Why else would I come?

When Hope, Roman, and Steve get to Stockholm, things immediately go very wrong. Roman is arrested and Steve is shot. Hope, caring for Steve, calls Kayla for advice.

Then, a scene for the ages:

Steve is shot

The moment when Kayla walks through the door, and Steve smiles involuntarily and says her name, has to be one of the greatest soap moments of all time.

Kayla has just made a big move by showing up in Stockholm unannounced, and it’s an elephant in the room through the scene. They’re both thinking about it, but they don’t know what to say or how to talk about it. She feels defensive because she feels she’s put herself out there, and he wants to find out why she’s here without revealing too much himself. These undercurrents turn their conversation into something of a fencing match. I love when Stephen and Mary Beth get a nice long scene like this one, where they can play out a whole dynamic of advance, retreat, advance, retreat.

They each retreat into familiar roles – Steve the sleazy guy, Kayla the exasperated nurse. But I think Steve is so happy that she’s there that his attempt at his sleazy-guy routine sounds more like lighthearted banter. Some great lines: “I got no heart, baby.” “It’s bad blood, anyway.”

Then Steve tries to break through this delicate fencing with a blunt maneuver, when he grabs her by the hair and asks why she came. But she throws it right back at him by saying it’s for Roman, and “Why else would I come?” She’s challenging Steve to meet her halfway, to acknowledge there’s something between them. I also love the way they are touching each other here: he’s holding her hair, she’s holding his arm, almost caressing it.

Hope’s entrance interrupts that moment, but they pick up again when she leaves. More sparring, each trying to find a way to get the other to make a move. When she says she’ll try not to hurt him, he says “you do that.” Later, when he says, jokingly, “Don’t you trust me?” she says “Should I?”

Then, finally, after she’s given him a sedative, he thanks her for being there. She strokes his hair and cheek as he drifts off to sleep.



45 thoughts on “Why else would I come?

  1. I looooove the look on Steve’s face when she opens the door. The pure look of JOY in his eyes is just magical. How SN was able to do that look was wonderful. And when he’s calm and his defenses are down from the sedative and he just says thank you was great. That’s what Kayla was looking for, an honest acknowledgement that he was glad she came. This is such a great scene. Thanks for revisiting it. I love all these discussions about the past and present storylines. Hey, only one week til August. Does anyone know when SN’s first air date is? It’s probably a Friday and the last scene so we have to wait til Monday. I’m getting excited. I watched MBE’s plankblog and loved watching them. I’m hoping their sl is good since they seem so excited.

    • I believe it’s the week of the 24th where we first see him. But, it may be the week before, which is the first week of the new writers’ material. Maybe a Friday cliffhanger, like you say. 🙂

      SN does so well in that little moment. Steve caught off guard, the joy coming through. It sets up the fencing match in the next scene perfectly. We know how he really feels.

  2. I just re-watched these scenes this afternoon (too hot to be outside doing anything). When he was in so much pain and Hope was holding him, seeing Steve call out “Sweetness” and “Kayla” showed how important she had become to him (in the scene before this one). Then when he sees Kayla walk into the room, like Kathy said, the pure look of joy. Both SN and MBE can do so much without any words. Later had to laugh when Kayla gave him the pill, “Will it make me large or small?” Then in the scene after this one, when Kayla and Hope are talking about how similar Bo and Steve are. Hope did tell Kayla that Steve was in pain, but it was her (Kayla’s) name that he was calling out. The falling in trust as you brought up last time.

    One thing I wanted to ask though, was Hope trying to choke him with how she had him bandaged? 🙂

    • Hee, about the bandages. If they wanted to show her doing an amateurish job, they succeeded!

      I love that Steve calls Kayla’s name, and I love that that is what makes Hope call Kayla. It’s fate. 🙂 And then Hope can tell Kayla about it too, and give her some much needed encouragement.

