I love family and friends scenes so much. This is part of why I love watching soaps, because they have time to show these kinds of interactions. The scenes with Brady, Eric, and Daniel yesterday (7/24) were great.


When Eric told Brady, “I’ve fallen in love with Nicole again,” Brady’s reaction shot, which you can see above, was priceless. I loved the exasperation and ruefulness in Eric’s tone, too, which said clearly, okay, little brother, tell me I’m an idiot. I know I am.

Daniel’s arrival was perfectly timed, right after Eric said that Nicole was in love with him, not Eric. And I’ll give Shawn Christian credit. He played it perfectly, wearing that clueless, shit-eating grin while Greg Vaughan and Eric Martsolf played all the undercurrents.

Another great reaction shot from Eric Martsolf, when he hears Daniel is engaged to Nicole:


And then, finally, can anyone do the “I’m suffering but I’m smiling through it” look better than Greg Vaughan??


Serena is turning out to be quite the bitch, isn’t she? If she has even a spark of affection for Eric, I can’t see how she could listen to him pouring out his heart in his confession and having any other reaction but sympathy. But of course all she’s going to see is how she can use it to hurt Nicole. I actually like it, though. I never thought she had any romantic chemistry with Eric (though it’s possible I’m a bit biased), but she’s kind of fun as the woman scorned, giving everyone in town the death stare.

I could do a screenshot of that death stare, but I’d rather leave you with this one:


I’m dying here.



19 thoughts on “Confession(s)

  1. Honestly, the two women are great (Nicole and Serena), but the best part of this story is Greg Vaughn’s Eric. As a newbie, this is a totally new character for me (though of course I know who Eric is – the good twin, right?). It’s rare on a soap to see a man played so sweetly. He’s the male sweetness :)! He comes across as so kind and caring, even wishing Daniel sincerely well when his own heart is breaking. He’s sort of cast as the “girl,” and I mean that in the best way. It’s very refreshing to me. Most men in the genre are played very macho, or tough on the outside and tender on the inside, but with the Eric character it’s all right there out in the open.

    • Yes, Eric is the good twin, Sami’s brother. 🙂

      I totally agree about Eric being the girl, in a good way. He’s so earnest and naive, especially in contrast to Nicole, who’s seen it all, multiple times. They did a lot with that when he was a priest.

      And yeah, when he was wishing Daniel well – ouch. I love that he’s stepping aside, or trying to. I really think this is going to be good. Fingers crossed.

  2. I’m dying right along with you! Greg really does pull at the heart strings and he has made Eric the root for in this whole story. I’m with Nicole when she says she just wants Eric to be happy, more than anything. Of course when I say more than anything, I need that happy to be with Nicole.

    I agree with Denise when she points out that Eric does have that feel of being the “girl” but in the best way. He isn’t wimpy or less masculine because of his tender heart. He is really everything a man should be and any woman in her right mind would be crazy not to love. What I really loved about this particular day was that Brady “got it” that Eric really is better than either he or Daniel could ever hope to be. And I think he needed to get it after treating Eric the way he did in the past. There was a point when Brady thought Eric was full of it and his faith was just a crutch, but I think he gets that Eric is the real deal. Eric really is the hero and Brady gets that. Eric Brady really is “the stuff”!

    • Nicole has this great mama bear protectiveness of Eric that I really like. She obviously thinks he’s too naive sometimes and people might take advantage. It comes partly from a place of wanting to protect his goodness – she’ll be the bad guy so he doesn’t have to.

      And I have faith Nicole will be in her right mind again eventually. 🙂

  3. Greg Vaughan plays Eric’s current pain as a thing of beauty, literally. His present pain comes from such a good place – the depth of his love for Nicole and his remorse for his own sins. And if you watched at all during the “season of hate,” as I think of it, when Eric was so lost and messed up after the evidence shredding reveal, there’s a difference to the way he played Eric’s pain then and the way he’s playing it now. That pain was raw and ugly and destructive. This pain is beautiful and almost cleansing. I don’t really know any other way to describe it.

