Starting over

Chad and Abby were really something special today (7/21). I loved that Abby was telling Will so bitterly how Chad treated her, at the same time Chad was confiding in Sonny that he deserved it.

I appreciated the callback to Grace, how Chad didn’t know she was his until after she died. I thought Abby looking at Chad with tears in her eyes, as he played with the baby, was perfectly soapy and wonderful. And then when Chad passed Ari over to Abby and touched her arm, and they both reacted to that touch – swoon.

(My only quibble is they are making Chad a bit too nice to Abby. He needs to keep up the act at least a little bit if we are going to keep this angst going — which I really, really want!)


The little girl who plays Ari is so adorable. I about died today when she started repeating parts of Chad’s lines back to him.

Chad: Grace was a sweetheart.

Ari: Wee art.

Billy Flynn really stayed in the moment and played off of what she was doing. So great.

I needed every bit of that cuteness to get me through the Daniel and Nicole scenes. I don’t even hate Daniel. In fact, I kind of liked his nervousness today, him not being sure of his acceptance. It was actually Nicole who was hard to watch, because she seemed so eager and happy. I feel bad saying that, because I know Nicole has suffered more than her fair share over the last several years, so I’m not rooting for her to be miserable. Just maybe a tiny crack in the denial, maybe a little bit — torn? Please? A little “I should be happy but I’m not”? You gotta give me something here, show.

Much easier to watch were Eric’s scenes. I really enjoyed his interaction with Marlena. Greg Vaughan played an interesting beat in these scenes – an underlying note of happiness. He told her he was “starting over” and that’s exactly what it felt like. That carried over even into the scenes with Serena, where he was angry, certainly, but slightly from a distance. Serena can’t get to him anymore. (Which will no doubt fuel her retaliation against him and Nicole both.)


He has the look of a man who knows who he is, he knows what he wants. He doesn’t have it yet, but that’s okay – for now. Right now he’s finally at peace with himself again. And that’s pretty fantastic.


19 thoughts on “Starting over

  1. As you can probably tell from my other comments, I was a big fan of Jack and Jennifer during their first run. I’m ambivalent about Jack coming back for the 50th anniversary. If it’s the angsty, smart, conflicted Jack of 1989, I’ll take it, but I’m not interested in Jack the clown.

    That said, BIlly Flynn as Chad is starting to fill that angsty, smart, conflicted role for me. I hope that they keep the darkness in him because I think that’s what works best for this couple. Here’s hoping that the new writers are able to take advantage of his talent.

    • It’s tough because Days hasn’t had a great history keeping characters gray – they tend to veer between black and white instead. Jack was able to keep it up longer than most, but then they ruined it. I think it would be challenge for the show to give us conflicted Jack back, and frankly I don’t think they’re up to it.

      I have high hopes for Chad too, and Chabby. That’s why I’m a little concerned about how nice Chad was yesterday, much as I loved the scenes. They need to keep some gray going for him.

  2. I always had hope that they would bring back a darker Jack, perhaps even one with no memory (like Steve). I always wondered how Matt would or could have played Billy Johnson.

    On another note, just discovered your site and have been devouring the entries! Wonderful.

    • Thank you. 🙂

      Ooh, Jack coming back as “Billy” is an intriguing idea. If he had amnesia but somehow had his birth certificate, or maybe he somehow stumbled across Earl Johnson, who told him his name. Jack shows up in Salem, people recognize him, call him Jack – “But I’m not Jack, I’m Billy.” What a great entrance line that would be!

  3. It would be a great way to re-introduce MA and reset his romance w/Jennifer. I always thought that MA and MR got better together as they got older. The shared experiences I guess. Even their kissing got better LOL! A Jack who comes back more like the original Steve would be so fun. Seeing MA play someone rough and tough might be a stretch for him, but imagine the fun when little slips of the old urbane, sophisticated, sarcastic Jack start coming through…and I’d love to see some scenes with SN and MA with MA being “Steve-like.” That would be hysterical.

  4. I’ve just started to watch Days again to catch up before Steve and Bo come on to know what’s happening with the good people of Salem. The thing I’ve noticed is that all the men from JJ, Eric, Brady, Paul, Chad, Sonny etc seem the same. They even have the same dark hair and pretty boy looks. I’m once again watching SK’s story from the beginning and noticed that the men were unique and had unique quirks. Mike Horton and his crazy shirts, Bo his hair & motorcycle, Steve his patch, Jack and his suits, Shane and his British accent, Roman and “that’s a fact”, etc. Watching the basketball ball game yesterday I was trying to figure out who was who. I guess I’m rambling but I like variety and my characters to have unique “quirks” that makes them special. It’s boring to watch the same guy over again, but with a different name. Anyhoo, Kayla looked pretty today. I liked her hair. Can’t wait to watch some Sweetness chasing or even a “Kayla” bellowed from Steve. I always loved how Steve used to bellow Kayla’s name. Back to 1986 and the Frankie & Max sl.

