This simple scene is, I would argue, the foundation of Steve and Kayla and the true beginning of their relationship:

Here, thinking he might not see her again, Steve opens up enough to ask Kayla if she still thinks he killed Britta.

When Kayla asks if he loved her, loved Britta, I think she is inviting him to open up. I love that Steve dodges the question, because I think that fits where he is right now. (I do think he still loves Britta at this point.) But what he does say is important too. The most significant thing about Britta is that she loved him. He’s saying that he could never kill the only person in the world who loved him. And, perhaps more importantly, he admits that it is important to him that Kayla believes it.

Kayla doesn’t answer right away. Such a small thing: “I believe you.” I think that Steve doesn’t quite realize that for Kayla, this is a commitment.Β  It’s not just “I believe you, good luck, have a nice life.” If she believes him, she has to act on that belief, she has to help him fight to prove his innocence.

No wonder she is hesitant to say it.

After this, I don’t think Kayla ever stops acting on the belief she pledges here. She stops pushing sometimes, but it’s never by her choice — and even then she usually comes back fighting. Steve is about to find out what it really means to have Kayla believe in him, and it is going to be a lot more than he bargained for.




21 thoughts on “Believe

  1. I must say, you have had me look at this scene differently and I think you are spot on in saying this is the start of their true emotional beginning. I believe Steve when he says he doesn’t know why it is important for Kayla to believe him. He is still so far from believing in himself and having self worth he can’t even wrap his emotions around the idea. His walls are built so strong, but here we see the little crack that allowed Kayla to eventually break through. Even though he would take any small reason to crawl back into his shell, and Kayla would have to start the siege all over again, I don’t think she ever remotely considered how much believing in Steve would cost her.

    Somehow I think if they had known, classic Steve would have tried to still save her from him, but classic Kayla would have seen the deeper larger value and still forged on. I am so looking forward to September for Steve and Kayla 3.0.

    • I am amending my statement about Kayla….I don’t think she ever remotely considered how much believing in Steve would “demand and require” of her.

      • I like your correction. πŸ™‚

        It wasn’t until I really thought about Kayla’s step back before this, that I started thinking about this moment as the true beginning. It’s how hard she fights after this – fights for him and also fights him – that starts the whole Determined!Kayla dynamic. It solidifies in Stockholm after she tells Hope she is going to go after him.

  2. I always liked this scene, but now I’ve looked at it differently than I did before. Yes, this is the start of their emotional relationship. Where Kayla says she believes in him and Steve allows himself to be believed for the first time (if that makes any sense). Then at the end when she comes back into the barn and ends up getting rained on (was this their first “wet” scene?) and he moves over to give her a place to sit next to him “peep” πŸ™‚ and then takes his jacket off for her. Such small steps, but such huge emotional openings. And blpmich, I’m also looking forward to Steve and Kayla 3.0. It seems like all the stars of Days are praising this new team and I’m hoping it lives up to the hype.

    • Well, they did get wet on the way to the inn, after they escaped from the fake cops. But this definitely starts a trend of emotional scenes having a water theme!

      I am looking forward to the 50th. I am encouraged by what I am hearing coming from MBE and others behind the scenes. I think my expectations are more realistic than they were in 2006.

  3. I love when he says he doesn’t know why it’s important she believe him, it just is. He really doesn’t know. When she says she does, its all over his face how big that is for him.

    I’m watching Days right now and saw it yesterday. Marlena looks great and Wally Kurth, I think looks better than when I remember him on GH. It’s so WEIRD to see these people after watching the old clips and now their children have children!?! The newer younger characters look so much alike…similar haircuts and clothes, I can’t tell them apart! I know that Brady and Abigail are kids of Bo/Hope and Jack/Jenn but that’s about it. I thought Abigail would be blonde. I’ve seen Stefano but I’d really like to see Victor K. Is he still on? It seems like I can’t remember them being on the show at the same time. Only 1 bad older guy at a time? I heard Stefano mention him. VK was a great bad guy, at least back then and my favorite if I had to pick.

