You know what this is about

I’m having some fun watching Days this week!


How could anyone say no to that face!

I really, really loved the scenes with Kayla and Abby. Kate Mansi really impressed me, and it was so gratifying to see Mary Beth get some good emotional scenes to sink her teeth into. I wasn’t in favor of a WTD story for Abby, mostly because it seemed so tired and obvious, but for me it’s always the execution of the story that makes it or breaks it. I have to say I’m excited by what happened this week. In addition to Abby’s scenes with Kayla, we also saw that Chad clearly still has feelings for Abigail (so important in these “push her away” stories). I loved the little moment when he opened Kayla’s office door and saw her. Billy Flynn and Kate did so much with just that little look, and the way she turned away. And then when he got back outside the door, “Just let it go …” Loved it. And Ben is turning into a bit of a wild card, since he put that tracker on her phone. They could make him a sad Mr. Simple or turn him into a psycho (or somewhere in between), and I’m intrigued by which direction they’ll go.

I also loved that Kayla had the Salem brain when she figured out Abby was talking about Chad, not Ben, a few weeks ago (maybe three Salem days, but who’s counting?), when Abby talked about being in love with someone who wasn’t good for her. The parallels to Steve and Kayla’s love story were definitely there, but I was glad it didn’t come up. It wasn’t appropriate in this situation, which was about Abigail’s pregnancy and distress about it. But it was implicit when Kayla pressed her about it, and asked if she was sure Chad didn’t care about her. She knows you can’t always take things at face value.

And of course this pregnancy is going to turn into one of those “secrets” where everybody in town knows the truth. We’ve already got Kayla, Will, and Hope just in these first few hours. Poor Abby!

Now, Ericole. So much good stuff. I loved when Serena was trashing Nicole and Eric yelled at her, “stop judging her!” – it was obvious he was thinking of his own history of doing just that (along with everyone else in town). I loved the moment when he got to Daniel’s and saw all of her boxes there, the look on his face.

I figured that Nicole was going to reject Eric today (7/15), so I was prepared for that. I loved Eric’s confidence when he told her she wouldn’t be happy with Daniel, and reminded her that they haven’t been able to make things work in the past, because of her feelings for him (Eric). At the same time, that’s exactly why I don’t want Nicole to go running back to Eric just yet. He shouldn’t be able to just snap his fingers. The other thing I appreciated was her obvious belief that he is just on the rebound from Serena. They gave her exactly the line I wanted her to say, pointing out that Serena betrayed him and now he’s suddenly in love with Nicole again? How can she possibly trust that?

So here’s my prediction: I think that after much back and forth with Serena, and Nicole trying to keep it secret, Daniel is going to find out about the furnace room almost-sex. Maybe Nicole will even tell him. And here’s the thing:¬† I think he is going to forgive her. And this will be such a contrast to Eric, she’ll be so grateful, that when Daniel asks her who she really wants to be with, she’ll say him. If Daniel is really going to propose, I see this going down to the wire. Daniel, of course, will ask Eric to be his best man. Then I want plenty of soapy complications throwing the best man and the prospective bride together.

Honestly, I think this is good idea if done well. It’s another way of making Daniel the easier choice, the less risky choice. But it’s crucial that we understand that it’s Eric she truly loves – it’s just that she’s afraid, afraid he doesn’t really mean it, afraid to take the chance. Or she thinks he deserves better, that she’s sure to let him down again. I don’t want to have to fanwank these reasons, I want to see it.

Please, please, please, Days, do it right.


26 thoughts on “You know what this is about

  1. I’m very happy with both the Chabby and Ericole story lines at the moment. I loved the Kayla/Abby scenes so much. I love how non-judgmental and supportive Kayla is and I thought Kate Mansi was excellent in those scenes as well. Like you, I loved the implicit parallels to Steve and Kayla and I truly hope that they follow up on that with Kayla and Abby (although this is still TomSell so it won’t happen). I very intrigued with how this will play out.