    I love Eric because he is so genuinely kind and caring, but he’s also deeply flawed in a lot of stealthy ways. He can be selfish. He’s the king of willful obliviousness (see the whole Rectory story arc). He’s very reactive to being hurt and doesn’t know how to temper it with understanding, though I think he’s trying to change that pattern of behavior. And one of my favorite Eric flaws, if you can call it that, is the sneaky way he tried to undermine Daniel and Nicole the first time around, when she was pretending to be involved with Daniel so Eric wouldn’t resist letting her help him clear his name. He claimed to be fine with Daniel and Nicole being together, but he took pains to try to convince Jen (who had broken up with Daniel over something that wasn’t Daniel’s fault but she didn’t know it wasn’t) to give Daniel a second chance. And he also tried to put doubts in Nicole’s mind about Daniel’s commitment to her when things with Jen were still sort of unresolved. It was really rather naughty, since he was in no position to offer anything to Nicole at that time anyway.

    One thing I hated about his being okay with Daniel and Nicole when he was with Serena is that it was such a far cry from how he was when he was a priest and found her making out with Vargas, or when Kristen let it slip that Brady and NIcole had slept together while she was working with Eric. That knowledge gutted Eric, though he was a priest and had no right to care who she was involved with. (And, interestingly, Kristen knew it, which is why she told him in the first place).

    That Eric Martsolf image in the body of this blog post was my favorite moment from that scene. I loved Brady’s faint horror as he watched Eric brave his way through his pain to at least appear to be happy for Daniel. Then, I loved the way Eric’s whole demeanor changed the second Daniel was out the door. He went into slow motion, his body just sort of folding in on itself, his head bowed as he closed the door. Perfectly played.

    • I love Brady’s presence in this scene, showing with his reactions his sympathy and yes, admiration for what Eric is doing. And oh, when Eric closes the door and leans on it, showing what it cost him. Great moment by GV.

      I did watch most of the season of hate, and yeah, there’s a difference. He seems at peace with himself now, like he knows who he is. He’s suffering but he’s not in crisis like he was then. I loved his line in his confession that he didn’t have a crisis of faith, that actually he was at peace. That fits I think with what you are saying.

      I love that period between the Bristen wedding and the basement I love you’s. I particularly love the scenes in the hospital when she tells him she’s seeing Daniel. His jealousy is so perfectly played. But, I don’t think I saw those scenes you’re talking about. Can you point me to the clips? I would love to see Eric being sneaky.

      • I’m not uploading any clips anymore because of YT issues, and I wasn’t able to find it in any clips there. However, it’s the 1/7/14 episode if you can find it elsewhere.

        Essentially, Eric goes to talk to Jen about a job, and as they’re talking about Eric’s attempts to clear himself, he mentions Daniel. At this point, Jen thinks Daniel slept with Theresa and even may have had something to do with her drug overdose, because Daniel is covering for JJ to keep him from getting into trouble with the judge who let him out on probation. Nicole knows the truth, and Eric knows only that Nicole believes that Daniel didn’t do what everyone thinks, and Nicole’s judgment is good enough for him.

        So even though Jen tries to change the subject, Eric keeps pushing, asking if she’s sure she knows the whole story about what happened with Daniel that night, clearly trying to get her to rethink her anger against him. Now, at this point, Eric believes that Daniel and Nicole are involved. So by trying to get Jennifer to consider forgiving him, while it *might* just be Father Eric trying to encourage faith and forgiveness, it gives off the vibe, to me, of Eric the man thinking, if Jen and Daniel reconcile, I’ve got another chance.”

        A few days later, after the interview with Nicole about his rape, he tells Nicole she deserves to be happy. They talk about the fact that Daniel and Nicole want to keep their relationship hidden (because outside of Eric’s mind, it doesn’t actually, y’know, exist), and Eric wonders how they can do that. “Because when you’re in love, it’s hard to pretend you’re not.” Then he wonders how Nicole is handling things, since the situation between Daniel and Jen isn’t resolved. “It’s resolved now,” Nicole protests. But it’s clear Eric doesn’t agree, and he’s really wanting Nicole to realize it, too. It’s all very subtle, very oblique. And so very sneaky Eric.

      • Thanks for the summary! I was able to find the practically the whole of the rest of the episode, but not the Jennifer and Eric scene. I saw where she was telling Daniel that Eric talked to her, though. 🙂

        And I had seen the other scene, where he says it’s hard to pretend you’re not in love with someone. Great undertones from both AZ and GV there. But, I hadn’t caught the significance of his comments about Jennifer and Daniel, or that he was building on his own previous actions. Very sneaky, like you say.

