I was intrigued by this little quote, from the forthcoming Soap Opera Digest, regarding Days:

“Scenes that were shot almost 6 months ago were reshot in the last couple weeks to make the transition to the new stories smoother.”

First of all, in today’s tight budgets, when even second takes are frowned upon, I think it must be practically unheard of for reshoots to happen. And simply to make things “smoother”? I have trouble understanding where the money is coming from for all this. All these new big-name contract players, new improved sets and production values, and now reshoots? Did Ken Corday sell his soul to the devil?

One of my pet favorite things to do is to look for the onscreen effects of backstage decisions, so I think the next month is going to very interesting to watch. Let’s walk through some of these dates.

(Via Days historian and all around awesome resource Jason47, I found this tape-to-air schedule for Days in 2015, which was my source for all of this.)

The headwriter change to Higley and Griffith, from Tomlin and Whitesell, happened on February 16, 2015. That was a dark week at the studio, so filming under the new team presumably started February 23. At that time, there were three weeks of TomSell scripts fully written and ready to film. I am assuming that the new production team, including Albert Alarr, also started that week. According to the above schedule, the episodes filming then will start to air July 16 – yesterday! Did we notice some nice production values on July 16? I think we did!


Look at the beautiful … lighting.

I really, really liked the way the whole final segment looked, going from Daniel and Nicole being happy, to Serena in her darkened hotel room plotting revenge, to Eric standing by his window thinking of Nicole, back to Serena pacing, and then finally Daniel and Nicole making out with Serena’s voiceover: what would happen if Daniel found out? It established the emotions of the four players, and heightened the tension of what is going to happen, in a really lovely way. On Daytime Royalty some posters said they noticed a few new musical cues as well on Thursday. I have a terrible ear for music, so I didn’t notice this, but that is also a very good sign.

I assume that the new writing/production team had very little time in those first weeks to rewrite scripts that were already fully written, so a lot of those three weeks of TomSell material must have been shot as is. This is the material that is mostly likely being partially reshot.

I can’t imagine these will be at the level of inserting a new storyline or completely changing the purpose of scene, but on the other hand it has to be significant enough to justify doing it. I’m curious if it means some scenes are completely cut, and replaced with a new scene that prepares us for a fall storyline, or if instead it’s a matter of rewriting the dialogue in an existing scene and reshooting it? I would guess too that they wouldn’t do this with actors who are gone, who they would then have to call back to the studio and pay them again. (But then, what do I know? Maybe it’s in their contract that they have to do that if necessary.)

The other tidbit I recall is that Mary Beth said awhile back that within two weeks of the new material, it’s a completely different Days. So the new team clearly came in and shook things up very quickly, and by Labor Day we’ll be fully into the new stories. Clearly they must have decided the transition was a bit too drastic, and they are doing this to make up for it. I just still can’t fully wrap my mind around it. It must have been very abrupt. Re-editing I can see, but actually reshooting?

At any rate, I look forward to playing “guess the reshoot” over the next month!




12 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. I think you could be right about changes happening. It makes sense. They have such a long lag time between shooting and airing that they have had plenty of time to think about, write and shoot at least some stuff and then insert it so we are seeing it now. I didn’t notice the lighting but goodness knows they need to take the brightness down. It doesn’t look very natural or flattering.

    There were a couple things I noticed re:writing, I wonder if they could have been changes. Let me know what you think…

    … and I’m just throwing these out for fun. The Hope and Aiden dancing part yesterday. Did they seem out of the blue to anyone? Maybe its just part of the old clunky writing though. lol *sob* It just seemed to come from nowhere but what if it was to further define them as a couple before Bo comes back? I couldn’t help but wonder what Bo would think about Hope and this guy. But maybe I’m still new to the beats of the show and this is normal for these two. Also, the flashbacks with Justin and Adrienne today… do they show flahsbacks every now and then or is this the first time in a while? It could have been edited in for something to do with the new stories coming up? I almost started crying and I hope he doesn’t sigh those damned divorce papers. Now that I’ve seen their beginning and unbelievable, they are still together, I can’t believe they would do that. Adrienne, I just really like her. I hope to see more of her and Justin after they bring Steve back. Yaaaa!!! I like writing that 🙂

    It will be fun seeing if we can figure out what they’ve changed. Yes, lets do that!