  3. the part when he says he doesn’t have a heart….I think she said to him once she wondered if he had a heart. I feel pretty sure about that but I can’t remember when it was…maybe in the Frankie/Max story.. I wonder if he was sort of referring back to that, like he remembered. I’d like to think he remembers all their conversations. ☺️

    I can’t wait for his return. I really hope MBE and SN have a say in how they play their scenes bc they know what they are doing!

    This isn’t related to your post but I wanted to tell you I took the plunge this afternoon into the Marina story. I’ve heard so much about it i thought about not even watching it but I’m glad I am. So far, so good. What gets me is that with one conversation, he could tell Kayla about Marina. Just one! It’s so frustrating! Oh, and I saw the part where he has his eye operation and seeing him without the eye patch, its amazing how much it altered his persona. I’ve been watching him as Stefan on GH, that’s a whole other post but I accept him in that, how he looks. It’s hard to believe it’s even the same person! But in this, I can’t see him as Steve without it. Back to the story…what I do like is seeing Jack and Steve back to fighting. MA gets better and better as Jack. There’s scenes with Jack and Jen I’m really loving too. They bring such a different and fun vibe to the show. Kayla not knowing what is going on…sometimes Steve is just a damn knucklehead.

    👏👏👏 loved your post. 😊 makes me look forward to seeing them.

    • I really like the Marina story, actually. I didn’t like it back in 1989, but now I do. Jack’s involvement is really well done, and what starts him on his redemption path.

      I agree about the patch, though. So glad he gets it back!

      You’re probably right about Kayla saying he doesn’t have a heart, but I don’t remember those specific words myself. It would be cool if Steve remembered and was throwing that back at her.

      • Me too so far actually. If they were trying to find someone everyone would hate… Marina versus Kayla, they really succeeded! So far, she’s pawing all over him but I’m not seeing him interested in her. He’s pushing her away. The snarky comments are great. 😃😃😃

      • What I didn’t like about the Marina story is that it was nonsensical lol-

        First that Steve would have been married to her and supposedly with her for so long, when she was so nasty.
        He told Kayla being a husband “was new” on their wedding night…

        But most importantly: Why would he not tell Kayla about it?

        Kayla asked him that point blank and he had no reply. Because even the writers couldn’t come up with a plausible explanation for it. Considering all of the things Kayla already knew about his past, why would a previous marriage be an issue that he had to hide?

        It was just a plot device and made no sense. But once Marina died, some really, really good scenes did come of it….like when Steve found out Kayla was pregnant after Jack blurted it out (and Steve confronted Kayla about it.)

    • I re-watched the Marina story recently and it’s probably not as bad as I remembered it being but it still has one major problem. It takes the 3-4 years of character development for Steve and just throws it out the window. I mean we spent years watching him heal his gaping wounds from his childhood to get to a point where he can finally love and be loved. He is just starting to accept that he can be a husband and a possibly a father even after all the crap that he has been through and then it’s like well nevermind all that I am already married.

      I know one of MP’s comments the other day talked about how back in the day she used to be able to trust the show and the writing and believed that it was taking her a good place. I love that comment and I will tell you that looking back on it, the Marina storyline is one where I totally lost that trust. It started with losing the patch and the whole Reverend Saul trainwreck of a storyline and then where did we go after that mess..Steve was messed up and not himself, Shane was *dead* and then BOOM…Marina. I swear I would have given up and stopped watching if it hadn’t been for the Jack and Jennifer storyline.

      • I don’t remember watching the Marina story line the first time around to be honest. But I tried watching it on youtube when I watched the whole S&K from bradyclanfan again. I agree I never did like this and thought it made no sense that Steve would keep a marriage from Kayla after all that time. It made no sense that Marina would ever has existed!

        Liked the Jack part of the story and his full redemption in it and Isabella as a new character was welcome but Marina and Steve and Kayla breaking up – nope never bought it, even in soap dramatic just accept it world.

  4. When he asked “Why did you come here?” maybe she should have said “You’re a smart guy, figure it out.”

    At least we she Kayla is getting braver and Steve’s having a harder time pushing her away. Sleazy Steve is awesome. I miss him.