        One thing I do like about the current relationship of Nicole and Daniel is that it builds on the previous jealousy Eric has had towards Daniel. Even a whole year later, early 2015, there’s that scene where Daniel asks Eric if he would be okay with him and Nicole dating. I love how GV plays that, the way he goes into kind of a rant and says he never would have believed they were dating a year earlier (when they were pretending) if he hadn’t seen the attraction for himself. I love how it shows it kind of still rankles a year later, as well as obviously not being fine with it now.

        Then, of course, he was fine with it, which like you said before was really not right for the character.

        ETA: I wonder if we’ll ever see him be sneaky this time around?

  4. It’s also kind of interesting to have a character on a soap be so openly devout. I’m not religious myself, but I know there are people who find great comfort in their faith, and it’s nice to see that played out, not in a “thanking the man upstairs” kind of way, but in a realistic way that’s true to the character. It’s just part of who he is.

    Greg Vaughn is very easy on the eyes (I had such a crush on him when he was Lucky on GH), but it’s more the sweetness (that word again) of his demeanor that I find so attractive as Eric. He seems shy and uncertain at times, and that kind of stuff in a leading man drives me crazy – in a good way!

    • I’m not religious, either, but I really like how the show takes his faith seriously and shows how important it is to him. Some of the better (though still difficult to watch) scenes during the breakup are in Rome, when Nicole comes to testify for him so he can be a priest again. It works, but he realizes he’s not in a state of grace, as I think he puts it. We see him dreaming about having sex with Nicole and jumping like a cat when she touches him, before they meet with the bishop. Then he confesses to the bishop, after he is told he is cleared, that he can’t accept it, he can’t go back into the priesthood. He confesses that hates Nicole but he wants her so much it consumes him. It’s actually really well done. I really see this as the key to the “season of hate” as Paula put it above.

      Meanwhile poor Nicole is out in the garden making peace with him being a priest again and saying she shouldn’t have tried to take it from him.

      At any rate, I feel like the real Eric is back now, and it’s really nice to see them kind of taking Eric back to his roots — that sweet, earnest guy that is the core of who he is, whether he’s a priest or not.

  5. OK MaryPickford I finally did it. I DVR’s and watched Days for the first time in I think 20 years!

    Watching all the old S&K and JnJ clips on youtube and finding your blog and the #bringbackjack twitter comments, plus talk of the 50th anniversary and favorites coming back made me in the mood. But of course now I need to know who the heck everyone is so I need someone to give me the Days101.

    I get Eric and Nicole used to be a big thing and he was a priest at one time (although on Friday she seemed Happy with Daniel, who used to be with Jen right?). Why exactly did Eric and Nicole break up? I am sure there is a long story!! And what is the deal with the woman who was first arguing with Nicole and then listening in on Eric’s confession?

    Now I need the lowdown on Paige and JJ (I get he used to do drugs and seems to be in love with Paige?) who is the guy Paige was with at the restaurant, I assume the drug dealer?

    Abby – seems like someone I could really like. So she is pregnant with Chad’s baby but he doesn’t know it? I take it Chad is the good/bad tormented guy and Xander is the bad brother? Are they both Stefano’s kids? Who was the older grey haired guy she was talking to in her office, who seemed up to no good and knows she is pregnant – he called her a slut when he left.

    The other thing I noticed was ummm some facelifts going on!! Roman (who I knew as ChrisK) is very tight around the eyes and even has scars from his eyes to the side of his head. Marlena or course has had tons done, but she looked good.

    Jenn look natural which was great to see

    and they even still serve Caroline’s chowder, which I got a kick out of 20 years later and they still push that Caroline Brady Chowder!

    And I vow to not have any spoilers and just watch them the old fashioned way (they would probably confuse me anyway)

    So many questions after only 1 episode…………………………

    • Okay, I’ll give it my best shot!

      JJ and Paige – JJ is Jack and Jen’s son, as I’m sure you know. He used to be into drugs but has reformed, partly due to dating good girl Paige. Paige is Eve Donovan’s daughter, who is back on the show played by a different actress. JJ slept with Eve, and when Paige found out she started going into this tailspin, including dating this drug dealer. JJ is going undercover to catch the big kingpin bringing drugs into Salem, who we know (but no one else does) is that guy Clyde who you saw harassing Abby.