    I saw GH yesterday also and the parts with Luke and Laura were interesting. It seems better written than Days but in the romance department it seems like the same old GH, and sadly that means they still can’t get it right. At least Days sticks with LOVE. So it leads to me wondering when the new writing will show up on screen on Days. If it’s 4 months from film to TV it should be soon, right? Is there a hard date when it changes? I’ve decided I’m going to watch for Steve and Kayla. I have my fingers crossed for them to get a good story. Are they now separated on the show or is he just away? Or worse lol dead?

    • The new scripts are supposed to start the week August 17. Though I’ve heard that there was maybe a bit of editing of stuff leading up to that, to set up those stories. I am currently reading recaps and watching mostly only when Eric and Nicole are on. πŸ™‚ My mom, who is a Days watcher since 1969, will be visiting me the week of August 8, so I’ll start my full time watching then.

      Brady is actually the son of John and Isabella. I love Eric Martsolf, who plays Brady, but he hasn’t yet been in a pairing I could get behind. We need a couple more women in their 30s who aren’t related to everyone, I think. I like Abigail and I am intrigued by the Chad/Abby pairing. Abby used to be a blonde and I think she looks better that way. Her dark hair coupled with all the dark clothes they’ve been having her wear are too severe on her, I think. Victor K is still on, though he’s married to Maggie now! That seems wrong to me. He had some great scenes with his nephew Xander last week. That was fun. Vic has always been my favorite too. πŸ™‚

      Steve is not dead. His departure happened offscreen, but we saw Kayla talking about it onscreen – he’s off on a long case? I forget the details! They did get divorced. I hope they give him a good reason to be away from his son, but don’t sweep under the rug Kayla’s right to be angry. Fingers crossed we’ll get something good for them. MBE has said that she really likes the scripts she’s getting, so that’s a good sign!

      • So I’ll plan on starting to watch when you do. Maybe see if I can get into it sooner. August 17 seems like a long time from now. You’ll be posting the days they are on or near to that?

        I saw your post about Ericole. Wasn’t she a villainess at some point? Ive always thought the actress who plays her to be very pretty.

        Victor married Maggie?! Wow. I can’t imagine what brought that about but I’m glad they still have these characters. What about Caroline? I thought she and Victor were star crossed lovers…when I was watching t wondered if anything would come of it.

        I kinda like the idea of Steve and Kayla being divorced as a jumping off point. Hopefully there will be lots of sparks. On YouTube, I got up to past the wedding …very nice, everyone was beautiful and it was just nice. I liked their vows .. I had somehow found out she gets her voice back so it wasn’t a huge surprise. I thought she was going to say I do all of a sudden. Im just glad there wasn’t anything to mess up the wedding. I remember poor Jack creeping around some plants on the boat. Oh man! Thank goodness Jenn shows up for him one day. Lol. Anyway, right after that on their honeymoon it was a big drop off for me. Does the title of the playlist Threes Company have anything to do with that little kid they picked up? So annoying. He was definitely a third wheel for me. Then mind control on Roman. I had to take a break. I’ve gone back to the playlist ‘All in the Family’. Are there good parts to watch in the ‘3’s Company’ playlist for S&K?

        I meant to add, I can’t believe how long it took me to figure out what ‘the lucky and the strong’ meant. I’ve known that song forever and it just didn’t click until after he sang it to her! ☺️

      • Nicole has always been one of my favorites. You could certainly say she was a villainess at one point. Now she’s more sympathetic, she does bad things but it’s usually for a understandable reason. I really like her with Eric, and I haven’t been able to get into any of her other pairings so I’m excited. Something to be invested in before Aug 17!

        I like the idea of Steve and Kayla being divorced too. I hope they don’t just throw them back together, and I’m kind of worried they will. I really want to see Steve earn her back and stew a little.

        I’ll take a look at the three’s company playlist. I remember thinking the Benjy storyline was decent.

  4. I’ve always loved how the jealous feelings Kayla had about Britta change here into something that humanizes Steve for her. (This is one of those thoughts that I can’t remember where it came from anymore, maybe from reading your blog!) It could feel Pollyanna-ish, but it really works and is natural.