  5. This scene marked another giant leap forward Steve and Kayla. I always liked the way MB could go into professional mode and be no nonsense with Sleazy Steve. Even if he did unnerve her personally, she always kept her professional persona intact. On a Hope side note, in the previous scene I have always gotten a chuckle of out how Hope ( KA) obviously thought all of Steve’s blood and sweat were messy and gross. Also, for being up all night taking care of Steve, Hope’s hair held it’s big 80’s look.

    • You’re so right about her hair. It’s indestructible!

      I think in this scene Kayla’s clinical manner is partly just because she feels uncertain and defensive. But I do love her in professional mode. And yeah, a contrast to Hope being grossed out, lol.

  6. So much goodness in that scene *sigh*….

    Some extra observations/thoughts to add:

    -When she was cleaning his wound, Steve says “see anything you like”, and she swallows hard and doesn’t answer…It’s clear she did *like* LOL 🙂 . Subtle but adorable. She was almost blushing lol.

    -I remember at least once *maybe twice* (later on), Steve referred to her being like an angel to him when she showed up that day; it was really a milestone in their story.

    -There’s a scene just after this that I SO love, between Hope and Kayla. Hope can tell that Kayla has feelings for Steve as she’s watching him sleep. Hope makes sure to tell Kayla that when Steve was injured/burning up it was Kayla’s name he called, and it was Kayla he was thinking about. *aww*. I think I loved that scene almost as much as the one you posted, because Kayla was so uncertain and insecure about Steve’s feelings for her at that point (which was justified considering the way he acted). It was good to finally see her get some validation that she wasn’t wrong about him. Hope saw the real Steve, just like Kayla did.

      • I love the Hope/Kayla scene too … going to post about that next. 🙂 Kayla definitely could use some encouragement and it comes just at the right time.

        I love Kayla’s reaction too when he says “See anything you like?” Very telling!

        You’re right, Steve does refer to this moment and call her his angel. It’s all part of that “falling in trust” thing, too, how here was someone who he could not only trust but who would go the extra mile for him, would come to him when he needed help.

        This scene also marks a turning point for Steve, his protectiveness of her kicks into high gear. It starts even in this scene, when he’s trying to get her to leave Stockholm. And of course that will include protecting her from him. So this is really when the dynamic we all love, Kayla pursuing him, Steve trying to push her away, really gets going.

      • so many good lines. My favorite is definitely the “is it gonna make me large or small” but also when Kayla says this is our relationship and he sarcastically says “why Miss Kayla it’s so sudden!) Makes me think of Rhett Butler with the “Miss Scarlett”

  7. There is a scene later at some point way later in their story, I actually can not remember when but I think it was when they were in LA “on the Run” and he was going to leave her. He says to Kayla when she walked into that hotel room in Stockholm it was one of the happiest days of his life. I love how much later in their story they bring it back to this moment, because it is such a good moment and turning point for them. Steve kind of losing the sleeze after this time and they start building towards something.

    Thanks for posting this scene.

      • OK so it was driving me crazy that I just had to find that scene and here it is around 7 mins is when he mentioned her coming to Stockholm. Great use of their past at a much later date.

      • I just realized it posted the entire playlist not just the one scene.

        here is the one scene I was talking about

      • Thanks for posting it Dawn! 😊 it was such a great moment, I love that he told her what it meant to him.

  8. This is truly what MBE and SN were the best at back then. The “elephant in the room” scenes were always my favorites. Those little jabs back and forth when each is trying to get the other to admit something, without having to put their own emotions out there.

    Each of these scenes was almost like a verbal seduction, not only of Steve or Kayla but of the audience as well. Prior to the moment when Kayla got on that plane, no declaration had been made, but once she did, she’s stating her intentions, though even she probably didn’t realize it at that point. When they face each other for the first time in Stockholm, him sick in bed, her arriving like an angel, I think they both knew it WAS a declaration of sorts. Of course it was still dance dance dance, jab, jab, jab, each waiting for the other to give away more, but not willing to just say it. Brilliant writing, but I have to give MBE and SN most of the credit, because I’m sure a lot of that wasn’t on the page.

