Anvils dropping everywhere

Wow, and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to spot the edits!


How funny was that closing shot today? “Look, Hope, it’s going to be the Salem bicentennial! In an unrelated fact, that is the same day as the 50th anniversary of Days of Our Lives!”

I’m still laughing about it.

I think we can surmise that the Hope and Kayla scenes with Aiden were also new. I think I heard about 50 anvils dropping when Kayla said she was so happy she was wrong in her doubts about Aiden.

And Kayla really looked beautiful. A red dress instead of that doctor coat! Hurray!


I also was squealing with glee during the second installment of Daniel’s proposal today. I haven’t been as confident as everyone else that Ericole were the rooting couple here — until today. First, Nicole had a flashback to kissing Eric during the proposal scene itself. That’s one anvil. Then, when Nicole said she had to go home and make lists, so that she couldn’t even eat a meal with the man she just agreed to marry, that was another one. From a story perspective, that was obviously so she could be home to have the final scenes with Eric. And then another anvil is that Nicole is obviously more excited about getting married than she is about being married — at least to Daniel. So I think I can relax and enjoy this story a little bit more now.

And the Ericole scenes were great too, brief as they were. Greg Vaughan did the same thing I commented on yesterday, where there was this underlying note of happiness in his performance. I got a sense from Eric that “You are woman I love and it makes me happy to see you,” even if they are apart.

I saw some speculation that the John/Marlena/Doug/Julie scenes were also an added reshoot.


I’m not as sure about that. It was almost comical, though, how the scenes (a bit awkwardly, in my opinion) addressed all the complaints I’ve been seeing about John and Marlena’s storyline, or lack thereof – especially the moment when Julie asked Marlena, “But how are you feeling about all of these events in John’s life?” Marlena’s point of view has been almost completely neglected, so this was a long overdue question to ask. But it did feel like too little, too late.

Marlena’s answer made me realize, though, why I’m so little invested in the idea of Paul being John’s son. There’s no conflict. John seems fine with it, Paul seems fine with it, and Marlena says she’s fine with it. So, congratulations all around, I guess?



15 thoughts on “Anvils dropping everywhere

  1. I came here to see what you were thinking about the potentially reshot scenes! Haha. The John/Marlena/Doug/Julie scenes feel like they were meant to patch up holes of some sort, though it could just as easily have been the outgoing writers knowing that they had some episode space to kill and had to fulfill Dee and Drake’s guarantees. I agree about Paul being John’s son, though, and that’s usually my problem with so many of these parentage rewrites: it almost never MATTERS! So Paul has blood ties to Salem. Cool, I guess? They could’ve also gone to the trouble of really having him build a bond with John, a la early Melanie with Maggie, and left it at that. I like Christopher Sean and Paul, and I’m happy he’s around, but this feels so tacked-on.

    • It does feel tacked on! If there’s no conflict, what’s the point other than to beg favor with the viewers: “you like Paul more now, right?” At least when they brought on Eve Donovan back in the 80’s as Shane’s long lost daughter, she spent the next year trying to break up Shane and Kim. I remember it dragged on a little too much, but at least there was a story there!

      I haven’t been able to get into Paul as a character, though I can tell Christopher Sean is a decent actor, and I’m thrilled that we have three gay characters in Salem. I just wish their storyline was better!

  2. I was even wondering with the scenes with Maggie, Brady, Paul and Tate. I did have laugh because Maggie said Tate was asleep and then when they cut to him he was awake – not even like he had just woken up. I enjoyed the scenes with Hope and Kayla. I loved Kayla in the red (remember “Lady in Red” from way back when). She always looks great in the brighter colors. Even though the “apology” felt like it was worked into the script, it was still fun seeing the two of them together. After years of not watching Days, I’m back and seeing where things go on this go-around. I’m very hopeful right now.

    • Ha, I didn’t catch that about Tate. Clearly he didn’t read the stage directions.

      Lady in Red, good call! đŸ™‚ I just updated my post with a screenshot of Kayla.

      I’m feeling hopeful too. Cautiously hopeful, but hopeful!

  3. I’ve been thinking that they will bring Steve and Bo back regarding the drug operation that Roman is working on and that Aiden will be a bad guy after all. Anyone know what Kayla was apologizing to Hope about regarding Aiden? And it looks like Rafe may have the hots for Hope. Wow, she’ll have 3 men after her , and they don’t even give Kayla a date. What’s up with that?

    • Yeah, that doesn’t seem fair, does it? I really do wish Kayla had a man in her life, not a full blown relationship, but someone she was dating, who she enjoyed spending time with. That would be the perfect situation for Steve to come home to.

      I’ve seen a lot of speculation that the Rafe/Hope storyline is being essentially dropped. It was in the summer preview in SOD and that one line you heard: “If you knew you like I knew you, he’d be even crazier about you” is all we’ve seen.

      Aiden’s wife died in a way that made both Hope and Kayla suspicious, I believe. I don’t really know all of the details. I remember my mom telling me that Kayla kind of liked Aiden at first and Hope was the one warning her about him. Then Hope obviously changed her mind, and maybe Kayla turned around and was the voice of caution for her.

      I do think Aiden is going to turn out to be a bad guy after all. We’ve seen that the drug dealer is Clyde, but maybe Aiden is involved too – he’s Clyde’s lawyer.

  4. Ooh! Look how pretty Kayla is! I haven’t been watching, but I guess I need to, if they’re going to actually use the vets.

    It’s inconceivable to me that they don’t have at least a hint of a love life for Kayla. Not that I want to see her in love with anybody else, but are the men in Salem supposed to be blind? She’s smart, funny, kind, and jeez, just look at her! (Then again, I never bought into the divorce, either, so my reality is apparently not the writers’ reality.) Thanks for giving me a little incentive to watch.

    • She looks great, doesn’t she? And you should watch her scenes with Abby last week and this week. I’ll try to get a link for you when I get to my computer – I’m on my phone right now.

      • Here are the first scenes with Abby and Kayla, when Abby goes to Kayla for a pregnancy test, and to ask for a paternity test. Kate Mansi is really good too.

        I can’t find a clip of the ones from last week, unfortunately, but here is the entire episode:

        Definitely worth watching!

  5. Salem must have SORAS because they had a centennial celebration in 1987. Kayla was accepting an award for the emergency center and Steve escorted her. It was kinda their first public appearance as a couple from what I remember. It was also the day Kayla found out Adrienne was Steve’s sister.

    • Ha ha really?? I didn’t remember that. But actually it’s even worse because apparently they already had a bicentennial in 2003. So, 1987 – centennial, 2003 – bicentennial, 2015 – bicentennial the second. Salem math!

      • Well I don’t think it was that big of a celebration but here is the clip where Kayla mentions it…

    • That is hysterical! I remember the award, but not the centennial. By the way, Shea, I started watching the playlist you linked to ….HUGE treat. I got chills watching some of those scenes, even though I watched them over and over back in the day. Thanks!

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