to the the hope that it would give him a chance with Nicole.

I think Daniel’s forgiveness is going to be the glue that keeps Nicole in this engagement even after her feelings for Eric start to leak out of the box she’s put them in. It is perfectly plausible for Nicole to compare Daniel’s reaction today to Eric’s reaction last year to Shredgate, and decide that Daniel is more tolerant, more human, less saintly – the one she has more in common with, the one who “gets” her. (Ouch, it hurt to type that.) She told Eric a few days ago that “It wouldn’t have worked – I’m not your type,” and I think that aspect could be explored more.

If the show is smart — which they probably won’t be, but hey, it could happen — they’ll use this as a pretext to give Nicole and Eric a big hash-it-out conversation about their breakup last year. I would like Nicole to be able to express her hurt about how everyone deserved forgiveness except her, and how long she hung on hoping he would come around. I was glad to hear Eric say, in their conversation in the crawlspace, that he realized he was punishing her because he couldn’t face the truth about why he didn’t stay in the priesthood – that his feelings for her made it impossible. And we’ve heard him say twice how much he wishes he had married her when he had the chance. But I would love to see — though it would twist a knife in my heart! — the expression on Eric’s face when she expresses her gratitude and joy at the fact that Daniel forgave her, and he has to think about the fact that if he had been able to do the same, he would be with her right now.

So now what? I think — I hope — that the pendulum has swung as far as it’s going to in terms of Eric and Nicole’s separation. Not immediately, but soon, we should start to see some hints of the pendulum swinging back. I’m hanging onto a little moment from Tuesday’s show, when Nicole said to Eric with that note of hurt and vulnerability in her voice, “Does this mean you’ve gotten over how you feel about me?” I also remember her face when Eric asked her at the hospital: “Can you take the time we had together, what we were feeling, and just put it in a box like it was meaningless to you?” She never answered that question.

Now, this is where the soapy complications should come in. The failure of Serena’s first salvo will surely drive her to more extreme action, which Eric will no doubt suspect and work to prevent (and God, I hope he finds out she bugged his confessional!). Xander has said that he wants to take revenge on everyone in Salem who worked against him, and Nicole and Eric are at the top of that list.

And then we have Daniel himself. How is he going to act toward his “best friend” who almost had sex with his fiancee? How will he act toward Eric and Nicole together? Will he be the big man, magnanimous in victory, sure of Nicole’s love for him? Or … perhaps not?


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  1. I cannot believe how swiftly that “secret” came out. Something else must be going on. Soaps never give away secrets that fast, do they? I hope you are right about the pendulum swinging back. I think Daniel is going to be the “big man” all around here. I think he will forgive Eric. But there may be a very awkward conversation between them coming, Or, maybe I’m wrong and Daniel socks him, but I don’t think so. Eric has very neatly stepped aside, and I believe he really means it.

    Can I ask what may be a stupid question? Why are Xander and Serena after Eric and Nicole? I think I missed something along the way :).

    The quick resolution to the secret makes me wonder what’s going to happen to keep throwing Nicole and Eric together, because you know that’s what’s got to happen. There is UST and longing coming! Yay! I just hope Nicole doesn’t actually marry Daniel.

  2. I don’t think she’ll marry Daniel but I think the engagement will go on for a couple of months at least. I really want the angsty longing for Eric and Nicole, and I agree with you we’ll get that … eventually.

    I was shocked, really shocked, that the secret came out so soon. I thought Dan would throw Serena out the first time and she’d have to wear him down and convince him. I couldn’t believe it when she pressed play and there it was. It all goes along with what is the point of this post — there is no way Daniel and Nicole are the rooting couple. Way, way, way too fast.

    Oh, as to why Xander and Serena are after Eric and Nicole. It’s kind of for different reasons. Serena and Xander both knew Eric when he was in Africa. Serena and Eric dated before he decided to become a priest. Serena got involved with Xander too and he got her onto this diamond-smuggling scheme. She was supposed to smuggle some diamonds in an elephant statue but Eric ended up with the statue. She came to Salem to get the diamonds. She cozied up to him and eventually fell in love with him for real (she says). She got the diamonds for Xander, then Eric found out what she had done.