    The Ericole scenes were also great. I need Eric to have to earn Nicole’s trust back and for Nicole to have to realize he truly is the one. I don’t even mind Dan being involved because in this situation he’s almost irrelevant. He’s just the guy who serves as an obstacle for awhile.

    I really hope that these are the two stories they salvage when everything changes in late August.

    • Me too. Dena is a Nicole fan I think, since she brought her back to the canvas last time and wrote a big story for her.

      I think they have to be aware of the fact they need to cultivate the younger-than-50 crowd, and the best place to start is with characters and couples that already have fans.

      It’s clear to me that story conventions all point to Ericole as endgame – no way would the rooting couple get together and be happy so quickly, as Daniel and Nicole have. But I’m still a little nervous because they are not signalling it quite as clearly as they are with Chad and Abby. But, it’s a different kind of story, so maybe that’s all it is.

  2. The episode on Monday was my favorite by far since I started watching again and I think it’s the one you are talking about with Kayla and Abby and Chad. For the first time, since I’ve started watching recently it was good. Kayla and Abby’s conversation and Chad discretely trying to figure out if Abby was sick was very nice.That’s the kind of stuff i like. It was subtle, not over the top obvious.


    the scenes with Theresa today and all her machinations with rigging the video camera. I can’t believe they did all that and in one episode. It was so manic and over the top and when they actually started talking about the heaviness of a wet diaper as evidence, no words. And then they had poor Victor be the victim? For this? I don’t think so. I was hoping against hope he was going to say ‘hey, guess what? I have video of you changing the video”. I don’t understand where this story is going.

    I really like Eric. I don’t understand why NIcole is acting like he means nothing to her.

    • Theresa’s schemes are always so dumb. I like the actress but I hope the new writing team changes the direction of the character.

      Glad you liked Monday’s episode. I did too. I loved Chad trying to figure out what was going on with Abigail and how he was obviously concerned. I liked Kayla trying to read him too. But Kate Mansi really blew me away. She did great.

      I love Eric to bits, but Nicole is probably justified in being a bit wary. He really was mean to her for a long time. But I do want to see her being drawn to him, even if she’s denying her feelings. One of my favorite things about soaps – two people longing for each other when they can’t be together.

    • Regarding Theresa: Have they ever explained why she’s not Jeannie any more? I’ve read (but not seen) that she’s done some pretty despicable things that are not redeemable in some viewers eyes.

      From the clips I have seen though, Jen Lilley really makes me want to root for the character. I hope the new writers can explain why Shane and Kim’s daughter is such a brat LOL…and maybe give her some more layers while they are at it.

      • I don’t know why she goes by Theresa and not Jeannie, I don’t think it was ever explained. Maybe they just thought Jean was an old fashioned sounding name.

        I like Jen Lilley too, and I want to get into the character, so here’s hoping.

  3. I was very, very impressed with the way Kayla was written and played on Tuesday’s episode, not just in her scenes with Abby, but also in her scenes with Chad. Kayla was so warm, nurturing, strong, and stood her ground. In the scenes with Chad she let him know she’s not judging him based on his name…how very Kayla like. And with Abby, she didn’t automatically agree to “bending the rules” for the sake of the paternity test. She might have been a supporting player in the tale, but her POV and her thoughts/feelings were not ignored.

    I haven’t yet started watching the whole show, but I did tune in for some Chad and Abby scenes right before their big love scene (because I could tell that there’s a lot of buzz going on online about them). Honestly I wasn’t all that impressed then. When I read that this popular new couple was getting a WTD story, I thought it was lazy writing. But as you said, the execution of the story seems to be working. I started seeing/feeling what the buzz was all about, through their separate scenes with Kayla and Will. I get why people are rooting for them. There is an interesting push-pull relationship going on with Chad and Abby that is reminiscent of the way they used to build a love story back “in the day”.

