When Nicole got “the willies” during Eric’s confession yesterday (7/27), it gave me the willies too – in a good way. And not just because I’m happy for anything that interrupts Daniel and Nicole kissing.


It reminded me of the times Days used to do that during the supercouple era – show an otherworldly connection between a couple. And it’s funny that I liked this, because actually I usually kind of hate it. I never got into Angel Steve, the Lady in Red “simultaneous fantasy,” or Steve kissing Kayla back to life when she was “dead” (in ’06). I prefer a little more realism in my love stories. Maybe it’s strange to draw the line at supernatural events, when I’m just fine with amnesia, people back from the dead, brainwashing, and crazy soap plots by the score.

I think it’s because for me, soaps are at their best when they give us the crazy soap premise, but follow through with dead serious emotional realism. I don’t love the crackpot plot for its own sake, but for what they do with it. How would you really feel if your spouse came back from the dead with amnesia and a new face?

The supernatural moments don’t usually do that. They are often there to be Romance with a capital R, to signal that these two people really, really love each other. And I’ll accept that, even enjoy it, if the show has earned that moment – rather then trying to use that moment to establish something that hasn’t been earned. When Steve kissed Kayla back to life in ’06, the show hadn’t put in the effort to make the moment work (if you didn’t know Steve and Kayla from the 80’s, you just had to take it on faith). But when Kayla got her voice back just in time to say her wedding vows back in 1988, I rolled my eyes a little, but mostly they were swimming with tears.


46 thoughts on “Supernatural

  1. Obviously if you are going to watch soap operas you have to have that ability to suspend disbelief and just keep going. When I read this entry I immediately thought about Steve and Kayla in the lighthouse seeing Santa Claus out the window and suddenly the lighthouse was filled with Christmas decorations. I don’t usually have any problem dismissing small moments even though I sometimes roll my eyes but there are limits. Part of the reason I stopped watching in 1995 was the Marlena possession story. Once I got a glimpse of her levitating above the bed, I was finished. With all of the back from the dead, brainwashing, and people with new faces types of stories, I just feel those are a necessary evil in the soap world. You can’t have a show where no one ever dies and I totally understand actors wanting to take breaks from playing the same character for years on end and I can even understand them wanting to come back after a time. I can only imagine the actor’s react the same way we do.

    • Thanks for reminding me of the Santa sighting. I just can’t get into that stuff.

      I love a well crafted soap plot, the logic and structure of it. It can be extreme and dramatic (and should be!) but at its best there’s kind of an inevitability to it. Like Britta’s murder, Jack being Billy — those are dramatic and extreme, but they forced our heroes to work through real things in a dramatic way.

      Less organic plots are more in the “necessary evil” camp, like you say. They provide a pretext for good drama. Steve shooting the Senator, for example. The Marina story is an extreme example of a bad premise and a good execution. And for me, the supernatural ones just don’t do that. I never saw the devil possession story but that’s a little too far for me, even though I’ve heard that it was pretty well crafted. There are a lot of people who love that time period, but, well, I think I’ll just take their word for it. šŸ™‚

  2. I can take way out there, but I hate cheesy. You absolutely have to suspend disbelief if you are going to get invested in a soap, but I’m right there with you…don’t like that stuff. Stories have to be rooted in some emotion that the audience can relate to. Even if the circumstances are way out there, everyone can relate to losing a loved one and wishing you could bring them back, etc. I didn’t see the Marlena possession story, but I’ve seen clips and they are just embarrassing. i wonder if Deirdre looks back on that now and cringes.

    Give me amnesia, back form the dead, on the run, evil twins, anything except cheese! Oh and please no more who’s the Daddy storylines for a while :).

    • I’m afraid the “Who’s the daddy?” is here to stay. I am not completely sure you can call yourself a soap opera without a couple of Of course DOOL has one currently and I am afraid GH is setting one up as well.

      Stefano has always been presented as pure evil and I guess anyone so close to the devil himself has to have some supernatural types of schemes. How many types has that phoenix risen from the ashes?