    In the meantime Nicole was suspicious of Serena and Xander and was investigating. Xander realized what she was up to and tried to kill her. Eric rescued her and that’s when they got caught in the crawlspace together.

    So Serena is mad that Eric broke up with her (even though that was her own fault for using him to get the diamonds), and is blaming Nicole, especially after hearing Eric’s confession that he loves Nicole. Xander blames Nicole and Eric for mucking up his plans, even though no charges were filed against him. He said a couple weeks ago that he’s going to lie low for awhile and then he was going to seek revenge against everyone in Salem who screwed him.


  3. As I have stated before, I have only recently (about a month ago) started watching full time again. I mean I have tuned in for an episode here and there over the years on holidays or when I was home sick but I didn’t find anything to make me keep tuning in. Can anyone tell me why I should like Nicole because I can’t seem to find any reason on my own? I have some vague recollection of her being with Victor at one time and I remember that she was in on some kind of a baby swap. I also remember at some point Eric thought she was part of his rape. I see her as a character that has always tried to ruin lives. Why do these two men love her and why does she deserve happiness with either of these men?

    • I think the baby swap had to do with EJ and Sami. I’m pretty sure Nicole was married to EJ at some point, right? I’m frustrated with trying to get good backstory on video for Eric and Nicole – youtube has some stuff, but a lot of it is blocked. If I find a good link at some point, I’ll post it. Or if someone else does, let us know. I’d like to catch up on backstory as well. MP posted some links for me in a previous blog post, and I watched what I could, but the youtube fairies seem to have blocked a lot of the good stuff!

      • Denise – try these two playlists:

        None of these videos are blocked for me – are they for you? They are the Eric/Nicole 2013 and 2014 playlists, in opposite order though. You have to go through and play each playlist from the bottom instead of the top. 🙂

        There are gaps, but those should get you started!

        I can’t remember all the ins and outs of the babyswitch, but Nicole was pregnant with EJ’s baby and miscarried when she was very far along. She arranged to adopt a baby and then switched it with Sami’s baby, who was also EJ’s baby. Or something. 🙂 It didn’t make sense, but AZ really sold the devastation that Nicole had when she lost her baby so far along (AZ was pregnant in real life, and I thought that must have been so hard to play!), and she was desperate to keep her “family” with EJ.

        Then the truth came out and Nicole went to jail. The adopted baby died. That was Grace, that Chad was talking about this week with Will. That story is actually how Chad was introduced.

    • Well, that’s kind of a tough question to answer, because I think sometimes we just like who we like. 😉 I’ll tell you why I like Nicole and root for her, and you can form your own opinion!

      Nicole was always kind of a bad girl, given to schemes and lies. But, she had a rough, sordid background story — her father drugged her and put her in porn films as a child. (She referenced that during Eric’s rape accusation, how could he think she would do something when it was done to her?) She was also the bad girl character who would call people out on their hypocrisies, the snarky truthteller.

      But she had a lot of self-hatred (rather like Steve), she directs a lot of that snark at herself, and people like to say on the boards that she’s the only character on Days who has paid for all of her crimes, times ten. She was shot in the stomach so she could never have children, managed to get pregnant twice, and lost both babies.

      In 2013, they started her on a redemption story when she started working at the rectory with Eric. She was at a low point (I forgot what her scheme was, but it was something to keep a man with her — Daniel, actually — and it blew up in her face as usual). Eric gave her another chance and she worked hard to be worthy of it. She tries to help people but her mind is twisty, she always does it in some odd, offbeat way. Like, just to give an example, she was trying to save Brady from Kristen, who he was involved with (Kristen is the woman who raped Eric — but this was before that came out), so she tried to set Kristen up for some business espionage. It backfired and Nicole was hauled in for questioning instead.

