Bye Britta

I’m going to jump ahead just a little, for one final post on Britta. Soon after he and Kayla got back to Salem from their little on the run adventure, Steve found Britta’s purse in the water. Inside was the picture of him Britta always carried around. It reminds him of the one good thing about Britta, that she did love him, even as she was using him and screwing him over.

Here, he pulls that picture out again.

(Note: this is another scene that has a song – “Don’t Give Up – that is verboten on YouTube by the record label.)

Kayla comes by and sees him looking at the picture. He turns and lets her see the pain he’s feeling, and he is able to admit what he couldn’t in the barn, that he did love Britta. Kayla touches his shoulder – he doesn’t pull away this time – and says her perfect line:  “If you need a friend, you know where one is.”

They’ve come full circle. As I talked about in this post, seeing Britta’s picture was one of the first things that let Kayla see another side of Steve. Then Britta herself came back and ripped that to shreds. Now, they’ve managed to build something back, and here this picture is again. Now, it’s something he can open up to Kayla about, and that helps him let go.  I love that he tears up both photos, the one of Britta and also the one of him. He’s also saying goodbye to the man who loved Britta.


14 thoughts on “Bye Britta

  1. Aww, poor Steve. I admit that when I first watched this, I was very jealous (for Kayla) when Steve admitted that he loved Britta. LOL forgive me and remember I was very young 😉 Watching it back as an adult is different of course. I appreciate the way Days writers told that story and used it to develop the character of Steve. He could never really trust or feel safe with Britta (and vice versa). I think they both wanted to be that safe harbor for each other, but they each had their own baggage and their own issues that prevented it.
    We watched Steve fall in love with Kayla, even as Britta was around reminding him of what “love” used to mean to him- and saw the storyline & character evolve.

    If this were todays soaps, the “Britta” in the story would have stuck around for years and years and years and slept with the “Steve” or married him. Instead of using the past to move a story along these days, they get stuck in the story and painfully drag it out until the audience gets completely fed up and stops caring.

    • Liz, you are so right that nowadays Britta would just keep hanging around. They seem to like open-ended triangles, milking as much conflict as possible and stringing along two fanbases. This is what I love, a triangle that serves the main love story by bringing out some issue and forcing them to deal with it in a dramatic way.

      I like to contrast his body language here with the scene where he told her about Billy. He’s much more willing to let her in now.

      • I was kind of pissed about him having real feelings for Britta. What for?! She was so not worthy! I consoled myself that at some point their whole thing would end. in my mind, what he felt for Britta wasn’t anywhere near what he ends up feeling for Kayla. I think he loved her in the way he could at the time but not the same as with Kayla.

        I love how they used the freeze frame at the end of the episodes back then. He had good ones. I wish they would bring it back. And music for couples… I can’t remember hearing it on Days since I started re watching.

        Did u see today’s show? Ericole was on.

      • Well, of course it goes without saying that the love he had for Britta doesn’t compare to what he felt for Kayla. 🙂

        Yes, I watched today’s show! I’m writing a blog post about this week right now.

  2. I love that each time I watch SK scenes I see new moments. The thing I noticed this time was when Kayla said “if you need a friend you know where one is” Steve had like a startled look on his face like that Kayla truly means what she is saying with no hidden agenda to manipulate him, unlike Britta who always had a hidden agenda. Britta always expected something in return for anything she did for him. Kayla on the other hand is truly offering a shoulder for him without wanting anything in return. I think that’s what allows him to be able to say goodbye Britta. SN and MBE were really able to show the layers in the writing of this love story, because half of what is happening is in the body language and the silences that happens rather than the dialogue, which is much harder to convey.

    • That is a fantastic moment, Kathy, nice catch. SN and MBE really did layer in so much. It’s sad to me that the writing isn’t really there to allow for as much of that. There is some, but not the long term character development like here.

      • You’re right about the writing for characters back in the day. Even the secondary characters were written to really understand them and what motivated them. It wasn’t always perfect, but they did try to flush out characters to tell the story and help you understand them. On a side note , Does anyone have SN’s first air date in August? I want to start DVRing. And as always I love you’re blogs about past storylines and current ones. I love dissecting scenes. I was a theatre major back in the day.

      • I was an English major, so this is my outlet for that now. 🙂

        I’m not sure of SN’s first airdate but it’s in the second half of August. New writers material starts week of August 17, so that might be a good week to start DVRing!

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