  3. I love Stefano. I just can’t help it. He’s my exception to the rule – he ‘s so fun.

    As I was watching some of the Sami/EJ stuff, I wandered across John suddenly being a Dimera? Did they keep that? He was pretty funny in those scenes when he had no emotional connections.

    • Honestly I don’t really know who the hell John is. He was the pawn, John, Roman, an Alamaine? He was married to Hope or was it Gina? Wait, he was a Dimera? So the thing was Kristen might have been incest? I think I smell smoke coming from my brain…lol

  4. They undid the John-is-a-Dimera thing. I wasn’t watching when they did that, but the whole John Black backstory extravaganza just makes me tired.

    I agree John was kind of fun with no memories! I liked that storyline. Drake seemed like he was having fun with it.

    I like Stefano but I can get overdosed on him. I love 80’s Victor, that type of villain, more smooth and ruthless, not so inclined toward over the top plots. Modern Victor has become mostly just a grouch. But, actually, they are making him be evil again, showing he was colluding with Xander, so I’m curious how that will turn out.

  5. I liked Victor as well. That mustache!!! Liked his connection to the Brady family and his weakness for Caroline, and that whole back story.

    My fondness for Stefano is probably more about the actor than the character. He seems like such a great guy and everyone in the cast loves him so much.

    I’m in Boston, and one of our Red Sox broadcasters (a former player) was a HUGE DOOL fan. He said he used to watch soaps when he was on the road and got hooked on Days. He had Kristian Alfonso up to the broadcast booth one time, when she was at a game with her family, and he kept pointing out people in the crowd he thought could be Stefano LOL. It was pretty funny.

    And, of course, you have to have Stefano for the 50th anniversary!

    Do we have a list of who is confirmed to be returning? I’m starting to get confused. I assume there will be some surprises as well.

  6. Shea and Denise, I stopped watching Days around 1995 with the whole Marlena possession story, I just couldn’t watch anymore. Just too way out there for me (and didn’t they have her possessed again in the 2000’s?). I literally just started watching again on Friday with some of the positive Twitter comments and this blog.

    I definitely can suspend my disbelief enough to enjoy the character interactions and emotions. (yes I remember the Santa sighting but don’t remember the room getting decorated, but I rolled my eyes.) I agree with what everyone has said. There still must be some believable emotions even with the over the top stories.

    I was able to accept John Black with all Roman’s memories as Roman even though that clearly made no sense (with John being taller and all!) and yes when Roman came back – totally didn’t mind! Amnesia, ok fine, baby switched ok kidnapped sure why not. Someone back from the dead, OK as long as the character’s reaction was somewhat believable.

    Soaps are supposed to be over the top that’s what makes them fun – but it is all about the character’s emotion and relationships. Skip on any of them and you just have cheesy camp which wears pretty thin after awhile.

  7. Exactly! And don’t forget romance too. I think we all have lived a little romantic fantasy through one character or another through the years. Who wouldn’t want a guy who would go to the ends of the earth for you, declare his love passionately, make love on a rooftop, etc., etc. I used to wonder if soaps had ruined me for real life relationships LOL. What guy can compare? But certainly, even in the silliest situations, we have to have that relatable seed to grab onto. I’m a huge sci-fi nerd, so I’m used to suspending disbelief in many forms. I think if it’s written well, even way out there can be relatable, but if my eyes roll involuntarily, or I wince in embarrassment for a character, it pulls me out of the story too much.

    • Yeah, it can be extreme and dramatic and (sometimes) over the top, but the show and all the characters have to take it seriously. Find the emotional truth in the crazy plot.

      And yes to romance, slow burn romance! I ship couples on other shows sometimes but it’s soap couples that really grab me.

      • MP, I think you’ll going to like today’s episode. I’m not a Nicole or Daniel fan, but starting to like Eric a lot. I enjoyed Eric and Nicole’s talk, so mature and honest. Then Serena and Daniel’s scenes were good too. Can I just say I love Kayla. I don’t want to give anything away if you haven’t watch but I actually liked the whole show, which is rare.