      More recently, she was suspicious of Xander and Serena when they first came to town, and thought Serena was up to no good with Eric. Both Daniel and Eric thought she was just jealous of Serena and discounted her warnings about them. She ended up pretending she was interested in Xander so she could try to get the goods on him and Serena — it worked but she almost ended up killed.

      Here’s a scene that kind of shows what Nicole and Eric can do in angsty mode — when he accuses her of being the woman who raped him:

      And one that I find really cute and fun:

      • Thanks MP!!! The playlists work. I think it was because they were backwards that I got frustrated. I didn’t realize – duh. Will dive in bottom to top :)l

      • That first clip from 10-22-13 is one I had seen. I must have been home sick that day…lol. And the second clip..there she is scheming again and acting like a jerk when she is got caught.

        I agree we just like who we like but sometimes we can change opinions. I was just trying to figure out if there was a real reason I should change my opinion about Nicole. One more question, does she have any friends or is it just Eric and Daniel that like her?

      • Well, I thought that was cute scheming. 🙂 I like that she’s a little mischievous. I think she’s a good balance for Eric, who is more staid.

        I’m not sure what you’re asking for. Are you asking if she’s a good person or not? If you’re talking about redemption for her bad deeds, yes, she has done that. Below (in my response to Paula) I talk about how she worked to atone for her mistake about the document shredding. And she really does go out of her way to help people, though it can sometimes be in some strange indirect way. She tried to help Brady when he was involved with Kristen, and when he was addicted to cocaine; she’s helped Teresa in the past; she worked to protect Eric from Serena and Xander, she stood by Daniel when was he was unjustly accused of something. She helped Daniel when Chloe was scheming to keep Parker away from him.

        She has a big mouth and tends to speak before she thinks, she doesn’t have a high opinion of herself, and like I said above she tends to approach things indirectly rather than directly. But she has good intentions, genuinely cares about people, and has a good heart. To me she’s a genuinely complex character – she’s flawed, tries to do the right thing but sometimes falls short, makes mistakes and pays for them. As far as having friends goes, she’s friends with Brady and Jennifer (I don’t know if the Daniel/Nicole relationship has changed that). A lot of other people on the show give her a hard time still for her mistakes in the past.

  4. Wow, I just wrote an incredibly similar post. Great minds…? 🙂

    I really love your in-depth analysis of the situation, especially regarding Eric’s side of things. In suffering by not being able to have Nicole, he’s sort of making up for what a jerk he was to her last year — sort of earning her love back in a karmic way, which I do think was needed. I hope they run with your idea of Eric and Nicole getting a real, honest blowout of a conversation about that breakup. They have the meaty material to warrant long conversations here (whereas usually I’m sick of everyone yakking about everything ad nauseum!).

    • Ha! I just read your post. Great minds indeed!

      I think that’s exactly it, that he has to earn her back karmically. I’ve been rewatching some scenes from that time and he was quite horrible. It’s more than just being angry and feeling betrayed, its hateful. So it’s poetic justice for him that as soon as he comes to his senses, it’s too late.

      • I’d love to get inside the writers’ room and grill them about whether they think they went too far with Eric at that time, whether this has all been calculated to buy that back, etc. I won’t say it was out of character for Eric, because being too judgmental is one of his clear flaws, but it was extreme in a way that it’s hard to imagine they intended.

      • I don’t know, I really don’t. I think it’s a combination of things, probably. I think TomSell pretty much suck at writing angst for established couples. It’s either cheating or one person being a judgmental asshole. Or both! So that’s part of it. I think it’s possible too they didn’t realize what they had in Ericole. And when they realized it, the shooting schedule meant they were six months behind in being able to fix it.

  5. I like that they didn’t take the usual way out and have her lie. Then Daniels reaction was so slow, it had me like “well, what are you going to do?” Forgive her or not? I’m not his biggest fan but he made me really happy today. I love how he surprised her. You could just tell she wasn’t expecting a second chance.