      Abby (Jack and Jen’s daughter) is pregnant with either Chad or Ben (her boyfriend)’s baby. She doesn’t know who the father is, and she recently went to Kayla to help her get a paternity test. Yes, Chad is the good/bad conflicted Dimera who pushed Abby away when he realized Stefano had some agenda where he wants Chad with Abby. (That’s when Abby ran back to Ben.) That agenda has recently been revealed to be related to some land in Ireland Abby stands to inherit. Ben, her boyfriend, has been a boring good guy until recently, when he found out she slept with Chad. She doesn’t know he knows. Ben is Clyde’s son, and that’s why Clyde is all up on Abby’s business. Ben doesn’t know Abby is pregnant, and Clyde just found out.

      Xander is a Kiriakis, not a Dimera. He’s Victor’s nephew. He and Serena (the redhead you saw listening to Eric’s confession) were smuggling diamonds from Africa. Serena had a relationship with Eric before he became a priest, and got close to him again recently because she had (accidentally) given him a statue that had diamonds in it. Then she fell in love with Eric for real (she says!) but he broke up with her when he found out about the diamonds. Xander was after Nicole because she was onto him, and when Xander attacked Nicole, Eric and Nicole got trapped together in a crawlspace and thought they were going to die. They started to have sex, but didn’t. Eric realized then that he was still in love with Nicole.

      Eric and Nicole … I’ll try to give the short version. She worked with him at his church and fell in love with him. He fell in love with her too but it was all unspoken. He was drugged and raped by Kristen Dimera and didn’t remember what had happened. He started to remember and through various circumstances, thought it was Nicole who had done it. He accused her and she was devastated. When a video of the rape surfaced, he was thrown out of the priesthood. Of course the video showed that it was Kristen, not Nicole.

      Eventually they sorted through all that and got together, but Nicole was trying to help him clear his name to become a priest again too. When she got the evidence that would prove his innocence, she decided she couldn’t bear to lose him and got rid of it. Of course it all came out and Eric was enraged at her betrayal. She worked to help him get reinstated as a priest but then he was in such a tailspin about her betrayal and his feelings for her, he felt he couldn’t be a priest in that state. He blamed her for months and months for ruining his life. Then he met Serena and got involved with her instead. He softened toward Nicole considerably over the last few months.

      Nicole started to get involved with Daniel (yes, he is Jennifer’s ex) after it was clear Eric wasn’t going to forgive her. Daniel actually wasn’t so great to her either and you could hardly even say they were in a relationship when she got trapped in the crawlspace with Eric. Regardless, the relationship is now on major fast forward and she has agreed to marry him. Eric declared his love to her last week but she says she’s happy with Daniel. (We’re all hoping to see soon that it’s just denial.) She is determined to keep the secret of her and Eric in the crawlspace from Daniel, since nothing happened there’s no need to tell him. Serena got on the scent of a shared secret and on Friday you saw her finding out.

      I guess that wasn’t so short, but that’s where we are now!

      • Oh, and totally agree on Josh Taylor. I can’t even look at him, his face is so stiff it freaks me out. I still haven’t gotten over him being Roman. 20 years on and I can’t accept him, lol.

        Jen looks good but they need to start dressing her better. That red dress looked like something a teenager would wear — or a toddler! But they need to start dressing everyone better, all the women at least. The men look good for the most part.

  6. Thanks! and I noticed the lighting was weird and different in some scenes.

    So watched again today and Nicole looks happy with Daniel, but wait Maggie (who looks exactly the same and really good, I am sure she must have had plastic surgery but some good stuff) That is what I am doing with the older actors trying to figure out who has had plastic surgery which ummm isn’t hard to figure out.

    So wait Maggie is Daniels’ Mother? Who is his father? It can’t be Mickey (who is dead right?) because Daniel was with Jenn and that would make them cousins. and where is the little boy’s Mother?

    Also who is the baby that Lucas is the Grandfather of? Adrienne and Kate seem like the Grandmothers? I couldn’t figure that out. I know Will who is gay is Sammy and Lucas’s son, any other kids.