      • You were right — great episode! I loved the soapiness of Eric telling Nicole she has nothing to worry about at the same time Serena is playing the recording for Daniel (God, that woman is cold – and she claims she loves Eric!). Also liked Chad/Will. And Kayla was great. I loved her lines about how Abby’s family will support her and love her baby because no matter who the father is, the baby is hers.

        Kind of dreading the paternity switch stuff. But we knew it was going to happen. Sigh.

  8. Love Eric!!! How many times do characters just put it out there? I love you, but I want you to be happy. Swoon! Also loving Chad and his blue eyes. Loved it when he kissed Will’s cheek on the way out the door.

    What’s the story with Brady? And the baby, etc? I assume the scheming woman is the mother, trying to get her hooks into him? I have no idea what’s going on with that story.

    • Eric was killing me dead yesterday! Yes, soap characters never just put it out there, so that was refreshing. I also was shocked that Serena’s recording came out so soon. They are really moving things along – it’s great!

      I also loved Chad kissing Will on the cheek. So cute.

      The woman Brady was with is Jeanie Donovan, Kim and Shane’s daughter, going by her middle name of Teresa now. She is the baby’s mother, and yes, she wants to get her hooks into Brady. I just can’t stand that storyline right now.

      • Why is she so bitter and angry? Does she ever have scenes with Kayla? Does the Brady family know how how rotten she is? Brady is cute though. I liked that Maggie gave him advice without trashing Theresa and he made a positive move to foil her plans. Boy, everyone wants to stay in Victor’s house. Dosen’t anyone get their own apartment anymore? I guess to many sets and the cost would be crazy. Tight budget.

      • Why she is so bitter and angry is the million dollar question. They haven’t given us anything to explain it. This is what I’m really hoping the new writers give us.

        Yes, we’ve seen her with other Bradys, including Kayla a bit. Eric and Nicole tried to help her last year. Nicole sympathized with her as a former schemer and Eric is good with the bad girls. šŸ™‚

        But I think we need to see some back story that explains her behavior, and also see one of her schemes backfire on her, in order to have any hope for the character.

        Yeah, the home sets are a problem. I’ve heard one of the changes this fall is better sets. That will be nice.

      • That story (with the Nanny, etc.) is the only one that was alluding me, thank you! I thought it was pretty boring, but I wasn’t sure if it was just that I didn’t know what was going on…Brady is cute, but he’s one of the guys I keep getting mixed up with all the others (John’s son? With Marlena or Isabella?). I’m going to have to make a who’s who chart of all the “kids” and who they are related to.

        I think we are going to see some things get resolved and jettisoned pretty quickly. There may be murder done! If they go that route, I wonder who gets it?

  9. Thanks. I watched some of her clips with JJ when he found out that Jack had raped Kayla. I didn’t know at that time that she was Kim and Shane’s daughter. Poor Shane, he just doesn’t have any luck with his daughters. Eve-schemer, now Theresa. Both seem like the world owes them something.

  10. I had noticed the limited sets and it is getting on my nerves. Does anyone go the pier anymore? I can’t imagine DOOL in the 80s without the pier! Not to mention that the pier would seem like a cheap set to construct.

    Last week I tried to think of the locations they were using and only came up with 15 or so off the top of my head (in contrast I can think of maybe 40 sets that GH uses pretty regularly and that too is just off the top of my head). It just seems strange.

    Someone asked about Brady..he is John and Isabella’s son and he currently lives with his grandfather Victor.

    I don’t know how everyone’s kids got so screwed up…lol. It must be a side effect of SORAS and living life off-screen for years at the time.

    • Alright – trying to get things straight so, second generations:

      On the Brady/Black side we have: Brady, Eric, Joey and Theresa.
      On the Horton side we have: JJ and Abby (who are also Johnson/Deveraux’s)
      Kiriakis: Sonny?

      Is that everyone on screen currently? I know Bo and Hope have Shawn Douglas, Kayla has Stephanie, John has Belle. Who am I missing? Will is third generation, right? Sami’s son.

      Wow – that’s a lot of kids. Is everyone in town a grandparent or great-grandparent at this point? LOL. Caroline must be a great great grandmother OMG.