  6. I used to hate Nicole, so I can understand why someone who didn’t watch every episode from Nov. 2012 on might not get why people love her now.

    But her time in the rectory truly changed her. Even though she was in love with Eric for most of it, she did nothing to try to lure him away from the priesthood. In fact, she fought her instincts like a tigress to protect him and his vocation. Her love for him was as pure a love as she’s ever had for anyone who wasn’t a child (she loved EJ’s kids a lot, and he used them to manipulate her more than once).

    She made one enormous mistake – shredding the evidence that would have cleared his name – because she didn’t trust that he would love her even if he had the choice to return to the priesthood. She’s never been anyone’s first, so it’s hard for her to believe it could be real.

    Eric didn’t exactly cover himself in glory, either, when the truth came out. He had his own identity issues, primarily with his sense of self as a priest. He never wanted to be one of those priests who couldn’t hack it with the celibacy and left for a woman. And yet, that’s exactly what happened to him. He loved Nicole, desired her, longed for a life with her, and so he gave up on proving his innocence because the struggle only hurt them both. But when he was faced with the priesthood as an option, and he still couldn’t make himself go back to it, he turned his self-hatred outward toward Nicole. It was selfish and unfair, and that’s why it’s appropriate that Eric is suffering now.

    But he’s still the man for Nicole. And she’s the woman for him. It just works, despite everything.

    • I’m coming new to this but I think you make excellent points about his issues with his identity as a priest. Is there a scene where he ever talks about priests who can’t “hack it” being celibate? It works as subtext but I’m kind of collecting moments that help explain his (over)reaction to shredgate.

      Speaking of that, and bringing it back to why I root for Nicole, after her secret came out she worked hard to atone for it. She went to Rome with him to testify for him so he could be a priest again. It worked, but he didn’t take them up on it and continued to blame her. I see that as kind of the key moment – when he could have chosen forgiveness, but didn’t. That’s what he’s paying for now.

      • There’s not a scene where he talks about that specifically. It’s definitely more in subtext, but the subtext is there a LOT. He talks about a priest being married to the church, (the subtext meaning that a priest leaving the church for a woman is like cheating). I’m trying to remember whether there’s something in his talk with Bro. Timothy as he’s struggling with whether he wants to be a priest again after he’s admitted to Nicole that he’s in love with her. I know they talk about why he wants to leave the church, and he’s offended when Bro. Timothy suggests it’s simply because he wants Nicole more than he wants to be a priest. But in essence, that’s really why he can’t go back to the priesthood. The excuse he came up with – that by continuing to fight to clear his name, he was hurting the church – allowed him to leave without seeing himself as a cheater. He was doing it for the sake of the church. The fact that it allowed him to be with the woman he loved was just a very happy consolation prize, in his mind. It’s how he justified to himself his desire to be with Nicole.

        No wonder Nicole felt uncertain that he’d choose her if he had evidence to clear his name.

      • Thank you for the summary of the brother Timothy scene! That’s the trouble with watching clips, they often skip over those key scenes with side characters. It fits really well with the theory/fanwank I’m working on, that he didn’t think she was worthy of costing the world a priest. Nothing to do with him and how he felt about her as a man, but how he saw himself as a priest. A very cold, ruthless side of him that would eye up their relative worth and merit to the world. I’m still working on it. 🙂

  7. Hello, MP. I wandered over to your blog because I got a hankering for some Jack (and there are several new posts on that score—thanks for some good reading), and here you are commenting on current DAYS! Not just a brief foray because JJ learned about Jack and Kayla, but really posting about current DAYS. I guess it’s no surprise as Steve is coming back. I’m happy for that, and I hope it goes well. I think I’m still licking my wounds and feeling too bitter to start watching again, but a Steve return and your commentary on it to boot? Tempting, MP, tempting.

    • Angie – yes, I started watching the current show again. I heard about Steve’s return (which will happen late August) and some good buzz about the new writing team Higley/Griffith. I can’t help being skeptical — Higley! — but Stephen and Mary Beth seem genuinely pleased with their stories, and there is good word coming from other actors as well. In preparation, I started watching the show and got sucked into Eric and Nicole, and Chad and Abby.