    I remember getting palpitations (honestly), when they had the scene where Kayla tells Steve she will “give my heart to whoever I please” – it was such an astonishing moment of her just putting it out there, because that hadn’t happened previously, and she didn’t mean for it to happen even then. But once the cat was out of the bag, and Steve really KNEW, it was only a matter of time. They kept dropping those moments in there at just the right intervals to keep everyone watching and pulling their hair out!

    • So true, Denise! They knew how to string us along. And that scene where Kayla says she’ll give her heart to whoever she wants – wow! I watched it over and over.

      I love these fencing match scenes too and I think this one is the best of the best.

  9. I was a huge LnL fan back in the day (don’t get me started on GH’s farewell today for TG), but I couldn’t really invest in another couple after that. No one seemed to have the same sparkle. Until along came Steve and Kayla. Sometimes you simply cannot explain the energy between two people. It just works. They did push/pull better than anyone. Their romance was so…chaste…all in the eyes, and what they DIDN’T say, for such a long time. MBE’s eyes were incredible, how much she could say with just a tearful look, it always killed me. And SNs bravado, right up until the point he finally caved, was gorgeous. Another favorite moment in Stockholm, for me, is when he sees Kayla in that white dress, and just loses his knees for a moment. One little motion said everything that words couldn’t. Brilliant! And once again, I’m guessing, not on the page.

    • I never saw Luke and Laura, but I’ll always be grateful for how they inspired the supercouples on Days. 🙂

      With S&K, I think it’s a combination of the characters, the actors, and the story all clicking perfectly. Stephen and Mary Beth were able to add so many great touches because the writing was there to provide opportunities for them. I think of 86-88 as this perfect epic love story, kind of self contained. 88-90, 06-09, I enjoy what’s good in those runs but it doesn’t touch that two year run. That’s actually why the Marina retcon doesn’t bother me anymore. I hated it then and totally agree it messes with the character of Steve as we understood him, but now I just apply my handy retcon wall of separation and move on, lol.

      • Oh you should definitely go watch the original LnL stuff on youtube! Some really great acting and writing from 79-81 and again in 1983. Definitely worth the time, when you have some.

    • i have to ask…what did you think of today’s TG farewell? I know he’s been involved with TQ for the last decade but I really thought he’d have a final scene with GF given the history they made. Instead she got a letter. 😱 Unreal! I guess it’ll be a big moment for her tomorrow. I hope she can move on with a new man, finally!

      • I’ll keep it brief, because I could rant, but the story was awful. Very campy, NO final goodbye (face to face) with LnL (unless there is a surprise). That’s the original super couple folks, both of whom were on the show at the same time this week. NO GOODBYE. The whole thing felt rushed, and worst of all NO flashbacks. The highlights were Jonathan Jackson’s return, Genie Francis and Jane Elliott. It didn’t even seem to be about celebrating Tony Geary’s long career. No hype, no nothing. I found it very sad, but I also feel like GH has slipped a great deal, and has been rudderless for quite a while. They (GH) fired their head writer this week, probably so they could blame him for the total mess they made of what should have been a grand celebration of a wonderful career in daytime. There! Rant over!

        But to bring it back to DOOL. DOOL seems to be making a grand play at pulling itself out of the mire they were in. One thing they have always done well (unlike GH which seems to be obsessed with the mob) is to sell a good romantic story, with a Capital R. Old time, schmaltzy, love. I think they can really help to turn things around if this 50th anniversary is a big success. It will be good for them, but I think also good for daytime in general. Soaps need some good press. Daytime drama is a great genre, and it will be a shame if it goes out without a fight. They are really going to have to put their money were their mouths are though and deliver!