      • Let me see what I can remember

        Brady=John and Isabella
        Eric=Roman and Marlena (Sami’s twin)
        Teresa=Kim and Shane
        JJ and Abby =Jennifer and Jack
        Sonny =Adrienne and Justin (Is he adopted?)
        Daniel =Maggie’s son but no named father?
        Paul Narita = John’s newly discovered son
        Paige = Eve Donovan’s daughter
        Ciera = Bo and Hope
        Theo=Abe and Lexie

        Will =Sami and Lucas

        And those we know are returning…
        Joey=Steve and Kayla
        Shawn Douglas=Bo and Hope
        Belle=Marlena and John
        and Shawn Douglas and Belle have a daughter Claire who will be returning also.

      • Thank u for this! I just saved it so I can refer back. It’s hard to connect some of the kids to their parents.
        Who is Paul’s parents?
        I’ve been watching old clips with Victor holding baby Alexander and I assumed that was today’s Xander.

      • I assumed the same thing about Xander!

        Paul’s mom was an employee of Stefano’s who was retconned in to the Maison Blanche story. Her name is Tori. Apparently at some point she had sex with John when he was held prisoner there. This all came out just a few months ago, and now John has a long lost son.

    • Bring back the loft! I loved that loft. And the pier too. How many clandestine meetings, attacks, drownings, shootings and cheesy musical montages where done down there? It would be nice to see them again. Does the emergency center still exist? I always thought that was a great way to incorporate the hospital stuff and the more blue collar aspect of some of the characters. Maybe Kayla still volunteers her services. Steve’s bound to get stabbed at some point…

      • Of all the financial things associated with today’s soaps, I can’t understand why …Corday or whoever …has such small sets for Days. I would have thought they’d own the property they film in and some of the sets could be fixtures for years with just some interior decorating changes every now and then. And the Pier would be like Denise said not that expensive. Marlena and John were jammed into a booth the other day. It made me wonder if they were constructing new sets and they are using limited space for a time until they are done.

  11. Shea, I think you right about the SORAS of the kids and the impact that has on them! Anyone know why Xander is sooo evil? I guess he’s too much like his mother. What does Justin and Andrienne think of his behavior? Does he feel like the unloved son? And why does he have an accent and Sonny doesn’t?

    • Xander is not Alexander Kiriakis, Justin and Anjelica’s son. He should be, but he’s not. He’s Alexandros, son of an offscreen brother of Victor’s. Maybe since they were making him so evil they didn’t want to make him Justin and Adrienne’s, but I think that would have been cool! I like the actor and think he would be a good younger villain to keep around.

  12. I like Xander too. He’s creepy good. I wonder what the actor looks like without that terrible hairdo LOL. You know someone with hair like that has to be a bad guy!!! It’s like Victor’s mustache – total giveaway. Has he actually murdered anyone yet? I’m shopping for someone to star in my bad boy/bad girl storyline šŸ™‚

    • Ha! regarding his villain hair. I don’t know if I should tell you? Not sure how you feel about casting spoilers. Xander isn’t staying – he’ll be leaving next month. I’m bummed!

  13. Darn it! I want a bad guy I love to hate. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a sexy villain. Oh well, I won’t get invested if the Salem Stalker’s going to take him out or something…Casting spoilers are the only ones I’ll look at, no worries šŸ™‚

  14. Since I saw your tweet, I just have to comment on Nicole actually telling the truth without Daniel saying it first. Big moment for her. And can’t believe they didn’t drag out the big reveal till they were at the alter. I’m interested in Daniel’s response, and I don even like these two characters. Go figure. Not sure what Serena was thinking that by telling Daniel about Nicole and Eric that would keep them apart. Instead there is a chance by telling him, it brings them together. Also, interested in what Chad has to say to Abby. Still can’t stand Aiden, and now Rafe is mooning over Hope. I want someone mooning over Kayla. Hope gets 3 men, and Kayla doesn’t have anyone. Not fair.

  15. Mooning LOL – that’s perfect. I don’t really like Rafe. And Aiden isn’t long for the show, right? I wonder if anything will materialize with Rafe now that Bo is returning.

