Fired up

When do we ever get to see Kayla this pissed off?

Here’s the situation: Kim and Shane are working together through the ISA to get the goods on Lawrence, who they think is poisoning ISA agents with a deadly virus. Shane also started a research lab to find a cure for the virus, and appointed Kayla its medical director.

Kayla doesn’t know any of this. Kim tells Shane that it’s too dangerous for Kayla to work at the lab, that she should be fired. Shane lets Kim talk him into it – not winning any points with me in the process. Here, Kayla finds out they colluded to fire her – but not the reason.

I love the family conflict here. Kayla tries to keep quiet when her parents first ask her about the firing – we can see she doesn’t want to put them in the middle. When Shawn pushes her, though, she blurts out that it was Kimberly. And Shawn’s reaction is so, so Shawn. He defends Kim, demeans what the job meant to Kayla, and blames Kayla for keeping Kim and Shane apart. That clearly hurts.

And then Kim comes in. If Shawn hadn’t just been defending Kim, Kayla might have given her the benefit of the doubt. But Shawn favoring Kim has just poured fuel on the fire. And Kim’s attempts at deflection just sound like weak excuses and lies. And then, Shane arrives – to see Kim. Perfect soapy timing.

That’s when she really lets them have it. Since she doesn’t know about the case, it makes sense that Kayla thinks Shane and Kim are getting back together. I love her sarcasm as she calls Shane Kim’s “knight in shining armor” and asks him how many women he has on a string. It’s so fun to see Kayla, who always gives everyone a chance, being so caustic and dismissive. I love it.



12 thoughts on “Fired up

  1. I haven’t watched Shane and Kayla since it aired. I am one of the very few who actually liked their story when it first aired (uhm to a point. I loved Kayla speaking her mind to her family on the subject too). I knew they were never going to last and that endgame was always going to be Shane and Kim IF PP came back (but at the time “Shayla” was launched PP was off the canvas and hadn’t played Kim for a long while/Kim had been recast).

    All this said ^ I’ve never felt the desire to go back and watch this story. Ok but I’m watching this now lol…

    • And I just watched it…sidenote: I remember loving/appreciating what Caroline said “Its not just a job to her, it’s a new beginning” . Someone in her family was acknowledging that she was still grieving, still trying to put the pieces of her life back together. She really felt so isolated/alone at that time. I never had a problem sympathizing for her during that story or that time period.

    • Actually, PP was back on canvas before Shayla really got started. Kim appears in December of 1990. She’s living in LA and not in Salem, but we see telephone calls between her and Kayla and Shawn and Caroline got to visit her in February of 1990. It’s clear that they had decided to bring back PP before Shane and Kayla really even started a relationship. So, despite all the assumptions that they were only paired because they were each half of a supercouple, the timing suggests that TPTB decided to go with the pairing despite the plan to bring back Kim pretty early on. If the pairing was just because Steve and Kim were gone, it would have been quite easy to end the whole thing very early on when PP decided to return. I can only assume the writers had a bigger vision for the story than just keeping Shane and Kayla busy.

      • thanks for that info Erica. For whatever reason, my impression was strong that she was not coming back so I must have heard otherwise? Honestly I never would have gotten into the story if I thought PP was coming back.

  2. The family material is so good, I’ve always wondered why they never went back to it. And even though Kim has her reasons, there are shades of her secret-keeping from 1987, when she knew that Steve was working undercover with Shane and the ISA and chose to help keep that from Kayla as well, even as she saw her making bad choices because of it. It’s one of my least favorite things about Kim, and has always felt controlling to me.

    • Ooh, thanks for the reminder of the secret Kim kept from Kayla in 1987. It is part of a pattern, isn’t it?

      I guess they didn’t bring it back because everybody left. After 1992 we didn’t have more than two Brady siblings on at the same time. But it is great stuff. I love this aspect of this storyline.

  3. In regards to this scene, I love everything about it. I love that Kayla gets to be just plain mad because it happens so rarely. And I have little sympathy for Kim (or Shane) because they did a piss poor job of giving any kind of decent reason why Kayla working in the lab was so dangerous. Kim’s insistence that Kayla be fired always felt more like a way to get Kayla out of Shane’s orbit than any kind of real concern for Kayla. I do think the show really intended it to be about Kim (and Shane) wanting to protect Kayla, they just did a very poor job of making it feel that way.