      • I enjoyed your rant. I started watching GH a few weeks ago to see his exit. I was so happy to see Lucky, Laura and his brother-Nathan Parson (Ethan?) return but I felt parts, like them stopping a bomb go off, the execution of all that made me cringe. The face to face final moments were great. I wish they would have devoted an entire episode or two of those goodbyes. And some flashbacks of Luke reminiscing. It makes me wonder what went on behind the scenes. As campy as parts of the show have been..Ava in the wig (ugh!), there is some good dialogue on GH. It might be a breakdown writer doing that. Days could use help in that department and fingers crossed the new writers are doing that. Ive read good things about Josh Griffith. I hope the new team can get back to good storytelling and bring back the romance. Same with GH and their new writers. Fortunately, viewers only have to wait @6 weeks to see the changes there. Waiting for Days to change over is making me crazy and we still have a few weeks to go ! 😜

  10. I am starting to think that discovering this blog wasn’t such a great thing for me…lol. Every time I come over to read a post or some comments I end up watching the same S&K clips over and over. I really need to get back to finishing the Jencon storyline (Yes I know I am delaying because it’s just too painful.)

  11. Considering I was such a Days and S&K fan back in the day, I actually never watched the entire Jencon storyline, just some highlights. I should watch it one day, I tried to watch the whole storyline but could never get emotionally invested in it.

    But I agree with MaryPickford, the best was 86-88 for S&K and even after 88 the Steve/Jack ongoing triangle and their relationship always worked for me even after S&K kind of got stale or I was not that interested in the story they were in.

  12. I think I’ve pretty much caught up, except for the most recent return of Steve with amnesia. Steve and Kayla always worked for me, but the problem is, of course, happy couples can make for boring storylines. That’s why you have to appreciate the lead up so much, because once they say I Love You, or I Do, watch out!

    Youtube is amazing though. You could lose yourself forever there. Watched S&K, got sucked into old Bo and Hope. Watched some Nicole & Eric, got sucked into EJ and Sami. OMG I have to shut down my computer at some point or I may get lost forever! 🙂 What a great way to relive it all though. Thank goodness for the folks who are kind enough to post all of those playlists.

  13. General Hospital was my very first soap and LnL my first couple that I loved, just when they were getting started. I can remember her marrying Scotty! Haven’t gone back on Youtube, just doesn’t have the same pull for me as S&K on Days, I think those stories help up much better. LnL seems so dated somehow much more then the late 80’s S&K

    Like Denise says you can get lost on YouTube, I did for awhile with old Days, not sure I want to go down the rabbit hole with Luke and Laura! I also loved Frisco and Felicia, even had a Jack Wagner poster on my Dorm room at college and bought his album (how embarrassing!)


  14. The old GH stuff can seem very dated, but when you look at the start of the super couple genre, you really have to start with LnL. My favorite period for them is what is termed as the “sticky door” era, time in between their two big adventures, when they are broken up and moving back toward each other. The push/pull of that era was written fantastically. And the acting and writing was unbelievably good. I go back and watch it periodically and am amazed at the quality every time.

    I had Jack Wagner’s album too LOL!

    One of the problems with youtube is that when you can go FF through the storylines, you don’t get the “real feel” of how incredible the WAITING was back then. And, of course, no spoilers so you were on the edge of your seat, and were so MAD when your couple wasn’t on that day.

    I hope DOOL can re-capture even a 1/4 of that excitement again. I think they are doing a great job with their PR, and the actors raving all over the internet really helps. I hope the audience returns in droves! Daytime needs another grand era again to keep their heads above water. I don’t think we’ll ever see the golden age of the 80’s again, but they could do their part to help save the genre if they can generate enough excitement.

  15. Ok so I have noticed that a few of us commenting here are really in the same boat. Just now getting back into watching present day DOOL, obsessed with mid to late 80s DOOL, and classic GH viewers who have also just started watching GH again. I will say that tuning in to GH and picking back up has been a lot easier than getting back into DOOL. I find that although the storylines haven’t drawn me in yet, GH has given me some really good scenes. I know the Tony Geary exit storyline was lackluster but it did have some good scenes. I am actually kinda glad he is gone because he had pretty much become a caricature more than a character. I am not sure how to explain exactly what I mean by that but basically too many things about him have become too exaggerated. I love Dante and I am digging the new Jason/Jake and I am interested in seeing where that goes and I am curious about how they will use Laura, Scotty and Bobbie now that Luke is gone.