    Nothing happened (really) between Eric and Nicole, and they were about to die LOL, so maybe they get a pass. I think Daniel will forgive her and continue to be a pain in my ass. I wasn’t watching when he was with Jennifer, but was there any better chemistry between those two than with Daniel and Nicole? I know he’s a “good guy,” but geez he puts me to sleep.

    • Kathy, its amazing that showing a character’s growth can pull you in even if you don’t like them. That’s true for me too! Nicole has done so many schemes and kept so many secrets, always to keep some man’s love. This was a real departure for her. I like to think she was inspired by Eric’s earlier example. šŸ™‚

      Not into Aiden either. He’s leaving but I’m not sure when. I think the Rafe stuff was the plan before they knew Bo was coming back, but yeah – not fair.

      Daniel – don’t like him with Nicole (they are fine as friends though) but I can tolerate him with others. I actually didn’t totally hate him with Jennifer. *ducks*

      • I think that’s why I grew to love Jack during his redemption sl. I saw growth in him. i really like Eric though. I think he’s just like his Aunt Kayla as someone else pointed out. His love for Nicole isn’t selfish because he wants her to be truly happy even if that means without him. That’s a rarity on Soaps.

    • I am not sure that the Rafe and Hope thing is going anywhere. I think Rafe is going to have a family storyline coming up with Gabby (Rafe’s sister, Arianna’s mother) returning.

      Not sure if this is a real spoiler or not but proceed with caution…
      Since it has been announced that soap vet A Martinez is coming to DOOL I assume he will have a connection to Rafe and Gabby. Maybe their father? When I saw he was coming I was trying to fit him into current situations and that is where my brain goes.

  16. Jennifer and Daniel were more painful to watch in some of the clips I watched when Jack returned. I haven’t liked his character since he came on and I rea wanted too since I loved him on ATWT as Mike Kasoff. I didn’t like how he was always hooking up his patients or their relatives-Chelsea, Chole, and Jennifer. Not sure if Nicole was ever his patient. Also, I thought the Phillip was Parker’s dad. Still can’t believe Maggie’s his mother-ugh.

  17. For me, it’s hard to accept Jen with anyone but Jack, but I’m open to it. One of the problems with creating a terrific couple is that when one actor leaves and one stays (or returns), what do you do? It’s especially problematic if you’ve given them a HEA of sorts, then one of them returns without the other. It’s always “oh we had problems and it just did’t work out,” but since that’s not was was SHOWN in canon, it’s hard to believe. At least with Jennifer, we know Jack died (not that that means anything in Salem), and even then it’s hard to let go of the couple you loved. Sometimes it never works.

    It will be interesting to see if we get a real hash out of what happened between Steve and Kayla. I’m sure MBE and SN could kill scenes like that. I want some good pain from them before they start the road back.

    • I should clarify I didn’t love Daniel and Jennifer. And I wasn’t watching when Jack was back and Jen was torn between them – I would have hated that.

      I hope we see some good hash it out scenes for Steve and Kayla too!

  18. Well I started watching and then had a work trip so I am already behind, but with all the characters leaving, not sure how long it will take me to get it straight!

    Didn’t Adrienne and Justin have another boy named Joseph also? Thanks to Shea for giving me the family tree. I actually know the answer to one of the questions. Sonny is not adopted his name is actually “Jackson” after Jack and he was born right after Justin and Adrienne left the show sometime in 93 or so.

    The loft was my favorite, literally everyone lived there. I said in another post, how I wanted to live there and have a cool sliding door, spiral staircase and oh those romantic rooftop dinners! What could be better!

  19. OMG I loved that sliding door! It was a great for dramatic effect! And your right everyone DID live there. Bring back the loft!

    • The loft was great. I have a vague memory of Bo surprising Hope with the loft he had rented to get them out of the Shenanigans basement. Although Bo had lived in that basement first it will always be Steve’s room to me.

  20. I’m with you, bring back the loft and the pier sets. I want to hear some harp playing again on those piers as well as boot heels-Steve or Bo.

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