    • Well, I’ll give you Ben, Paul, and JJ, but I can’t agree on the others. Hope you’ll give the guys a chance. 🙂

      Of course, I also love the Salem guys of the 80’s. I can’t wait to see Bo and Steve again.

    • Wow…Kathy and I are in the same boat. I just starting watching 3 weeks ago to get ready for my faves to return and I have been re-watching s&k on YouTube but I am getting very close to Steve’s death. I hope to watch what I can find of their second run before Steve comes back because I skipped tuning in after the first couple of weeks of that run.

      I am not finding myself drawn to many of the current characters or storylines except Justin and Adrienne but hoping that changes soon.

      • Yeah, there’s a lot of boring stuff going on for sure. I’m a bit amazed myself that there are two stories that have grabbed me (Eric/Nicole and Chad/Abby, if it’s not obvious from this post). I hope those two stories survive the transition, but I think most everything thing else will go by the wayside. It will be interesting to see things start to get woven in even now, which I think we’re just starting to see.

  5. I started watching GH at the same time I restarted Days a few weeks ago and while I was able to pick up easily with GH, i haven’t with Days. I think partly bc there are so many cast members and the characters I knew then now have adult children, some with kids of their own. I’ve been wanting badly to see Jennifer with Abby just to see Jennifer as a mom and I have yet to see it. I think things will get better with the new writers.i love the ideas Denise has about bringing Jack back. Id like to see him less comedic and more of the darker Jack. I loved him when was at the Spectator always dressed in those nice suits.

    I’m afraid Nicole is going to shoot Eric down again tomorrow from the way she was looking at him at the door. I really like Eric and I’m starting to just like him on his own rather than with her if she’s going to treat him that way.

    Did you see all the vets that were on today? It was the first time I’d ever seen Susan Seaforth Hayes and her hubby. They look terrific. Also, I noticed on Twitter that today would be Steve and Kaylas 27th anniversary. She was on today and she looked fantastic. I wish that had been brought up when she was talking to Hope and Aiden. Hopefully she’ll be back on tomorrow. 😊

    • I thought Kayla looked fantastic today too, Amy. I just put up a post on today’s show, right before I saw your comment.

      I hope they tell us a little bit about where Kayla thinks Steve is before he comes back on the show next month. We just haven’t heard anything at all, whether he’s completely out of contact or if he still comes back to see Joey on the weekends. It would be nice to have a sense about that, and how Kayla feels about him, before we actually see Steve.

      I’m glad you like Eric. 🙂 I want him with Nicole but I understand where you are coming from. I enjoyed all of his scenes this week, with Marlena, with Brady, with Serena, as well as Nicole. I suspect you’re right that she will shoot him down again (I think it would be strange if she didn’t, considering she just accepted another man’s proposal). I think we’ll start to see more of her feelings for Eric now that she’s engaged — not immediately, but soon.

      And I think the plan for the new writers is definitely to feature the vets more, so I hope we’ll see lots of great family scenes.

      Doug and Julie are great!

  6. I was so excited to see Doug and Julie. And they DO look great. I think you are absolutely correct, and the scenes you mentioned were reshoots. I think within the next 2 weeks things are going to start really changing fast.

    Kayla looked beautiful today! I have no idea where Steve is a this point. MBE described their first scenes together as “electric.” I’m getting goosebumps!

    Loving Eric!!!! GV is really hitting it out of the park. Good actor. I have to go back and watch the Ericole stuff on youtube b/c I haven’t seen ANY of it, but I can tell they ARE the rooting couple. I just can’t get into Daniel at all.

  7. Thanks so much! Will dive in. I’m finishing up S&K clips and need something else to binge on before the big returns!

  8. I am a couple of episodes behind on my dvr due to a hectic work week so I look forward to seeing this episode but I REALLY dislike Nicole. I also find Daniel to be a total bore…for me there is no mystery, no sex appeal and no fun. Maybe he just lacks the dark wounded side I find so exciting but he just isn’t my cup of tea. I wouldn’t mind seeing those two get married and just riding off into the sunset somewhere other than Salem.

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