      I don’t blame you for being bitter and still licking your wounds, after Jack’s last return, but I would love it if you were watching along with me. 🙂

      Even if not, keep checking back because I am still watching J&J’s story. Got a post I’m working on that I’ll put up over the weekend.

  8. I really enjoy your posts about Eric and Nicole. They are very insightful and tend to run along the same thoughts I am having. I think a lot of fans are freaking out a bit over the Daniel and Nicole relationship, but in my opinion it just has to run its course. I love this particular post because you hit on all the things some friends and I have been thinking. It’s reassuring to see we aren’t the only ones thinking that way. I also love that you have only come to love Eric and Nicole recently. Even with the poor story they’ve been given with Tomsell, they are still gaining fans.

    I had the same fear as you, that Eric was going to revert back to his judgmental mode when Nicole wanted to keep their time in the furnace of love a secret. I was so impressed with him and he proves once again that he is the only man good enough for Nicole. His willingness to keep this secret is just heartbreaking and beautiful.

    • Thanks. 🙂 I’ve been a Nicole fan since she came back on the show 2008. I’ll tell you the moment that turned me into an Ericole shipper – when he came into her hospital room after the furnace of love and they just looked at each other. I hadn’t even seen the furnace of love scenes then! I just love actors who can generate that emotion and connection with just a look. Since then I’ve been busy binge watching them on YouTube.

      I agree about Eric’s willingness to keep the secret – the unselfishness of that is so beautiful. I feel like Eric has learned a lot since last year about true morality and love, that things aren’t always black and white, that motives matter. And I really think that he inspired Nicole in her turn to realize she was rationalizing why she didn’t have to tell Daniel, so she told him after all.

      I’d like a scene next week where Nicole runs over to tell Eric she took the high road. I’d like to see her want to tell him that, that she did the right thing. And that would lead nicely to some Eric angst when he hears Daniel forgave her.

  9. Thanks for the feedback. I’m trying to find some things on the current show to really get me hooked again. That is why I am searching for some reasons to like Nicole and care about this *triangle* and I just don’t have the time to go search out a lot of backstory right now.

    I have been watching the S&K playlists on You tube and I am right up to Steve’s death. Next I plan to watch whatever I can find of S&K’s second run since I didn’t watch back then and I trying to watch current DOOL and GH. I am not sure I have enough room in my life for this much soap opera viewing but I am trying.

    It doesn’t help that I can’t get through this Love and Death playlist because I can only watch a clip or two a night before I end up crying. Thankfully my husband hasn’t given me the “It’s a bleeping soap opera!” but he is trying to contain his laughter as I have real tears streaming down my cheeks. I just want the current show to give me something or someone that I can get emotionally invested in.

    • Sure, I can understand that. Keep in mind there are going to be major changes to the cast and the stories over the next few months, so there may not be a lot in the current stories that you have to bother getting invested in! For me, I am enjoying Ericole and Chad/Abby, and I’ll watch anything involving Kayla, of course, but I am still doing some judicious fast-forwarding of the rest of the show.

      Steve’s death is tough. 😦 I found it made it a little easier knowing he’s coming back. I watched it all pretty quickly to get it over with, but I can understand finding that difficult!

      I’ll be curious what you think of the 06-09 run.

    • Due to the fact that you don’t have much time, you may not be able to do this, but if you really want to have a reason to fall in love with (or even just to like) Nicole, I think you have to watch her suicide attempt in October or November 2012 and then a great deal if not all of the rectory affair (they never had an actual affair) from 2013. If you don’t love Nicole from watching that then she just may not be your cup of tea. Also, part of the reason many of us love her so much is Ari’s take on Nicole. She does bad things, but you see that she has heart. She’s not really doing bad things anymore of course.