    In having Abby tell Kayla how much her family despises Chad because of his ties to the Dimeras, the show was drawing a parallel between her and Kayla. Kayla also fell in love with someone that her family initially disapproved of, so she could related to Abby’s feelings. That too was impressive to me, as it drew from the show’s rich history.

    Another thought: I also see Ben as the potential Jack in the Chad/Abby relationship. He’s already shown a violent tendency, and I hope they don’t have him rape Abby (especially if/when she is pregnant). I shouldn’t get ahead of the story, but it is a concern of mine. (I despise the way Days/soaps write rape storylines but that’s another topic altogether).

    • I agree, it’s the push/pull that I love. I think both Billy Flynn and Kate have the ability to do dialogue that might be angry/hateful, but show through their body language and line readings that they still have feelings for each other. That’s so important with this type of story.

      I loved Kayla’s lines too about how she won’t judge him based on his name, but on his own actions. So very Kayla!

      I agree there is a potential for Ben to play the “Jack” type role for Chad and Abby, a nice guy who turns to the dark side out of frustrated jealousy. But a big NO to a rape story. I don’t think Days should do rape storylines anymore at all, they can’t do them right. And I agree it would be awful to have Ben rape Abby when she’s pregnant. I think they could have him menace her in other ways, possibly even threaten rape – if they decide to make him go really dark – without having to go all the way there.

  4. All this talk about Kayla in Abby’s wtd sl has me curious. I guess I should start watching. I’m a little confused about the family not liking Chad. I watched some clips from Jack’s return in 2011 and Abby was dating him then and no body had a problem with that then. I thought that was weird or I just missed everyone not liking them together then they just accepted him by the time Jack returned. Also, is Ben related to anyone on the show? I guess I should add Days to my DVR recording list. I was waiting for SN ‘s return, but maybe this will prep me for it. I was never a Nicole fan nor Daniel. And how did they make him Maggie’s kid? Sorry for all questions.

    • I might not be the best one to answer your questions because I am just getting back into the show myself, but I’ll tell you what I know and if someone who knows more wants to chime in, they can!

      Chad wasn’t a Dimera at first, he was first brought on as the boyfriend of a character in the babyswitch story. He was played by a different actor then. The actor caught on and they kept him and eventually did this story that he was actually Stefano’s son. Then he was rejecting his Dimera heritage, but he’s kind of gotten slowly sucked in. And yes, he dated Abby before, and at some point faked a brain tumor to stop her from leaving him. Stupid. Anyway, the latest is that he truly cares about Abby but Stefano is up to something involving her, we don’t know what yet, where he is pushing him to be with her. Chad is reacting by pushing her away, to protect her from Stefano.

      Ben is Clyde’s son, another new character. Clyde is an older villain who Stefano and Victor recently decided to team up to take down. Ben has always been a good (if boring) guy up til now. But now, he knows Abby slept with Chad and he reacted by putting a tracker on her phone to keep tabs on her, so he might not be so good going forward.

      Daniel became Maggie’s when it turned out she did some egg donation or something way back when. So dumb.

      When I first sat down and watched the show again this summer it seemed really bad. Since then, it’s a mixed bag (which I’ve decided is always going to be true for modern Days). Right now I actually have these two couples that are engaging me, which is kind of amazing because there are some really bad storylines happening too.

      The other storyline that’s got me interested is Eve is going to try to make Jen think she’s going crazy. She stole Laura Horton’s file from the hospital, and found some drugs to mimic the symptoms of mental illness. She’s been planning this for a few weeks and just gave Jen the first drug yesterday.

      And I hope Kayla will continue to be featured like she was this week!

      • Thanks MP for the summary. The Jen crazy sl sounds kinda good if executed well and a nod to history because Jen broke up with Frankie back in the day because she worried she would have the same issues as Laura.