    • I haven’t watched today’s episode yet but I bet we will get more flashbacks as we get into the fall, celebrating the show’s history. I like Justin and Adrienne so much as individuals, but I never got into them as a couple. Not that I want them to break up now, of course. I’ll look forward to seeing the scenes today.

      Can’t wait to see Adrienne and Steve together. Love them as brother and sister!

      The Hope/Aiden dance really feel like a set piece, didn’t it? It didn’t fit in with the rest of the show, though not necessarily in a bad way. Hope did look pretty. I have no idea what the story purpose of it was, if any. I kind of think not. It was something TomSell wrote and the new production team decided to make it as romantic as possible, I guess.

      Someone suggested that the whole “Eve poisons Jen” storyline was going to be scrapped, that the scenes where Eric talked her out of it yesterday were filmed later and inserted in there, and now we’ll never hear about it again. I think that would too drastic of a change, so I doubt that’s true. We’ll see.

      Yes, it sure is fun to speculate. 🙂

  2. Oh, this is really interesting! Thanks for posting.

    It’s shocking to me that they would reshoot stuff (or shoot replacement stuff), like you say, given the current production restrictions. I’m betting that any scenes that feel isolated — two contract players talking in a room alone, without extras, that kind of thing — are the best contenders. And anything that clearly lays out a direction for future story. The Eric/Eve scenes are a good guess, though I agree that would be a VERY abrupt end to a line they’ve spent weeks building. Not impossible, though, if they hated where it was headed that much. I bet that would also mean cutting a bunch of future Jen/Eve stuff, so we’ll have to keep an eye on what they do with them over the next few weeks.

    • It’s so intriguing, isn’t it? I think you’re right that we’re looking for simple scenes with contract players that either introduce or close off story threads.

      But there are other possibilities too, like filler stuff perhaps filmed to make up for stuff that is cut. This is spoiler free days so SPOILER ALERT : the summer preview in SOD said that Rafe was going to develop feelings for Hope and we haven’t seen that at all. Granted the summer’s not over but that could have been cut with Bo’s return.

      Anyway, it will be fun to puzzle over it these next few weeks!

      • I did see that Rafe headline! Good catch. It seemed like we were right on the verge of it, with the two of them having that alone time with Ciara last (?) week. I wonder if the Hope/Aiden ‘anniversary’ scenes and today’s very random Stefano/Rafe showdown were inserted in place of some follow-up to all that.

      • I can’t take credit, I saw it on a board somewhere. But I agree the Rafe/Stefano scenes were very random, and it felt pretty choppy suddenly having them out there. It felt more like filler than setup for anything. Though maybe Rafe will figure out the plot Victor & Stefano have going against Clyde.

      • It definitely tied in well enough, but the staging was weird, they were disconnected from a lot of what was in the episode otherwise, etc.

        I wonder if this Ireland stuff is a rewrite, actually. Abigail got the letter and talked about it in some isolated scenes, then none of it was mentioned for over a week, until Stefano filled Chad in today. Hmm. This is going to drive me nuts!

      • Right?? You know, you might be right about the Ireland thing! The letter about the nanny was totally out of the blue, and then dropped until now. Hmmmm.

        I’ve been FFing Sonny and Will, so I might be wrong, but was it a total shift for Paul to suddenly say he’s not after Sonny, even if he were free? I thought he’d been saying ad nauseum that he loved him & could never give up on him.

        Weird choppy episode overall.

      • Paul’s declaration didn’t come too abrupt to me, considering everything he’s done lately, but you could be on to something there.

        We’re going to make ourselves nuts now!

      • Thinking more about this … didn’t Daniel Cosgrove imply some of his scenes were cut? Then a Days script writer said on Twitter that everything shot will air. I wonder if instead of cuts he had to reshoot stuff to pave the way for his exit.

        Also I know Serena and Xander are the first exits, like the first week of the new scripts they are written out. I wonder if some of their stuff over the next three weeks, that would have led to their fall stories (assuming TomSell were planning on keeping them) will be cut. And we’ll get more random scenes like Rafe/Stefano to fill in the gaps.

        I’m thinking way too much about this, LOL.

      • I’m sure it’ll wind up being that the reshoots were, like, they redid a close-up of Serena muttering a specific line that sets up her exit better, or something equally mundane. LOL

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