    And Shawn’s favoritism gives this scene an extra bit of heat. I think you are right, MP, that if Shawn had not defended Kim so vigorously, Kayla might have been willing to listen to Kim a little bit. But since her father isn’t going to stand up for her, Kayla has no problem doing it for herself. And I love it.

  4. I enjoyed this scene and agree that it is pure soap, but I think things make a little more sense from Shane’s and Kim’s perspective if you look at how Kayla and then Kim got involved in Shane’s mission.

    The purpose of the lab was not only to find a cure for the virus, but also to smoke out the people behind it. The thinking was that they would want to know what the immunology lab was figuring out, so having someone inside the lab would provide the ISA with information. Peachy pushed Shane to hire Kayla, arguing that she was ideally situated to provide Shane with that information. Shane was reluctant to involve Kayla, but acquiesced because Peachy had the virus.

    When Kim returned, things played out in a similar way. Tarrington wanted to bring Kim on the case because she was close to Lawrence, who the ISA had figured out was behind the virus. Again, Shane was reluctant, but Kim and Tarrington pushed him to let her join the mission. At one point, Kim claimed she was getting involved because Shane had “used” Kayla. (That was kind of a low blow, because Kim equated Shane’s actions with him asking Kim to work as a prostitute when they first met.) He responded by taking Kim to Washington and revealing Peachy’s illness (and why he got involved in the virus mission). Peachy explained that she had pushed Shane to bring in Kayla, but then pointed out that, with Kim involved, Kayla no longer is needed at the lab. Kim then convinced Shane to let her work on the case, guilting him into it, while also insisting that Kayla be removed from the lab.

    I don’t think Shane thought Kayla was in danger of being exposed to the virus; his concern was more general — that putting Kayla in the lab could make her a target of the people behind the virus. With Kim insisting on joining the case (and doing it knowingly), Shane could get Kayla out of the danger he never wanted her to be in in the first place.

    Here are some of the scenes surrounding Kim getting involved and Kayla being fired.

    In the second video, there is a dinner scene between Shane and Kim that I urge people to watch. (I don’t know if it is in most edits.) It’s presented as the two of them resolving their feelings for one another and accepting the end of their romantic relationship. This is one of the few times that Shane seems to reflect openly about the end of their marriage and I think is pretty important to understanding where he is emotionally. A number of us have speculated that Shane “chose” Kayla over Kim because he didn’t want to risk being hurt if the relationship failed, but Shane’s description of the pain he experienced when Kim left and how he had to let her go to get rid of that pain really supports that interpretation.

  5. I understand the way the show tried to set up the alleged danger that Kayla might be in regarding the lab, I just think it needed to be done better. As I said above, I think the show wants us to believe that Shane and Kim truly want to protect Kayla. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t come across as there being any immediate danger worth the hurt they cause by getting Kayla fired. If Kayla had been threatened in some way or more closely linked to a dangerous situation, it would have made Shane and Kim’s fear for her deal more real rather than contrived. That’s all.

    • Jess, I give the show credit for setting it up, as you point out. I had forgotten about the line when Peach said that with Kim involved, there is no need for Kayla to be there. I really think what you say it how we are supposed to read it.

      But, to me anyway, it doesn’t feel that way. It would help if they reminded us of all the above, these months later when this actually happens. Even better, as Erica says, have an immediate threat that Shane wants to save Kayla from. The way it plays out it’s pretty clear Kim has an ulterior motive, so Shane looks like he’s allowing himself to be manipulated.

      I do love that scene of Kim and Shane having dinner. I do have that one on my DVDs. I totally agree that the reason Shane is choosing Kayla over Kim is the fear of being hurt again like he was. I think he just feels burned by his Great Love and he is deliberately choosing the lesser love. What I love is that the lesser love still feels real and valued (instead of being presented as the completely wrong choice, which is what Days usually does). It makes this a unique story.

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