      • Thanks for the suggestion. I will see what I can fit in but the S&K stuff is my priority and I hope to get through as much of the 06-09 stuff as I can before Steve returns. Maybe I should have just waiting until the new writing kicked in a little more before I tried to pick it back up. It might have been easier to find something to connect with than it is right now. I vow to keep trying!

  10. It’s something I feel like I owe my 14 yr old self. The girl that recorded the show everyday and rushed home from school to watch it. The girl who spent countless hours with her best friend working on our Days of Our Lives scrapbooks….lol.

  11. A note about Friday’s show, which I really enjoyed actually. Is it me, or do things seem like they are picking up speed? All of these confessions, etc., just keep coming. I didn’t think Chad would spill his feelings to Abby so fast (nice scenes). Of course, now she is going to be fooled into thinking her baby isn’t Chad’s and she is going to accept the other guys proposal (I can’t remember his name at the moment LOL), but it’s out there.

    Aiden and Hope are way too giddy – time for something bad to happen. Either he gets killed or he turns out to be a crazed maniac.

    Also, I kind of couldn’t believe they went there with the “F” word at the bar. Good for them, showing that despite leaps in tolerance, there are still many folks out there that have to deal with crap like that every day. BTW, what does former Father Eric think of having a gay nephew? Was that ever dealt with?

    Need another MP recap – Clyde Weston – what’s the deal?

    • I loved the Chad and Abby scenes, Billy Flynn was so good. And Kate showed the undercurrents really well too, that Abby has to think of her baby too, it’s not just what she wants. Such good emotional scenes. But I’m a little bit bummed because I was enjoying so much Abby being suspicious of him.

      I thought the bar fight and the gay bashing scenes and aftermath were realistic and well done. I was pleasantly surprised by Days, actually, lol. I especially liked Paul’s reflections on how he was in a bubble before and he hasn’t had to face that kind of harassment, and how Derrick in contrast talked about how he’s been dealing with it his whole life.

      I don’t believe they ever had Eric expressing concerns about his gay nephew. In fact, he performed the wedding of Sonny and Will.

      Clyde Weston: he is running drugs through Salem. He is working with that Kyle guy who is now dating Paige. He is dating Kate Roberts. Aiden is his lawyer, and Hope and Rafe are investigating him. And of course, he’s Ben’s father.

      I’m not 100% clear on the backstory, but he was an abusive father to a character named Jordan who was on the show for awhile – he raped her, I think when she was a teenager. She took Ben, her brother, and ran away. There was something too about how Jordan killed her mother – maybe by accident? – and Clyde covered up the crime. I don’t think Ben knows some of this stuff. Anyway, Ben was not brought up by Clyde but he’s gotten to know him and gotten chummy with him recently.

      Clyde is after Stefano and Victor, and they are after him. There was kind of a fun scene a few weeks ago where Stefano and Victor met and agreed to team up to go after Clyde when the time was right. More recently, Clyde listened in on a conversation with Chad and Stefano where Stefano told Chad about some land Abby is going to inherit in Ireland, that Stefano really wants to get his hands on. That’s presumably why Clyde is so gung-ho about Ben being with Abby instead.

      • Eric didn’t perform the wedding for Sonny and Will. Marlena did. Eric had been released from his vows as a priest at that point and couldn’t perform any sacraments. And as a Catholic priest, he couldn’t have performed a gay wedding anyway.

        When he first came to town, there was a brief scene between him and Will (Chandler Massey at the time) where he told Will that while he’d be happy to discuss the Catholic Church’s views on homosexuality, he’d rather just be Will’s proud and loving uncle. And he has been entirely non-judgmental about Will’s sexuality and loving and inclusive to Sonny.

      • Thanks for the correction, Paula. I remembered Eric officiating a wedding and I thought it was that one. But I must have been remembering the Bristen wedding. Very different, lol.

  12. I liked Friday’s Chad & Abby scenes. Chad has some pretty eyes especially when they tear up. Since when did John become a cop? I liked the fight scene too. I’m glad to see them show not everyone is so excepting and really struggles with gay bashing. I can’t believe we had two confessions in the same week. Wow. Still can’t stand Hope & Aiden. When did Bo leave? Has he been gone for a couple of years? And where is he supposed to be? For that matter where is Steve supposed to be?