    I watched DOOL from 81- 95. Then a combination of graduating from college, having to get a real job and Marlena being possessed by the devil made me throw in the towel. I have watched from time to time over the last 10 yrs so I know who most of the characters are even if I don’t know the full history so it shouldn’t be this hard to pick it up. Right now the only storyline I am getting into is JJ. I am somewhat interested in what they are going to do with Eve but I am not a fan of the casting. I like Eric but not Nicole and Daniel bores me. It is painful to watch Chris as Roman and Roman as John. (worst move DOOL ever made!) I like Sonny but I hear he is leaving (at least the actor is) but Will is in need of a re-cast. Either way I have vowed to myself to watch at least through the end of the year but I need something to draw me in and make me want to watch. Right now it just feels like an obligation.

    • I was able to pick back up with GH pretty easy as well and I’m not sad to see TG go. From what I was watching, he wasn’t nearly as into his part as he used to be. I’ve been watching on YT, when SN was Stefan and he was always clashing against Luke and it was so good. I was watching GH today but I stopped when I realized it was mostly characters from other old soaps. I wanted to see Laura read the letter Luke had written her 😦 I like the new Jake/Jason as well. I think he’s a good replacement for the old Jason.

      Days: I couldn’t believe it the first time I saw the Chris Kosachek actor was playing Roman. I knew the old Roman became John Black but I thought if anything would happen, DH would have ended up back as Roman. THe thing is, I liked the Chris K character as someone other people could talk to. Not as Roman! I wish they would fix that.

      I really like Eric and Chad. Daniel, I just don’t like him. It seems as though there’s consensus across the internet on that issue which seems weird bc he’s supposed to be one of the good guys I thought. A lot of the other guys, they just don’t have looks or characteristics that really distinguish them from one other and I think that makes it hard to connect with them. They need a guy or two who are rough around the edges, maybe not an eye patch 😉 but you know what I mean. 🙂

  16. Days and GH kind of have opposite problems in my opinion. GH seems to be almost totally plot-driven, running at a breakneck pace, but sort of going nowhere. Days, in contract, seems to be almost totally character driven right now, but the plots have been weak and story movement slow. I think both shows need to dump cast (I hate when actors lose their jobs, but…). They have to concentrate on better pacing. A good A,B,C storyiine formula helps. You have three major stories going on that can rotate as the “A” story. I think for the size of their budgets today, both shows have bloated casts. They need to shed the deadwood and concentrate on the stories that are working. If something isn’t working, it needs to get dumped pronto. I really think these shows are fighting for their lives so they have to pull out all the stops.

    Of course it all starts with the writing. We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed.

    From what little I’ve seen since I returned to Days, I think I’d dump Daniel too. Just my opinion, but he’s not a good actor. I’m trying to reserve judgment on everyone else :). Most of the young guys on the show seem interchangeable to me (I do like Chad). They kind of blending together.

    I think they need to introduce some individualism into the characters. Steve’s patch, Bo’s motorcycle, even EJ’s great height and distinctive voice. Hero or villian – give them an edge!

    I also wish they’d bring back one of my favorites, the bad boy/bad girl. I love it when two not so nice people are thrown together in a scheme to keep another couple apart, then they fall in love themselves.

    I did watch a lot of EJ/Sami on youtube and I loved them, but I really wish soap writers would stop using rape as a plot point for character redemption. Aside from any moral or social issues I may have with it, it makes me think the writers are really dumb (there’s that trust issue). I mean, didn’t they LOOK at the actor? Tall, dark, handsome, cool voice. He turns out to be a Dimera, basically trying to seduce a Brady. Did they have to go there? They didn’t maybe think about down the road? They had a built in Romeo and Juliet thing, and I just don’t think they had to go with a rape storyline. I could go on and on about that one, but I digress LOL.

    Anyone have any other bad boy/bad girl suggestions?

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