    • I like that too. It could be you got it from my blog, because I think I have talked about that in the past. πŸ™‚ It’s easier when your rival is dead (hee). No, I really think it’s great how they use Britta’s death to drive a wedge between them at first, but it ends up being something that makes Steve open up to Kayla a little, and for Kayla to believe in him. Great storytelling.

  5. I so agree with you, this was the foundation of the story and the moment it truly started to become a love story…Back in the day I remember having long discussions with S&K fans about “When did Kayla first realize she was in love with Steve”, “When did Steve realize he was in love with Kayla”, “When did they realize the feeling was mutual” and also “Did Steve actually love Britta”…this was always a pivotal scene that came into the discussion. I think they were attracted to each other before either of them cared to admit it but this was one scene in the early story where real feelings were evident….

    I always thought Kayla was hesitant to say she believed him because she didn’t trust her heart to him. She knew the minute she was vulnerable enough to say she believed in him, he could turn around and be a sarcastic jerk to her again….but he wasn’t. She felt so vulnerable. For once (in that time period), he didn’t put up an act and shut himself off. It meant everything to him.

    Some of the best stuff in that scene though, is the longing angsty look on Kayla’s face while he’s playing with her hair and giving her instructions on what to do to get out of the farm safely without him. Steve even loses his train of thought for a second. SO hot, so romantic, and so sweet.

    • I love your point that Kayla felt telling him she believed him would make her vulnerable. I think it shows how much faith and trust are bound up with their love story. I think her question about Britta, inviting him to open up a little, also speaks to her vulnerability. If he opens up a little, maybe she can as well. I agree this is the first really emotional scene they get to play.

      And I love the part when he’s fixing her hair. Sigh.

      • Another thought I had about that scene is when he says “I never could’ve hurt her. it’s important to me that you believe that, I don’t know why but it just is”. It is almost as if this is referring to Steve’s own history– witnessing his own mother’s domestic abuse at the hands of his father. He never wanted to be like Duke, and always feared he would. I don’t know if the writers had Steve’s background written at the time (this scene aired long before we saw it revealed onscreen), but it seems to almost hint at it. Or maybe this scene that inspired that background story somehow.

      • I love that part too, when he’s fixing her hair. ☺️ I think i need a rewatch.

  6. Liz, excellent point about Duke’s history and how even here Steve might be saying he’ll never be like him. I think they did have a few flashbacks during the Frankie and Max storyline where they showed Steve’s father (not the actor who played him later) and he was abusive. So yes, that might have been deliberate!

    And blpmich – totally!

  7. Maybe this is the background story that Stephen said he had written for the character back when he was hired as a day player/bad guy that wasn’t going to last. I can’t help but think that after reading the observation (from the previous blog?) that Steve was saying “Take me too” (referring to Billy/the orphanage) as he woke up…All of these little references are evident when you rewatch. So cool.

    • I love rewatching and seeing those little touches that you don’t notice the first time. Just shows how much care went into this — by SN and MBE and also the writing team.

  8. So very late to this party, but I had to chime in to say I’m now convinced you’re right about the importance of this scene in their story. The power of her belief in him is what drives everything (good) that comes afterwards. Great analysis.

    How fun to re-watch this scene! OMG could they be more adorable (together and individually)? I could eat them with a spoon.

    Stevie’s fantasy reminded me that he didn’t wear the patch in his fantasies. So awesome. Those fantasies were like a second narrative only viewers had access to, so we knew things about him nobody else did. Even Kayla. If he hadn’t been such a dreamer, I don’t think we’d have hopped on Team Steve so quickly. Also, character development, how we’ve missed you!

    One last thing. I was admiring the decently realistic barn set — at least in comparison to the econo-sets we’ve seen in recent years — when Kayla comes back in. She’s got wet hair, but her jacket is dry in places. She doesn’t look like she got caught in the rain. She looks like somebody took a pail of water and threw it in her face. So some production values weren’t so great even back in the day.

    • Steve’s fantasies were so poignant, weren’t they? And such a contrast to his cynical manner, it gave us so much insight into what he was really like. One of my favorite things about their story is the contrast between his fantasies and hers. Hers were more realistic and sexual, his were sweet and romantic.

      LOL at the bucket of water in her face. It was probably something just like that!

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