    • I love Chad’s eyes too, and I also love how he’s not typical soap-opera handsome. He doesn’t have that chiseled-features look so many of the other guys have. I like it.

      Hope and Aiden were WTF scenes for me. You might not have seen some scenes a few weeks ago where they had another romantic date where they were waltzing and the whole deal. I have nothing against romantic scenes like that, but they are the ONLY couple on the show that are getting them. It’s weird.

      John became a cop a few years ago, which I like better than him being a fashion company executive. I don’t know if he had to go to the police academy or he was grandfathered in from his time as Roman, lol.

      Bo and Steve have not been mentioned for awhile. Bo went off on a case where he was going to have to go undercover, I believe. I think it had to do with Stefano. A lot of people are mad because they don’t like Bo being shown to leave his wife and family like that, but I’m sympathetic to the show in that regard. PR was leaving the show and I think it’s better than killing him off. There was also something about him taking Caroline to some special treatment center for Alzheimer’s, when they showed Caroline developing Alzheimer’s symptoms awhile ago. They also had John telling Hope he saw Bo in Europe. Anyway, at some point Bo sent Hope a letter that said he wasn’t coming back, and that’s when she decided to file for divorce.

      Steve we know even less about. He and Kayla were in Africa with Joey, and he apparently got restless and signed up with the ISA to go off on a case. Kayla showed up in Salem and — I think? — also filed for divorce at some point. Anyway, she is going by “Brady” now. They could tell us that Steve is completely out of contact, or we could hear he’s coming to see Joey every weekend, and neither would contradict what we’ve seen on screen.

      However, I think they will probably have some scenes before Bo and Steve show up that tell us exactly where they are each supposed to be, and it’s possible they might tweak some of these things.

      • I’m wondering if Bo is going to be on the show for any meaningful time. Does he usually come on and stay for a year or so or does he pop in and out? I’m thinking if Bo doesn’t stay, then Rafe will be there for Hope unless there’s something I don’t know. Also, what about A Martinez on the show? I haven’t heard much except that he might be Rafes dad. I could actually see Hope with someone like him. She needs someone with a lot of charisma and Aiden doesn’t cut it.

        You mentioned Caroline, I’d like to see her and Victor get together!

      • We don’t know how long any of the returns are for. I’ve seen lots of speculation but no one really knows anything.

        A Martinez could be for Hope but I don’t think so. She’s got enough men for now. Let’s not give her any more just yet. 🙂 Some are saying he’s for Eve, and I could see that. I’ve heard speculation that he’s Paige’s father.

  13. wow – just read this whole thread. Thanks for all the info, it helps. I like a few others here just started watching again after a 20 year absence. MaryPickford I asked some questions on the Chad and Abby thread, but most have been answered here. To give your poor fingers a break – you don’t have to respond! Ha Ha

    I know this is blasphemy to shippers like MaryPickford, but without any background or ever having seen Eric and Nicole together, I don’t see what the fuss is about. Sure Eric seems all sensitive and tormented but when he told Nicole he still loved her and always will but wanted her to be happy with Daniel, she didn’t seem too torn. In fact when Daniel questioned her on the “almost made love” issue, she seemed genuinely upset and in love with him. I know you keep saying she is bottling up and in denial about her feelings for Eric. I will watch the older clips you posted to get caught up and see what I have missed.

    I do like Nicole though – she seems like a good mix of doesn’t have her stuff together but is trying. I remember watching some Daniel scenes with Jenn as part of the J&J story line on youtube when he returned and he just seems so flat to me!

    Although this is only a week into the show for me, so I am sure everyday I will have more questions and feel differently.

    Here is a question I haven’t seen asked:

    What is up with Brady and his baby and the horrible Mother who wants him back and was scheming to hire a bad Nanny to manipulate Brady.