      • I agree, I think it’s got potential. Today Jen didn’t drink her drink because it tasted funny, and Eve was all annoyed. “Leave it up to Jennifer Horton to have a refined smoothie pallette!” Hee!

      • Then there were some really cool scenes with Eric and Eve where she ended up saying she realized it was easier to be mad at Jen and JJ instead of looking at her own behavior. I’m sure she’ll still go ahead with her plan but that was great.

  5. I enjoyed the Abby/Kayla scenes for all the reasons that have been mentioned. I’m curious to see how far down the road of testing Chad without his consent Kayla will go. That was one of the things that had her so upset with Carly a few years ago.

    I’m having a harder time getting invested in the Ericole story as its picking up steam, but I think that’s just personal rather than the show’s fault. I have a little storyline fatigue with Nicole after all these years.

    • I am curious about what Kayla will do too. I kind of think she is going to bend the rules, but I hope something happens that gives her another reason to do so. Doesn’t even have to be big, just hearing Chad say that if there was anything he could do to help Abby, he would do it … something like that.

      Well, you know I love Ericole, but I do understand how someone could have Nicole fatigue. She’s the only leading lady in that age range. I hope we can get some more on the canvas.

      • If Chad knew about the pregnancy, I’d kind of love for Kayla to get his consent for the test behind Abby’s back, maybe after a little more build up of her trust in him. (I loved this tweet about Chad the last few days — — they really have been playing up his good side.) I wouldn’t want her to totally break Abby’s confidence at this point, but it would be fun to see things get a little more complicated between aunt and niece.

      • LOL at that tweet. Yes, Chad is being such a sweetheart. I like your idea that Kayla might follow her own judgment and go off the reservation a bit. After seeing how much Chad cares about Abby … I can see it. I think this will be fun. I’m bracing myself for more switched paternity tests. On DR they skipped right over debating whether the results would be switched and went straight to who would do it. Hee.

  6. I just finished watching Days. I really liked the scenes with Eve and Eric and what he said to her. I’m sure she’ll go through with it too, but it was nice to see her admit that she’s focusing on blaming JJ and Jennifer to avoid looking at her own stuff such as she slept with her daughter’s boyfriend on multiple occasions. BTW, I couldn’t watch Hope with that Aiden guy. I can’t wait for Bo and Steve to come back.

    • I FFed Hope and Aiden too. I haven’t seen them enough to have an opinion about them either way, but I didn’t feel the need to watch them being romantic.

      Eric/Eve was great. He was direct but nonjudgmental, and really listened to her. And the closing shot of Eric by his window thinking about Nicole was swoonworthy.

  7. OMG, your prediction about Nicole/Daniel is perfect. They should definitely do that. I’m actually impressed (shocked) that they’re hitting these beats so well. I keep thinking, “Wait, WHY in the hell is Nicole considering actually being with Daniel?” — and then they go ahead and give a plausible reason. They even played him justifying the engagement ring to Hope nicely today.

    The Kayla/Abigail scenes were great, and I don’t even need to fanwank to get there. It just made me sad that MBE isn’t playing a mom to a significant character (at the moment) — she’s SO good at that stuff.

    • Thanks. I was reading all the predictions about exactly how much of a dick Daniel was going to be about it, and how everyone in town is going to hate Nicole again, and I thought, well, what if he doesn’t judge her? And then, well, that’s a perfect, believable reason for her to stay with him. And I am not rooting for her to go be with Eric just because Daniel rejected her … That would be the opposite of a good love story.

      Lol at the scenes being good without even having to fanwank. What this show does to us …

      Rooting for a Stephanie back on the canvas someday!

      • The shift in the writing is DEFINITELY tangible in this story. It’s been refocused on Nicole/Eric as endgame really nicely. They would be smart to go down that road and really let it play out, too. You know, Nicole has never had a really juicy onscreen wedding. Getting her and Daniel to the altar might be worthwhile for a good blow-up — especially if she decides she can’t go through with it because of Eric and runs!

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