    Weird to figure who the kids are as the last time I saw the show they were being born!

    Xander OK he is a Kiriakis got it and he is a bad guy. But he’s not Justin’s son right?

    I have to find a website to piece everyone together. Some stories if they involved JnJ or SnK I saw on youtube so I have some sense of who is who. But others no idea.

    • La la la I can’t hear you. Nicole only thinks she’s happy!

      I haven’t watched today yet but I can answer some of your questions. Daniel is Maggie’s through some kind of egg donation thing she did years ago. Stupidest retcon ever. Not sure who the father is supposed to be, presumably Mr. Jonas. Maggie does look good.

      Ari (the baby Lucas is grandfather to) is Will and Gabi’s baby. Gabi will be coming back to the show, but she’s currently in jail for killing Nick (long story). Will and Gabi had a one night stand fairly soon after Will came out as gay. Of course she got pregnant. 🙂 When Gabi went to jail, Will and Sonny began raising the baby on their own. Sonny is Adrienne and Justin’s son. That’s why A&J consider themselves grandparents to Ari. Kate is Lucas’s mother so she is Ari’s great grandmother.

      Daniel’s son Parker is Chloe’s son. Chloe is not currently on the show, but will be showing up for a few episodes sometime soon, I hear. Guest appearance.

      Xander is not Justin’s son. I thought he was when I first saw him because Justin had a baby with Anjelica Deveraux named Alexander. But no, he is a nephew through some unknown brother of Victor’s.

      Keep the questions coming! 🙂

  7. Thanks for the answers this is kind of fun piecing together who is who. I didn’t realize Sonny was Justin and Adrienne’s son. I know Maggie is married to Victor, how the heck did that happen? Is Victor still a bad guy or did Maggie redeem him?

    Funny you mentioned Jen dressy young, I kept noticing her ponytail and thought she was getting a bit old for a pony tail. Adrienne and Justin both look amazing (no noticeable plastic surgery, of course Kate is a different story, some tight eye skin on her!) I was never a big Justin and Adrienne fan back in the day, but nice to see them.

    Don’t read below until you have seen today’s show.

    Will is a good guy right? What is the deal with him sending files to that other guy? and what are in the files? Sorry I don’t know their names, but the one guy met with Kate about a product and the other guy met with Will in a park and Will had given him some files about the first guy. Argh hope that makes sense. Now I am totally ruining the show for you. Can’t picture Lucas his father! and a Grandfather yikes~! Makes me feel old!

    JJ and Paige seem like they could be interesting. Didn’t know she was Eve’s daughter, I did see a scene on youtube when JJ and Eve were together and I assume he still loves Paige, then of course why would he sleep with her Mother.

    • Just watched today’s ep.

      Will was a good guy, but they are now trying to set him up as the next Sami. It’s not working IMO. I don’t know what the “files” are, but basically Will is trying to set up Paul (vanquish guy who met with Kate) with Derrick (other guy) because he’s Sonny’s ex and Will is insecure. Until recently he’s been giving Paul hell every time they meet, now he’s pretending to be friends and apparently indulging in dumb schemes.

      Paige is leaving the show, don’t get too attached. 🙂 Their scenes today were pretty good though, I agree. They didn’t give either Eve or JJ a good reason to sleep together. It was stupid. I like the actor who plays JJ so we’ll see what the new writers do with him.

  8. Reading your posts, I had to laugh…only on a soap. Good scenes today. I wonder if someone is going to get murdered and that starts an umbrella story leading up to the vets returns, etc. Whenever people start saying “I’ll kill you…” Steve and Bo work for the ISA now right? So something major must bring them back to Salem…

    I didn’t realize Paige was Eve’s daughter. I knew JJ had slept with Eve. Yuck! Oh well, will NOT get attached to her :). I wonder if characters are going to start dropping like flies.

    • LOL, I kind of love summarizing soap plots!

      I agree the show was good yesterday. I think we’ll get an umbrella story too for the fall. A murder or big disaster – or both! 🙂

      Steve is working for the ISA, and I believe Bo, when he left, said he was going to go undercover to bring down Stefano. Something like that. I can’t remember if that was through the ISA or not. But I think that is the most logical way to bring Bo and Steve back and explain their absence.

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