    • The mother with the nanny is Teresa Donovan, Jeanie Donovan all grown up and going by her middle name. She is rather horrible. She started out just as a bad girl, hanging out with JJ doing drugs with him. I kind of liked her in that mode (from what I saw). Since then she has done some really awful things, like hitting John with a fireplace poker and putting him in a coma. I think we’re all hoping to see the character change under the new writers.

      I get what you are saying about Eric and Nicole. A lot of shippers are really upset we’re not seeing Nicole be more torn. Ari Zucker does that repressed feelings longing really well, so it’s definitely a deliberate choice on her part not to.

      I’m being patient for now. I’m hoping she decided that in order for Nicole to agree to marry Daniel, she has to be in pretty deep denial. If it turns out she’s really in love with Daniel , I’ll eat my words. 🙂

      For people new to the story, like you, we’ll see if the angsty longing sucks you in when they start to do it (if they do!). But watching clips would definitely help. 🙂

      • Dawn, just to illustrate my point about Ari Zucker – here is a scene from a time when she is pretending to be with Daniel (for reasons I won’t go into) and in love with Eric. You can see clearly the difference from what she is doing now. Lots of unspoken longing here.

        Again, I hope we’ll start to see more of this going forward!

      • Nicole HAD to move on this time, because Eric had apparently moved on with Serena. Before that point, she hadn’t been able to let him go, despite months of his being angry and dismissive with her. It took everything Nicole had to turn off her feelings for Eric, and up until this point in the story, she’s been completely preoccupied with keeping her secret.

        Earlier this spring, when Eric’s feelings toward her finally softened and they became friends again, Nicole was waffling toward him, even though she was involved with Daniel. And Daniel kept accusing her of still having feelings for Eric (which she did) and she spent weeks trying to convince him and herself that she didn’t.

        Daniel and Nicole hadn’t even really completed a date before all the stuff went down in the furnace crawlspace. And the reason Nicole was involved with Xander at all was to protect Eric, even at the risk of destroying her relationship with Daniel.

        That’s why those of us who know how much she loved Eric don’t quite buy this sudden declaration that she loves only Daniel.

  14. Didn’t finish one of my thoughts above….

    ” It took everything Nicole had to turn off her feelings for Eric, and up until this point in the story, she’s been completely preoccupied with keeping her secret.”

    Now that the secret is out, I wonder if we’ll see her more vulnerable to her unresolved feelings for Eric. She was pretty tunnel-visioned about the secret. Without the pressure of keeping things from Daniel, I’m hoping she’ll open her eyes to the problems in that relationship that both of them are glossing over, not the least of which is the fact that a few days ago, she was snogging and exchanging words of love with her ex, who she admitted will always be the love of her life.

    • I agree about the pressure of keeping the secret — it makes sense that without that motivating her, she might not be able to stay in denial. I do see this cascade of events – Nicole gets engaged, Nicole tells the truth, Nicole is forgiven – as a turning point, the point at which the pendulum has swung as far as it will. Now, it makes sense that she will feel committed, partly because of Parker, partly because of Daniel’s forgiveness. It gives her a reason to stay, even as her feelings for Eric start to surface again.

      The whole story structure is definitely “girl gets engaged to the wrong guy.” I’m 95% convinced that this is what is going on. The 5% of doubt is just a lack of faith in the show.

      Because you’re right, Nicole has been in love with Eric for over two years, and they’ve shown us that. Through all of his horrible treatment of her, even when she finally started seeing Daniel. I’m remembering that scene after Eric finally starts being nice to her again, when she goes over to see him to ask him to talk to Teresa. He tells her she has a good heart, and out in the hallway afterwards, she says “Focus … focus on Daniel.” I’m kind of hanging on, waiting for a moment like that.

      I don’t want this to happen too fast, or for it to be too easy for Eric, I really don’t. There’s just the paranoid part of me that won’t relax until I see something that indicates clearly that Nicole is in denial, that I’m not just fanwanking. 🙂

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